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Found 15 results

  1. I have a Discord Channel up and running, I have included Three Groups for ops plays, dedicated channels for Tier 6-8, and channels for Testing ship viability in the current op meta and memeing. An a replay channel if you want it uploaded to YouTube, and a channel to share with with. A dockyard grind channel has also been added for when dockyards happen. A randoms and ranked channel are also included for those who want it. Also considering Making A Ops contest, where I post a game of damage in a random ship, (most likely widely available premium or tech ship). An the contest lasts1 month: 1. has to be in ops 2. same ship 3. Damage must excend previous score. 4. High damage wins 🏆 5. Checked on the first of the next month 6.Reward- premium ship Tier 6-8 of your choice from the Armory, will be out of my own pocket, not wg sponsored. 7. Any Damage in a division Must be (only 3 players MAX 8. Damage is only included from player submitting screenshot or replay of the said ship. 9. Must be current and After i post the original post. Goal to promote more operation players @Ahskance @Boggzy https://discord.gg/Ump6Jj3K P.S. If there are any issues, with discord please let me know so I can fix them
  2. Aghostinthetank

    CC Chkalov Giveaway

    Hey guys, just letting you know that Reimu, an all-round but CV focused CC, is hosting a giveaway for a Chkalov on his Discord. He posts on YouTube and streams on Twitch. Go check him out and show him some love. His Discord is https://discord.com/invite/8Q7F4q6.
  3. El CLAN ATLANTICO SUR (CASU) esta reclutando gente que quiera pasarla bien! somos un clan nuevo que esta comenzando, no nos importa cantidad de batallas, WR, cantidad de barcos, simplemente gente que quiera pasarla bien jugando en divisiones o si se da, jugando clan wars, cualquier interesado puede encontrarme ingame bajo el nombre de ppannzzerr o también puede dejar su nick acá y lo contactamos. La idea es pasar buenos ratos en discord jugando al wows! Buena suerte y buena mar!
  4. black_hull4

    "Backline Useless"

    So I just got HMS Emerald, and my first game was...weird. 2 Brothers, bottom tier, I quickly find out she can reach 34.4 knots, nice! I'm doing my on thing on the east flank, firing into perfect broadside targets. Pretty soon the last enemy ship is a Colorado. Our Zed-31 now decides to rush him through open water, with predictable results. He is then followed by our Nelson, who gets citadeled out of existence pretty quickly. And that's when a player begins screaming at me in chat for being "BACKLINE USELESS." I'm still whittling the Colorado down for one of my teammates to take him out. Then I tell that player that I've done 24000 damage so he can shut the up. He says something else that I don't even understand After the game ends I look & I have 65 hits on target & 2 defends, now well over 24K damage. Guess who that was? Is it any surprise that it was the Zed-31? He scored above me by...4 XP. Now, I was going to blacklist the guy, but the Discord mates wanted to see exactly how his chat would get. So I reminded him that he was the one who charged an open-water Colorado in the first place. One Hosho game later: So was I really "BACKLINE USELESS?" I'm inviting all of you forumites to analyze my game and tell me yes, no, why, and what I could've done better. Please let me know if the replay file doesn't work. backlineUseless.wowsreplay ♦
  5. BeidouMommyMilkers

    Azur Lane Guild Recruit

    -Eng- This is a new guild of Azur Lane called "Azul Lane" I dont have many friends, so i want more people in this guild. lol please help me and join now uwu!! -Pt/BR- Esta é uma nova guilda de Azur Lane chamada "Azul Lane" Não tenho muitos amigos, então quero mais pessoas nesta guilda. hehe por favor me ajude e entre agora uwu !! Info: Server: Amagi Guild Name: Azul Lane Guild ID: 335546564 Guild Lvl: 06 (Grinding ^-^) Members: 6/30 (pls join :( ) Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2Zwwn93mWS
  6. @LittleWhiteMouse EDIT: Now that LWM has provided her context time to add mine. I happen to be in a discord with LWM and I came home for work. When checking my notifications that gem greeted me. I was half joking when I said I was tempted to post it in the forums cause in Hinon thats what we do. (Looking at you @Lert) but when @LittleWhiteMouse said I could I jumped on it.
  7. Clan FAAL (Fuerza Armada América Latina) reclutando jugadores. Somos un clan que recien comienza con la idea de formar un clan semi competitivo y con ganas de progresar. A lo que apuntamos es crecer como comunidad y ayudar a los jugadores a obtener su nivel X para que juntos podamos luchar en guerras de clanes o batallas navales. Dentro lo posible siempre tratamos de comunicarnos en discord (pasamos la dirección una vez aceptado en el clan), siempre divirtiendonos, pasandola bien y sin ser toxicos por manqueadas de otros (noob). No pedimos muchos requisitos solamente ser activos, ser buena onda y tener mas de 17 años. Practicamos tácticas o mecánicas del juego en algunos mapas si necesitamos ayuda para que guerras de clanes o torneos vamos a una coordinación y ser creativos necesarios a la hora de jugar. Vamos que esto recien comienza y cada uno va a poder crecer muy alto si todos progresamos juntos. Contactarse con algunos de los 3 comandantes y sub .. nombres en el juego: -Pablo_Astudillo -Infinitus00 -Schneider_.
  8. whysopetty

