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Found 28 results

  1. venusthedalek_2021

    what is pushing?

    what does it mean?
  2. The primary armament of the Didos, and secondary of the KGV's, has been viewed by history as less than successful. It is asserted that it was a poor anti-aircraft gun, unable to meet its planned rate of fire, and with dubious merit against surface ships and subpar reliability. However, there have been plenty of items in the history of warfare that have either been overstated, or unfairly maligned. So my question, is the 5.25 remembered properly? I'll start putting my 2 cents in later on, but want to see opinions first.
  3. So, I'm very close to get my very first steel ship. Just waiting for the coupon to be available in 18 days. I was thinking about getting Stalingrad but now I'm not so sure anymore. It seems Petro (a ship I already have) is superior in every way. It doesn't have a exposed citadel like Stalin. Can stealth radar, much better AA. Stalin has better AP performance but this alone is not enough to justify.
  4. Previous topic, but now fixed (with increased bacon) Just curious for a transparent and anonymous poll of what people have sunk so far or planning to bid for a tech tree ship, and why? AFAIK only the top 1,000 bidders by monetary value win the bid.Discussion below, Keep it civil and professional.
  5. Seraphina_Astra

    Lighthouse and the Schlieffen

    Just curious for a transparent and anonymous poll of what people have sunk so far or planning to gamble for a tech tree ship, and why? Discussion below, Keep it civil and professional.
  6. For the last 4 years I have been playing WoWs, and being a clan leader, I get to hear lots of opinions and complaints about how WG makes adjustments to the game and why. This Dev blog post (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/212 ) has to be the best I have ever seen by WG not only explaining the adjustments made to a game mode, Clan Battles for this one, but they also showed the data from the live server, and showed they were listening to players as well. But not ony did they do this, but also went a step above and beyond by showing how the changes made also effected the data. This is the exact kind of thing everyone has been trying to get WG to do for years now, and its finally happened. So Yes I know it does not make up for the current issues with the CC program, but it is honestly one hell of a good start, and I truly hope that WG will see this post and continue with more posts in the future that continues not only the changes made, but the data, and the explanation of the changes and how it has changed the data and experience as well. So IMO you did a great job on this one WG and lets hope this level of transparency will continue. Further if you agree please lets give this thumbs up so hopefully WG will see this and know this is the kind of thing players have been wanting all along now.
  7. I have just recently completed my IJN BB grind, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. My battleship play has improved significantly throughout the course of the grind, starting with dark green and teal pr in the lower tiers and capping it off with dark purple pr in the t9 and t10. My improvement was a result of both personal reflections and advice given to me by experienced battleship players. As such, a lot of the complaints and solutions that are written in this guide come from myself. I'm writing this guide so hopefully people can learn from my experience and reach a higher level of bb play. This guide assumes you already know basic game mechanics such as amour thickness, angling, overmatch, and ap and he pen. All of that is purely objective and you don’t need a guide to learn it, as such I have not included it here. Note: This guide is based heavily on the one written for destroyers by @DolphinPrincess. That guide can be found here. BAD (0-750 PR) – “Torpedoes are OP!” This probably a complaint every battleship captain at some point when they were very new to the game. It is mainly due to a lack of experience, as the counterplay for this is very simple. Solution: Vary your path and do not sail in a straight line. Pay attention to your concealment circle; if there are no ships spotted in your concealment range yet you are still spotted, it likely means there is a dd closeby. Make intentional random maneuvers and you will almost always dodge incoming torpedoes. Another good tip is to pay attention to your priority target, if the indicator suddenly shows one less ship targeting you, and then a couple of seconds later it flips back to what it was before, it could mean a destroyer shot torpedoes at you. BELOW AVERAGE (750-1100 PR) – “I cannot win because my teams are always garbage!” This is the classic complaint that a below average player will give. It shows a bad mindset, that you are blaming your teams for your losses instead of myself. Out of all the issues baring players getting to the next level, I would say this one is the biggest. It prevents you from reflecting on your own play and learning from it. Solution: Always assume friendly players are potatoes. Play the game as if you need to carry your team every match, and always value your own ship over your teammates. If this means you play selfish, so be it; if you are to reach the next level, you need to understand that every time you sacrifice your health for your teammates, you are giving a worse player more responsibility for winning the game. Additionally, after every game, look towards your own play and figure out what you could have done to have a higher impact on the match. It doesn’t matter if it’s a win or a loss, there is always room for improvement. AVERAGE (1100-1350 PR) – “Team no support” This complaint usually comes from those BBs who