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Found 64 results

  1. Like the title sez.. Battle Button won't work if a Cossack and a T6 (Aigle) are in the same Div. Must select a different ship.
  2. I am in search of other iwaki alphas to play in a division with, I haven't ran into another iwaki in several months and think it would be fun to do a division with some other iwakis.
  3. Still working on getting my tier 6 New Mexico BB. Over halfway there. If anyone wants to hang out or even division up stop on over. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  4. Problem A problem with divisions. In random battles when we have a clan division all on teamspeak vs random pubbies. The game become sloped massively in favour of the team with the clan division and vice versa. If a division is really good, it's basically a free win, if it's crap, then you can just give up and farm damages before it ends. In a team based game, the quality of a division becomes a very reliable indicator of the outcome of a random game before the countdown timer even finishes. People want to play with friends, that's understandable but when it becomes kill-box creating pub-stomp, it becomes fun for no one but them. You're then sacrificing the benefit of the majority for the minority. Pickup basketball as an analogy Pickup basketball is usually a random grab-bag group of people playing against each other but what divisions are, suddenly 3 Lakers players or your favorite NBA team of choice decided they'll drop in and join one team, the other side is a random group of people. The outcome of that game would be completely lopsided. Vice versa, maybe suddenly we have three drunk frat boys on one team. Now the other random people either will be doing jack or have to pick up the slack massively. Solution That imbalance of gameplay can easily be solved by creating "division battle arena mode" where division gets to play against other divisions who are also cooperating with each other, instead of random lemmings who can't tell the difference between turret and tourettes. Note I can imagine a lot of kickback from this idea of course. The same as when people suggest Graff Zepplin maybe broken, Graff Zepplin captains say it's not but I'm floating this out anyway. Predicted Response: "well why don't you play with other people then? Join a clan!". That doesn't solve the systemic problem, that just makes me part of the problem.
  5. USSR wants compensation

    Hi there, My clan had a Clan Battles match and about 5 of us got disconnected from the server as per the server outage earlier tonight. After logging back in, the previous CB division appears to still be in battle, and the remaining 2 members cannot join any new divisions. Even if I join a new division, it shows my div still in battle. We're all logging out for 5-10 minutes to see what happens, but otherwise we're losing out on CB time (and they can't even form Random Battle divisions). Is there anything you can do to fix this?
  6. Users locked out of games and users in game locked into Clan Battle Division that is still in battle even though battle completed.
  7. How To Improve Division Play?

    For some reason, I seem to actually play worse when I'm in a division than when I'm playing solo, and I'm not sure why, to be honest. On WoWs numbers, for instance, my solo PR is nearly a hundred or even two hundred points above my 2-man or 3-man division PR. Is it because we don't really care about the choice of ships we choose? We do communicate in-chat, so I don't think lack of communication is the reason. Everyone talks about how divisions break the game, but I'm curious to find out why it doesn't seem to be the case for me?
  8. So, the game client crashes upon inviting or accepting division invites, i.e. whenever a division lobby is created or joined by me. I do not know when this started, as I didnt really div up in 0.7.4, but it happens now in 0.7.5. Repair does nothing. Resetting preferences does nothing. If I start the division lobby (by inviting someone) I have to wait the 5 mins for the lobby to go inactive before I can join the game again, or it instacrashes in port, I have not tried diving up in a battle. I have no issues playing alone. Anyone else experience this? Got tired of searching the forums after the 11th page of posts, none of them depicting the same issue.
  9. It irritates me to no end when I'm in discord with one of my buddies, and some random joins the division. Wargaming shouldn't assume I want randos joining me and my buddies once-a-week hangout time, and since the setting doesn't seem to stick, I often forget to mess with it. Div should be locked by default and unlock when specifically indicated by the user. I understand the argument would be "But then people won't know how to unlock/won't bother" - here's the thing, I don't div with randos often if ever, it either clannies or friends. Either way, random joiners are not welcome. If I take a shine to someone I'll invite them or message them and see if they'd like to join. Random "me toos" just get kicked with disdain, so you're not improving their social experience. Did I just miss a setting entirely, or did WG really think that was a good default?
  10. I hope I am allowed to do this. But one of my favorite Division buddies was a player named; The_Mistake, he was one of the players that would division up with me and got me to run Randoms. He was good teacher too never too salty, just would tell me what I was doing wrong. He has not been on the forums since September 20, 2017, I have not seen him in game but I play at 2AM EST so thought maybe his schedule had changed, so I was wondering if anyone has seen him in game? I have PM'ed here and in game but no answers. Thanks ahead of time.
  11. Parati Vero Parati is recruiting! Welcome. Above all, we are a clan that prides itself on upstanding in-game behavior and good sportsmanship. We're trying to create a good community first then work to be competitive so... Criteria for admission: Friendly >900 WTR in at least 1 ship class ~50% WR Commitment to participate in CWs at least once per week. Commitment to be social, div up with fellow CMs, and participate in clan discussions. If you're interested, send a message to Freshsqueezed here or in-game. I'll send you the Discord link and we can div up :) Cheers and thanks for your interest in Parati Vero Parati!
  12. PARS1 is looking for Captains!

