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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, it's 2019 and by now we all know that DFAA doesn't have a real visible impact on plane strikes. I propose that we can make a simple change that will make it so DFAA is actually worth using. Not only would it make the AA stronger, activating it would "panic" the planes so that the aiming reticle would no longer shrink, but it also wouldn't grow (unless the planes made a sharp turn). This will make """well prepared""" strikes be mostly unaffected by this. For example, a torpedo squadron starts making its attack 5 km away and is fully aimed by the time its 3 km away. The target activates DFAA when the planes are 3 km away, but the bombers are still accurate because they're already fully aimed. In the next scenario, a cruiser sees a torpedo squadron 6 km out and activates DFAA. The squadron starts to make its attack 4 km away. However, because it's inside the range of the cruisers DFAA, it's aiming reticle will not shrink at all. This will most likely affect DBs and rockets far more than torpedo squadrons. I think this would be fairly balance from both perspectives, as it would give DFAA DDs the ability to protect itself and others from rockets and stop AP DBs from manhandling cruisers. From a CV perspective, well, DFAA has a cool down. Actually, now that I think about it, fighters should work like this as well. Instead of launching 3-4 planes from a catapult, it should just be 1, that is pretty tough, has a large radius around the ship, lasts a while (1.5 - 2 min) and locks on the enemies in the area almost immediately. The catch is, its potential to kill is fairly limited (though it will if enemy planes loiter), with its purpose mainly being to panic planes, and it won't be able to spot. CV fighters will also work this way, except they have higher chances to kill, being that there are multiple planes. They will also be pretty tough, but also won't be able to spot. Tldr, DFAA and fighters should panic squadrons