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Found 219 results

  1. Domination battle on Two brothers, we started in the south. Lo Yang, me in a Kutuzov, and another CA, backed by a Normandie. We preceded to the west with Lo Yang in the lead. Cap was starting to be taken before we got there, Lo Yang moved behind the island on the south end of the cap and proceeded west skirting the cap zone, dropping smoke behind the island. Upon popping out the otherside, several BBs and CAs became spotted. I turned and moved into the smoke, as did the other CA. Began to fire on enemy Bismarck in range. When I was spotted becuase of the DD smoke, I popped my own smoke, continued to fire on Bismarck and the other ships in range. Then they all vanished. LoYang was now sitting behind the island. Irritated becuase I and the CA had been holding off the BBs with HE fire, told the LoYang to spot ffs. bit salty but enemy was still about 8km away. DD said he didn't have any smoke and his torps were reloading. I repeated just spot them. Lo Yang immediately left the island and charged into the cap zone right at the enemy ships and was promptly deleted. His response was 'There I pushed. Are you happy?' My response was push? who said anything about pushing. I wanted you to spot! The LoYang replied that pushing and spotting were the same thing. This led to an argument of no its not yes it is. I finally dropped it and promptly turned off the LoYang's chat from my screen. Another player then basically said I was getting toxic simple because he agreed with the DD that pushing and spotting are the same thing. My only 'toxic' comment I feel was the first spot ffs. Afterward, I said spotting and pushing are two different things. So now let me ask you, the forum, which is it? To me, pushing is obviously moving in towards the cap you wish to take. Spotting, when I am in a DD, means I am not behind cover or smoke, keeping the red team ships in view, while staying out of detection range.
  2. What is the best torp DD in the game at TIER 5?

    I would be interested in your opinions... thanks!
  3. Radar and Destroyer concept

    So I'm on a Hornfischer binge right now, and im trying to figure out a way to suggest reworking radar to make it kinder to destroyers and more realistic. 1940's era search radar was pretty crude, it didn't just magically illuminate a target (gun director radar is a different manner) Instead of a 1 key stealth destroying feature, maybe the key gives range and bearing to a target? (Displayed similar to the torpedo auto target) This would better reflect the tech at the time, allow the player to blind fire into the right neighborhood and give destroyers better odds. What do you suggest?
  4. I just unlocked this pretty little DD and would love to hear your thoughts on what upgrades/captain skill I should get for her!
  5. Surprisingly enough, I'm not talking about WWII. See, after the 18th Amendment banned alcohol creation, sales, and consumption in the United States, the Prohibition Era kicked off. Now, just because booze was illegal, doesn't mean people didn't want it anymore. So they went to great lengths to smuggle it in, especially from overseas. The US Coast Guard wasn't in a position to counter the "rumrunners" on its own, so the Navy provided some "help". Help in the form of ex-WW1 destroyers All in all, the US Coast Guard operated 25 destroyers from 1920-1933 as part of the "Rum Patrol" (lasting until the 21st Amendment cancelled the 18th and allows me to drink a beer by my computer today) A full list of ships and classes can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rum_Patrol Yet of special note is the fact that 3 destroyers were of the Sampson-class (the in-game Tier II USN destroyer), and 6 were the Clemson-class (the Tier IV USN gunboat). These ships were supposed to be cheaper alternatives to building new fast cutters for the USCG. Instead, they proved to be bigger hassles, commonly taking up to a year just to make seaworthy. Yet despite their age, disrepair, and not to mention the inexperience of the crews in handling such large ships, the Rum Patrol DDs had a fairly lively career. Once the USCG no longer needed them, they were returned to the Navy and either scrapped, or continued their service past WWII. For some more stories about the Rum Patrol, you can also look here: http://www.dieselpunks.org/profiles/blogs/rum-patrol-vs-rum-runners
  6. Overall I am really happy with the direction of the game and have seen many improvements. Can anyone explain to me why we still have high tier games where one side has more destroyers or radar ships then the other side. Twice today I was in 3 destroyer vs 2 destroyer games, both times one of destroyers was slow to load in, and both times the other team totally dominated the map within 3 mins. Also why aren't the ships with radar split evenly between the two teams. Would be a great way to balance the Missouri (since your team has 1 less radar crusier) without changing anything about the ship itself. These are two simple changes that an overwhelming majority of player base has been asking for. Make it happen WG !
  7. Destroyers need love too