like to play “aggressive” and get really close to the caps and subsequently get farmed out and die in 5 minutes. Then they complain that their team didn’t rush in with them. This is a stupid proposition. Battleships are primarily a zoning tool that are used to gain map control or prevent the enemy from gaining map control. They do not require assistance of their teammates to have match impact because the whole point of having high alpha long-range guns is to be a metaphorical “fleet in being”. Your mere presence on a flank is as scary or punishing to the enemy as 3 cruisers combined. Solution: Wows is a game which is somewhat unique in that it heavily favors the defender. In that sense, the bb players that push in and die and expect their team to support them have a fundamental mindset error. It is that making a concerted effort to push a cap is often a worse choice than holding or kiting out that flank. This is not to say that you should never push a cap in a battleship. Always keep sight of your win condition. Usually in wows there is a push flank and a kiting/holding flank. Pay attention to the other flank and make your movements accordingly. For example, if you are on a push flank and your friendly kiting flank is collapsing faster than your push flank is pushing, then you should push into the enemy team at this point, because if you don’t then your team has no hope of winning. GOOD (1350-1550 PR) – “Whenever I play battleships everyone is always bow in and when I see broadsides I always miss” This complaint is symptomatic of a player who understands fundamentally what their role is as a BB player but is being held back by sub-optimal positioning choices. Additionally, often times I hear players at this stage blaming their mediocre performance in bbs on “bad aim”. I can say with absolute confidence (from my own personal experience) that aim is not a significant factor in performing well in BBs. It is almost always because of positioning, not aim. If one positions badly, they will rarely see broadsides. Thus, they expect that in order to get to the next level they must hit every single broadside accurately. However, if they improved their positioning, they would see a greater number of broadsides, and by extension hitting more broadsides (just based on probability of hit chance). *Note that the second paragraph is my own theory that I made based on my own observations – I don’t have any concrete data to support it. Solution: Make your positioning in battleships more intentional and direct. Don’t only think of which flank to go on, also think of the specific squares that you will have the most impact on. This is based on a number of factors, such as the size of your friendly force, size of the enemy force, or the positioning of your friendly bbs. Always try to create crossfires or simply how to put maximum pressure on the enemy. Battleship positioning in general is something that is pretty complex and warrants another guide on its own to explain all the nuances, and I wouldn’t be able to do it justice by explaining it in full details here. Maybe ill write a guide on it at some point. Regardless, at this point I would highly encourage you to watch the top players play battleships on twitch. You can learn a lot on positioning just by watching how super unicums position, learning why they positioning the way they did, and incorporating it in your own gameplay. With regards to aim vs positioning, I’ll draw a specific example from myself; I average 28% hitrate in yamato and 30% in Izumo, which are some of the worst among my friends and clanmates. Yet, in terms of pr and wr I have some of the highest. I attribute this fully to my positioning. VERY GOOD (1550-1750 PR) – “HE spam is OP” Contrary to the rest of these complaints, this one is personally one I have never ever had, but I have heard it a lot. HE spam is something that is mitigated by positioning. There are a few key tips you should learn and apply and you will get a whole lot better at mitigating HE spam. Solution: Read this guide: (again, thanks to @DolphinPrincess), take every single point to heart and apply it in your gameplay. I honestly had no clue why people complained about HE spam until I read this guide. I realized that every single thing in there I had already figured out on my own to apply just through careful postgame reflection of my own gameplay. It shows how important that aspect is to improving in this game. The one I would like to put heavy emphasis on is being stern in. This is a skill that I actually learned from playing cruisers before IJN BBs, and I found that it is extremely effective with BB play as well. There is really only two situations when you should be bow in. 1. Your team has already effectively won your flank, and you have decided to run down the rest of the flank in order to get to the enemy spawn as fast as possible. You should only be bow in to the enemy team when you are 100% sure you will trade very positively and come out of the engagement alive. 