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Found 4 results

  1. Was this issue ever resolved? I've been having the same problem for over a year now, and I haven't played because of it. I figured I would give it another shot after a long time of not playing and I'm still having this problem with an entirely new PC. It's extremely frustrating.
  2. Ralph_Vargr

    Feeling Pink...

    Just got my second disconnect/crash in an hour. I've tried all the standard remedies (cache/uninstall). So, please, complain about how AFK should be punished *more*.
  3. In the last few days, my system, which worked fine, cannot stay connected. Every 1-4 minutes I get bumped. I reconnect, after losing HP, lol, and get to play for another minute or so. Then... I freeze and get bounced. Then I reconnect in time to see the last of my crew jumping into the water from my sinking ship. It seems to one as ignorant about these things as I, that such repeated disconnects points to one or two possible culprits. I tried a graphics card d/l at WOWs' suggestion but … nope. Forget the MANY Pink penalties I "earned" for 'inactivity and leaving early' I just wanna play again. Any ideas... puleeze! Thanks, Desperately Seeking Shooting
  4. Ghost_Raven75

    Server Issues?

    Is there anyone else having random disconnects from the server? For the last hour on the NA Server, I have been disconnected 3 times, once in battle and twice in port. No issues with my ISP as its been checked and verified. This just started, almost like when they do maintenance on the servers. Two other players in my Discord are having the same issue.