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Found 6 results

  1. doctore9990s

    CW, Steel & Coal, Discounts

    RCNVR is always recruiting. We do clan wars, and little else. Very busy clan during the cw season, running 2 div. otherwise a quiet place to grind your acct while reaping the benefits of our fully upgraded port. We use TeamSpeak. No other restrictions or requirements. New players are welcome here, Join today &fight tonight!
  2. UraraShiraishi

    wows summer sale

    apparently wot summer sale just started (https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/summer-sales-first-offers/) and seeing how there was one last year for wows (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/103520-summer-sale-2018-finished/) when do you expect the summer sale this year for wows to begin? and what are you expecting/hoping for? i think i just want some cheap doubs and maybe an arizona 50% off
  3. so from the website: End of WWII in Europe Start: Sun. May 05 10:00 PM PT / your local time: Mon. May 06 7:00 AM End: Thu. May 09 10:00 PM PT / your local time: Fri. May 10 7:00 AM We’ll be paying homage to all veterans of the war—those who were ready to sacrifice everything to provide each one of us with a recognizable future. Blessed memory of the fallen heroes; the eternal glory of those who fought and won! On the occasion of the Anniversary of Victory, take advantage of an array of glorious discounts in the game client and complete the dedicated chain of combat missions. Discounts and bonuses: −60% to the cost of consumables in credits. −50% to the cost of upgrades in credits. You can convert Elite Commander XP into Free XP at the cost of 1 doubloon for each 25 35 Free XP. You can convert associated ship XP into Free XP at the cost of 1 doubloon for each 25 35 Free XP. −50% to the cost of Tier II–V Soviet, British, American, and French ships in credits. −30% to the cost of Tier VI–VII Soviet, British, American, and French ships in credits. −15% to the cost of Tier VIII–X Soviet, British, American, and French ships in credits. NOT SEEING THIS IN GAME @Kami@Radar@Gneisenau013 any thoughts?
  4. As the title says, you have less than 24 hours left to acquire Premium Time and Ship Slots at discounted prices. That is all. * EDIT: Note there will still be some shop discounts on Doubloons and Premium Time ... but this is for the in game 50% Doubloon discount.
  5. I got the email from WoWs saying there is the Black Friday sale begins. What a joke the stuff in the shop is the same exact thing they have had in the shop for the last week or more. Then discounts where are the discounts they are all the same prices also. I don't see any ships that are special or that have a big discount. But I know on Black Fridays when I go out to buy things they have a huge discount on them like half price or close to it or atleast a pretty significate discount. Well there are not any discounts THEY ARE ALL THE SAME PRICE as they were for the longest time. WG don't post things like that or send emails saying huge discounts when there is not any discounts but the same old usual ones.
  6. There are discounts this weekend. Two of them make perfect sense to me. I don't know how to train a commander using Doubloons. Would someone explain please? Thanks During the weekend of October 5 to October 8, you will be able to use special discounts in the game client! –50% to the cost of a place in the Reserve in Doubloons –80% to the cost of commander training in Doubloons –50% to the cost of commander retraining in Doubloons