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Found 5 results

  1. So, alot of talk about the Cesare being pushed up into T6 has been the hot topic lately but most seem to be focusing on balance of the game and that's good and dandy.... but I believe all of us as players should be very against this for a very different reason. Look here guys: If WG is allowed to start such a dangerous precedent, we open ourselves up as consumers to a very vulnerable position. Now, I get it. Balance should always be aimed for as the ideal in a game, especially a competitive, PVP-focused one such as World of Warships. However, when you start to read in between the lines, you look at the ST process and coverage in Work-in-progress ships you'll notice something all very common amongst the most OP of premiums: That what many would consider "expert opinion" aka influential CCs like Flamu, iChase, and a few others have voiced that they are too powerful and yet they are released anyways. Guilo Cesare is no exception, and it was well-known from the onset this ship was too powerful. I own one too, for those of you wondering. I haven't played her alot for the time I've owned her, but its there. Now, my angle is simple here. We, as players and consumers must Protect against such a business practice. Sure, in the context of simple "balance", this can be somewhat viewed positively but considering what I've just mentioned I want you all to consider one fact: WG was told of this Overpowered premium, but launched it anyways as-is. What should this tell you? That WG did this in the name of profit, knowing exactly what was going on with the balance of that ship. As consumers, if we allow a product we have already given our money away for to be changed on the drop of a hat, the value of what we paid for could be obscenely abused. Now... before you read this example (and LWM made a very valid point to this and I believe it should be addressed) this is an extreme case and as of now should be taken as a wild and negative viewpoint. It is indeed a scummy, bad practice and would be very bad for WG to do. However, it is also within the realm of possibility but I also will point out after being made aware, that fear should not be had over this extreme and taken with a grain of salt at this stage. Say WG puts in a new mechanic with a premium, and its very powerful for certain situations. CCs give it a decently warm reception, and its generally considered balanced. Then say 6 months down the road they decide to nerf everything about it, then release yet another premium but this time a bit more powerful with the same gimmick. Now you own a second-rate ship, WG is now pushing you into buying the more powerful ship to replace its role, and there's nothing you can do about it because we the community have let this practice go. Now, I do want to propose the argument that WG would do this could start off in very small changes such as .1km concealment, 1 second reload, slightly longer consumable cooldowns to premiums that don't need nerfs. This could grow over time, and this is my fear. What I said above I want to stress again is indeed extreme but I do have to think if this goes through, could slow and small abuses of the power to change premiums be slowly more and more exerted. The implications are huge. The abuse that we as consumers could be untold, relentless, and scheming on WG's part in creating an easy plan to milk us in the manner i just described. There's a reason why bait-and-switching is illegal, and for those of you who cite Terms of Service let me tell you... if this was done enough times the courtroom will throw that out and fast. Terms of Service guidelines will **NEVER** supercede the consumer protection laws of a country, as some seemingly believe here. There are many other situations that allow for the changing of premiums actively can be abused. So, I ask the community to get the word out. This isn't about balance, this is about something all current and future players should value: The "worth" of what we paid for. Sure, WG can buff premiums only further increasing the inherent value of premiums. That's good for us. But the opposite has very negative implications and implore you guys to look past balance in this one instance to think about the type of precedent this would set, as not just overpowered premiums are at stake here: ALL of them are. Keep in mind WG as a company has little to no legal binding to stop them from abusing us in this instance. The only thing that a business listens to is the almighty dollar and things that would affect it. And for those so hung up on balance I say to you guys this: Want Balanced premiums? Then force WG to treat the testing process more seriously, perhaps engage a small and unbiased control group selected from the community to provide input, or something to that effect. If the Community and WG as well as those who work under them can't agree... DO NOT release the premium. Its as simple as that. Want balance out of current premiums that are OP such as Nikolai, Cesare, Belfast, and others? Well then you must offer every person their money back in full, not doubloons or store credit. Real Money. Its fine to want balance but don't expect people who paid for a specific product to let you still keep their money if you no longer deliver on the product. And if you do want to only offer doubloons or other in-game goods.. the compensation better be quite large to satisfy the people losing what they paid for. And yes, I'm aware that its more than likely not going to happen that WG would ever offer money back. Oh and WG does offer full Refunds, of course take the ship away and mark it on their stats it was the pre-nerf version since to some that matters. For now, if this comes to pass I personally will vote with my wallet. I have given this game plenty of money and I can easily stop too. In any case these are just my thoughts and opinion, one that I wanted to share. I urge people to think about what this means on not just a balance, but consumer level.
  2. If we limited amount of shells per battle per ship, we could make this game a bit more skill based. Make you have to think about your shots, rather than just firing as soon as it timer is up. It would make for more tactical and decided shooting. It would move away from just holding down the fire button "Hur De Dur" game design. Instead we have these machine gun Cruisers and DDs which are just absolutely stupid. They can keep their finger on the trigger the whole match and never run out of ammo. While I am not opposed to that type of play style, because it adds something different, there is absolutely no down side to it. APM = DPS. Wonder why the Haru is out performing just about everything atm? It is because it has unlimited ammo and a 1 second firing rate. So my question to my other players. How do you feel about this HE fire spam meta? Do you think it is a good thing? If so, why? If you think it is trash can game design like I do, give me reasons why. I want to see both sides of the story. So tell me what YOU think! Optionally: Make every salvo increase repair costs. Make people have to do a cost/benefit analysis. This would also make people more cautious with their shots.
  3. Seniorious