    Hello Captains! Pacific Attack and Response Section Group 1 [PARS1] is looking for a few good Captains! We are a new clan and this has been our first season. Unfortunately we are still lacking in members and need some new blood to bolster our numbers and put us on a more competitive track. We are looking for Captains who have at least a Tier 8 ship so that you can obtain the rentals required to play clan battles. We need clan battle players, not simply someone who wants to be a part of a clan. However if you are close to obtaining a Tier 8 but aren't quite there yet, please by all means send an application request in game and we will take a look and see if we can't help get you there, and get you in. While not required, we do enjoy scenario battles and a Tier 7 and Tier 6 would be nice to have as well. It is absolutely not a deal breaker but it does help to build teamwork and nothing helps bring in some camaraderie other than sending many, many, many AI ships to the bottom of the briny deep. We do use Discord for our clan battles and as such it is very important to have and know how to use. If you are not familiar we can help get you setup. We HIGHLY recommend you have a mic for clan battles however if you do not, as long as you can listen on discord and type in the game chat, that is okay as well. So, thank you for reading! I hope by reading this you get the idea that we are flexible and while we do have limitations like those above, we absolutely look at every application sent in and give it a truly honest review whether or not it meets our recommendations. So please by all means if you are interested please look us up by using the clan search with either PARS1 or Pacific Attack and we should be either the only choice or 1 of 3. Also if you aren't sure and would like to talk to one of us, you can look us up through the contacts button at the bottom left of your WoWs Port Screen (It looks like a orange message bubble). You can contact myself at Scubasteve0719 in game or on this thread. You can also contact another of our recruiters as GSD22, or one of our Deputy Commanders at Charlie_Tuna. Thanks for clicking and we look forward to winning some battles with you!
  13. Come get EREKT with us

