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Found 7 results

  1. When you go to the steam page to download World of Warships, you get a little blurb detailing the highlights of the game. One of them reads as follows. OVER 400 HISTORICAL SHIPS From Bismarck and Yamato to Iowa and Hood… The most famous and historic warships of WWI and WWII have been recreated in breathtaking detail, making World of Warships the most extensive virtual naval museum on the planet! In terms of quantity of ships, yes, Wows has a lot. I think that calling all of them historical may be overselling the point, but a emphasis is made on having there be historically accurate ships in this game. Many ships are modeled to impressive detail. This makes the misses all the more frustrating. Currently, while seeing new announced premium ships is still fun, it nowadays also fills me with dread for 2 reasons. 1. I wonder if they got the ship right. 2. I know if they modeled it wrong, it will not change. Once a ship shows up in the devblog, maybe the stats will change (most likely they will really) but the visual aspects are set in stone for all of time. By the time we see them, they are too far along for any changes to be made. And this means that we get ships that are atrociously modeled. Perhaps it's HMS Iron Duke with only 1 funnel instead of 2. Perhaps its USS Flint with totally incorrect superstructure, followed by Chumphon not bothering to correct it. Perhaps it's Takao having the wrong superstructure. Take your pick, there are boatloads more. My question is this. With the roadmap now being a thing and the playerbase knowing what the lines are going to be well in advance of them coming out, is it possible to show the community (or just supertesters i guess) preliminary renders of the ships visual models similar to how was done with Huron, so that if there is a modeling error it can be noticed at a point where it can be corrected?
  2. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review - Dido

    The following is a review of Dido, to tier VI premium British light cruiser, supported by my patrons on Patreon. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed in this review are current as of patch 0.11.1. Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. The purpose of this review is to support the players, not the company behind the product. Posting this review is not an endorsement of current goings on nor is it a statement about them. It's been a while, and not for the lack of trying. I have a half-finished Giuseppe Verdi and Kearsarge reviews archived before I got distracted with mapping sustianed AA DPS (kinda important when talking about Kearsarge's planes). My AA project has ballooned out of control which I feared it might. I'm putting those reviews on hold to get a (relatively) faster one out. Now Dido is a ship that players have wanted for a long time. A quick forums search finds talk about these ships going all of the way back to the game's launch, with players eagerly looking forward to more "Atlanta-style" ships. This ship has definitely been one I've highly anticipated knowing how important it is to not only Royal Navy enthusiasts but also players in the Commonwealth nations where she might be used (with modifications) to represent HMNZS Bellona or HMNZS Black Prince. Wargaming seems to have developed allergies for rapid-fire ships over the course of 2021 (to say nothing of AA specialists), with ships increasingly having longer and longer (and unfun) reloads and Dido's implementation obviously suffers from this new design direction. I was expecting Nürnberg levels of rapid-fire. Instead we got Dallas with much weaker guns. The silver lining (supposedly) is that they gave her smoke. So let's see if reaching into the Box o' Gimmicks™ has saved us from unfun design choices. Quick Summary: A fragile British light cruiser with ten, slow-firing destroyer-calibre guns. She's agile with good concealment and boasts a Short-Burst Smoke Generator. PROS Small citadel. Large battery of ten 133mm guns that fires both HE and AP. 360º traverse on rear turrets. Powerful, single-fire torpedoes. Excellent acceleration and decent agility. Good concealment. She has smoke. CONS Tiny hit point pool. Very thin citadel protection, vulnerable to even 203mm AP overmatching. Uses cruiser dispersion instead of destroyer dispersion. Slow firing for such small-calibre guns. Low HE and AP penetration. Clumsy main-battery firing angles. Bad anti-aircraft firepower. No access to Hydroacoustic Search. Overview Skill Floor: Simple / CASUAL / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / HIGH / Extreme Dido has a nice, comfortable skill floor for inexperienced players. Park in smoke, apply HE to faces. Displace. Rinse and repeat. For veteran players, there's a lot to know. Map awareness, map positioning, proper smoke use habits, commander skill builds, ammunition juggling, using and abusing concealment, etc. They'll all serve you well here and help pad some of the ship's obvious weaknesses. Dido's carry potential is somewhat limited, however, by the issues with her penetration and damage output. She just doesn't hurt things quickly enough for bold plays barring a torpedo strike, so this is a ship that requires patience, caution and even more patience. Options The most variety you're going to find in optimized Dido builds comes from commander skill selection, and that's mostly focused around whether or not to take Inertial Fuse for HE Shells or to emphasize fire setting instead. One of these is a bad idea. Consumables Dido's Damage Control Party is standard for a cruiser. It comes with unlimited charges and a 60 second reset timer. It is active for 5 seconds. Her Defensive AA Fire consumable is standard for a non-American cruiser at this tier. It starts with three charges and it has a 40 second active period and an 80 second reset timer. While active, it increases sustained damage by 50% and quadruples flak explosion damage. Dido comes with a Short-Burst Smoke Generator reminiscent of that found on Belfast '43 and British destroyers. However, it's very much its own beast with no direct clones that I could find. It starts with five charges and emits smoke for 15 seconds. However, the smoke clouds only last for 35 seconds each (Belfast '43's smoke lasts for 40) . Her reset timer is also longer than her tier VIII cousin, with an 80 second wait time instead of 70 seconds. Upgrades Not much variety here. Start with Main Armaments Modification 1. Next, take Engine Room Protection. Aiming Systems Modification 1 is the only upgrade worth considering in slot three. And finally, Steering Gears Modification 1 is also the only upgrade worth taking. Commander Skills Why haven't you taken Heavy HE & SAP Shells yet? YOU MUST TAKE HEAVY HE & SAP SHELLS for Dido. There's no reason not to. Take it now. NOW. Have you done it yet? Okay, good. Now we can talk. You're going to want to pair that with Inertial Fuse for HE Shells along with the usual light-cruiser suspects of Concealment Expert and Last Stand is also recommended. You've got some wiggle room after that. I highly value Priority Target and I wanted the extra charge of smoke with Superintendent (though you're not always going to get to use it). With such as a small hit point pool, the extra 2700 (or 11% total) hit points from Survivability Expert is worth taking, though you could trade one of the latter two for Adrenaline Rush if you wanted. Finally, I had a point leftover which I dropped into Grease the Gears. Here's some of the skills I'd consider but didn't have room for in my current build: Gun Feeder - On more than one occasion, I wish I had this skill when the flat broadside of a cruiser finally presented itself. Demolition Expert - Nice to have, but expensive at two points. Adrenaline Rush - Mentioned above. Radio Location - See Demolition Expert. This would be nice to have but it's too expensive given Dido's priorities. Of course, if you're only playing Co-Op and scenarios, than other than Heavy HE & SAP Shells, your choice of skills doesn't matter much. Camouflage If you unlock Dido through the Gibraltar Pillars event, she comes with two camouflage options. Her Type 10 and Atlantic camos are palette swaps of one another, providing the identical bonuses of: -3% surface detection +4% increased dispersion of enemy shells. -10% to post-battle service costs. +50% to experience gains. This is Dido-s standard Type 10 camouflage. If she's put on sale on the regular later, this is the paint scheme with which she'll come. You can unlock this alternative palette for her Type 10 camouflage through completing a specific part of the Naval Aviation collection. For early adopters, they also received this Atlantic - Dido camouflage which is nice and striking. My guess is we'll see this as a purchasable option for and estimated 1,000 doubloons or 6,000 community-tokens for later-comers if they become available separately. Firepower Main Battery: Ten 133mm/50 guns in 5x2 turrets in an A-B-C-X-Y superfiring configuration. Torpedoes: Six tubes in 2x3 launchers on wing mounts straddling the rear funnel. Dido barely survives a ram attempt from Kijkduin, using her powerful torpedoes to sink the cruiser just before impact. Dido has better rearward than forward torpedo arcs. Torpedoes Let's start with the fish! Dido has surprisingly powerful fish for her tier. This is owing to her using the same torpedoes found on the tier VIII destroyer, Lightning, giving her quite a heavy punch. Their 8km range means you're not stealth firing at anyone barring extreme kiting situations or using concealment to setup a torpedo attack. However, their individual hits are devastating. A full broadside of her torpedoes will sink just about any cruiser she comes across. BUT (and I stress this but!) three torpedo hits aren't enough to take down any of the battleships she faces short of Viribus Unitis, so don't suicide charge anything that's not already damaged. Like other British cruisers and destroyers, Dido can single fire her fish which is welcome. It's just a shame these aren't a little longer ranged. Oh well, they're good