2. It is a clear stomp and you need to save your damage averages. GREAT (1750-2100 PR) – “Battleships are inconsistent in their match impact – some games you get a ton of damage and some games you do nothing” This is something I personally struggled with a lot as I was learning high level bb play. This is usually symptomatic of overcommitting to a position and only moving like 3-4 squares for most of the match. At this point, your early game positioning is strong, but you are not able to judge game flow to get the most impact out of your bb. Solution: Always think 5 minutes into the future. In 5 minutes, where do I predict the enemies to be? Where do I expect the enemy destroyers to be? Where will my friendly bbs be in 5 minutes (so I can make a crossfire with them potentially)? Which grid squares will maximize my match impact 5 minutes later? Where can I go to secure my win condition in 5 minutes? When do I need to start moving to get into this position? A result of this is that you will find yourself being much more mobile in any given battle, moving from flank to center, to flank, to enemy spawn as necessary. One key thing that you must realize is that even though you have a lot of range as a battleship, you also have a surprise factor. If you always shoot your guns, you constantly give up your position and make it easier for enemy ships to keep tabs on you, dodge your shots, and even potentially predict what your destination is and adapt accordingly. An aware enemy can drastically lower the impact you have after repositioning. UNICUM (2100-2450 PR) – “I am not able to use battleships’ heath to its full potential” These players struggle with Aggression control. They will position well but they do not efficiently manage their hp and use it as a resource to have more impact. Oftentimes they will end the match having gotten a lot of damage but still be on ¾ to full health, leaving the question “How or when could I have positioned more aggressively and used up more of my hp resource to have a better impact of the match”. Or, they will misjudge a threat and push into a position to have more impact, but they will lose much much more hp then they intended to trade away. Solution: This is currently the level I am on. I am trying to find the answer to this myself :P. Maybe in a couple of months when I find the solution, I will update this guide. Or maybe if any super unicum sees this guide they will offer their thoughts on it. SUPER UNICUM (2450+ PR) – “No counterplay toward CVs” jUStD0dgE Solution: uninstall Thanks for Reading
  8. They're called Destroyers, they are invisible, they can torp while undetected and they have the speed to be anywhere in the map at anytimes.
  9. In all the previous events the camouflage special for the event style was the same for every ship, and always looked good! Minus that one incident with the British Heavy Cruisers. So explain to me why the Italian battleship "Roman" camouflage is even a thing? Its directly inferior in effort compared to le Legion style and is almost obviously a result of crunch time since resources were taken away from the even for the "Big Hunt" mode assets. Which can also be noticed in how there's such a lack of well... anything in the part two for the event. All there is is a free daily bundle and then two paid bundles. No special Captain to work for, you cant even buy the Bloody Leone Legion camo for the tokens for goodness sake. For me when I've waited for Italian BB's since the bloody CBT this is a complete letdown... Like its not even a minor difference between the camo's, the Roman one is just a plain 2D camo no external 3D modifications while the Legion camo's are extravagant and ornate, Why couldn't Andrea Doria and Francisco both get this level of treatment?
  10. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    So, let me preface by saying I spend most of my time on Battleships, particularly the Kurfurst. And I'm incredibly frustrated. Needless I'm going to try to provide facts. HE and Fires are not fun, and too strong. I said it. And I won't take it back. People are always providing excuses as to why it has not been nerfed further then whatever IFHE did. Especially for most of the Battleships. That said, I do have statistics other then just ranting. Let's look at Worchester vs a Kurfurst, shall we? Worchester has 6 Dual mounted 152mm guns which have a base Fire Chance at 12%, a Maximum range of 16.7 km and 148m dispersion at maximum, not including mods. She has a speed of 33.0 knots, and a base detectability of 12km. Her 12 guns have a base reload of 4.6 seconds. She is not very heavily armored, with her main armor belt being 127mm thickness, 30mm deck and most of the rest being around 27mm. Grosser Kurfurst has 4 triple mounted 406/420mm guns that have a base Fire Chance at 41%(on 420), a Max range of 20.6km and max dispersion of 226m, again not including mods. A base speed of 30.0 knots and base detectability of 18.2 km. Her 12 guns have a base reload of 32.0 seconds (again with 420's). She is incredibly armored, her main armor belt is 380mm thick and her deck is 50mm. Based on that info, you would have to assume Kurfurst would win that every time, assuming both captains had the exact same skill. However, in actual practice the Kurfurst will lose most of the time, depending on map and dispersion. And that is simply because of Fire. Here's the reason why. A Worchester will almost certainly be running IFHE and Demo Expert. Demo Expert makes base fire chance 14%, and IFHE halves that to make it 7%. Adding both Fire Flags makes it 8%. At a rate of 12 shells per 4.6 seconds. Meaning Every salvo has a very high chance of lighting a fire. "BuT wHaT aBoUt FiRe PrEvEnTiOn?" You say. That removes 10% odds at igniting, and you can only have 3 fires on your deck at once. That's it. 3 fires will still shred your health faster then most Battleships can even dream of. And you can't angle against it. The Worchester can angle against the Kurfurst to prevent citidel hits and even get ricochets, because the Kurfurst will most likely be using AP. The Kurfurst will Extinguish the fires, of course, but the Worchester is still lobbing shells. For Every salvo the Kurfurst fires, the Worchester is firing about 7 salvos (Exactly 6.956... salvos so I rounded up) each with a good chance at lighting a fire. Not only this, but Kurfursts main guns have worse dispersion, though I do not know the exact calculation for it I'd say that Kurfurst has about 170m dispersion at the range Worchester has 148. Next, look at concealment and maneuverability. Both have pretty similar max