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Found 2 results

  1. I hear a lot of complaints about bad players, poor match making, buying into tiers etc. and how all this is 'ruining' the game. It seems that one way to possibly address some of these complaints is to encourage new players to join a clan as soon as possible. Today a new player has to have 200 battles and then search for a clan with no idea what they are looking for or what is out there. What if WOWS would open the clan universe to players upon signup? Our clan group has a clan dedicated just to develop new players and it make a huge difference. Is there an modification, incentive or some other method that WOWS could implement for clans to onboard new players and help them better understand the game? With so few players coming in to the lower tiers; and, it seems that few of them sick with the game it would seem that the approach needs to change. In my opinion it seems a win-win for everyone if clans can become a focus developing new players. I am curious what others think.
  2. So I was reading the changes to the over lapping AA zones and I noticed the diminishing returns on stacking AA. Smart. However, and please correct me if I am wrong but this is the first time I have seen Wargaming use this brilliant tactic for balance that pretty much every mmo has used for well over a decade. For example if you stun a character in World of Warcraft for 6 seconds the next stun will last 3 seconds, and the following one 1.5 seconds and then the third stun attempt the player or NPC will be immune. I would love to see more DR in game. I.e. RADAR: the first time you are hit with radar it lasts full duration...the second half duration...then at some point you are immune to its effects for some time. The same for status effects (mind you the majority of games on the market do this) Every time your effected by Flooding or Fire your resistance to said thing builds intelligently...now ships already has a system capping fire and torpedo damage but it's very static...most games have evolved to use systems on a sliding scale and I really feel like ships is WAY behind on this. I concede I am a DD main (Shima/Mino) So I am a biased player but what I really want is HEROIC GAMEPLAY. I wish all torpedo's did much less alpha damage but had more status effects and lower cooldowns, the Key to heroic game play is giving players tools and courage to survive, while also giving players a reason to get out from behind islands! I want to see players punished for running away and awarded for leading the charge. All of the greatest moment's in my three years of play have surrounded a 1v1 brawl with everything on the line from point blank range! Who here doesn't Hoo Rah a charging battleship going in for the Ram! Who here doesn't revel is the knife fight of two DDs? These moments need to be rewarded by the game system for players with the passion and courage to get in there and get a job done. That's what this game means to me. Thank you to the dev team for all their hard work, and thank you to any player that comments or emotes on this, I really appreciate your time.