    I am a DD player. I've played nearly 7,000 games of which nearly 4,500 are in dd(s) (yes, i need a life). My overall stats are below average but always trending upwards. The other day, I had a great battle. It was capture/defend the green and red base. An island reasonably cut the map down the middle into East and West. There were 3 dds. I went East and the other 2 west. After I got the reasonably far north and east, I turned back to the center. At that moment, I had little to no cover fire ability from ships in the rear and dds could easily go right up the middle against us. I was in a Gearing with RDF. As I went towards the middle a player chastised me for no balls. I asked what he would like me to do and he said, "grow a pair", screen and spot. I stated I was screening the entire east side and others told him to go back to playing world of Tanks. At that moment an enemy dd appears sailing right down the middle and I killed it with guns. Then I turned back having spotted a ship for just a second far to the East. Now a Montana was moving up the East and I was able to get in front of it. The enemy was moving and hiding and I was observing with RDF. Suddenly, he has me in his radar sights. We have an island between us. I sit there for a moment knowing he can see my every flinch while he is invisible to me. Suddenly I hear crashing sounds and see red explosions to my right. A minotaur is coming out and hitting the island as he opens up on me. I calmly loose 10 torpedoes and then back away firing guns. He is destroyed. I am elated. Next thing you hear, he is calling me a cheat. Says he hit me for 23,000 damage and I am still alive. I must have a "hack". The Montana says no dude you missed him entirely. In all truth I was down 15,000 and that was a split between him and the first dd. Long story short, it was my best battle of the day and I lost a point of Kharma. I suspect it was him. If I play cruisers and battleships my kharma goes up. When I play dds it falls to zero in due course. Today, I've been playing a mix including a Conqueror. In the last battle, an FDG totally let me down, hid behind islands and can you guess what.......blamed the dds all game long. How many times are players blaming dds. I watch them start before the first round is even fired. Just predictable. I wonder if the community that posts here agrees. Good Hunting!
  8. RU DDs vs PA DDs

    What line is better/more fun? I'm decent at torpedo boat play style of Japanese DDs, and kinda suck at american DDs and want to try something new. How do the guns in each lien compare to american and Japanese ones? And what about Pan-Asia torps, how do they compare to Japanese ones?
  9. To Many DD's!

    Is there something wrong with the match maker? Most games in higher tiers we see 4 to 7 dd's per team and maybe 2 or 3 cruisers. Normally it wouldnt be a problem if I was playing a cruiser but im playing BB mainly and spending most of my time fighting dd's and dodging torpedos instead of fighting other bb's and cruisers. I have spent several battles in the last week alone running and fired only 3 or 4 salvos because of dd's. I've had cruisers tell me its the bb's job to kill the dd's not the cruisers job! A limit of 3 dd's per team like the cv limit of 2 per team would make games far more playable. 98% of the teams i get wont be aggressive in a dd heavy battle and just hide and get picked off. Please fix this! This is more toward wargames than other players so please keep your comments on topic if you reply. Trolls, wallet warriors, whatever ya are. Keep your rude snide remarks to yourself. If your not going to help improve the game with your comment then just dont comment especially if your going to tell me play better or get good or in some other way show your lack of education or social skills.
  10. [Edited] Hydro or Radar!! @#$$#@

