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Found 1 result

  1. 0.8.0 "Fixed an issue which immediately removed a detectability penalty applied to a ship after firing its main guns if the ship was not in the targets line of sight. In update 0.8.0, the penalty will work for 20 seconds irrespective of whether the target enemy sees the firing ship or not." WG, this was not a problem. I have never seen anyone complain about it, quite the opposite in fact, people loved this change. It was a great quality of life improvement that everyone praised when it was changed. This is a stupid change that no one asked for. Edit: Apparently WG EU has said they will possibly be considering negative feedback from this to keep the mechanic as is, so a poll has been added. Please respond and forward to others so that we can give WG a lot of feedback on this subject. In a nutshell: If you fire your guns and are detected and then break detection, currently in 0.7.12, the gun bloom detection will go down to your regular detection. In 0.8.0 they are wanting to change it back to where you will maintain that 20 seconds of gun bloom detection regardless of whether you are spotted our not, so if you go into smoke or behind an island and come out into line of sight of another ship before that 20 seconds is completed, you will be detected regardless of your ship breaking detection in between. This does not change anything else, if you fire your guns from concealment and are not detected, you do not have your detection range changed to your gun bloom for 20 seconds in either iteration. Edit 2: It appears our efforts have gotten Sub Octavian's attention and they are looking at putting it back the way we want it, but it will take several patches.