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Found 1 result

  1. Small "bug" regarding maneuvering after repairing from having your rudder knocked out. Setting the scene: you're in your DD (or other ship) with Last Stand and have the "a" key mashed down continuously to make a hard port turn, when suddenly you notice that your ship seems unresponsive to your command -- rudder disabled! So you simply use your left index finger to hit the "r" key -- repair -- to get your ship back online at 100% capabilities, and you do this _without_ releasing the "a" key as you already know you want to be in that hard port turn when you ship gets repaired. Yet afterwards a number of seconds go by and you still aren't making that port turn! You wait a few more seconds -- fast approaching the enemy battle force! -- and your ship STILL isn't making that port turn! You check your ring-finger on your left hand -- yep, still mashing down that "a" key. What gives??? Finally you lift your left finger OFF the "a" key, and then immediately mash it back down onto the "a" key. And immediately the ship responds with a hard port turn. Shouldn't the ship, once repaired, recognize the order for a hard port (or starboard) turn, WITHOUT you having to release the key and then press it a second/further time? Or is this a case of the game functioning as intended?