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Found 1 result

  1. I have discovered that the Commander skills for my tier II cruiser, Weymouth,there is no choice of skills for level 2. I am forced to use a skill that I don't like and don't use on any other ship. The only 2 point skill available is Priority Target. This doesn't look like being able to set up different builds for different play styles. Please provide some other skill choices. At least one of the blocked skills is one I would rather have than a notice that pops up for about 2 seconds and then vanishes, becoming completely irrelevant. And buff the Priority target skill so that it stays visible for the full time a ship is detected and updates as the situation changes. For example, if I am detected and it shows one ship aiming at me, it should stay visible as long as I am detected and when I move in or out of range of other ships, it keeps me informed of how many ships are aiming at me. Not to mention that it probably tells me that that ship behind the island who just happens to have a turret pointed in my direction even though he can't shoot through the island. As far as I'm concerned all it does is tell me that some ships or other just co-incidently have their turrets pointed my way when detected, a situation that changes so quickly that knowing their are 1-2-3 or 4 ships which just happened by chance to have guns aimed at me when detected, is useless and meaningless. Say I'm sitting behind an island, and a ship that can't shoot me passes by on the other side, and is turning his turrets and one just happens to be pointing at me. I get a split second notice, look around and no ships even in sight. Useless skill in my opinion, would much rather have the consumables enhancement, which is blocked. In co-op battles I have been getting detected notices almost immediately after spawning. This has to be a server error. I have been asking around for some time about the"LOCATED" icon, white with an arrow, that frequently pops up right after spawning. What exactly is it supposed to be telling me? Is it just an easter egg? Seems pointless to have a notice that has no meaning.