at what they do when you are able to use them. Those these may be destroyer calibre, they do not have a destroyer's rate of fire. Tech Tree versus Premium I'm honestly surprised Wargaming chose to release another premium with destroyer-calibre guns, to say nothing of a whole tech tree lined based on the armament, without first addressing player concerns about their performance. Firepower wise, specialized cruisers are in a rough spot since the commander skill rework a couple of years back. Wargaming has made improvements, but super-cruisers and cruisers with destroyer-calibre weapons had their efficiency severely reduced. Ostensibly, Dido's arrival long after the rework (nevermind a full Pan Asian line dedicated to this armament choice) means that Wargaming has designed these ships with these deficits in mind. Ostensibly. Maybe they're couching their implementation with the promise of future fixes. I dunno. I can't hold their feet to the fire like I used to. These teething troubles are still apparent with Dido's gunnery and it takes a careful hand (and careful skill choices) to fix these issues. She's not quite a comfortable gunnery platform -- she gets close, but her weapons are far from the fun weapons of Atlanta and Smolensk, for example. As a premium version of Rahmat, the tier VI Pan Asian tech-tree vessel, it's natural to want to compare her and Dido. There's a lot of give and take between the two ships. Dido has better range than Rahmat, with a reach of 14.1km to Rahmat's 12.496km. This is a huge improvement. Rahmat has better fire angles on her Y-turret with a 270º arc compared to Dido's 268º. Minor, but still. Rahmat has the better rate of fire, reloading in just 7.5 seconds to Dido's 8.5 seconds. This is pretty big. Dido's shells have less drag and thus better ballistics. This is important. The reduced drag gives Dido's AP shells better penetration too. This is not so important, as we'll cover. Dido's AP shells have longer fuse timers of 0.033s instead of 0.025s. This is more of academic interest than practical. This all translates to Dido being a more comfortable platform to engage targets at a distance, which is good, but you pay for it with overall damage output. Of course, besting Rahmat's range is like bragging that your ship is faster than New Mexico. It's a pretty damn low bar to hurdle. Dido is short ranged, make no mistake, but she is the longest-ranged of any of the smoke-bearing cruisers at this tier barring Trento. Between having to choose between range and rate of fire, I'll take the range, especially when paired with Dido's improved ballistics. I'm not happy about Dido's rate of fire, especially when paired with her penetration woes. This isn't a cruiser that kills things quickly. Dido's DPM is middling. Her lack of penetration makes it very difficult to realize these numbers, however. It should be noted that Dido (and Rahmat) can boost these listed numbers by 10% by taking the Heavy HE and SAP shells commander skill, which they totally should. This bumps up Dido's AP DPM from 180,000 to 198,000 and her HE DPM from 134,118 to 147,530. With her guns being only 133mm in calibre, she doesn't suffer the accompanying concealment penalty normally associated with this skill. Dido's improved ballistics means that her AP penetration is lightly better than Rahmat's, even though they're using the same guns. This ballistic difference translates into Rahmat's shells taking 10.63 seconds to reach 12.5km. Dido's cover the same distance in 9.46 seconds and doesn't experience the same kind of floaty arc as Rahmat until a range of 13.47km. These arcs allow Dido to make good use of terrain cover to lob shells over islands. Dido's penetration isn't good. Her AP penetration is among the worst for cruisers at tier VI. Landing citadel hits against cruisers requires not only the enemy ships to provide a broadside to shoot at, but also specific armour thresholds. While something soft and squishy like Pensacola's 76mm belt over her machine spaces can be contested in excess of 12km, the 102mm plating over her magazines is proof until you get into sub-10km ranges. Dido's AP works well against lower-tiered and very light and scout cruisers but it's nowhere near reliable against higher tiered ships. The long fuse timer on her shells also makes overpenetrations more likely against soft parts like battleship superstructures. Her HE penetration doesn't get much better. Sure, the 22mm she starts with is enough to contest all destroyers and most (but not all) tier V, VI and VII cruisers she might face. This is also enough to hurt the extremities of tier V battleships and the superstructures of the remaining vessels. Taking Inertial Fuse for HE Shells greatly expands the targets she can directly hurt, being able to smouldering HE holes into any cruiser she might come across as well as opening up the extremities of tier VI and VII battleships as well. Pair this with the Heavy HE and SAP Shells commander skills and Dido's DPM starts to look respectable. This comes at the expense of setting fires, of course, but Dido's not a great fire starter to begin with. Even with a deep build into fire setting, she barely gets close to the stock-values of the 152mm armed ships. So I stress again: Take Inertial Fuse for HE Shells and Heavy HE and SAP Shells on your commanders or Dido's gunnery performance suffers. I'm not happy with this solution. It means that in order to be competitive, destroyer-calibre armed ships like Dido must pay a commander skill tax. If skills like these are so game-changing as to become mandatory, that's bad for the player-base. Players are punished if they don't take them. Dido is only ever a modest fire-setter. You can dump skills and consumables into trying to improve it, but you're only ever going to be as good as a stock Makarov. It's better to bite the bullet, take IFHE and go from there. British ships are notorious for having bad fire angles. Dido's forward fire angles are good for four out of her five turrets, but Y-turret sucks. Her rearward fire angles are pretty bad, though. There are two good points though: Her X-turret has phenomenal fire arcs and both it and Y-turret have a 360º traverse arc. Gun Handling & Accuracy Dido keeps up with the British tradition of cramming their guns in so tightly to their superstructures that it impedes their gunnery arcs. Her fire arcs are bad, with her Y-turret being especially awful. You can mostly ignore this when firing forward, with four guns capable of addressing very accute fire angles. It's just Y-turret that's nigh-impossible to bear without flashing your full broadside. Unfortunately, things are worse rearward, with her forward turrets having bad arcs. At least her turret traverse isn't painfully slow and her rear turrets can rotate 360º. So you're not going to be able to fire all five guns safely without cover. Being out in the open is just asking for trouble with Dido anyway, so use the crummy arcs as a bit of a reminder to get back into cover ASAP. Special mention should be made about her dispersion. Dido, like Rahmat, uses cruiser horizontal dispersion formulas; namely: dispersion in meters = {[(range in km) x 6.9]+33 } as opposed to the more accurate destroyer dispersion formula {[(range in km) x 7.5] + 15}. Wargaming has never been consistent with when it applies one formula or the other. Bogatyr and Krasny Krym, for example, use cruiser dispersion while ships like Atlanta, Flint and Smolensk use the destroyer version. The difference isn't huge, but it is noticeable -- especially with destroyer calibre guns that fire as slowly as Dido's do. Summary As a weapon platform, Dido is okay, but only okay. There's nothing novel about her gunnery. She's not like Atlanta or Smolensk or Colbert where a smaller calibre weapon brings the promise of a greater rate of fire. This is a shame, because spamming small calibre shells is a lot of fun. Instead, it's better to think of Dido as analogous to a 152mm-armed ship but with nerfed AP and HE performance. Her shells are bad; they can be made functional with the correct commander skill build, but that's more of a bandaid solution than a true fix. You can bring them up to a state of usability but they're never going to cross that threshold into being truly competitive. The same goes for her fish. They hit like trucks (which is awesome), but having only three isn't enough to make them a true trump card. Furthermore, her 8km range is only ever going to be okay and not great. She'd need another 2km onto their range to become something that could be used on the regular and another 2km beyond that to become a mainstay weapon. VERDICT: Very meh. Functional, but very meh. Durability Hit Points: 23,600 Bow & stern/superstructure/upper-hull/deck: 13mm / 10mm / 89mm / 25mm Maximum Citadel Protection: 89mm belt Torpedo Damage Reduction: 4% That's not a lot of health. I don't think anyone was expecting Dido to be anything but squishy. She's not a heavily armoured cruiser and as far as tonnage goes; she's quite small compared to her contemporaries. The only question I had was whether or not she would get access to a Repair Party consumable to pad these vulnerabilities and the answer is decisively: "Very no". As it stands, it takes as little as a pair of 381mm citadel hits to send her to the bottom. Fun! I'm not going to tell you that "Akchooally, dis is gud," cuz it's not. This sucks. This sucks moose balls. This sucks so much that it makes Survivability Expert not only a viable skill choice, but arguably a necessary one. The commander skill-tax on patching Dido's flagging performance gets more and more expensive (for those keeping track, we're up to 10 mandatory skill points). The only decent thing about Dido is the size of her citadel. It's a small target and in my playtesting, its small size has kept me alive just a little longer as players overestimate it's scope. So catastrophic ends, while still possible, are a little less likely owing to this small target. Of course, once word gets out and familiarity with this ship jumps up with exposure, this advantage will mean less and less. Most of us now know how to blow apart