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Found 3 results

  1. Sometimes, all that is needed is a battleship that will break the stalemate. A battleship that leads the charge. A battleship that shrugs off enemy armor piercing shells and nasty torpedoes. A battleship's battleship: the Kremlin. Link: https://youtu.be/JhixzYxCuJc
  2. I find it distressing that Wargaming wants to make the Dirigible Derby into a permanent battle mode. I told them that the battle mode is not ready as a permanent battle. I gave them a list why I thought the battle mode needs work. I find it weird that AA capable ships can't shoot at the enemy Dirigibles and that CV fighters cannot attack them either. Add to the fact the at Dirigibles cant protect themselves with gunnery of their own. I don't think the Dirigible Derby game mode is more than a one shot bottle rocket.
  3. I just realized Dirigible Derby is limited to Tier X ships. It sounded interesting and for the past few weeks I was looking forward to playing, asking about it in streams and looking for launch dates, etc. But my highest ship right now is only Tier VI... (I'm not ready for Tier X, but maybe I'll snag a rental?). Keep on Grindin'!