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Found 5 results

  1. Obviously, air scouting is an integral part of naval warfare, but it's currently detrimental to ships that rely on being discreet. Radar is being changed so only the radar ship can directly see the detected ship, at least for the first few moments of detection, while the rest of the team is merely alerted to the detected ship's location on the map. I think that would work well for air detection as well. Planes can already put a pretty good beatdown on most ships, so I don't think a Yamato should also be able to dev strike a light cruiser or destroyer from across the map that is only spotted by a ww2 multirole fighter. Planes could still alert the team to enemy movement, spoiling the plans of any would be surprise bettsux backdoor torpedo boting. Perhaps it could be a combo of marking air detected ships on the map, as well as reducing their surface detectability by 2-5km while spotted by the plane. Just an idea.
  2. I'm sitting in a smokescreen with a DD. A BB approaches, He has no smoke or island between us, just open water. He is visible until he is about 4-5 km away from me, then he disappears. He doesn't reappear until he is 1.5 km away form me. Clearly I don't understand something about detection. Is this supposed to happen?
  3. VonSmallHausenn

    detection abnormality ?

    So there is always something new,even after 6k+ battles played. Random match . Was playing the Moskva, red Worcester was sitting behind island,only front guns poking out from cover, rest of ship in cover. Range about 7-8km. He was using radar,and firing me with front guns hitting only. Straight line of view ,,nothing between my ship and his front quarters poking out from behind island. Yet,,i could not see him, no detection,,could see the shells coming out from front of me,,,,(no smoke,,close range) but not the ship,,until i hit radar,,than there he was. So apparently this is normal,,as the ship center point was behind cover,so the whole ship was undetected,,even though ,the a good portion of the ship,,with the front gun turrets firing ,were poking out in plain view?
  4. First I have to say.. ITS BROKEN. Being able to see the enemy IF' 1 of my/their team SEE's the other..IS STUPID.. You might add a Shadow, giving a suggestion of WHERE something is, but NOT A VISUAL TARGET. Iv seen it, Iv used it, Iv watched team mates DESTROYED BY IT... The Battleships has best view range, and Should not see everything that a Destroyer is seeing 4+ squares away.. Destroyers have small profiles and cant be seen by Battleships until they are reasonably Close..But Iv seen them shoot Long range and kill the destroyers. Iv seen 3 focus fire the last few destroyers..from the NEXT OVER Control point.. Radar/sonar...DO NOT tell you where and WHAT it is..they tell you SOMETHING is over there. and its not SUPER accurate, and does not show you the VISUAL TARGET.. you MIGHT get an average size of the ITEM on radar/sonar, but nothing more. Please fix this. Even the example you show...Shows that it shouldnt be happening.
  5. I have noticed that during a few battles while playing battleships that sometimes an enemy destroyer fleeing away from my team's front line (usually pursuing friendly destroyers or cruisers) will somehow evade the screening ships and then torpedo me from completely unexpected angles. Examples: Playing on trap, as an Iowa supporting a Fletcher and a Harekaze in C. Fletcher goes to cap B, Harekaze goes to pursue an enemy Yugumo heading south. I'm constantly detected during all this, which makes sense since I'm also heading in the same direction as the Yugumo. The Yugumo goes unspotted for a bit, so I assume he's heading to regroup with his team at A. I'm slowing and adjusting pace, assuming torpedoes will come from around my 9-3. What I don't expect is that suddenly torpedoes appear from behind my 7 o'clock, and since I'm in an Iowa with terrible rudder shift (only b-hull), that results in the enemy Yugumo dev-striking me. Playing on Hotspot, I'm in a Bayern going around (not through, around) the cluster of islands with a Baltimore in front of me screening while an enemy Asashio flees from the Baltimore. Baltimore's radar runs out, but we continue pursuing the same course. Unexpectedly, Asashio's torpedoes suddenly appear from my 9 o'clock, behind both me and the Baltimore. Of course, given it's an Asashio, I don't see the torpedoes until it's far too late, and I die with 0 damage done. My question is how can I realize when my screening ships have let an enemy destroyer slip through, so that I don't end up becoming someone's achievement? I'm fairly confidant in my torpedobeating skills, but only if I have a general sense of where the torpedoes will come from.