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Found 8 results

  1. CaptSpock

    Detection Ranges

    Something has been bugging me for a while: Why is it that ships have a better detection range than aircraft? Except for radar, ships can only "see" as far as the horizon; aircraft, with their height of eye, can see much further. Comments?
  2. drew41078

    Sonar Detection of Subs

    Submarines need to be detected by a DD's sonar, period. It is a ship, or technically a boat, made of steel which reflects sound waves. A sonar on a DD or a Cruiser must detect it JUST LIKE ANY OTHER SHIP IN THE GAME, including through ROCK. Change my mind.
  3. Hi... I'm sure I'm not the only person to find the game's hiding system VERY illogical. It doesn't make any sense that I can see all my allies and I can't see an enemy destroyer 7Km away from me. Please change it! I let the engine display ships that are not blocked by map elements (islands) or smoke. It would be MUCH MORE coherent that way. Take advantage of the fact that the submarines will soon enter the game and remove this mechanic, because the submarines, THIS ONES, will go unnoticed very close, indeed. Yes, I know why I can see all my allies at any distance, I've seen the videos regarding concealment and detection and I know the justification regarding "allied communication". But let's face it, this is a pretty lame excuse to justify the current invisibility and detection mechanism. I'm not here with a question about mechanics, I know how it works! My intention here is to try to show that this mechanic is NOT GOOD, it is not fair and it causes imbalance. To start with, my suggestion is to make ships detected by allies not appear as selectable targets in the game, in case our ship doesn't have the "real" visibility. Such detected ships could only appear on the minimap (such as in a cyclone or storm situation, reduced visibility range). It doesn't make sense that I can lock and fire at a target that's behind a mountain. Visibility and shooting ability should be defined by the range of weapons and the physical characteristic of the ship (height of the watchtower) and attributes applied to the captain or to the ship itself. I know a lot of people love the system as it is because they take advantage of it, but it's not the fact that it benefits people that should be the reason the mechanics aren't improved. I like the game a lot, I think it's well balanced, but this concealment system, as it stands, makes it look more like one of those "fantasy games" than a game that even values the world's naval history. I'm SURE that if this mechanic is adjusted to be less fanciful, there will be an increase in terms of game balance and will cause players to adjust their hiding strategies to something more, say, real, logical and coherent, and not just being 7 km away from us, when our vision range is 10 km or more, for example.
  4. HMS_FlyingConqueror