speeds. However, the biggest problem for the Kurfurst is it's turning radius. A turning radius of 1km is huge. Worchester has a pretty big turn radius as well at 740m. Not only that, but the Kurfurst has a rudder shift of 19.4s, which is roughly double that of Worchesters. Of Course, Cruisers are supposed to be more maneuverable, but that isn't my issue. The Kurfurst has no means of Disengaging against a Worchester that will constantly keep its deck on fire. We haven't even taken Islands or teams into consideration. A Worchester behind an island is a death sentance for any battleship inside its range. Because both teams are focused on one thing: Lighting battleships on fire for easy money and xp. Kurfurst itself isn't really effective until 12 Km from its target because of secondaries, and with the Commander Skills coming out, say goodbye to that. I don't have any of the other T10 Battleships because it's litteral suffering to grind. My arguement stands for most of the entire set of Battleships, with the only exceptions I can think of being Yamato, Shikashima, Vermont and Kremlin. The first three have no point in going up so they just chill back and snipe, which then you get people yelling at you. Thunderer is part of the problem with HE shells but at least it's semi tolerable with Longer reloads. The biggest offenders I find are ships like Worchester, Des Moines, Zao, and Smolensk. But in reality most cruiser players don't even know they have AP shells, and rarely if ever load AP. (Sarcasm in the first part) So how would we fix this? Yes I understand that these would all be direct buffs to battleships, and direct nerfs to Fire cruisers. That's kind of the point. I can think of a few things, and a combination of a few things: Lower the stacking on damage from fires Cut the amount of Credits and XP earned from damage done by fire.' Nerf IFHE to a higher degree of Fire chance loss in exchange for a higher penetration. Gut the damage from fires and buff cruiser AP. Nerf fire chance on heavy armor. Combinations of this would be like: Lower stacking damage and cut credits and xp from fire damage. I am not professional balencer, but even I understand that the current state of this mechanic is too strong and discourages Battleships from doing what they were supposed to do, and encourages play that actively is a detriment to your team in staying back and just sniping, especially for ships that can't. Giving Battleships better reason to be an active part of their team and promote better teamplay. If 10 children whos bodies are mainly comprised of Salt can understand their roles in League of Legends then the same can be done in World of Warships. I am sorry for the absolute wall of text, but this needed to be addressed in a professional and constructive way. I am sure people will disagree but this entire text is meant to show that "Hey maybe something IS off about this balence." I'm pretty confident that changes to the system will provide a better game for all of us.
  11. So I was just curious about peoples opinions on this particular ship class. It is personally one of my favorites despite its rather speckled history. If you do not know, its members include the Prince of Wales which had problems with its quadruple turrets while fighting the Bismarck, albeit partly responsible for its destruction. Later it and the battle cruiser Repulse were the first capital ships ever sunk solely by air power, sunk by the Japanese if you were wondering. Throughout the war they had issues with their quadruple turrets though they served well nonetheless. So I was curious what everyone thinks its tier and stats might roughly look like (don't need numbers necessarily). I for one thing it will be tier 8-9 and have a fairly well equipped AA defense. In real life, it seems like it had approximately 20 less individual AA guns than Iowa, though it had the quadruple setups of 40mm that the Warspite has already in game. It could go 28 knots so again securing its position at tier 8, and was one of the last British WW2 Capital ships ever made, being succeeded by the HMS Vanguard. I have been wondering to myself whether Wargamming will show the rather slow reload caused by the complex quadruple turrets in game by giving it a slower reload, or if they will give her the official/predicted reload rate. She only used 14 inch guns, but there was 10 of them and they were said to have a very high penetration value with their AP rounds and as such very deadly. So this would go along with the theme that the Warspite currently seems to have consisting of a presumably fast reload compared to other BBs, slow turret turning and a high penetration value which can be seen in the Warspite's high volume of citadels. Oh and don't forget the nice secondary DP battery. Just me rambling about my opinions and the little and possibly unreliable stuff I have read/heard about the ship class, that I think looks pretty nice. What do you guys/gals think?
  12. Hello. I have been doing some looking into premium cruisers and i think i might have found one that i might like. I have watched videos, looked at reviews and other things about the Atago to see what she is like and for my playstyle she might work. I am just wondering if anyone has her and played her and give me some idea of what they think, pros and cons and an idea of how to spec her captin
  13. I ask CV players, do you think the best CV players in game get the most salt. The bad one just play tier 4 CV. Do you roll your eyes when players say CV are easy and have everlasting fighters. Do you love the salt playing a CV. Because it always are fault win or lose. CV mains do you feel like your in your own click, the other players just don't understand us. Do you love troll ships? Well subs be the new troll. If so well you play it.
  14. Kensikora