an Omaha-class or an Emerald, for example, despite their citadels being smaller than higher-tiered cruisers. That same kind of baseline knowledge will eventually disseminate down to Dido as well and she'll pop as readily as the rest of them. Still, you might be able to pull off the occasional troll manoeuvre. Angling in Dido is generally a bad idea as even 203mm AP shells can overmatch her bow and blow her machine spaces apart (incidentally 203mm AP can overmatch much of her citadel roof too, so dueling with American heavy cruisers is generally a stupid idea). Remember that at ranges less than 8km, it's better to show a full broadside to most enemy battleships than to try and angle against them, trusting that their AP shells don't have sufficient time to arm inside your ship. This doesn't work for shorter-fuse timers from AP shells, such as the 305mm rounds on König, Scharnhorst's 283mm or Yukon's 381mm guns, but go nuts on trying it out against other battleships. Just remember: flat broadside. Any kind of angle and you risk giving enough room for those shells to pop you good. Given Dido's short range, German secondaries ended up being something I dreaded facing. HE of just about any calibre hurt and it's important to keep a respectable distance away from anything bristling with functional (or semi-functional) secondaries. This dittos for HE spam from gunship destroyers, but they tended to keep a healthy distance from Dido's guns for the most part. So, yeah. Dido's durability sucks. No surprises there, though, so don't get hit. Dido is made of squish. Dido's citadel is much smaller than players might think. You have to aim beneath her funnels to score citadel hits. Otherwise, you're very likely to overpenetrate. Dido's citadel is shown here in yellow. Her magazines do not count as part of the citadel and are featured here in dark red. This image comes from Gamemodels3d.com.. VERDICT: Bad but not like, meme-worthy bad (which would be kind of redeemable). Shooting beneath Dido's turrets may disable them or even knock them out, but you're not getting citadel hits if you aim there. You can try baiting shots here by offering up a full broadside at very close ranges, trusting her thin armour to prompt overpenetrations from battleship calibre guns. Agility Top Speed: 32.3 knots Turning Radius: 580 meters Rudder Shift Time: 6.5 seconds 4/4 Engine Speed Rate of Turn: 6.9º/s at 25.8kts Main Battery Traverse Rate: 10.0º/s Dido does not have all of improved agility characteristics as other British light cruisers do. Still, Dido has some pretty good agility according to her in port stats. She has a tiny turning circle radius and a good rudder shift time. However, the tech tree British light cruisers and destroyers have improved engine performance, given them much better handling than their stats alone would otherwise indicate. Dido gets a half-measure of this bonus. She accelerates much faster than normal ships. However, she doesn't get the improved energy retention in a turn, decelerating to the normal 80% of maximum speed when she comes about instead of retaining 97.5% to 98.5%. You can see this here in the time it takes the tier VI cruisers to each 30 knots. The percentage in brackets is how much 30 knots is relative to their top speed, with the idea being that the closer this is to a ship's maximum speed, the longer it will take them to accelerate. 10.0 seconds Dido (92.9%) 10.5 seconds Perth (92.3%) 10.8 seconds Leander (92.3%) 11.3 seconds Mysore (94.9%) 22.9 seconds Dallas (92%) 23.8 seconds Molotov (83.3%) 24.3 seconds Budyonny (85.5%) 24.5 seconds Duca d'Aosta (82.0%) 24.9 seconds Trento (85.5%) 26.5 seconds Aoba (85.5%) 27.0 seconds De Grasse (89.6%) 27.5 seconds London (92.6%) 27.9 seconds Huanghe (90.6%) 28.8 seconds Pensacola (92%) 29.8 seconds Kijkduin (90.6%) 30.8 seconds Canarias (90.6%) 32.1 seconds La Galissonniere (96.8%) 32.1 seconds Nurnberg (93.8%) 32.1 seconds Makarov (93.8%) 35.5 seconds Devonshire (95.5%) It's obvious looking at this that Dido, along with Perth, Leander and Mysore, has much improved acceleration over their peers. She's hitting 30 knots while they're struggling to make 10. Even when her rivals are equipped with Propulsion Modification 1, their acceleration just doesn't compare. Here's a few examples of the same test, but this time equipped with the upgrade: Dallas: 20.8 seconds (2.1s faster) Budyonny: 19.2s (5.1s faster) Nurnberg: 26.9s (5.2s faster) Duca d'Aosta: 19.4s (5.1s faster) (Note: There's something weird going on with Dallas). So other than that, there's nothing too surprising going on here. Dido's not especially fast (she's not slow either). She has a good rate of turn, but not outstanding. Her turning circle radius is nice and tight, which is great. She doesn't get top marks in this category (Perth and Leander are a thing), but she's pretty damn good. Dido combines the small turning circle radius of Huanghe and Rahmat with the improved acceleration of Mysore, Leander and Perth. She does not have the improved energy preservation of the latter two, though, which would have spiked her rate of turn from 6.9º/s up to 8.4º/s! VERDICT: On a scale of one to awesome, Dido is super-great. Anti-Aircraft Defence Flak Bursts: 2+0 explosions for 1,260 damage per blast at 3.5km to 5.2km Long Ranged (up to 5.2km): 63 dps at 90% accuracy (56.7 dps) Medium Ranged (up to 2.5km): 63 dps at 90% accuracy (56.7 dps) Short Ranged (up to 2km): 94.5 dps at 85% accuracy (80.325dps) DPS Aura Ranges Total DPS by Range Effective Damage vs 186.2knot Aircraft Dido's AA firepower stinks worse than unwiped monkey butts. And I take issue with this. Dido's 133mm only have a 5.2km range and this makes me grumpy. 'What's the big deal?' you might justifiably ask. After all, the dual purpose guns on the KGV-class, Famous & Historical Monarch and Yukon all share the same range. It's that consistency which is bothering me. You see, Rahmat, using the same guns, gets a 5.8km range. Yeah! No consistency there. In the Pan Asian cruiser's case, I imagine it's to make the 133mm guns feel like a 100% upgrade over her 113mm weapons. Can't have the upgraded guns making her AA worse now can we? I also take exception to Wargaming's game design in regards to large calibre anti-aircraft firepower. It's been troublesome and busted since the rework back in 2019 and no iteration has worked sufficiently to my liking. It nerfed the Hell out of Hood's defensive AA rockets. It made Atlanta's AA power go from top tier to bottom. It makes Dido's AA power terrible in game, despite having a good track record historically. This is not the first ahistoric gameplay element to marr World of Warships but given the sorry state of surface ship to aircraft interaction, it's infuriating to me that Wargaming still hasn't ressurected the AA-picket ship role that has been gone since patch 0.8.0. Dido was a chance to amend this and they didn't take it. I'm not surprised they didn't. The whole CV rework reeks of incompetence three years on. Dido's AA, when paired with Defensive AA Fire will shoot down a plane or two so long her small and medium calibre AA guns are still intact (these will break as soon as you get hit by HE). She doesn't do enough damage, nor does she spit out enough flak bursts for any specialization into this role to be worthwhile. So don't bother. A few HE rounds between the funnels will strip her of most of her small and medium calibre AA and there's nothing you can realistically do about it. VERDICT: Ahistorical and laughably bad. Vision Control Base/Minimum Surface Detection: 10.54km / 9.2km Base/Minimum Air Detection Range: 5.78km / 5.2km Detection Range When Firing in Smoke: 4.43km Maximum Firing Range: 14.1km There's good and bad here. THE GOOD Low surface detection Upgraded aerial detection matches her long-range AA battery range Smoke! THE BAD Cannot stealth-fire torpedoes No access to Hydroacoustic Search Each smoke cloud only lasts 35 seconds (a max of five salvos) It's the lack of access to Hydroacoustic Search that stings the most. Especially because her Defensive AA Fire is so bloody useless when paired with her abysmal AA values. Parking in smoke out in open water is just asking to get fish shoved up your butt, which is an embarrassing and carpy way to go out. I found myself prefering to keep smoke on standby while using islands as my prefered way to keep out of sight. Using smoke if spotted by aircraft or by an unseen vector became the better play. I even used it to help flush out a destroyer in a Ranked Batlte which was much more useful than parking in it. If Dido did have hydro, she could make some aggressive plays on occasion and behave a little more comfortably in open water, but it's not meant to be. Overall, she's good here. As limited as her Short-Burst Smoke Generator is, it's still very handy to have and it will help you win games. I'm just being bitter. Islands make better waifus than smoke. VERDICT: Good save for lacking hydro Anti-Submarine Warfare ASW Armament Type: Depth charges Number of Bombs per String: Five Number of Strings Carried: Two (may be increased to four with Depth Charges Modification 1) Reload Time per String: 40 seconds Drop Pattern: Rolled off rear deck in a line. Maximum Bomb Damage: 5,000 (estimated 2,567 damage) Fire Chance: 20% At the time of writing, submarines have been removed from public testing. I'm merely recording the data as it exists. It may become relevant later. Without Hydroacoustic Search, taking on subs is going to be a bad idea with Dido. Drop order of Dido's depth charges. Final Evaluation So Dido's good. Not great, but she's good. She's a cruiser with smoke that exists in an environment that's not saturated with Surveillance Radar and claustrophobic maps with lots of islands to shoot over. She'd have to be pretty terrible across most metrics not to do well. I'm not a fan of her given her lack of Hydroacoustic Search, mostly because I like bold-aggressive plays at low and mid-tier matches and not having the tools to dig out lolibotes sours me to the whole experience. Go figure, I don't have fun when my own idiocy gets me justifaibly blown out of the water for