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Found 14 results

  1. SporranLegion_

    MoGG are recruiting new members

    MoGG [Members of Gaming Gladiators] We are looking for new members to help us get into battles and sink lots of enemy ships. We offer a relaxed atmosphere with no dramas Our naval base is almost complete everything is built up with only the Coal Port (2 out of 3) & Steel Port to build, come and help us build them. 15% off the cost of ship repairs 15% off the cost of buying a ship 5% extra ship XP 25% extra free XP 10% extra commander XP We are Noob friendly so even if you are new to the game we will look after you (we all started as noobs) We use Teamspeak for voice comms so a microphone is required, most of us have a headset so as not to annoy the rest of the household. We have a range of age groups young to oldies but you must be a minimum of 18 with a mature attitude. Members are mostly from the east coast US but we also have guys from Ireland, Scotland and England. We are a relaxed clan but we can be competitive when the need arises. We can be contacted through the game or come to our Teamspeak server at mogg.ddns.net for a chat.
  2. Hooks on Target is recruiting all players. If your new to the game we can help you grind ship lines and offer advice to help you improve your game faster. We participate in Clan Battles, Clan Brawls, divisions for Random Battles as well as PVE operations. We got a clan base full of bonuses like extra coal, extra steel, extra xp for your ships and commanders, extra credits stay in your pocket with the bonus to operating cost reduction. We got it all, baby! For more details join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/Sk53Vyv and join us for some division play. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hello all! Clan [INTEL] is recruiting openly! We are a casual bunch but do enjoy Clan Battles as well (gotta collect that STEEL!). If you are interested, please comment here or in-game to Novalesk or ClassicLib, or just APPLY 'cuz you know you want to! We have Discord and cookies! Join us for good times and hard, stomach-aching good laughs! Look forward to hearing from you!!!!
  4. Introduction [AGNU] the American Grand Naval Unit wants new and old players to join our ranks. There are only a few of us but we have been wanting to expand and eventually do clan wars when we have a large enough clan size. We are on EVERY DAY and night, Memeing around in ships, we accept all types of personalities and are offering our hand to help those that need advice or grinding or just want to play with other friendly members. Requirements None if you just want to have the clan tag but to socialize and have active participation, you can join our discord server. Why Us? We are a group of people that just want to have fun in game and we have fun with groups and communication. We can be competitive, we can be chill, it's all up to how we feel and what we want to sail. Expanding this group can broaden our horizons and yours as well. As well as all of our clan perks that we have put in our oh so dedicated Naval Base. We've been playing the game for a while and know the ins and outs of the game and what works best. Application If you're Interested in our clan message me on this forum; Look up our clan in WOWS or PM Me or any other Commanding Officer in discord Crazycool241#1385 GreenNova#6264 Marine Nova#3212
  5. Blood_EagIe

    [AXE] Warriors of Valhalla

    Welcome to the recruitment page of the Warriors of Valhalla [AXE] Our clan consists mostly of players who are above average and higher, and we have a few players who are newer, yet skilled and show a lot of promise. This is what we are looking for in potential members: - You must have a sense of humor but also have a desire to win. - We prefer members that are willing to join clan battles to have at least 1 tier 10 cruiser or destroyer that you are experienced in, and is ready for clan battles (As of so far, only 1 battleship can be on a team so a BB only player is not as desired) - You must have Discord or be willing to install and use it, since all of our members use our clan's "Valhalla" Discord channel. We do not have specific number requirements on stats, however, all potential members will be reviewed during the recruitment process. It will be a collective opinion between several members to see if you are a good fit with the rest of us. With this being said, we don't believe in making potential members wait too long. Our unique setup is that we enjoy having all members capable of playing clan battles without bringing us down, but we have no rules that members are required to play clan battles. However, most of us do enjoy playing clan battles when available. This allows freedom to be competitive without forcing people to keep to a schedule. All members of our clan have a say in clan decisions and activities, and are free to speak their voice and opinions. We believe unity and freedom is a key to victory and camaraderie. Message the following members if interested: DIscord: Blood_Rider#1926 ShadowGamer101st#2210 Praetorian#1673 In game: (likely will take longer to get a reply) Blood_Rider Shadowgamer101st Naughtiusmaximus92
  6. Looking for players wanting to join me in clan battles who like me, want to build up steel. Whether you want to join my clan, or just be in a division, let me know. I only have two other members in my clan, and they’re not on a lot. The time for the battles is 8-9 pm est, except on mondays due to commitments. Look forward to sailing with you. Good luck and fair seas.
  7. Khorne_Bread