    Discord for PC WoWs

    Was wondering why WG does not have an offical Discord for WoWs PC version but has one for WoWs: Legends? WoTs has a few Discords for different servers in the game IE Asia. Possible for WG to set it up. Any thoughts by our CC players? Would be nice to use Discord as another venue for information from the Dev team, patch updates, bug reports etc.
  9. BRET está recrutando jogadores casuais que se interessam em jogar em equipe utilizando chat de voz. O clã possui um canal no discord (https://discord.gg/vbyT9kb) e encoraja seus membros a estarem online no chat enquanto estiverem jogando. Não somos seletivos quanto às habilidades dos jogadores nem quanto ao quão avançados estão na linha de pesquisa. Nosso objetivo é apenas agrupar aqueles que se interessam em se comunicar com os outros, criando um ambiente em que todos possam aprender juntos. Por mais que se trate de um clã com jogadores casuais, nada nos impede de, no futuro, participar de batalhas de clãs ou outras atividades mais competitivas. No entanto, esse não é o nosso foco. Como o clã é ainda pequeno, não temos políticas duras quanto à baixa frequência no jogo. Quando o clã estiver mais cheio gostaríamos que os jogadores avisassem quando forem ficar longos períodos de ausência do jogo. Aqueles que não mantiverem contato com outros jogadores por muito tempo(e digo muito tempo mesmo) ou não aparecerem nunca no canal do clã terão de se retirar quando chegarmos nesse estágio. O clã também aceita jogadores de língua inglesa, o que o torna um ótimo ambiente para aprimorar o inglês (acredite, foi assim que eu aprendi). Isso tem o potencial de fazer o clã se tornar um ambiente multicultural de troca de experiências (ou de se tornar uma torre de babel em que ninguém se entenda, veremos como se dá). Por fim, seja quem você for, seja qual navio você use pra navegar, será bem vindo(a) na Corte da Irmandade. A quem se interessar, sinta-se livre para se comunicar comigo pelo jogo, fórum ou até mesmo discord. Canal do clã no discord: https://discord.gg/vbyT9kb Meu ID no discord: Roudrigo #2385 Grande abraço!
  10. Hello Fellow Captains! I have made a Discord channel that have gather the link toward the other clans discord channel (40+) . I think such addition will greatly assist new player to have easier access to various clan for help, tutoring, etc. It also serves the purpose of organizing different cross-clan events such as scrim, custom battle, cross-clan division or clan leader discussion. https://discord.gg/zWT9ZQs **Please keep it civil and polite in the channel!** P.S. For the clan who do not wished to be listed in the discord channel or would like to be added to the list, feel free to contact me by either within discord or forum PM. Good Luck and Fair Seas, Top_Gun_1999
  11. Muy buenas Capitanes!! [ROYAL] "The Royal Navy of Crown Prince Isak" necesita gente para pasarla bien, enfrentar enemigos en divisiones y mas ! Requisitos: Discord (Habilitar una cuenta para poder hablar en Chat de Voz) 50% + de Victorias (Si tienes menos pero con ganas de mejorar igual manda solicitud Barcos de cualquier nivel Trabajo en equipo Pasarla bien Ademas, si eres novato y tienes ganas de aprender eres bienvenido para que aprendas todo sobre WoW's ! Esperamos tu solicitud!! Personas de toda America son Bienvenidas :D
  12. //North American Server Alliance (N.A.S.A.)\\ https://discord.gg/ETdGUss ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hallo! As you are probably asking, “What is ‘North American Server Alliance’?” I’m here to explain a small bit. The North American Server Alliance is a community discord open to the general public. We aim to achieve even greater numbers in the coming months, as starting over is a immense task. Our server offers a change of pace from the other NA discord, more free and lenient with our moderation. We try to collaborate with clans to allow the maximum amount of growth to the discord as possible. Feel free to PM us with questions in regards to that! North Carolina can into spess (And Omaha too >.>) The Bear Necessities Over at N.A.S.A. we like to keep things simple for those whom only want the simple things; giving basic permissions to general chat with your peers, historical discussions, a game mods for resident modders, and a guide channel for resident guide writers. Our Moderation Assistant N.A.S.A. is protected by a gatekeeper bot, named HAL (obvious reference is obvious), we use him for many things, including letting people into the server. His job is to give new members the “Captain” tag that allows you to be seen by the moderators and general staff. HAL will give you standard tags as you join, and you can self-assign roles to yourself upon joining! We aren’t overly particular in membership, be it you came from this thread or maybe came from your clan discord. We don’t really know or care how you appear there; just that you’re there is important. Adding More Rooms Oh right, the extra rooms. Our extra rooms vary depending on the tags you request, think of them as k(ii)eys to locked doors in a way. The tag allows you access to the corresponding room/channel. We’ve done this purposefully to keep the people that want the basics happy without crowding their screen, and