over-extending. Her lack of AA performance also bothers me considerably more than it should, admittedly. I wasn't looking for her to be god-tier when it came to shooting down planes. I just expected her to be better than bloody Molotov and Leander for crying out loud. But such isn't meant to be. Sucks to be me and have my preferences, I suppose. I admittedly haven't played her as much as I should, what with trying to get some Ranked Battle time in and poking at Canarias too. Still, the more I played her, the better things were turning out. I'm very curious to see how the community receives her. I personally feel her tiering holds her back. Wargaming just isn't incentivizing playing mid-tiers enough and they really should. I think it's a riot, but that's just me. Speaking of preferences, London is the better buy when it comes to tier VI premium British cruisers. She's much more reliable and nasty. In Closing I want to talk a little about what goes into making one of these reviews and just how much of a time investment these are. This one graphic demonstrates it quite well, I think. It takes me about two hours to put together one of these twirling graphics, assembling it through assets I make by hand with MS Paint and a calculator and then importing them over to photoshop to piece together in layers. That's already a lot of work, but it's only scratching the surface. There was no template for this. I had to make it. That took a lot of trial and error and a lot of botched attempts. I listened to feedback from my readers and my peers on how to improve my earlier results until I could create something that would show with a reasonable level of accuracy, how individual ships performed in a way that cut through the obfuscation of in-port statistics. I'm reasonably happy with how these turned out, though the number of ships at a given tier is making them too cluttered, so I will have to pair them down to only the relevant ships. But that still doesn't speak to all of the work that went into this, because there's all of the data collection that went into it as well. Simply timing ships twirling isn't all of it either (as arduous a task as it is keeping that database up to date). That ignores all of the testing and head scratching and math that went into figuring out how the in-port stats were created in the first place. This was further complicated by just how many ships had incorrect values listed in port too which created further hurdles. I have over 100 hours of recorded twirling data in my archives. 100 hours spent watching ships twirl in circles. And this is just for one graphic, I remind you. This has been repeated for other elements as well, be it detonations and module damage, smoke emission and ship hit boxes or god knows how much time I've lost trying to map dispersion. I'm not getting that time back short of using the data to share information. And I'm just speaking about my own time invested in these. @Lert and @Chobittsu are right there beside me, listening to me grumble. They provide feedback and suggestions, art and editing. To be able to speak confidently about any one aspect of a given ship's performance -- something I can back with actual provable stats -- takes time. It takes more time than you might assume from some throwaway DPM graphic or a funny little blurb about moose-testicles or an Angry YouTuber "meh". These reviews stand upon a a mountain of 'behind the scenes' work, an investment of a bunch of time about a video game that, let's be honest, hasn't treated me well over the last couple of years. It's hard producing these reviews. It's a lot of hard work that's built upon a lot of other work done in the past. Every new ship that's added to the game increases the workload. The last time I reviewed a tier VI cruiser, I didn't have to worry about Rahmat, Canarias, Dido or Kijkduin. Now I have to make sure those ships are covered too. I say this all not to complain, but to express my gratitude. The only thing that makes all of this time spent worthwhile is that you all see value in what I do here. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for reading.
  3. Hey all, With people starting to get the Canarias and Dido soon I figured I should drop a video explaining which one I recommend and why! Additionally here are my captain builds and modules for each ship. Hope these help, and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask!
  4. In March of 2021, more or less on a whim, I wrote a proposal for HMS Sirius to be added to the game. As I did my research and created the proposal, I discovered what I thought was a veritable goldmine of ships. The Dido class of light cruisers had a wide range of variations under it, from the 5 turret ships that we think of first when we think of the class, the improved 4 turret ships such as Black Prince and Bellona, the 4.5 inch toothless terrors Scylla and Charybdis, and even some wilder things such as HMNZS Royalist and the proposed 1951 emergency cruiser, there was a wide berth of potential within these ships. And the most surprising part of this was that of the 16 ships built, the largest class of cruisers that the Royal Navy had in the war, none were featured in the game. But after 6 years, we now have a member of the class ingame, the lead ship no less, HMS Dido. I haven’t bought a premium ship in ages. The last one was HMS London and that was early 2020. But with HMS Dido in the game that has changed. Should it have? Was HMS Dido a ship worthy of being a premium? Is Dido a good ship? Is Dido a fun ship? Does Dido like headpats?And did WG relent and change the camouflage? In this, hopefully the most comprehensive review (sit this one out @LittleWhiteMouse, I got it) we will cover all of this. The history of the ship, the strengths and weaknesses of her in game, and finally, if this boat is worth your hard earned currency. HMS Dido, a brief history Dido commissioned in September of 1940, one main gun turret short of the 5 she was supposed to have. 1941, Dido would get her combat introduction in the costliest engagement the Royal Navy had in the entire war. At the battle of Crete she was part of a force that destroyed a Italian invasion force, and during the evacuation she was hit with a 1000 KG bomb that destroyed B turret and almost caused a magazine detonation. She was refit in New York with two new turrets and returned to the Mediterranean. From here she was in the Second Battle of Sirte, where she and 3 of her sisters faced down an Italian fleet featuring the modern battleship Littorio, and while no Italian ships were sunk, neither were the British, and the convoy that Dido was escorting was not attacked by the Regia Marina. The Regia Aeronautica had a hell of a time with it though. She served in the Mediterranean until in September of 1943, she sailed into the harbor at Taranto along with Sirius and the fast mine-layer Abdiel and deposited the British first airborne, seizing the harbor. Through the middle of 1944 she provided shore bombardments up and down the Italian and French coasts. In the winter of 1944, she joined the arctic convoys and acted against German convoys off Norway. And finally, at the end of the war she sailed to Copenhagen to accept the surrender of the Kriegsmarine, firing the last naval round of the war in Europe at a Luftwaffe plane on the way. Days later, the Kriegsmarine surrendered on her deck. Dido is very worthy of having a premium in game. HMS Dido in game. HMS Dido is a tier 6 Royal Navy premium light cruiser, using small caliber guns for her tier and relying on her excellent stealth, maneuverability, and DPM to overcome her armor and hit point deficiencies. As with my premium ship proposals, I will be discussing all these characteristics in the order they appear in port, which means that we will be talking about armor first. Armor. Didos armor, as visualized by a her Anime doppleganger Dido’s anime doppleganger likes headpats. Dido in WOWS does not. Dido in WOWS has armor that can be best described as objectively terrible, and a HP pool that does no favors for that terrible armor. So, what makes this armor so bad? 1.The plating is 13mm. the good news is that this is capable of bow tanking 152mm AP shells and below. That is all the good news. 8 inch shells will autopen the armor, meaning that bow tanking gives them guaranteed pens… at a minimum. HE will always pen the armor, and apart from the armor belt, there is essentially no area of armor that will bounce HE, so you will take tons of damage from HE spam. 2. Unlike ships like Emile Bertin that have such little armor that AP often overpens, Dido’s 89mm belt armor is enough to arm AP fuses and guarantee full pens from the side. The only plus is that if you angle against cruisers and destroyers trying to citadel you, you can bounce AP with this belt, and you will shatter HE that hits the side of the ship here. 3. Dido has a above water citadel, modeled with a 13mm roof over the machinery spaces that means that shells dropping down will overmatch and penetrate. The rest of the roof is a measly 25mm. Between these three things, Dido takes damage, and quickly. Which would be fine if she had a large healthpool, or a way to regenerate health. But she doesn’t, and she doesn’t. With a health pool of a miserable 23600 HP she is last in tier, and she has no repair party like all the other Royal Navy cruisers to keep her in the game. In essence, every ship that shoots at Dido is going to be getting their moneys worth out of their shells. Module health is pretty pathetic too. With a whopping 13mm of armor on the turrets, you will lose these if you come under fire. With this miserable survivability, Survivability Expert becomes a must. The 2700 HP you gain from it amounts to a 10% HP buff, and you need it. Even still, Dido will have the lowest HP for her tier. With this kind of protection, how does Dido make up for it? Armament. Well, don’t look to her guns to really make up for her armor, because they aren’t great. They aren’t horrible either, but they are lacking in one very important field, and that’s DPM. As we can see from the DPM chart, Dido sits in the middle