    dockyard 2.0

    Hello everyone. in this post i will give my thoughts on the new dockyard coming and the 2 ships you can get and then i will watch the coments to see who will do what or what people think. Now the first thing off the bat is the cost. To skip right to the end will cost you 35,000 dablooons which is a hell of alot of dabloons for 2 ships. Now one of the ships if i remeber is the graff spree. Now to get that ship will cost $25 and for that ammount of money you can get 5k dabloons. What that means is the odin will cost 30k which is way to much to spend on one ship or for a ship. How good is the odin to justify that high of a price tag but then again look at the PR ship and how many people spent the 24k or higher to get that ship. Now the PR dockyard was a mess, a very big mess so people are naturaly hesitant and skepitcal of this dockyard coming and they way they have it worked out. If they stick to it then maybe this will not be a bad experiance this time around and the fact you get 2 ships out of it might give some people something to look fowards to getting, espeically ppl who can not afford to buy alot of dabloons or have the extra cash to spend. I myself will be going it with low expectations so no matter what i wont be disapointed and i will try to grind out as much of the 20 as i can, if i can grind out to 18 then 3.5k for a ship wont be a high price to pay, even 5k i wont mind paying what do you guys think of this new dockyard and do you think it will be good or will it be another PR?
  15. Kagenomure

    whats your opinion

    As the title says im curious about your guys opinion. What is your favorite ship to use in the game. I have asked about best cruisers and other things like that so i been branching out and playing each to see what i like and i liked the german ships as i grinded out all the way to the t10 GK which i consider an old school boxer, loves to get up close and shot like crazy. I also been brancing out for each cruiser for each line to check them out. The IJN line and the only downside to the cruisers i find is the torpedo placement which can prove difficult at times to use. Im now playing the french cruisers to see if they fit my play style. IF you guys have to pick one ship from one line exluding promo ships what ship would you chose and why do you like that ship :)
  16. Kagenomure

