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Found 10 results

  1. Hello World of Warships & Community. I had an idea for a 7th speed option to be added alongside Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, Stop, & Full (reverse) and that is an escort speed. If you are in a division or just helping out an ally there is the difficulty of matching speeds whether it is to combine Anti-Aircraft fire, set Smoke Screens, concentrate firepower or just sail with a friend the faster ship has to constantly monitor its speed jumping between throttle selections to keep a steady pace with your division partner or teammate. With Escort Speed you can select that mode and the ship will match the speed of the ship closest to you that has a lower top speed than your ship, giving you a chance to take your focus off monitoring throttle and allow you to enjoy sailing with a ship in your own little taskforce. So you can arrive at a location at the same time, fight together and cover each other while there and travelling to that location. This can benefit Anti-Air defense, assisting ships not sailing ahead of the team to fast and over extending themselves, and if you're a little more historical: having a miniature taskforce. If we take example from Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships from USA, Great Britain and Japan at tier VI, all those ships if you were to form a division and sail all under the same flag as some kind of miniature squadron, you cannot match speeds with any of the ships you're sailing with. USS New Mexico has a top speed of 18.5knots and even if the other American tier VIs (USS Farragut (36.5knots) & USS Pensacola (32.5knots))slow down to 1/2 throttle, it still is not a match for New Mexico so you have to bounce between throttle speeds, while NM just sails ahead full speed. Same goes for HMS Queen Elizabeth (22.3knots), HMS Icarus (35.5knots), & HMS Leander (32.5knots), and IJN Fuso (21.6knots), IJN Hatsuharu (36.5knots), IJN Fubuki (35.0knots) & IJN Aoba (35.0knots) or any ship at any tier. While some ships between different types can match speed (Fubuki/Aoba) or from the same type (Farragut/Hatsuharu) can match speed. A lot of ships do not match well with speeds even if they're the same type. The Escort ability could have all the ships actually go the same speed. The catch to escort speed is if the slow ship you're copying slows down or speeds up then escort will turn off and you would have to reactivate it so the game does not have to try and calculate speed change for 2 ships at once or if you and your division partner/teammate decide to split up. Escort Speed would also work and probably be quite handy in Operations. During escort mission like Raptor Rescue or Narai it is incredibly hard to keep pace with USS Raptor or the Transport ships. With Escort mode you just sail up to Raptor or a Transport ship, turn on escort speed and then sail through the mission while keeping close to the objective ships. The idea is crude and probably poorly portrayed here, but I have been wanting this concept for a long time. Thank you for hearing me out.
  2. I am wondering if any of you have collected some long-term data that indicates divs in a random game result in more victories for the div team or not. I rarely div these days; I know, I probably should div more, but meh... I usually have a good time without divs. But it seems things are falling back into familiar ruts. I'd like to know what you guys think and maybe some of you have the data, one way or the other? Far too often it seems, for my battles, where there is one or two divs of two or three folks, the number if the div doesn't seem to matter, our team fails miserably. I rarely see our team winning with the divs. My hypothesis or theory is so much of the team is joined together in divs, they aren't responsive, per say, to what the team is doing. The team itself is not paying attention to the divs so things are even worse of a chaotic scene than a normal random match. If that's a workable theory, what can be done to modify/change it? If you are a constant DIV player, do you communicate to the random team you are with what your goals are, where you're going, that sort of thing? tia fyc
  3. I am looking for some active division mates to grind with. I have every line up to tier VI, and will be focusing on that tier for the most part. Will expect comms, and division synergy.
  4. You want to defeat CVs? Sink them with battleship guns and the help of a fellow CV player. 'Nuff said.
  5. While playing clan battles it can be a bit boring when you see only Kremlins, Stalingrads, and Smolenks, but sometimes you get to see interesting division lineups from other clans. One clan that my clan, The Brothers Grimm Armada, encountered was a clan that had NO destroyers and had only 6 cruisers and 1 battleship . There was another clan, QCN (shoutout to Clan QCN if you are reading this post!), that my clan fought that had FIVE Klebers (picture below). That was a very excited match that I most thoroughly enjoyed playing! It was a close fought match. And my team managed to win. Also, there was another clan battle that me and my clan BGA fought last summer that had ALL destroyers : 1 Z-23 to provide hydro, and 6 Akizukis. My clan and I lost....but that was a hilarious fight! Anyway...now that the preamble is done, let me get to the central point of this post: What do you think is the most optimal clan battle division? And have there been any "unorthodox" division lineups that you clan used that actually worked? Comment below!
  6. Col_Calibre

    Create a Division

    I want to "Create A Division" of more than 3 mates by using the selection at the top of the page in "Port". Several of us who want to fight as a larger team in separate battles cannot be bigger than 3 maximum. Is there a way to extend this to , let's say 5 or 6 ? To go out in a Co-Op or Random play in a team of 5 or 6 would be nice change. The enemy team can keep up the original rule using 8 or 12 however, we want our guys to fight thsoe numbers as a large group and not a group of only three. I hope this is clear enough. Any solutions ?
  7. SrJCH

    Canal de Chat Latino

    Hola Capitanes. Quiero compartirles que hay un NUEVO canal de chat en el juego para jugadores de habla hispana. Una idea muy buena, pensada y creada por el Comandante arimatea_centinela del Clan [L0B0S] L0B0S NAVALES LEGENDARI0S El canal lo encontrarán con el nombre de Alianza latina Ahí podrán encontrar a otros Capitanes para batallar juntos aprender sobre temas diversos del juego y para aquellos que no están en un Clan podrán encontrar uno Saludos Capitanes, nos vemos por esos mares
  8. I am in search of other iwaki alphas to play in a division with, I haven't ran into another iwaki in several months and think it would be fun to do a division with some other iwakis.
  9. Still working on getting my tier 6 New Mexico BB. Over halfway there. If anyone wants to hang out or even division up stop on over. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  10. Problem A problem with divisions. In random battles when we have a clan division all on teamspeak vs random pubbies. The game become sloped massively in favour of the team with the clan division and vice versa. If a division is really good, it's basically a free win, if it's crap, then you can just give up and farm damages before it ends. In a team based game, the quality of a division becomes a very reliable indicator of the outcome of a random game before the countdown timer even finishes. People want to play with friends, that's understandable but when it becomes kill-box creating pub-stomp, it becomes fun for no one but them. You're then sacrificing the benefit of the majority for the minority. Pickup basketball as an analogy Pickup basketball is usually a random grab-bag group of people playing against each other but what divisions are, suddenly 3 Lakers players or your favorite NBA team of choice decided they'll drop in and join one team, the other side is a random group of people. The outcome of that game would be completely lopsided. Vice versa, maybe suddenly we have three drunk frat boys on one team. Now the other random people either will be doing jack or have to pick up the slack massively. Solution That imbalance of gameplay can easily be solved by creating "division battle arena mode" where division gets to play against other divisions who are also cooperating with each other, instead of random lemmings who can't tell the difference between turret and tourettes. Note I can imagine a lot of kickback from this idea of course. The same as when people suggest Graff Zepplin maybe broken, Graff Zepplin captains say it's not but I'm floating this out anyway. Predicted Response: "well why don't you play with other people then? Join a clan!". That doesn't solve the systemic problem, that just makes me part of the problem.