of the pack as far as HE DPM goes. Most of the other light cruisers beat her, with only La Galissonniere, stock Rahmat that no one should use, and Huang He being lower in HE DPM. And La Galissonniere has main battery reload booster to up its DPM on occasion, so really Dido has the second lowest HE DPM of the tier 6 light cruisers. Its guns fire at a rate of 7 rounds per minute, or one salvo every 8.5 seconds, and as a historical footnote this is the absolute lowest that Dido’s could fire in combat without the gun crews getting court martialed. As a personal footnote, I'm of the belief that the Didos could maintain 10 RPM indefinitely, but that's for another topic. AP DPM is similarly low, with Dido only outperforming Huang He, Mysore, and the 113mm Rahmat as far as light cruisers go. And things get worse… and maybe a bit better when we consider the gun angles that Dido can shoot at. Her over the shoulder arcs are pretty bad, no one is excited about angling 37 degrees when the armor is as bad as it is. The fourth turret has really good arcs though, needing only 20 degrees off the bow before it can start shooting. But the final turret, oh goodness. It requires a crushing 47 degrees of traverse before you can get it into action. The only good thing about this atrocious angle is that Didos armor is horrid to begin with, so all you will really lose with getting this last turret into action is a smaller profile to hit, and 152mm autobounce. In some situations, the benefits of getting all guns into action outweigh the armor advantage. With miserable DPM for a light cruiser, concerns that the shells won’t perform and will reduce DPM even further are not unwarranted. The concerns are as follows. 1. Her shells may be too small, unable to do direct damage and unable to meet the theoretical DPM. 2. Her fire chance may suck, meaning that she doesn't do damage over time as often as the others. Well, she doesn’t have to worry too much about her shells. Dido’s HE penetrates 22mm of armor natively. Now that may not seem like much and is out-penetrated by the 25mm of armor penetration that the 152mm gun cruisers have, but with IFHE we see the difference. Dido with IFHE penetrates 27mm of armor. A 6-inch cruiser with IFHE penetrates 31mm of armor. What 27mm of armor penetration means for Dido is that it can penetrate every heavy cruisers plating in the bracket, and the plating of tier 6 and 7 battleships. What 31mm of armor penetration means for the 6-inch cruisers is that it can penetrate every heavy cruiser’s plating in its bracket, and the plating of tier 6 and 7 battleships, but not 8. Dido is on a level playing field with the 6 inch cruisers in terms of actually penetrating with her shots. And with a skill that can best be applied to Dido, her per shell damage is not too far off. The Heavy HE shell skill allows cruiser HE to do 10% more damage per shot, and for ships with less that 149mm main caliber weapons (like Dido) there is no downside to taking this. With this skill, Dido goes from doing 300 less damage per shell than a 152mm cruiser to 110. Not bad. And the AP… it really isn’t bad either. It has no special gimmicks like improved penetration angles or improved fuses, but the 5.25 inch cannons were actually pretty capable weapons, able to penetrate 76mm of armor at 13 KM and 100mm at 10, Dido can reliably do AP damage and score citadels to cruisers that give her a broadside, same as any other light cruiser at her tier and differentiating herself from the Atlantas. So, with her guns being not at too big a disadvantage in damage on a per shell basis, perhaps the great difference is in her chance to cause fires. There’s a lot of data on here, but this chart basically shows a tier 6 ships fire per minute chances against another tier 6 ship if it lands all of its shots. The blue line is for base fire chance, red with Demo expert and all flags, yellow for IFHE, and Green for IFHE, flags, and Demo expert. And Dido does not do well here. With a decent 8% fire chance per shell, it’s the reload that cuts into her ability to start fires, with only Duca d’Aousta performing worse as far as the in tier light cruisers go. Even some of the heavy cruisers will start more fires per minute stock, and if Dido takes IFHE she becomes almost the worst fire starter in tier. As one last thing, the guns feel comfortable enough once you get past the gun angles. The turrets rotate at 10 degrees per second, so she wont outturn them. The rear turrets can rotate 360 degrees, which for some reason the front turrets cant do. Further, the shell arcs are very comfortable. They have a arc but not near as bad as something like Atlanta, allowing you to fire over islands without such a issue with leading targets. In all, apart from their DPM, these guns are potent for their size. Only their reload holds them back. Torpedoes: Dido’s torpedoes, they're pretty good too. Familiar as well, because they are just Fiji’s torpedoes. Put simply, they have average speed (61 knots) average damage (15833 per torp) and a pretty good range of 8 km. They are helped by pretty darn good torpedo angles, able to be fired from only 33 degrees off the bow and 25 degrees off the stern. Add in the single torps, and the fact that the tubes reload in 72 seconds, and you have a versatile tool. Don’t expect to get too many devastating strikes on full health battleships, but as a finishing blow, a harassment tool, and a damage enhancer these are pretty great. In situations where you have to retreat from a flank, these torps should be your go to before your guns. Man, getting all three torps is glorious... he lived though. Depth Charges: This is a new one, and as a testament to the ASW mechanics current, this is a afterthought. When you hit G, 5 charges roll off of a rack on the back of the ship, there is no fancy pattern, just a simple line of charges that you put on the sub. If you manage this, you will most likely kill it. This is only valuable late game, and if the sub is too far away to call his friends. Otherwise, going sub hunting will get you sent back to port. The only thing that makes sub hunting not totally suicidal is the smoke generator which you can activate once you sunk the sub to try and avoid extra damage from the ships which will doubtless be shooting at you. AA: Get ready for a shock, but Dido… does not have good AA. In fact, I’d say that its AA is bad. Now you may be thinking “what, a AA cruiser with bad AA?” and I don’t blame you, as the description of the boat calls it a anti-aircraft cruiser, but its aa is bad. And that’s because Dido isn’t a AA cruiser. Dido was designed as a trade protection cruiser, with the guns main goal being to destroy auxiliary cruisers and merchant raiders, and destroyers. Now, the guns did have a aa capability, but if these were truly supposed to be AA cruisers, they would have been designed to use the 4.5 inch cannons that you can see on Rahmat. These would have a faster fire rate while still maintaining more than enough payload to take care of aircraft. The 5.25 was designed to shoot at ships first , and planes second. But even with a historical precedent for the AA being not great… its worse than it should be. So what are the problems with the AA? 1. It's too short ranged. the one thing that the 5.25 could proudly be best in class at as far as naval AA guns go was its range, outdoing the american 5"/38 and numerous other guns. in game it gets outranged by these and frustratingly even the 4 inch guns found on Leander, London, and Devonshire. With only 5.2 km in range to their 5.8, it has less influence and allows enemys to get through quicker when attacking. Being too short ranged is also a issue with the intermediate armament. the pom-poms only reach out to 2.5 km tops. 2. The flak bursts are underwhelming. For a start, they perform worse than the 5”/38 of the Americans with only 1323 damage as opposed to 1330. Even wors, there’s only 2 bursts per cycle, which happens every 2 seconds. And finally, they stop at 3.5 kilometers, leaving a kilometer dead zone between the bursts and the pom poms where enemy planes won’t be taking much damage. When you rate Dido by raw dps she’s in the bottom half of her tier, and when you adjust for range she’s almost in the bottom quarter. But Dido does have a button you can push to make all that better, Defensive AA. But even with this skill, which adds 50 percent to your continuous damage and quadruples your flak power, Dallas, Pensacola, Rahmat and Huang He still put out more effective AA fire WITHOUT Defensive AA, and Devonshire and La Gal are not far off. And Dallas, Pensacola, Rahmat and Devonshire can all take Defensive AA as well. Really, with Defensive AA, you are hoping that the flak bursts spawn in the right place, and with only 2 (max 3), the odds aren’t great. I would have loved to see Dido with the same stats but with the 5.25’s range and flak bursts buffed. With a 6.2 km umbrella and 3 bursts (4 upgraded) with something like 1400 damage, Dido could have been a good AA ship. As it is, if you are looking to get a AA cruiser that punishes aircraft carriers, this ain’t it chief. Against a Kaga, with Def AA, I shot down 1 plane in this attack. Yay. Oh well, maybe someday we’ll get Scylla. Maneuverability: Dido is not a particularly fast ship, topping out at 32.25 knots. But Dido’s great strength is not speed, but agility. Dido has a lot of things going for her with regards to her ability to turn. First, she has the second tightest turning radius in her tier at 580 meters. Second, she has the RN CL acceleration, meaning that she can go from a standstill real fast. And third is that because she cant take propulsion mod 1, she will by definition take steering gears mod 1 giving her a rudder shift time of 5.2 seconds. She is only beaten by Huang He in terms of turning radius and turning rate, and can pretty comfortably maneuver around. With this, it is somewhat possible to dodge shells at range. Use this to your advantage. Summed up, Dido doesn’t go fast, but she can dance. Concealment: Dido’s concealment is pretty good. With 10.54 km base detection she can get that number down to 9.2 