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Found 4 results

  1. time and time again we get a detonation when it seems like we shouldn't. im asking WG to put a percentage on the ships of how it is to det or show us something about the det cause man they really f*** up a game.(det by a T8 CV in a T10 mont full AA spec).
  2. Today I am going to showcase my experience in the Tier 8 Royal Navy Destroyer, the Lightning. Overall a decent ship, but my experience in it was "something different" compaired to other ships I have played.
  3. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Fun and engaging, Redux.

    Thank you to the battleship captain who detonated me in my Edinburgh last night. It came just at the right time - at the very end of the match, when we were about to lose anyway and it wouldn't have changed the outcome. Plus the salvo would probably have wrecked me even if the big D hadn't happened, so that was all good too. I am pleased with the acquisition of ten Juliet Charlie flags, as I was running out of those. While it was good to have plenty of backup in capping A and B (perhaps too much so in A; we were never contested), I note that there is still a subset of the northwest spawning team in Neighbours that persists in going up north of C to waste its time, get cornered and die. I wish people wouldn't do that; the number and proportion of times I've spawned northwest and been on the losing team is starting to get depressing.
  4. Well it happened again. I am finally ready to play WoW again and I load up a match. Within the first 2 minutes of this match, I am detonated. Man!!! That is sooooo much fun. I am sooooo glad detonations are a part of the game. I was thinking after being eliminated in the first 2 minute of this match, let me sit here and watch for another 18 minutes while others get to play because that is sooooooo much fun. Hey WoW! You guys need to get rid of detonations cause they really make me want to quit the game. I have invested in this game so I am a paying customer. You should care what I think. Another suggestion...offer matches without detonations. If you guys can't live without this ridiculously, soul stealing, demoralizing and unfun feature of this game, the least you can do is offer matches without this awful feature. Rant over. Peace out. Joe