    Just My opinion

    Hello and thank you for visiting my post. Lately i have been experamenting on my new account i made with cruisers and destroyers trying to learn them and figure out which i am best with and will have the most sucess with and so far im liking the US line. I have looked at most of the cruisers as i wish to see which have range, torpedo range and other key things aswell as health, armor and mobility. I have noticed that some have a range of around 14k default and with upgrades around 16.5k at t7, my example i the t7 ijn cruiser. By default the ijn has a range of 14.5k and with the upgrade for range it goes to around 16k, maybe 16.5 which tbh for me seems kinda low as with my french t7 cruiser with the upgrade i have a little over 17k range Now i have a feeling that is becuase there based of real life specs of each ships but that seems kinda low. Now for battleships i find that the germans have the better armor especially for my playstyle as im an agressive player, i prefer to push into the enemy and deal as much damage as i can before i die. I use ap shells as that is what i am traing myself on and my dps is average(around 50k per match) which i know is kinda low but im still learning how to angel, hit angeled ships and hit citadels I have noticed since the changes most ppl even BB are useing HE. I do understand that there are missions/campaigns that require HE shell use but without those missions most ships seem to be Heavy armor HE spammers which seems to be the new norm but i find that more people are complaing about it now I do know that most ppl playing cruisers and dd will spam HE cuase there ap damage is low or under-powered so i can understand them relying on the HE spamm to even do any form of damage The only question i have now which i hope people who play the UK cruisers can help with is how would i go about learning to play them as from what i saw and read they only have AP shells which makes them a different animal all together on how to play them. I know the UK BB are good for HE damage but when i start to grind them out should i stick with HE and should i got mid range or long range with them. As for there cruisers should i play them like DD but with more armor? I have looked up all the videos i can on youtube but most are over 2 years old or are the world of warships legends videos
  17. Kagenomure

    cruisers opinions

    This is a question for cruiser players or any one with cruiser knowledge. Which cruiser line do you guys like to play and why?I am curious cuase atm im working down french and UK BB and gonna start IJN CVs and been testing some cruisers From what i gather some cruisers have better range, some have better armor, speed or just walking the line as a jack of all trades I hope to get some opinions on them to see which would be the best line to go wtih and stick with as i wish to have one full line of each ship tier, BB,Cruisers,DD and CVs so no matter what i feel like playing i will have a ship for each Just adjusting to each of them as a playstyle is a bit complicated for me as im kind of an agressive all in type of player
  18. Kagenomure

    World of Spam???

    as the title says, when did this game go from being world of warships were AP was use to world of spam were even battleships are spamming HE, make a guy glad there are CV in the game i do know ppl did spam HE before the recent changes but the majority were dd and cruisers with low AP, but even now Battleships are spaming HE, in 6 matches i have played thats all that is used is HE, kinda make me want to stick with CV and live with being called sky cancer
  19. So I just wanted to discuss some of this, not just another "balans" post. I just watched Flamu's video on it, and it does generally raise some alarms for me. Especially after being so invested in this game. If they thought the USN cruisers would have no counter play with stealth radar, then there's no way they could follow through with it right? I mean I'm sure subs might come out this year or the following as well, which would leave DDs to all be but forgotten. The ships are already pretty OP even without the ability to stealth radar, so I mean wouldn't that be enough as is? I just don't want to see a game I love so much, get torn to pieces like it has for many of you already. I've only been playing the last year, but I play for about 6-8 hours a day. I came in after the CV rework, so the CVs don't get me that heated, because I'm used to it. I'm not saying it's right but that's just how it is for me. But I would hate to continue to see more out of balance ships regardless of which nation they belonged too. I play pretty much all of the nation's with no bias, I like the corks and gimmicks of each one. Well anyways, that about wraps it up. Just a concerned player who loves this game.
  20. Sinsokira