km. While not enough to outspot any destroyer, she will either outspot or spot enemy cruisers at about the same time, with only the other British light cruisers beating her. Only Huang He has such a advantage that she can use her concealment to dictate the engagement against Dido, as opposed to the ships just blundering into each other. But Dido does not only have pretty good base detection to help her concealment, for she gets smoke as well. With a 15 second action time, 35 second dispersion time, and 80 second reload between 5 charges… this smoke isn’t great. For starters, this smoke has the shortest usage time in the whole game. From the second you hit the key to when the smoke dissipates you have 45 seconds. This is only enough for 5 salvos. If you were moving when you popped the smoke and want to hold fire until you stop , this is reduced to 4. Also not great is the total amount of time the ship can spend in smoke in a match. With 225 seconds of total time, its second lowest in its MM spread, only just beating the German tier 5 destroyer T22. Even the time you spend between smoke is not great. With 45 seconds between charges, you do beat the Germans, Japanese, Soviets, and British cruisers but are left out longer than the Americans, British destroyers, and Pan-Asians. By raw numbers, this is one of the worst smoke consumables in the game. Dido being sneaky. I'm sure shes in there somewhere Even still, smoke is such a powerful consumable that there is a silver lining. Burning a charge just to break line of sight and reposition does not leave you waiting minutes for your next smoke, and this allows for probably the most flexibility with regards to smoke usage in game outside of the RN DD’s. Under air attack? Pop smoke and Def AA and angrily shoot out. Caught out of position? pop smoke and plan your getaway. See a enemy ship and have no cover nearby? Pop smoke and blast them. The short duration even helps alleviate one of the main concerns that I had with Dido, that being that without hydro, she’d be torpedoed in her smoke often. But with the short duration, usually you are already gone by the time torps get to you. You do have to think a bit more using this smoke, but despite its shortcomings it can still be potent. So now, with all the stats covered, the big question. Should you get Dido? PROBABLY NOT This is not the conclusion that I wanted to reach. I mean, I’ve centered my whole WOWS identity around this class of ships. But I cannot really recommend anyone get Dido for any reason. And this is because of one fact. We already got one. And it’s a bit better. Rahmat is just Dido. Not simply a Dido class, but Dido herself. As a bit of Dido lore, there were precisely 2 distinguishing features between Dido and the rest of her class. One of them is the degaussing wire. On Dido, it is external. On the others it is internal. The other factor is that Dido had a cross bracing on her forward tripod. Guess what Rahmat has? Now you may say that Rahmat doesn’t have the degaussing wire, and also has different AA. The problem with this is that 1. Dido doesn’t have the right AA either (she’s been robbed 2 20mms on the bridge wings) and 2. Dido was scheduled for a refit in 1945. With the tiniest bit of imagination, we can say the refit moved the degaussing wire internal like her sisters, and upgraded the AA. And boom, Rahmat is just Dido in 1946. And Rahmat is better than Dido. Let’s go through the list. The guns on Rahmat top the HE DPM of the tier. Dido has better ballistics and better range (guess the Malaysians thought ballistic caps weren’t worth it) and can citadel destroyers a bit better and hit far off targets a bit easier so it isn’t all one sided, but in most situations DPM is King. The torpedoes on Rahmat are longer ranged, and sneaker. Yes the torpedoes on Dido can be single dropped for more accuracy and can hit destroyers, but in general Rahmat’s are a better pick. For ASW work Rahmat gets 9 depth charges a drop to Dido’s 5. Rahmat’s AA is so much better than Dido’s that she does more damage without Def AA than Dido does with Def AA. Rahmat has better concealment Rahmat has a better smoke in most every circumstance. Rahmat has the same armor and HP. And Dido finally scores a win with better acceleration and rudder shift. A few of these things Rahmat is indisputably better than Dido. AA, Concealment, ASW, its no contest. Survivability is literally the same. Dido wins in Agility. But in 3 fields Dido is ‘situationally’ better. There are times in Rahmat where I miss the ballistics of Dido or the range of Dido. There is never a time in Dido where I don’t want better DPM. There are instances where the single launched torps are better. Usually, they aren’t. And you can use Dido’s smoke in situations where you just wouldn’t use Rahmat’s. but playing Dido, I feel like I am having to work harder to get the same results. Rahmat is better in coop and operations, better in randoms, I can’t imagine getting Dido into Ranked or competitive. Now, this isn't say that Dido is necessarily bad. I have pretty much enjoyed my time playing her on the live server. I just think I may have enjoyed that time a little bit more in Rahmat, and I am sure that it would have been easier Even getting Dido for historical reasons has some issues. For a start she’s missing some of her AA (as mentioned above) and… I'm going to talk about the camo for a moment. The Camo Didos camo as announced and as it is in game. From day one, the first day that this ship was announced, I was very publicly banging on about how Dido’s camo was not right. This went through the NA Forum guys, and through reddit, all the way up to Sub_Octavian. He talked with the history guys, and they said it was good to go. I implored them to dig a bit deeper, and be sure. They replied with a public post, where I learned that the source that they were using was Malcolm Wrights “British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage volume 3.” This is not a good source for ship camouflage, as the author didn’t record where he got his information from and in many cases was recalling details he had heard 25 years prior to writing the book. So again, I pressed Wargaming and they resolved to look into it further. In the end the changes that we have gotten were a change of the hull color to be accurate and a removal of the rust. On my scale of happiness with changes, that’s a 2/5. But, this isn’t over. I’ve been in contact with Wargaming since then and they are very aware of the camouflage issues with the ship. Perhaps they will update the camo. Perhaps they will add a new one. Perhaps nothing will happen. In all, WG has been remarkably receptive to hearing feedback, and have been nothing but incredibly cordial in all communications, even when I got a little salty. Which is good. Hopefully they will throw Malcolm Wrights book in the trash as a bad source that can be easily proven wrong. I just wish that their turnaround time was a bit better. But if you want the Historical Camoflauges, and are OK with not being able to see the anime skins and king kongs, id recommend downloading this mod by Albrecht_Brandi, which gives you the Camo Dido wore in late 1943 during the landings at Taranto and Salerno. So when you get enough of these Mediterranean tokens to get a ship, get Canarias, or at least get Canarias first. I don’t know if Canarias is better because I haven’t played her but I know that she is unique and Dido is a ship with the same playstyle as a ship that is 99% the same but a little better. Equipment But, if you are crazy, and are just hell bent on getting Dido for whatever reason, this is how you should set her up. Being tier 6, Dido has only 4 equipment slots. And good news is that there is only really one way to load these out. Slot one is going to be main armaments modification 1. The turrets are weak enough to need this. Don’t take auxiliary armaments because you don’t have any. the odds of detonation are very low as the magazines are underwater. And for the love of god don’t spend coal on damage control party 1. Slot two is a toss-up between engine room protection and defensive AA mod 1. Engine room protection will help if you’re getting shot, but Dido has such crappy armor and so few hit points that the odds of you benefiting from this skill is low. Defensive AA 1 fire 1 requires you to shell out 17,000 coal, and is only decent when there is another carrier, but having longer lasting Def AA that reloads quicker is nice when there’s another carrier. Slot three is just aiming systems modification 1. Improving dispersion and torpedo train rate is better than all the other options here. And for slot four , steering gears modification 1 should be your pick. Captain skills. Going to say this one last time, there really isn’t a good reason to get this ship because she is also a horrible captain trainer, using wildly different skills than every other ship in the Royal Navy. Like her Azur Lane counterpart, she really needs a dedicated commander. You still getting Dido? OK. for your one point skill, either grease the gears to give yourself more comfortable gunnery, especially when turning, or incoming fire alert to give you time to dodge long range fire. For your two point skill, either demo expert, or focus fire training to try and redeem the AA. I’d take demo expert. For your first skill 3, take heavy HE and SAP shells, adrenaline rush, or survivability expert. For your first skill 4, take IFHE or concealment expert Your next skill 4 should be the one you missed last time, Finally, get the skill 3’s that you missed first time around, and cap it off with the missing 1 pointer. This is my recommended build. Conclusions I hope I helped people determine where to put their hard-earned tokens, or even hard earned doubloons, and hope that anyone who is getting Dido at least knows what they are getting into. I will not make this a habit, holy ship, reviews require a lot of work, and my graphics are comparatively terrible next to what LittleWhiteMouse does. But, if WG ever puts out a Scylla, or a Bellona or Babur, or a Royalist or emergency cruiser, you can bet I’ll come running.
