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Found 2 results

  1. Fighters: *Issue with fighters being unable to engage a second target if under attack themselves unless first target is killed. Example: Fighters attack Target A (bombers), commander spots Target B (fighters) coming to defend Target A. Fighters don't have time to finish off Target A and are given a command to attack Target B. Verbal response from fighters is received, Target A is released from pursuit and continues retreating. Fighters engages Target B and are unable to inflict any damage at all but do expend ammo till empty and then return to CV and normal if survived battle. *Note this happens without fault every time. *Issue with fighters receiving a command and getting a verbal response and not moving. *Issue with fighters glitching when following enemy plane that is landing. -Fog_Destroyer_Yukikaze *Note: planes shouldn't be able to land in the first place while being attacked. *Issue with single fighter (none CV fighters) bugging CV planes, once engaged by a single fighter, planes will not be released of snare till that fighter has landed back at its ship or is destroyed. *Issue with fighters escorting torpedo bombers, if fighters get within range of any enemy fighters (including CV fighters and float fighters), the fighters will remain stuck in the air until it is destroyed by the enemy fighters if the torpedo bombers move out of escort range. -SG_Oneill Dive Bombers: *Issue with bombers getting visual hit and not doing damage. *Issue with lag effecting bombers causing them to completely miss even though the ship is in the entire outline. *Note - this seems like a client vs server issue. *Issue with bombers not dropping bombs. *Note dive bombers have a very high miss rate, you can see the misses in the water very easily. Torp. Bombers: *Issue with correctly manual dropping but having the plane refuse to recognize it. It will then fly to where it shows the torp spread but just spin around over the ship. -Inquisitioner *Issue for all surface attack planes: If command is given too late to a target the plane will circle, the glitch is unless manual controlled to back away then attack again the planes will just circle till they die. Other CV issues: *Issue with all CV planes that are set to land, if a fire begins while planes are in route, and fire is put out after they begin circling the planes will not auto land but continue to circle until manually directed to land again. *Not being able to zoom out enough forces the map use too much resulted in commands given in map not working. Planes highlighted flicker as command is given but no verbal response received and no way point being set. *Possible Fighter CVs having a lower income then none fighters. -Shadow1_Nemesis *Note: 40k avg cred /w 30 planes kills and 10k dmg to ships /w loss. 70k cred /w 50 planes killed and 20k dmg to ships /w loss. 90k cred /w 44 plane kills, 20k dmg dealt to ships /w win. #s are without 50k loss in ship price & at Tier VII. If rushed early game CVs go negative in creds, *Issue with enemy planes appearing randomly on the mini map for a second then disappearing. -Timpanus *Personally notice this to be horizontal to my ships location, and not limited to edge of map. Possible correlation between launch of enemy plane or run file. Will continue to update here as US players are still unable to utilize bug report button in login screen. Will use names at end of post so that viewers are able to scroll down to see original context of the report.
  2. So I got the Graf Zeppelin from a container earlier today and I've taken it out for a spin a few times. It's not as good as the Enterprise, but I enjoy it regardless. That, however, is beside the point. Something I've noticed about the Zeppelin's dive bombers is that when you start an attack run, you can hear the infamous 'Jericho Trumpet' siren blaring as they dive. The thing is, though, I always figured that the only plane to ever have that device installed was the Ju 87 Stuka, and the dive bombers on the Zeppelin are Ta-152s, a plane that was originally designed as a high-altitude interceptor and as such didn't dive-bomb anything during its actual service period. Because of this, I now ask those of you who know more about history and WG's methods this question: Is there any historical precedent for German dive bombers outside of the Ju 87 being equipped with the Jericho Trumpet? Or is WG pulling a Waffentrager E-100 and making this up entirely? Thank you in advance to whomever responds. Sincerely, 1Sherman.