    DD CV interaction

    Hello and welcome to my post, as the title says this is about DD and CV. I have recently seen some people talking and youtube videos going up about how some ppl still think CV need to be nerfed or the interaction Between dd and cv need to be fixed. For those that play either DD or CV do you think there is an issue on the state of things? i play both and i find it to be good. The biggest complaint i see is that cv matching making is the issue at low tiers and i can see that being a problem as in some matches you can have 3 cv per side but those games that happened to be there was no DD in the game. do you guys think it needs to be fixed?
  21. Recently in a clan battle with a bwn. I had been given a very good gift with a British Battleship of tea or number 10. And now since the time I've been in the games to spend this group of people or one person. Their ships are at least a little too overpowered. Just from one strike they've literally destroyed a ship with double armor in line or on the computer screen. I don't know if it's someone who is got into game or if it's someone who is done something in a cheating way. Or anything that is made it look like it is not supposed to happen. But they made it happen. Or one person made it happen. Just to discussion for a concern.
  22. So... After watching Flamu's commentary and have been closely following Azuma's development history I am largely unimpressed. Poor turning combined with a citadel that makes Yamato blush are of course the primary concerns. The reality is simple: Her strengths in my opinion do not offset her weaknesses anywhere near enough. Sure, the Torp angles are nice (think Atago for those who don't know) but in reality, I have yet another issue with this setup: The 20km torps with its 2.5km concealment pretty much means they won't catch any good players, and BECAUSE they are 20km we're gonna see these ships sit at 19km the whole game, spamming HE and torping from rear lines... see the problem yet? Well if not, this is what they are: 1. Being so far back means she'll have little influence and people are scared enough at risking themselves at high tier, this will breed some awful gameplay to say the least 2. Gotta get in close more times than not to make plays, and this ship is definitely not good for that 3. The most important of them all: This ship is gonna torp its own team like its going out of style or at the very least, screw teammate positioning As a design, sure she works. But I gotta say... let's be real here: She's nowhere *close* to Stalingrad. To those typing after reading that part she's a steel ship and therefore gets to be stronger: Oh, so having an elite 1% ship better than its peers is just okay because it was hard to get? Its not healthy for the game, and they definitely fall into the same family. Unless I see Stalingrad being designated T11, this argument does not hold up in my eyes.They're both T10 and that's that. To those who own the Stalingrad who say it isn't OP: Well then another supercruiser type at T10 as well you'll have no problems it being about as powerful, no? That aside, her AP looks horrendous, and while her penetration is technically better than Alaska, those improved angles Alaska gets to enjoy just simply flat out make it better in practice. She gets the following over Azuma: 30mm plating over 25mm on upper plating on the midsection and main deck, better AA, and the torps. Not enough to me. I would go as far as to say that Yoshino should have been Azuma, and Yoshino should be a step above that with current Yoshino iteration maybe should only get worse torps if it were the Azuma. I'd like to see that buffed, the option for Zao's 12 km torps, 27mm bow/stern, possibly QoL improvements to its turret traverse, rudder, or turning circle, some form of utility, better AP characteristics, the accuracy from Azuma's testing, something. Not necessarily all of those things, just simply throwing some ideas out there. Of course, she's WIP. And that's why I'm making this thread now, to discuss her and perhaps convince someone upstairs to add a bit more to what is going to be a huge coal investment, one that I WANT to be excited for. Naturally, these are merely just my opinions and to some, I'm sure she's fine. So, let's all discuss it. Go! Oh and one last thing: Why would I want Yoshino in her current form when Zao can do pretty much everything she can, but better, and much less risky? The only thing she offers is the HE pen for 50mm decks... and that i'm sorry, is all she really has over Zao. To put in clarification as to what I want to see for Yoshino (which I know will never happen): For her to be competitive with Stalingrad in balance... OR, A ship that is better than Zao in a number of ways but makes a tradeoff, while also letting this ship's existence be a light onto why Stalingrad is OP and needs to be toned down. What I expect us to get? For it to be released in its current test form and be middling overall, just like her T9 counterpart while the imbalance of Stalingrad be ignored some more.