    [DPS] Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a causalish that is about more than World of Warships. We are about "family", an online gaming family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats other than amount of battles, and we do not require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: 100 Battles minimum (Only stat requirement) Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active
  8. I had a quick look in this section and the new arrivals guides section, and did not see anything on this. If it already exists, then I apologise in advance. My decision to create this guide was prompted by this thread by a user unfamiliar with the interface. Divisions are a powerful tool that exists in World of Warships, and functions very much like a platoon in World of Tanks (and squadrons in World of Warplanes). They allow 2-3 players to group up as a team, and enter battle with each other together. Much like platoons in World of Tanks, the play of a division within a team can swing the tide of a battle one way or another. So lets get on with this. First things first - How do I create a division? Unlike World of Tanks, currently you cannot create an empty division (to the best of my knowledge). Creating a division is simple, and 2 options exist both of which establish a division upon the sending of an invite. Option 1 - Contacts list. If you view your contacts list, you have the option to add someone to your division as shown in the image below. All you have to do is click on the circled button and it will send a division invite to your contact. Option 2 - Looking for a division list. This list is populated by anyone on the server who indicates their status as "Looking for a division". This status is set by clicking the Create Division button at the top next to battle and choosing the enlist me in a division option. If you wish to add a member from this list to your division you create, all you need to do is double-click their name. As a warning though, adding yourself to this list by selecting Enlist me in a division can result in getting invites from anyone. What if I want more than 1 other person? Well that's easy to do. You can follow either of the options above to invite someone (they still work so long as you have an empty spot), or you can click the invite player button and invite someone from the Option 2 list aswell. If I'm joining someone else's division, how do I do it? If you receive an invite, you will get a screen similar to the one shown below if you are on the port home screen. All you need to do is click accept to join the division. If you are not on the port screen, you will still get a notification in the bottom right corner of your game window. Do note, you only have 5 minutes to accept the invite What if I invited the wrong person and wish to correct my error, or decided that I didn't like someone who was in my division? As a division leader, and option exists to remove a member from your division. It can be found to the right hand side of the member's name in the division window and is only visible to the leader. The leader can remove anyone at any time by clicking the "X" (Whether it's just sent an invite, or already accepted the invite). Now that I have my division, how does it work? Well simple. You select the ship you want to play and click the ready button. You can toggle this at any time by clicking the obverse to whatever is selected (works like the buttons for auto resupply) as seen in the image below. Divisions, like platoons in World of Tanks, operate matchmaker based off the highest tier/bracket in your division. This means that it is highly recommended that you play the same tier or +-1 at the most, as otherwise you could get into matches you wouldn't normally see and could severely hamper your team's efforts to win. Matchmaker does not compensate your team for an ill-formed division. There is however 1 restriction placed upon divisions - You can only have 1 Aircraft Carrier within a division at any given time. Unfortunately I do not have any CVs yet, so was not able to screenshot the warning message. So how do we join a battle? Once all players are ready, indicated by all players having a ship showing in the left bar and generally confirmed before launching, the division leader can click battle to throw your division into a match. In battle, the first thing you will notice is that your division members all get assigned a random division number (unique to each team) based off how many divisions exist on the team. Those of you who play other Wargaming titles may be familiar with this, but an example of this can be found below. Can I see my division mates easier in game so we can group up? Well yes. In addition to the numbers, on the team list, main view, and minimap your division members will have orange icons and names instead of the default green/grey. This is done so that you can easily see where your division members are and can coordinate more easily. How do I leave a division? Now after a long session of divisioning, you decide you want to leave. Regardless of whether you are the division leader or not, you can leave the division at any time from the port screen - if you are the leader, one of the remaining members will subsequently be assigned leader and the division can continue to operate. To leave the division 2 options exist, and these are clicking the "X" in the top right of the division window shown below or right clicking the division window in the header. Regardless of which method you use, confirmation will be requested to leave the division. Now I know there's a lot of screenshots, but I'm hoping this helps some users not familiar with the ships interface to figure out this valuable part of World of Warships gameplay. Thanks for reading, and if noone looks at this at least it's there for new people if they need it. Dan
  9. Welcome to Hibachi Lovers Club http:// This clan is for Hibachi Lovers! We love ships and we love to eat Hibachi! We Division, Play Clan Battles (once we get enough members) Here are our Requirements ! 47%WR 1000 Battles Played in Random Atleast 1 Tier 10 Ship Active on Discord! So come on and join us! Contact me in-game or here for more info!
  10. AVW is recruiting mature players. Prior military service or public service preferred, but not required. Check our clan page and apply! We look forward to hearing from you! OR contact one of us in game!
  11. Black_Sheep9

    OGRES is recruiting.

    Good day Captains, OGRES clan is currently seeking a few more active players to add to our roster and Discord. Everyone is welcome to stop by and play some games with us and see if you would like to become a OGRE too. We are looking for people that want to have fun we do not really care about numbers, they can always get better. We ask that if you join us you try and use Discord as much as possible while playing, let someone know if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time, and just have a sense of humor.
  12. HOTEL MOSCOW [CZAR] IS RECRUITING! 18+ YEARS OLD 1000+ recent WTR TIER 10 Specifically looking for talented DD players MUST USE DISCORD! https://discord.gg/DQYQQxq Please contact one of our recruiters on Discord to apply.
  13. (RTXN) is recruting active players for clan wars, divisions and other fun activities, Tier 8-10. We have RTXN2 and RTXN3 for lower tiers. Please contact Palawan though game or team speak RTEXN.TEAMSPEAK3.COM:9159 No password required.
  14. Herr_Reitz

    Three ship divisioning

    Should they remain in random battles? Should they expand to four or shrink to a max of two? What's your opinion?