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Found 1 result

  1. Wargaming has spent years developing a new CV platform. First promised in 2016, it was delayed for years to get it right. Years spent coding, ensuring quality. Weeks. Just weeks after release and we've come across fatal flaws in the system. Fatal, because this problem shows how the system is poisoned to the core. First, let's explain the exploit (or rather, feature) shown above: Dive bomber dispersion patterns can be manipulated via speed and release point such that the actual area they strike is far smaller than indicated. This was recently showcased in the King of the Sea tournament, where we saw frequent 5-digit damage hits on destroyers. That wasn't RNG - that was this "feature" being used. What this shows us is that, despite Wargaming having spent the equivalent in time that it takes to develop a AAA game, they were unable to verify that their dispersion algorithm worked properly. This has vanquished my confidence level in the game development. Balancing issues happen to everyone. Server issues - common. Misguided game direction choices - common. But the revelation of this pattern, which is only possible with a complete lack of QA from the first lines of code to release, is uniquely bad. I remarked to a friend this evening - "holy crap, this is actually becoming coded worse than NavyFIELD". There needs to be a culture change at the heart of Wargaming if we ever want this game to work properly.