    We are fully EREKT and recruiting. Who we are- The Somali Yacht Club was originally founded by Stashu and Paulsakz as a recreational clan to experiment with the new clan mechanics and the newly added Clan port system. Since then, the clan has evolved into a Semi-Competitive clan actively participating in Clan Battles. Members run from Recreational Players to Semi-Active Twitch Streamers, to competitive minded try-hards who do nothing but post memes on discord. Mind you we are, mostly, mid 20s to 30s, so expect a younger kind of energy. We thrive on div play, and you will find no shortage of it (Us tz willing). We mostly play US nights, anytime from 7pm eastern to midnight pacific. What we’re looking for- 1600 matches or more 50% or better win-rate 1 T10 that is CW capable (We will pick prefered T10s per match over un-prefered, just fyi) Must have comms and ability to use Discord Prefered T10s are Des Moines, Hindenburg, Montana, Yue Yang, Gearing, and Moskva. If you don’t meet those exact requirements but want to tell us that you’re a good player and you’re close, chat us up anyway, exceptions happen (Often). Rules- Our clan ticker is a phallic state of arousal so what would you expect, “Be an upstanding citizen and a boy scout to all others blah blah blah”? As long as you aren’t being a [edited] to other clan mates, putting them down or whatnot, we are very open about behavior in chat or wherever. We have a discord channel devoted to porn. What else can be said. If you are interested Contact any of our recruiters or mail me on here. Hop on our discord at any time in the aforementioned timezones at https://discord.gg/833VxV4 to get in contact with someone as well.
  14. The upgraded division window is totally annoying. I constantly have to moved it around the interface just to get anything done. If I am switching captains it is blocking my choices. If I am selecting a ship it is blocking my carousel. If I am chatting with someone it is blocking my chat window. Please please please please revert it to the old separate chat window which you could close, and the div window up in the corner and out of the way. Those were simple and sensible. Many thanks.
  15. Since the update, my chat windows do not stay when I move them around in the port. They always reset to the default positions in the bottom left corner after returning from a battle. This issue also affects the division windows in the same manner.
  16. Covers everything, does not stay put after moving it; I really REALLY hate this change, the old interface was perfectly fine; but any change should mimic its simplicity, and unobtrusive positioning on the port screen. The new UI Division window is annoying AF! Please revert or iterate further.
  17. First, a little about us: https://www.wiredgaming.org/join_us We're a multinational/multi-game community. Team Speak is our primary means of communication. Most of our members are at least over the age of 25; with many in the 30, 40, and even 50-year-old range. We understand that real life comes first. We know when to be serious & when to just have fun. Please be at least 16 years old. Now, what does that all mean? It means that we're adult gamers (many of us are veterans) from all over the world (USA, UK, CAN, NZ, GRC, AUS, MEX, VNM) who enjoying coming together, shooting the breeze, cracking jokes on each other, and simply having fun with daily shenanigans; however, we know when to buckle down and get serious. We normally have a handful of people on our Team Speak 24 hours a day, and we bring in new people every day. With that said, we'd be honored to welcome you aboard. It is worth noting that we have an age limit for a reason. Wired Gaming has not, nor will we ever, be politically correct. We pride ourselves in being a group of adults (and many veterans) who are capable of handling jokes of all kinds. We treat each other with a mutual respect. If being offended is your normal state of mind, then we are not the clan for you. https://www.wiredgaming.org/join_us
  18. Hey all, just had a couple of hours of Divisionning with my dad today. Then all of a sudden some dude just joins our division, just like that. I was like... oooo-kay ? (Was at the beginning of our last match) After the fight, I ask him how he did that... he simply left the Division. So I look-over the menus... nope no option for auto-divisionning or auto-accepting and god knows what. I mean, what the ???? Someone enlighten me please. Thanks.
  19. USN CA viability after Smoke nerf?

    As the proud owner of a Des Moines and fan of the USN Cruiser line as a whole, I've always found the ability to creep up alongside my Destroyers and forcefully remove all opposition from a Cap circle to be one of the most fun and rewarding things to do in my USN ships. However, as of late, Wargaming has decided to nerf Smoke- any ship firing behind a wall of smoke is now detected as it would if the smoke wasn't there to begin with, and firing your guns inside smoke now reveals your position from varying range depending on the ship in question. What I'm asking is: Is there a real reason to continue using American CAs instead of German DDs? With smoke being butchered as it is, a DD just has to sneak relatively close to a smoke screen and then the ship will get seen just for firing. If it's a DD, the Hydro goes up and the target is lit up much longer than it would be by Radar. The German DDs are also much much safer and effective in terms of scouting and capping, and we always still have access to the USSR Cruisers if we need DPM and Radar from a somewhat safer ship.
  20. That moment when...

