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Found 2 results

  1. l_Do_Not_Care

    Bot Cv's coming soon?

    Quick question for someone in the loop, maybe @iKami or @Gneisenau013. Any time frame set for when we will see the return of AI carriers to Co-op? I've been lazier than usual keeping up with the blogs and streams. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm curious as to whether any of the community with the "inside scoobies" on what's brewing at WG have heard anything about a true simulation version of Warships. Most of the WW2 naval sims out there are either old or, in the case of That Other Company that sounds like stormy weather, is junk. I beta-tested That Other Game for about 20 matches and the UI and aiming mechanics both blew big chunks. Seems to me a lot of the heavy graphics/model work is already available, but it would be a complete re-write of everything else, a huge undertaking. Still, there's a market out there to be disrupted, and WG is a programming powerhouse. Anyone heard if WG is interested or actually working on a true simulation with basically the same UI and ship repertoire?