  5. If New Zealand Should Have Representation In-Game, it Should be by HMNZS ROYALIST In my last proposal (For PNS Babur) I said that the Babur could be considered the ultimate evolution of the Dido class of cruiser. The only reason that I didn’t say that it was outright is the ship I am proposing now. The last of the Didos, the last of the New Zealand cruisers, HMNZS Royalist. The ship had a history that is simultaneously subdued and tumultuous. Commissioned in 1944 Royalist had only a small amount of war left to prove her worth. However, in that time she did do some things to make her mark. Just after working up, she sailed in support of the carriers and battleships of Operation Tungsten, one of many attempts to sink the Tirpitz. She sailed to the Mediterranean, where she covered Operation Dragoon (the invasion of the south of France), then to the Aegean where she sank a pair of transports. After this, she went to the pacific, supporting carrier operations and just missing the chance to go toe to toe with the IJN Haguro. And after this, the war ended. After the war, the Royal Navy had a major issue. The war had left Britain in dire economic straits, and for the first time maybe ever the Royal Navy was not at the top of the list of priorities. With a tremulous grip on what remained of the British Empire, the Royal Navy was going to have to make do with what it could. Many ships were mothballed, many others sold, as the admirals tried to figure out what the Royal Navy was going to look like when the sun set on the British Empire. Caught up in this was Royalist, and the rest of the Dido’s. On the one hand, they were small ships, with little room for improvement and limited capability in terms of surface combat with other ships. talks of the soviet Chapayev and Sverdlov class hung heavy in the minds of planners. On the other hand, the Dido’s were by far the best AA platforms currently available, and air power had proven dominant in WWII and Korea. Eventually a decision was made. Royalist would be modernized, a trial for modernization of the remaining Dido’s. Work began in 1953, with a projected completion of 1956, but even as work began, people wondered if the ship had reached its sell by date. Enter New Zealand. Eagerly awaiting the 6 new frigates that they believed would suit their needs, and with a want to downsize from the pair of Dido’s that they already had, there were no plans to purchase any more cruisers. But after talks in 1955 about the brutal realities of a nuclear war with the Soviets, the prime minister of New Zealand decided that maybe this cruiser that the British were now trying to pass off was a worthwhile investment. So, in 1956, they bought it. Royalist had two things happen in its naval career. The first was best described as a dirty trick. British prime minister Anthony Eden had convinced the New Zealand government that having a naval presence in the Mediterranean (literally the furthest spot you can get on the planet from New Zealand) was worthwhile. And then, quite without any warning, the British and French started invading Egypt to gain access to the Suez Canal back. This operation just so happened to need HMNZS Royalist to serve as an AA picket, being at the time probably the best AA picket ship in the theater with its extensive radar and communications suite. When international outrage at the operation hit in force, the prime minister ordered Royalist to divest itself from it, but it stuck around for the duration at the back of the fleet. Keeping its radar on the skies for Egyptian air power (or Israeli, on the off chance they attacked British ally Jordan) The rest of Royalists career consisted of shore bombardments, in a series of increasingly concerning Malaysian conflicts. In all, despite having most of its career in the cold war, Royalist still was active and fired its guns in anger. In 1965 though, with a damaged keel, and on its last legs after 9 years of service, Royalist was put out to pasture, the last of New Zealand’s Cruisers. So, with Royalists credentials established as to why it should be a premium, what would royalist look like? In broad strokes, Royalist should be a Tier 6 premium for the Commonwealth Navy. With HMAS Perth already occupying this space, Royalist would have to be sufficiently unique to be added. Unless, of course, it was bumped up to tier 7. When I discuss the potential stats, you’ll know why tier 7 may be in the cards. Armor: The armor on Royalist would be the same as on a Modified Dido like HMS Bellona, and would have 16mm plating all around, with a 89mm citadel belt, 51mm citadel roof armor, 25mm citadel caps and turret armor, and 10mm superstructures. HP would be similarly quite low for its tier, I would say 27000. Armament: Initially, it seems that just taking the stats from any of my other proposals would do just fine here. It certainly works for the Shells, doing 2700 damage max with AP and 1900 damage and 8% fire chance with HE. Rate of fire is 10 rounds per minute, coming out 4 twin turrets. So far nothing to earth shattering. However, Royalist has landed its torpedoes, and as such may need some help with its firepower to compensate. The first fix is adjusting its range. I had up to this point had my Dido proposals have the shortest range in tier because they had the smallest guns, with the only outlier being that they could outrange the Atlanta’s and their 5 inch guns. With all the fire control advances that Royalist has with its postwar refit, I think that extending the range to 15.7 km seems reasonable. This does not help with its DPM, although as is Royalist would have 5th best AP DPM and 3rd best HE DPM at the tier. However… How I got to the 10 rounds per minute number comes from first-hand accounts of HMS Euryalus’s gunnery petty officer. On the one hand a primary source, on the other not technical, more antecdotal. There is a lot of contention that the 5.25 never was able to meet its designed fire rate of 10-12 rounds per minute due to a few factors. The rounds had to have their fuses set properly before being loaded into the guns, taking some time. The loading tray that the round and propellant had to be mounted on was manually operated, and so was the rammer. That all applied to the mark II mounting of the 5 turret Dido’s. Euryalus and its 10 RPM account falls into this category. The Bellonas were improved. They had powered loading trays and automatic rammers, and the similar mounting for the secondarys on HMS Vanguard were further improved with a automatic fuse setter. This removed 2 men from the turret crew, giving more space, and removed a step from the loading process. Essentially what I am saying is that it is very likely that the Bellonas had a faster all-out fire rate than the Didos, which we already have at 10 RPM. This gives 2 options. The first is just to buff the rate of fire of HMS Royalist flat out. If we increase the rate of fire to 12 RPM (the planned maximum fire rate of the Didos) and we are looking at the second best AP DPM at tier 6 behind Nurnberg and best in tier HE and fires per minute. Her damage per minute would be middle of the pack on all counts at tier 7. Option number 2 would be to keep the firing rate at 10 per minute but give it a variation on main battery reload booster to simulate them going flat out. Instead of halving the reload for 15 seconds, I would propose that this would reduce the reload by 33% for 30. Doing some calculations, this allows the ship to fire a maximum of 8 salvoes over 30 seconds, as opposed to the regular 6. What this means is that instead of firing 96 rounds per minute, every minute (if it just fired 12 rounds per minute) is that it occasionally can fire 100 rounds per minute every 2 or 3 minutes. This lowers the DPM to 5th in AP damage at tier 6 with 216000 and third in HE damage when on cooldown. The high DPM does make up for 2 facts. First is that this ship has the weakest guns on a tier 6 cruiser, so a high DPM is more necessary to keep actual damage up. The second is that Royalist only has guns. There is more of a onus on them being good. Oh, final thing, Royalist has pretty horrible firing angles. A, B, and Y turret have 40 degree bindspost on either side, making this ship abysmal for kiting and forcing it to show way too much side to get all guns singing. Concealment: On the one hand, Royalist is small. Its hull is basically the same as Huang He, so initially it makes sense for the base detection range to be 9.55 km, going down to 8.34 the only issue with this is Royalist has not one, but 2, gigantic radar arrays. Because of this, I begrudgingly admit that surface detection should be a little greater. I’d say 10km standard, dropping to a minimum of 8.73 km. Agility: HMNZS Royalist had a top speed of 32 knots. Apart from that, I would just give it the same 570 meter turning radius of Huang He. No energy retention, no fast turning, that would be it. AA: Ah, this one. Royalist had precisely 2 jobs. One was shooting ships and shore targets with its guns, and the other was shooting down planes. And it had all the best and most modern tools to facilitate that, so you bet that this ship is going to be best in tier at this. Very best in tier at this. At long range, she would do 150 DPS at 6 kilometers, with 4 flak bursts at 1617 damage a piece. However, it’s her close in weaponry that would stand out. Royalist had nothing but 40mm bofors, two single mounts in the relatively anemic Mk VII mount, but more importantly 3 of the STAAG twin mounts. The 2 would do 24 DPS at 3.5 km. the STAAG mounts though, being fully radar controlled and independent of any other fire control mechanism like a pointer, would do 65 damage per. This is based on the single “Hazemeyer” mount on Gadjah Mada doing an absurd 63 DPS, STAAG should do at least a little better. Summed up, that’s 219 DPS at 3.5km with an additional 150 tacked on. While this is not the best raw DPM, the fact that all of it is concentrated at range makes it best in tier by a good margin. Consumables: Right now, we have a stealthy, squishy ship with high DPM and good range on small guns for a cruiser, that is agile but not fast, and packs good AA. But we need flavor. So already mentioned is the main battery reload. But, what else can we do? I think that for the remainder of our consumables, we should look to the ship’s historical characteristics. Royalist was designed to do precisely three things. The first was to shoot down airplanes, so defensive AA should be included, preferably the Atlanta’s unlimited charge version. The second was to survive (as well as anything can) an irradiated world after a nuclear conflict, by being sealed up preventing exposure. Honestly, the only thing that would make sense for this would be smoke. Put a pin in that one, look at this picture, and ask yourself, what consumable do you think this ship should have, based on this picture? You know what it is. You wish you didn’t, because this is a tier 6 proposal, but you know what those two giant towers are there for. Royalist should have radar. Now, you may be saying that this oversaturates tier 6 with radar. I counter that any tier 8 match can have radar, and even tier 7 (Atlanta, Belfast, Indianapolis) can bring them into the game. you may say that tier 5 would be negatively affected. I point back to tier 7, which sees tier 5’s, and the fact that tier 5 is where the training wheels come off. At this point, you have to be able to deal with things like radar. And finally, I point out that for the purposes of this ship, the radar will not be very good. To keep the ship from being able to either insta-radar destroyers or stealth radar, the range on this will only be 8KM. This is not like the soviet “let’s just see what’s in the area” type of radar, or Belfast’s “who’s looking at me” radar. This is more in line with Atlanta’s or DD radar, designed to either root people out of smoke, or spot a destroyer that’s sneakily trying to stealth torpedo you. The difference here is that the duration of this radar will be 40 seconds, so long lasting. Long lasting enough to find your target, lay on, fire up your reload booster, and get the full duration before shutting off. What a coincidence. Which brings us back to the smoke. I don’t think that it is necessary. I think that between radar, reload booster, and Def AA we have ourselves a pretty good thing going here. But, if it was to be a bit to short lived for a cruiser, we could add a smoke. In this case, I would recommend crawling smoke to keep with the commonwealth theme. However (keeping with the others) I would have it have 5 or 6 charges but 40 seconds of emission. And finally, keep in mind that if WG wanted to wring some more money out of the playerbase, they could bump this up to tier 7. Bump the firing rate to 12 RPM base and keep the reload booster, add smoke on top of this, and massage the HP pool and this could fit in at that tier. I like it more at tier 6, but, you know, options. Why people would buy Royalist Well, radar at tier 6 is novel. That alone would probably make it a tempting ship for ranked at tier 6 or clan battles or things like that. Collectors would probably want this ship. It’s a Dido, and much to my disappointment there aren’t any of those in game yet. It’s historical, a real ship that really sailed and really shot at things. And finally, this ship would satisfy the small, but rabid, New Zealand contingent in the playerbase. Paint this up in Māori war paint, make a rugby tie in (after all, Royalist did get crippled in a storm because the captain wanted to make it to a match to watch the All Blacks crush the Wallabies, which they did) and you have an entertaining little ship. Again, I’d buy it, but I’d buy any Dido. Let me know what you think.
