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Found 4 results

  1. As ultrawide monitors become more common with users and streamers, it would be nice if the UI elements could be scaled or moved to correspond to the typical streaming window / display. I have noticed different games (like Snowrunner) do this well by giving you the ability to play the game on the ultrawide, but also have the UI limited to the screen extents that allow for display while streaming. It is understood that ultrawide users still make a up a small portion of the userbase, but is this something that Wargaming could look into / implement as they are becoming more and more common?
  2. Kenrod_Melrocity

    On ship flag display

    Just noticed on the Fletcher that the US flag is flying lower than the adjacent flags. Checked my Montana and it's even worse. That's against protocol, right?
  3. Yesterday I noticed that when I begin a battle the ship displays have changed for both enemy and ally. All I can see now is the ship class icon. I cannot see the enemy/ally name, ship name, range (unless they are in range) or damage bar indicator. Has anything changed? I was not able to find any notes about this or any setting I can change.
  4. I was not able to see carrier direkt in front of me. And he is realy close! Secondaries open fire... I shot blind and was able to sink him. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0dl4myorcgiv1y/20180920_231115_PRSC105-Kirov_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay?dl=0 The replay looks fine... very strange.