those who want everything can have everything. Both able to have what they want. Don’t want to see anime? We can keep it away from you. Don’t want nsfw crap? We can hide that too. Don’t want to get into a room purpose build for controversial discussions? You don’t have to see it. *Waves hand* Forgetta-boud-it!We put in the work to keep you having your screen clear. No need for muting and hiding things, if you know how to do so, even! We can keep your discord interface clear of notifications every two seconds simply because we know they can be annoying. Who else likes hearing “ding ding ding” constantly? I don’t, and you don’t; I hope we agree. Of course, if you like seeing all the things the community has to offer, we have that too! Want to look at anime, lewds, or shoot virtual ducks and get random cat pictures? We got that too, because everyone has different tastes, and we realize it. We have our staff able to get you those tags just so you can see exactly what you want, because that is the purpose of a community discord, to let people talk about common interests. Maybe something you like is often discouraged in these servers, but we allow safe discussion that is free of bullying or “haters.” In other words, we give you options on what things you want to see. Not too hard a concept, especially when we do all the hard work for you. Just request rooms, and we’ll remember the tags. Beautiful Botes We are also fairly lenient with conversation topics, after all, when the game population’s average age is early-to-mid thirties, we expect you to act in a dignified, mature manner. This is our philosophy. We also allow immense flow of conversation, after all, it’s a general sfw channel. So we aren’t going to go all “memes in the meme channel” on you, y’know. We usually have better things to do than police your every move. Like watching fires. What? I dunno, stuff & things. Stop asking what we’re doing >_> Speaking of leniency, there’s of course the rules we’re lenient about; which are as follows: 1. Naming Convention is to be followed. 2. Keep things in the correct channel. 3. No Harassment. Bullies get banned. 4. Ubermensch are always right. 5. Don't kill each other. Very basic rules, should be easy to follow. Have a sense of humor like us, and I'm sure we'll get along. (Otherwise the Ubermensch can straighten you out uwu) We also have a basic naming convention that can be found at the bottom of the thread along with the channel list. Rules Any questions, just PM me here or on discord. Head Admin: @The_GoDDfather ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://discord.gg/ETdGUss
  13. Hello there, I have a Discord server for anybody who wants to say hello and talk more about World of Warships and War Thunder etc. I've been working hard and done a good job at organizing this club, Now all I need is you to make it lively. So please do join us. https://discord.gg/FQy8qyN Our topics and channels include Main Chat -Wargaming -off topic -Music -Spam -Memes Wargaming Titles -World of Warplanes -World of Warships -World of Tanks -War Thunder -Master of Orion -Total War Arena -Hybrid Wars Other Communities -Dreadnought -Shipgirl games (Kantai Collection, Azur Lane) -Youtube & Videos -Other games -Anime These are the channels you will expect to see in this Discord Fanbase and I can't wait to have some more members to talk to. Invite your friends if you feel like it, it will really help get the server going.
  14. SEÑORES CON USTEDES EL TRAILER DE WORLD OF WARSHIPS LATINOAMERICA -//- ACADEMIA NAVAL! DISFRUTENLO , SUSCRIBANSE Y NO OLVIDEN COMPARTIRLO! SUERTE CAPITANES! -Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCchnD2jtcgdfJciV099VIhg -Facebook Wows Lat Am- https://www.facebook.com/groups/Wows.Lat.Am/ -Discord- https://discordapp.com/invite/W8pShgm
  15. WINTER is looking for mature gamers to start our World of Warships community. We have an ever-growing player base we want you to be part of! With scheduled events, pick up matches and organized ladder teams, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a casual gamer or an eSports fanatic, we're here to help you focus on what matters most to you. Founded in 1998, WINTER has existed as a community of friends brought together by the love of gaming. Boasting an active roster of over 500 members, we have communities for Destiny, Fortnite, League of Legends and more! We welcome gamers from all walks of life and look forward to meeting you! To start our World of Warships Community, which will join multiple other communities suck as Fortnite, Destiny, League of Legends, Realm Royal, and much much more, we need at least 10 players that are mature, educated in the game and social life, and active. If you meet the requirements below, please DM @Toxik_Operator#8871 on Discord. (Be aware that these restrictions are for World of Warships only, not the main clan). Status - Open Restrictions - Platforms: PC - Behavioral: no hard age cap; looking for maturity -Must be Active -MUST HAVE DISCORD Level - Professional or eSport - Competitive - Social Our Discord Server includes Trainers and Trainees to help you reach the level to join Winter Clan along with us, and bring the power of World of Warships to real Elite gaming!