  23. Hello all, Let me preface the following thoughts with an assurance that I want CVs to be enjoyable for those playing them. I spent some time playing CVs, once upon a time. And would like to do so again, should they reach a point of relative balance within the game. I have seen a lot of complaint threads, and only a relative handful of thoughtful discussion threads where ideas are being discussed on their merits. Not wanting to add another to the long line of complaint threads, I thought I would make an effort at being constructive. In my admittedly myopic view, the current system leaves many players, CV captains and otherwise, feeling as though things are in need of further and perhaps significant tweaking. The ideas below are not all going to be gold, of course. But if they contain even a kernel of something that can help us all to reach a place where CV captains feel they can contribute without being called “cancer” and where surface ship captains feel they have some ways to better defend themselves versus air attack, I will consider any conversation worthwhile. I am not married to these ideas and will take no offense should anyone here poke holes in one or all of them, or point out a glaring lack of awareness on my part to even have considered them. I do not claim to have any special awareness or genius. My only claim is that I would like to see things improved for all of us. So without further ado, some things I would love to see tested: - AA damage versus one plane at a time (potentially allows some planes in an attack run to be shot down before ordinance is dropped). - 4 to 6 planes in an attack run (depending on nation), 10-12 planes in a wing (depending on nation). An attack still happens despite heavy AA but may be reduced by the number of planes destroyed in the attack run. - Ships detected by airplanes show on the mini-map of team mates, but are not targetable (Air detection ranges will likely need to be adjusted upward. CV players are still identifying enemy locations and able to contribute damage without negating detection and/or the need for spotting from surface ships.) - Increased air attack alpha damage. (If planes can be lost on approach more often, what gets through should still be significant.) - Fighter consumable twice as effective when supported by surface ship AA. - Small chance for aircraft damage when using speed boost, chance increasing the longer it is used (Captain perk and/or module to mitigate this.) - Direct control of CV, perhaps at the expense of whatever attack run was in progress, those planes returning to the CV at full speed. Player responsible for dam-con and maneuvers. Fires and floods work the same as BBs. - 5-10 second delay before the next attack wing can be launched after another is ended with “F” key. (Captain perk and/or module with ability to cut this time in half. Both together could reduce time to ¼ normal.) - 15 second delay before first attack wing can be launched from the CV - Return of range upgrades (modules/captain perks) to surface ship AA systems - Captain perk that adds planes to a strike wing and another that adds a plane or planes to an attack run. Thank you very much for taking the time to read through these ideas. Your constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. Respects, Am
  24. Alright so the flooding mechanic is now very similar to the fire mechanic. To apply fire you must shoot the enemy, each and every of your HE shell can start a fire. With some ships, you can toss literally hundreds of shell and start many, many fires, let them repair, and then start MORE fires. With a good fire starter ship (worcester, haru, zao, etc.) you can expect to start anywhere from 10 to 20 fires or more depending on how many different targets are available to you, with anywhere between 100 to 600 shells hit. To apply flood, you must successfully hit the enemy with a torp to have a chance to trigger the flooding effect. To make significant damage, you must first make sure your target used his repair, before you trigger that flooding effect, or it's all lost. With a good torp boat (shima), you can expect to start anywhere from 1 to 4 floods, depending on your abilities, predictability of enemy ships, lack of radar or radio location, high number of BBs and unawareness of the enemy's captains. You'll hit from 2 to 8 torps, so the floodings are going to be rare, very. These very low numbers (compared to the fire ones) were once balanced by the fact that floods lasted way longer and did way more damage than fires. It was still quite rare to get the sought-after "perma flood", the one flood that you successfully triggered right after someone used his repair. In which case can you actually apply multiple floods to someone? When you surprise attack under the cover of an island/mountain? But that's usually an insta kill. So, in which case then? So, have the DDs been buffed? Can they apply more floods than before so as to justify this change? Can they hit more torps than before? I'd argue that it's in fact the opposite now, with pretty much every ship in the game having some form of radar or radio location consumable. No, DDs are hitting just as much torps as they used to, but with weaker result now thanks to this change. So, this new mechanics sounds to me to be yet another nerf to the DD class of warships. ... Nerfing DDs is an indirect buff to BBs...again. *sigh* Am I the only one tired of all this?
  25. If we limited amount of shells per battle per ship, we could make this game a bit more skill based. Make you have to think about your shots, rather than just firing as soon as it timer is up. It would make for more tactical and decided shooting. It would move away from just holding down the fire button "Hur De Dur" game design. Instead we have these machine gun Cruisers and DDs which are just absolutely stupid. They can keep their finger on the trigger the whole match and never run out of ammo. While I am not opposed to that type of play style, because it adds something different, there is absolutely no down side to it. APM = DPS. Wonder why the Haru is out performing just about everything atm? It is because it has unlimited ammo and a 1 second firing rate. So my question to my other players. How do you feel about this HE fire spam meta? Do you think it is a good thing? If so, why? If you think it is trash can game design like I do, give me reasons why. I want to see both sides of the story. So tell me what YOU think! Optionally: Make every salvo increase repair costs. Make people have to do a cost/benefit analysis. This would also make people more cautious with their shots.