  6. It has occurred to me, as I was looking through the premium shop, that the ship INS Mysore has been added to the game as a commonwealth cruiser. On the one hand, neat, India is getting some naval representation as it probably should, with one of the most active navies of the post WWII era. However, the fact that Mysore has been added to the game does pose something of a political issue… sort of. When the British empire granted independence to India, splitting the administered territory into India and the newly created Pakistan, they were sure to also partition the navy, with a 2:1 ratio in favor of India. Very quickly it became apparent (if it wasn’t already) that the two nations would not have the most stable relationship, with the tumultuous mass migrations of Hindus to India and Muslims to Pakistan followed immediately by the first Indo-Pakistani war. So, if harmony wasn’t in the cards, parity had to be. Which leads us back to Mysore. Mysore was the second cruiser acquired by the Indian navy after the INS Delhi (formerly HMNZS Achilles of the Battle of the River Plate) and was far newer and more capable. This was the second cruiser to the Pakistanis none, and was upsetting the naval balance in the area. To rectify this, the first sea lord at the time, Lord Mountbatten (who was also viceroy of India when the partition happened) was eager to address this and was all too happy when the head of Pakistan’s navy asked him what could be done. The modified Dido class cruiser HMS Diadem was modernized and sold to Pakistan, causing a stir in that country when the head of the navy requested the government provide him 400,000 pounds for the ship, and eventually got a price tag far in excess of that. Regardless of the cost though, the newly refurbished ship was arguably the ultimate example of the Dido class cruiser. This ship was PNS Babur. And now, in 2021, we find a much smaller scale of the situation. With Mysore, India has a cruiser at tier 6 in WOWS. To maintain parity, Pakistan needs one as well. PNS Babur, as it was then, is the answer now. So what would it be like in game? Armor: Luckily, by the time I’ve written the third one of these I have a lot of notes to go off of. The armor on Babur would be the same as on a Modified Dido like HMS Bellona, and would have 16mm plating all around, with a 89mm citadel belt, 51mm citadel roof armor, 25mm citadel caps and turret armor, and 10mm superstructures. HP would be similarly quite low for its tier, I would say 27500. Armament: Again, I can just pull this from what I have already put forward in previous proposals. Its guns have a range of 13.1 km, doing 2700 damage max with AP and 1900 damage and 8% fire chance with HE. Rate of fire is 10 rounds per minute per gun. Compared to other cruisers at tier 6, Baburs AP damage per minute clocks in at 5th out of 20 ships with 216000 dpm. HE looks better, coming in third overall with 152000 potential damage per minute and not being far behind the two ahead of it. However, when considering the smaller gun caliber and thus the reduced amount of things it can penetrate at this tier, this high potential HE damage is needed. Coming in 7 out of 20 as far as fire-starting goes, she does not look to be too disturbing on that count. However, we need to add in the effects of fire flags and IFHE. This ship, like most ships below 152mm at this tier just need IFHE. With that, the deck armor of most tier 6 and 7 battleships as well as the armor plating of tier 8 American and German heavy cruisers becomes penetrable, so that even at bottom tier Babur can punch up. So, when factoring in IFHE on all ships that would benefit from it, as well as DE and fire flags, Babur sits pretty much in the middle. Without IFHE Babur crawls her way to the middle of the pack. Pretty clearly so far Babur’s battery is not exceptional in any way apart from her extremely fast 20 degree per second stock turn rate. Whoop de do. She also has a torpedo armament, and these should just be a direct copy of what’s on Fiji. For reference, that’s 8 km, 72 second reload, 15867 max damage, and 61 knots with ability to single fire. Now, the only real change I would give Babur from my previous proposal for Bellona would be giving the turrets the ability to rotate 360 degrees. A and B turret would have diabolical 40 degree over the shoulder arcs, as would y turret, but x turret would have much improved 20 degree blind spots. Concealment: Again, I can just copy my notes from Bellona. Babur would have a base detection range of 9.55 km, going down to 8.34. Agility: Babur would have a top speed of 32.5 knots base. However, this is where things go off the rails. She would get the improved engine power and energy retention of the RN light cruisers, and then atop that get the speed boost consumable for 15%. So, with the Sierra Mike signal flag, Babur would go 34.125 knots. With the speedboost added, this goes up to 39.25 knots. Add in the Outnumbered commander skill and Babur is going at an absurd 42 knots. With the RN energy retention. I’ll have to do some calculations, but this boat will be without question the most agile at tier 6, and probably the most agile cruiser in the game. AA: follow this stinking link to the picture because this photo is copyrighted by the Pakistani Navy. Babur will have good AA. When modernized, it had its 40mm pom poms and 20mm Oerlikons rationalized all to 40mm bofors. With 3 twin bofors on the mk V mounting and 8 single bofors on the Mk VII mounting, she had 14 barrels overall. After some number crunching, the Mk V mount does 20 DPS per (based on stock hull Neptune) and the mk VII does 12 dps (based off a very confusing calculation. It doesn’t really matter) for a total of 156 dps at 3.5 km. the long range dps is 120 at 6 km. while not best at tier 6, it is all concentrated at range. Flak barrage would be 4 bursts at 1617 per burst. Consumables: Well, already talked about one, speed boost, giving the ship crazy mobility. And that would be the gimmick of the ship. All the other Didos that I have proposed so far would have smoke, because without it, I do not think they would last awfully long. This would be a attempt to make a Dido that didn’t hide, that fought fair and square. And to facilitate that with such a small hitpool and mediocre armor, it needs to either not be seen, not be hit, or be able to recover. To that end, I would recommend the same heal as given to Leander. Finally, there would be a choice of defensive AA or hydro as its last consumable. And that’s that. A oversized destroyer with a citadel but hopefully the toolbox to avoid and make good on damage if played right. Why people would buy it: Because it is Pakistani? Apart from that, Hell if I know. I know I would, but… I’d buy any Dido. Let me know what you think.
  7. BladedPheonix

    Dido class? and a cool story to go with it

    Howdy sailors! So I was taking a break from WOWs today and thought I'd play Silent hunter 3 instead. Story: About an hour ago while patrolling just north of Gibralter, I intercepted a convoy that was heading north and proceeded to attack and sink 4 of the 6 ships. (date was June 14th 1943 in case you were wondering) suddenly While I was trying to chase down the last 2 on the surface and finish them off with my deck gun, a cruiser and 5 DD showed up to ruin the party. but the strange thing is the cruiser that showed up was a dido class and I had never seen one of these before outside scenario missions. anyways quickly went to periscope depth and I launched from my rear tube my rare and brand new prototype fawlk 4 homing torpedo and snapped the dido in half like a match stick. This apparently ed off the remaining DDs and they proceeded to drop every-thing but the kitchen sink searching for me. the rats managed to get 3 lucky hits on my sub and forced me to crash dive and play hide and go seek and after about an hour they gave up and decided to RTB. anyways, having suffered engine failure, broken hydrophones and with no torpedoes left I just auto ended and returned to base. (got a knights cross so I guess it was a win) I then looked up the Dido class on wiki and turns out these things are pretty awesome! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dido-class_cruiser So I was wondering. when can we expect the Dido class light cruiser to be added to WOWS? because I want one! comment below if you know or want one as well! that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the story and have a great memorial day weekend! and until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!