    ...Your division gets 10 kills and double kraken for the win. @Admiral_Franz_von_Hipper and I wrecked face that game.
  21. UNA SALUS VICTIS NULLAM SPERARE SALUTEM. The only hope for the doomed, is no hope at all... Argosy Special Operations Argosy Special Operations is a casual clan looking to recruit new members. We are looking for anyone who wants to improve their game play while having fun. About Argosy Special Operations We welcome like minded players, those that can be civil to each other while also having the ability to take a bit of ribbing...if we ain't laughing a bit we ain't playing. This is not to say that we are not serious captains, we are extremely serious about constantly improving ourselves and each other but having fun doing it. We are an Australian based Clan, and as such may play odd hours compared to many other clans, generally you'll find us online from Midday (12pm) UTC, till 2pm UTC. On weekends you may find us on as early as Midnight (12 am) UTC. We are happy to look at accepting people who play outside of these hours. At this stage we expect little in the way of commitments, but that may change in the future. We want to build our clan bonuses and as such would like active players who can contribute to Oil production, and to share in the rewards. Clan Bonuses Here is what we currently have, and I'll update this post in the future as we unlock more. 3%XP bonus to the following nations. U.K. Pan-Asia Russia France Germany America Japan -10% to the cost of post battle servicing of the following ship classes. -10% to the cost of purchasing the following Tier Ships. Current clan size. 28/40 Essential Requirements Tiers: At least access to T8; Preferably T10 -Drama & +Karma Desirable Requirements Age: 18+ Battles: =>2500 Chat: TeamSpeak 3 Diplomacy and Recruitment For diplomatic issues between Clans please contact - Fidelis_85 For recruitment issues contact Fidelis_85 or Legozer If you are looking to join the Clan then please PM me either here or in game, more then happy to do some divisioning with you to see if everyone is happy. World of Warships Stickers provided courtesy of gigapolosatik at Deviant Art.
  22. A cute little bug

    Note that I am in the Menarche, a battleship, but check out my HE performance on the side. No wonder everyone is complaining about UK BB HE spam! No, seriously. Here is how to see this bug, which AFAIK has no effect on gameplay. 1. Division 2. Select a ship to play, like the Benson, and ready it in the division. 3. Then immediately bring up another ship to the display, say, the North Carolina. 4. When your ship appears in the match, hold CTRL and mouse over the appropriate command, and you will see the stats for the N Carolina instead of the Benson. In the example above, I am mousing over my HE. I displayed Loyang in my port after I readied the Monarch in the division. H/T to @USSxRequin for showing me this.
  23. Not certain the most appropriate place for this topic. Now that clans are available, is time to add more options to help players form into divisions. #1 A battle timer should be available so I can see how much time is left for anyone currently in a battle. Even better if a health indicator and current score was also shown. It would make it much easier to decide when to wait vs start a new battle. For example would show if someone has just entered battle (start a new game) or is in the final few minutes. (wait for them). This feature could be a query to minimize the use of computing resources. #2 Also players should have the ability to set their current status. Options could include *Looking to play in division *Not Looking to play in division *In 2 man division, room for 1 more *In 3 man division no spots open right now *Waiting for response, status uncertain at this time *Away from computer at this time
  24. Been getting this one recurring critical error since ver0.6.9 when I am playing with a division and we drop into a game from queue. Occasionally when clinking on things in the port when in a division something similar happens so I'm hopefully assuming this is similar to what is happening when dropping into a game. Neither of these things have occured while playing by myself, only when playing in a division. Generally what happens is the game freezes (without a sound loop thank god) and I have to bring up task manager to get to my taskbar to 'close window' as the frozen game stays up there as a black window and eats the screen and I can't get to the task manager to kill the game from there as Alt-F4 doesn't work either. Have tried reinstalling the game (twice now) and using the 'check and repair' tool in the wargaming launcher and this still happens. Got lucky and was outside of the game when it crashed and was able to screen-shot it as the black screen that would happen when in-game would cover the game error report.
  25. Hey fellow Warship captains! I'm looking for some regular players who are like me.. find themselves playin solo more often than they'd like! I play a fairly regular amount, have discord, just want to division up with some chill dudes wantin to blow up some ships together and get some wins out of it! I'm newer, but I'm grinding T5/6/7/8 on a regular basis. Average dmg is around 50-100k a game depending on what im playin of course, mostly play BB/DD. Let's sink some ships! Message me in game instead of posting on here. IGN: Talicso