    Idea for CV balance change

    So here's an Idea I've been mulling about in my head for a while, that could (hopefully?) solve some issues people have when it comes to carriers. Do take what I say with a grain of salt and I'd love to see some, respectful, insight into this idea. Damage Lean heavier into the DOT damage model, increase fire/flood chance, but lower damage. This one change could take the pressure off some other classes. Speed and detection. so, as a CV, it can be difficult trying to support your team, especially if they split into two flanking columns on opposite sides of the map, an increase in squadron speed would allow the carrier to arrive on the scene faster to assist should the enemy carrier be present. Additionally, and this is the most radical part of the idea, change the spotting mechanics. What I mean by this, is: Reduce surface detection range for all ship classes to above current air spotting, but below current surface spotting, preferably somewhere in the middle. Increase air spotting range to current surface spotting range, with the caveat of being unable to spot a ship outside its normal detection range when firing (so no spotting from an enemy firing, just visual of the shells) and limited plane travel height, (so no climbing mountains, I'd imagine this would function like the barriers of the map, automatically turning the squadron around if it scales a taller mountain) When spotting, have a delay to the reveal of the target, similar to radar, but perhaps a longer duration, ~10-15 seconds maybe. This may not be perfect per se, however the idea is to incentivize CVs to play a far more supportive role, spotting for the team and guarding against enemy carrier spotting/attacks, which ties into the third point; Gameplay Currently Carrier stands as the hardest class to master as well as the most expensive class to play, I'd like to propose one last set of changes. Remove fighters as a consumable, and give the player an option when selecting "Attack Aircraft" , when selecting squadron 1, press either T or Y to select between rocket aircraft, for an anti-ship role, or fighter aircraft, for an anti-air role. Incentivize support play by rewarding EXP and credits for both spotting damage and aircraft damage, maybe not as much as kills, objectives, or raw damage, but enough to make people want to play to and with their team. Conclusion I know I don't have thousands of battles like many others, so my opinion may not be worth much, but I have played the game since beta, and think it would only further help the health of the game to bring in changes such as these, feel free to let me know what you think or maybe provide criticism about something I didn't take into account. See you on the water, fellow commanders.
  5. Funny had been planning to write a post on my thoughts on how things might work for game play then WG puts out a article on Sub game play, so anyway I will share my thoughts and views about there ideas. I will break it down into 2 sections one Subs and the other on surface warships then a final overview. Submarines Speed Well WG have decided to give Subs a way faster speed than historical this is a mistake, yes I don't see maybe a 2 or 4 knot increase but nothing over 5, what WG could do is give the Sub a speed boost module that works both under and above surface. Why a module well firstly it will be considered a gimmick however since we have endured French ships with speed boosts and now a USN Battleship with one there is no going back cant put the gimmick genie back in the bottle. The speed boost is for a quick getaway and that's all, I cant believe WG would expect a Submarine to rush back to its home cap to defend it from possible capping, defend it with what apart from torpedos it cant fire guns from smoke. Hydrophones Now as I understand it Subs wont have this but I'm certain someone will quote if I'm wrong again this is a mistake, how are Subs suppose to detect ships not firing in smoke below periscope depth , blind firing torpedoes, yeah sure DD's do it all the time but this technology was a integral part of Submarine. Homing Torpedos Not against them totally but should either be as a module once again or for Premium Submarines, cant see why they should be a normal function when the Halloween model torpedo firing system worked fine. Snorkels Don't recall if it was mentioned but I feel this system should be incorporated into the game at high tier ship level. Spawning Like I said earlier Submarines will not be any good having over the top speed they cant go back and defend a cap, they should be spawned separate from the main fleet possibly half way up the map to strike at targets moving to engage that subs home fleet. Sub Match Number Per Game WG have stated once live Sub numbers will be 2 at the most why when we get 3 DD DIV's which can destroy whole teams, how will 3 Subs be bad. Surface Warships ASW Tech/ Weapons WG are saying currently Destroyers will only have anti Sub weapons maybe Light Cruisers later, again this is a mistake any ship that historically had ASW equipment should have it including the rare class of BB if necessary there should be no exclusions. People ask what if a Sub is in game but no DD's well I say the Cruisers have to step up and go kill the Sub. There is also the chance that a player picks one of the rare DD's not equipped with ASW well that's on the player so its no good complaining after you have spawned only to find a WOLFPACK on the opposing team and you brought in your Torpedo boat, tough luck I say, roll with punches. Auto ASW is another mistake why cant we have it work similar to the torpedo system, use button number 4 push once for periscope or twice for deep setting have the reloading of weapons work based on the same principle of torpedo reload time and have a colour scheme around the ship to show what depth setting your ASW is surely it cant be that hard. Aircraft Carriers should also have auto system that if a Sub is detected bomber air groups fly off and attack subs much like fighter CAP works when CV's are detected also outward bound bombers groups should have the same too if not attacking Subs but detect one hit the button for back up bombers to attack subs while main strike continues to attack surface ships. General Thoughts People have been complaining about how the game is being dumbed down due to mechanics alteration this is the opportunity to get the brain cells working we don't want to much of this auto stuff some yes but not all WG thinks DD's have to much on there plate, you cant have your cake and eat it, you want a game to test your metal or do you want to push the " I win button ". WG has made some attempts to make random mode more team oriented has it worked yes and no will Subs help possible a little but I feel there will be a lot of good come from Subs firstly the days of the " Bow on campers, Border huggers and islander spammers " is over you do this for to long your going to find yourself sunk. I give credit where credit is due elite CV players who sit at the back and have the ability to remain untouched shows there class but this will all change, people complain about sky cancer well even these top players will have to keep moving, the days of the back line parker has come to a end if they sit there sending wave after wave of strike aircraft they will find there returning aircraft have no flight decks to land on. CV's having to keep plotting new courses to avoid Subs means less air strikes, less people complaining about sky cancer. I have been lately posting about the coming Sub apocalypse with glee but I too play surface ships and look forward to sinking Subs with great delight, I hope WG listens to the community and Subs work in the game fine. When all is said and done there is a new player in town and the age of Battleships is over HAIL THE NEW KING
  6. One of the often-overlooked changes in the recent-ish patches was the addition of a 6s a relay delay to radar, where anything spotted on radar takes 6s to be lit up to allies to shoot it. Meanwhile, one of the big common complaints with CVs is their ability to spot things easily and effectively, particularly DDs, which rely on stealth instead of health (CV complaint threads are easily more common than the next several most common threads, combined). The extension of this spotting delay to anything planes spot seems to be a logical step. As far as gameplay is concerned, this would give ships more time to react to being spotted, perhaps hiding a citadel a bit better, getting a chance to smoke up, or finding cover before fire starts pouring in. It would also mean the window for firing on targets during the opening spotting run will be less usable, since the CV would actually have to stay for a bit to get spotting damage. Any thoughts?
  7. Obviously, air scouting is an integral part of naval warfare, but it's currently detrimental to ships that rely on being discreet. Radar is being changed so only the radar ship can directly see the detected ship, at least for the first few moments of detection, while the rest of the team is merely alerted to the detected ship's location on the map. I think that would work well for air detection as well. Planes can already put a pretty good beatdown on most ships, so I don't think a Yamato should also be able to dev strike a light cruiser or destroyer from across the map that is only spotted by a ww2 multirole fighter. Planes could still alert the team to enemy movement, spoiling the plans of any would be surprise bettsux backdoor torpedo boting. Perhaps it could be a combo of marking air detected ships on the map, as well as reducing their surface detectability by 2-5km while spotted by the plane. Just an idea.
  8. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    So there is always something new,even after 6k+ battles played. Random match . Was playing the Moskva, red Worcester was sitting behind island,only front guns poking out from cover, rest of ship in cover. Range about 7-8km. He was using radar,and firing me with front guns hitting only. Straight line of view ,,nothing between my ship and his front quarters poking out from behind island. Yet,,i could not see him, no detection,,could see the shells coming out from front of me,,,,(no smoke,,close range) but not the ship,,until i hit radar,,than there he was. So apparently this is normal,,as the ship center point was behind cover,so the whole ship was undetected,,even though ,the a good portion of the ship,,with the front gun turrets firing ,were poking out in plain view?