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Found 1 result

  1. Harsh Team Damage Rules

    Hey guys its been a while. But summer is finally here and school is over. Today I was playing in the Abruzzi tier 7 cruiser and I was camping behind an island on the Haven map. It was the start of the game and I was taking shots on enemy destroyers and battleships by firing shells over the island so they could not return fire or see me. It was working until an allied Giulio Cesare tier 5 battleship rammed the aft of my ship while I was engaging the enemy and took a single HE round from he on his forward bow from my rear most gun turret. He also caused some ram damage and pushed me out of cover. The shell started a fire on his bow and everyone knows that a smart battleship never extinguishes one fire, so he continued to burn. As soon as the shot hit his bow I was given a disciplinary action warning from the game and as the fire continued to burn it started to cause damage to me. Because the game somehow thought that I intended to kill my teammate and needed to be punished. The total damage I took in return from the penalty was about 9,000 and being pushed out of my cover got me shot by enemy ships and sunk. Now it is arguable that I was not paying attention to my surroundings and I was tunnel visioning which is what costed me my ship but seriously Wargaming? A single round of HE by complete accident should not classify as an intent to kill an ally. It is bold to reduce the damage required to create a disciplinary action but I feel like you made it a little too low, there must be a better balance than this. Its probably worth noting that I have received 2 disciplinary actions since the update and about 5 or 6 total in my career of the game, and every game I play there are at least 4 or 5 people who are pink. Before the update I hadn't received one in about 6 months. Something I have noticed is that this new system has become very exploitable. I have seen a lot of games since the update where allies have intentionally turned into friendly torpedoes or sailed straight in front of allied ships in hopes of getting lit on fire or shot to provoke a response from the game. It doesn't even take that much ram damage to cause a disciplinary action anymore and allies running into each other at the beginning of the game on accident is very common. Now I know Wargaming are trying to reduce trolling and team killing with these changes but I feel like they kinda over did it. So what do you guys think?