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Found 5 results

  1. black_hull4

    Nice Touch

    Just some things I noticed in the sky. On the Naval Base port:A similar Italian airship on the Polar map will show you where the bots are in Co-Op. On Estuary:Nice job devs!♦
  2. Dear Developers of world of warships, The aircraft carriers have been nerfed to the point to where they are non-effective against any ship in the game... I have sent several torpedos to an enemy battleship TIER 3! keep in mind, that it is non-effective at all cost I can only get kills if they have been so damaged that a rough wave would kill it... All three types of planes getting effective hits on any type of ship does such a small fraction of hit points that by the end of the game I can have 15 hits and only 10k damage... if I'm lucky. Summary; make the aircraft's on the carrier more effective to real-time damage against the enemy ships, equal to enemy ships vs enemy ships, I have to say for an example the destroyers torpedos do real-time damage. From the perspective of a beta tester to current. Thanks!
  3. (Keep in mind I'm not a DD main) No matter what ship main you are you cant deny that DDs are in a rather bad spot right now between common CVs and Radar. So, I've thought of some ideas that can help the DDs out a bit (these may not be the best but they are better then nothing and Far better then just removing CVs bla bla blah) 1: Give Destroyers the Fighter consumable. This may seem odd to some but this will make a DD have Far better odds of survival when being attacked by Carriers, Some will argue that it makes no sense for a Destroyer to have the fighter consumable when it has no catapults. but to that I would argue that it would work the same way as the Fighter consumable for Planes where they call them in from the Carrier. After all Bombers don't have catapults. This also has the benefit of making it WG doesn't need to make so many Blanket Buffs and Nerfs to AA and planes to try to solve the issue. 2: Give all Higher tier Destroyers a Heal like Cruisers, I'm thinking around USS Kidd Level. This will make it that if a Destroyer gets attacked by aircraft or Radared it can at least get some HP back. Though of course the Destroyers like Khab that are based around their Heal will just have a stronger one. 3: (This is more of a change to all ships then just Destroyers) Manual Control of Large caliber Flak. (flack shells for Destroyers) So this is how i would do it: make it that the AA stays the way it currently is But for most ships there is a "4" Button that makes you take Manual control of the flak AA on the ship you are using. for battleships and cruisers this would be their secondaries. but for destroyers these would be their main guns so they would be a little different. While larger ships will just have control of their secondaries etc the destroyers would need to load "Flak shells" in loading these it would change the camera angle to be better suited for following aircraft and would allow you to lock onto planes like you would a ship, then a Aiming recital would appear (similar to the [edited] SPAA or World of Warplanes recital.) and then you fire Flak shells at the aircraft with lead and all Just like you would shoot a ship. this will Drastically improve AA performance but you would need to actually use your guns so this wont be a good idea when enemy ships are close. the AA would perform the same as it does now if you don't use the flack shells. While the last one is Unlikely i would Strongly advise the other two. If you can think of other things they can do for CVs Let me know of that and your thoughts on these ideas below.
  4. It's very common in games these days to automatically drop AFK players from a game and replace them with another player in the queue in near real time. In a game of this type, having an afk player can be a legit handicap for the entire team. To me it's a legitimate way to not hamstring a team. What are the drawbacks and difficulties in implementing such a mechanism? Also, maybe the remaining team could all get some minor xp boost to accomodate an afk member? @iKami
  5. Hola a todos. Ayer Flamu publicó el siguiente video donde se realizaron preguntas a Desarrolladores (Devs) del juego: Y hoy Yuro compartió la siguiente transcripción resumida del mismo. Todo el material esta en Inglés, pero vale la pena darle una mirada. Personalmente lo que me pareció más importante es que con el Rework de los CVs se vienen cambios importantes en las Mejoras y Habilidades del Comandante (Capitán), como el Armamento Antiaéreo (AA) va a cambiar era de esperarse esto, pero lo interesante es que ya sería una confirmación, claro que no hay una fecha exacta de cuando ocurrirán estos cambios pero es bueno tenerlo en cuenta por ejemplo para no gastar Experiencia (XP) Élite reseteando Capitanes ahora cuando tal vez dentro de 1 año todo el sistema de Habilidades cambie. @ShakaSenketsu realizó una traducción de esto, así que los invito a pasar por el Topic que él creo. Saludos.