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Found 1 result

  1. Well, where to start? Let's see, PVP players love to compete against each other, win rewards for doing so at a great payoff provided the team wins. But that requires, ahem, cooperation. They form divisions to curtail the losses, and they also resort to various nefarious means to get, ahead of the competition. CO-OP mains just play CO-OP and like the simplistic approach of squaring off an getting a fight done in an efficient manner without much fuss. Occasionally, rewards are generous recently and probably for the best as many CO-OP mains support this game. The difference is the support part. If you play PVP, it is conceivable to play for free. Whereas CO-OP mains will support the game in buying stuff. The funny part is the trash talking of CO-OP players. You see streamers do it in a subtle way or even a patently obvious way. Now some streamers do play CO-OP and even notable ones do it because their fan base likes it when they do. But some streamers that say: "I never play CO_OP anymore because it is not exciting." But that implies that they do, but not on their streaming account. GET IT! Now that the player base understands such asinine statements by streamers, then maybe we can get real about it. My warning to streamers is this: "Don't crap where you eat." Don't trash CO-OP players if you play it on the side in another account and then make the boldest of lies that you don't. It would be much easier if most of these streamers casually say: "Well, I wouldn't know about what goes on in CO-OP, but let's find out shall we." But most streamers will not "Promote" the game by playing CO-OP because it cuts into their viewership. Low viewership means no revenue. Streamers have to eat, I guess. Or is it they can't get that latest thinga-ma-bob gadget that makes them ultracool on Twitter? Statements on a game mode should be based on facts. If you play it, then you are a subject matter expert. Don't lie about it. And it is painfully obvious when you lie about anything on a broadcast. Viewers are smarter than you think. Viewers read books about neural linguistics and can see the facial expressions, pauses in the sentences, eye movement, voice tone change, and clever deflections. Because That, Hurts the community. Tell a lie, and no viewer or player, will trust your credibility. So why should WG? And I invite WG to re-examine what it means to cater to a PVP base that really does not support a game in all its modes nor does that PVP base support financially. Because it seems that you can't have it both ways. WG should look at its own numbers, see who pays the bills, and make divisiveness between game modes a thing of the past. Otherwise, you have a community contributor program that will become toxic. Has it ever occurred to WG, that by making it a requirement of all streamers to stream CO-OP games, that it would help the development team better understand all game modes because they are broadcast? I think this alone will create better understanding between the modes as most CCs and streamers either have no knowledge or are not willing to show other game modes. It is not rocket science, but it is a sure bet that the development team would gain extensive knowledge from their so called "experts" on the game. I can count on 1 hand how many CCs, past and present, that show up in CO-OP. A shame that the past CCs are no longer here that do, because they did provide help for players this way. And it is a shame that PVP players show no respect for CO-OP players. When you velvet rope off a group, don't expect that group to be generous in future game development.