    Duke of York rebalancing

    So on the launch kick with premium time and grinding for my Fiji, I've been swapping between Emerald/Leander and DoY on the downtime, and did research on it too. It can definitely be said, the ship is kind of a hotmess, though not to the degree of other premium ships. Rather, it has a case of strange identity. During testing it was tried as a no-heal battleship with DF and Hydro, but was changed. Aswell, she pays for her AA-suite and Hydro with increased reload from 25s to 29.5s and a slower rudder shift, and even has one heal less. This might not sound that big a deal, but with a ship that can be overmatched relatively easily and can't use all her artillery without showing total broadside, it's an important aspect. Oddly enough, neither Texas or Kii pay such heavy prices, and both of them represent incredible AA for the tier. Duke of York for whatever reason also received improved bounce angles on her AP, so the reasoning behind how she was designed after the original concept failed is beyond me. However, I have an idea for rebalancing the Duke of York and making more significant in her uniqueness, while still retaining some identity in common with other Royal Navy premiums. I bring the Belfast and Perth to the floor. Both are premium versions of their tech tree leadships, but they pay prices for certain advantages over them. Namely, these ships have access to HE, at the cost of the special RN AP that the TT versions have; Belfast also paying with her torpedoes (though she gains a consumable in return, like DoY). While they lost a special aspect given to the RN, they gained a far more utilitarian tool that is worth having. I would suggest the reverse for DoY however.....strip the ship of her Royal Navy HE. No 1/4-Pen rule. Bring her fire chance back in line with the other 14" guns (which ranges from around 25%-30%). Let her retain the special AP bounce angles over her sister KGV. In return for this aspect removal, grant the DoY her 25s reload, the extra heal charge and switch out the Hydro Acoustic Search with Defensive Fire to lean on her AA-Suite gimmick. Nothing else would really need to be changed. With these changes, DoY loses out on HE performance and ruddershift to the KGV. What she gains is more effective AP artillery, Impressive AA suite, and gain the Defensive Fire consumable that makes Hood capable of protecting itself from carriers. Major downsides? DoY would no longer be capable of punching uptiers with her HE, and her AP would only serve highly on cruisers and broadside battleships. The Royal Navy HE is a major part of what permits the design to function. This would majorly impact her performance. Major upsides? DoY's effective, not theoretical AP DPM will be much higher as the bounce angle change appears to have significant effect in my experience. She'll gain superior self-defense capability, making her more survivable against carriers. This itself isn't an outright buff, as carriers are not that present of a threat. In itself, it functions as the gimmick for what it is. Sometimes worthwhile, sometimes not. Anticipated argument: Some people like having the Hydrosearch, which is indentical to Fiji's. I can understand this to a degree....but it doesn't particularly fit the ship either. Bismarck's is a self-defense tool that works into her brawling strengths that is a self-encompassing ball of secondaries, hydro, turtleback, and fast reloading 380mm guns. DoY has a glacial ruddershift on top of bad turret angles that makes her terrible at fighting anywhere near ships where it might be useful. People have mentioned using it to push smokes and while I have done this, it's frankly insane. it'll surprise some DDs, but many will simply dump on the DoY quickly and the ruddershift will stall you from dodging, even if the hydro spots it from launch. As a defense tool to push into swamped areas, it functions for 1:30 and then you're free to be torped. No option for extended hydro either as far as I understand, but I could be wrong. It's of questionable use in my opinion, functioning mainly in questionable scenarios by way of questionable decisions. In this case, it can be made that one can choose and swap between Hydro and Defensive Fire on the same slot. Frankly though, it just makes the most sense to have a consumable that buffs your gimmick. So this is what it leads to. What would you prefer? A: DoY w/o RN HE shells, w/KGV reload, KGV Heal, DefensiveFire/Hydro consumable slot + AA-Suite (Don't forget the bounce angles) B: The DoY we have right now. Posted in this specific forum section for discussion. It is not a suggestion, yet.