    Is it me or is it a lot harder to hide as a destroyer? It feels like as of the last patch or two I am CONSTANTLY detected - much of it on radar. That feels new - you used to be able to get close in the Shima for instance. No longer. 8K torps are not remotely feasible now. Even 12s seem dicey at times. They must have buffed up radar/hyro. I know to stay away from Missouri and company, but Kurfurst and others seem much stronger.
  11. Hello everyone, I present to you today, a poll inspired by LittleWhiteMouse's recent "Angry Youtuber Reviews" about entire lines. The idea of this is to let the community vote on what they think each ship should be classified as! A special thank you to LittleWhiteMouse for giving me permission to do this! In case you missed it, here is the link to her review of the British Battleships: Thank you and happy polling! supernovabn P.S. If you don't know the scale made by LittleWhiteMouse, here it is... How would these ships rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Gud - Overpowered? GARBAGE- Grossly uncompetitive and badly in need of buffs. Mehbote - Average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable, but certainly not advantageous. Gudbote - A strong ship that has obvious competitive strengths and unique features that make it very appealing. OVERPOWERED - A ship with very clear advantages over all of its competitors and unbalancing the game with its inclusion.
  12. Hello everyone! I decided to create this poll as I couldn't find any new polls with all of the new lines. (As Pan Asian's just came out!) Have fun voting!!! Feel free to post comments below :) Additionally, if you have not played up to any of the tiers listed here, still feel free to vote in the tier that you have played/played against. [I'll include some of the dd's that are already in supertesting (IE the T-61)!] Also, in case I screw up and accidentally post this too early (like my cruiser poll), just abstain from voting until I fix it up :) On that note..... here's the link to the Cruiser poll I made a while back if you are interested! Thanks, supernovabn
  13. Played the Pan-Asian cruiser, or gunboat, or whatever tier 1 ships are called, and then played Longjiang for 2 matches, got the tier 3, and quit. I'm looking at my screen, and there are 24 DD's in my match. My torps don't work against DD's. Now I'm not the fastest guy in the race, but hey! So, as Scooby-Do would say; "ROT ROW!!" Instead, I played some ships I like against the Pan-Asians, and have some initial impressions about them. And, before I type another word, let me also say this is just from a few games, and only against Pan-Asian DD's up to tier 6, and everything from here on is only opinion (and certainly one which has been widely disputed in this very Forum!) They have good guns. I was playing T-22 and Nicholas against them and they had no real issues at medium ranges. The guns hit hard, and had really good gun arcs for the ones I played against. They can maneuver well enough to stay competitive at a medium distance. Had one match where the red team had a Sims and some of our guys had trouble knife-fighting with it. (but a lot of DD's have knife-fighting issues with Sims) Speed was good, and their smoke very effective; some matches were so DD heavy both teams had to evacuate areas because the smoke was too heavy for anyone to see anyone and players were just blindly detecting each other at minimum distances. Overall, these are very competitive ships in the brawling/gunboat meta; I was honestly never in a match with enough cruisers or BB's to tell you how deep water torps work, because I never saw one. (Sorry, not completely true; I did see a Pan-Asian DD launch torps against another DD, probably trying to scare him off. Didn't work.) Players will be seeing these ships for quite a while.
  14. Lately I dislike playing tier 7 destroyers. I think it is somewhat because the tier 8 concealment expert module is so dominate on tier 8 + destroyers as it gives such a massive advantage. Frankly I would like to see the tier 8 module slot just completely disappear but I do not think that would happen. The concealment module makes such a massive difference, I would say tier 7 destroyers are not nearly as much fun as tier 7 cruisers, or battleships, but enough griping. :P The other module slots at other tiers have tempting alternative options to their best one, even the 500k cost module allows for secondary modification, anti air modification, and aiming system modification for different flavors that work for the skill. For the 2 million cost? It is just the concealment option. What other options for that module would be worth taking instead of concealment expert? * Maybe air concealment module? Reduce spotting by air by 40% * Element protection module? 10% reduction to fire and flooding damage, maybe even 5% more torpedo protection *High explosive charge module? +100 meters per second to shell velocity These are some ideas that may be competitive to concealment module and might make the tier 8 slot more interesting. These are just my thoughts. What kinds of modules do you all think could be competitive to the concealment module?
  15. Why do only four nations have destroyers, and two nations have aircraft carriers? This isn't a very important question, but it just rubs me the wrong way that none of the British destroyers or aircraft carriers made it into the game. The same goes for the french! They had over 100 destroyers and I believe several battleships, but they're only given cruisers in the game, save for the Dunkerque. What is with the historical discrepancies? Is it because it would be too costly to include all the cool ships the nations have? I'm simply baffled. It's especially odd when you consider the British designed the first purpose built aircraft carrier, as well as the famed 'invincibility' of the British Navy during the wars. Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_World_War_II_destroyers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_World_War_II_destroyers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Hermes_(95) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_battleships_of_France
  16. Low visibility torps

    Is there a source (WOW wiki?) that details the visibility stats of various torps across the game - and the ships that used them? I want to understand which ships have the lowest visibility torps - I understand this varies, with the IJN typically having the lowest. But would like to learn more. Thanks!
  17. It seems people are hyping about the Kidd mainly due to its AA capabilities. But there are reasons to ponder before an average player commits to buy the ship and use it to farm credits or experience. The Kidd is basically a Benson with 5 less torpedoes. The guns are almost identical (Kidd has slightly longer range, at 12 km with that arc it's a miracle to hit thing but a straight sailing BB). Being destroyers, the majority of the damage, especially % damage done to target, will be from their torpedoes. So having 50% less torpedoes is a great hindrance to credit and exp farming, because the game uses % damage done as a major metric for calculation. Harder to do large amount of % damage to enemies is one of the most important factor to consider before buying the Kidd. The extra consumable also means extra maintenance cost. A player can choose to run with non premium consumables but the ship's abilities will literally be greatly reduced. The AA consumable seems nice now, because for some reason, CVs have forgotten about the age old tactic of baiting out the defensive AA. Sooner or later, CVs are going to remember again (hoping a ship's performance based on enemies' idiocy is not a stable plan). On top, and the major reason, is that encountering a CV in game is not more than 50%, it's around 40%. So it's not optimal running premium AA all the time, and if not running non premium AA is more likely then CVs will simply bait and drop, making the consumable moot. Maneuverability wise, the Kidd has longer rudder shift. It makes turning in the restricted areas inside a smoke cloud harder, and thus making it more vulnerable to torpedoes. Even outside the smoke, longer rudder shift means harder to dodge torpedoes. Right now Kidd has slightly more avg damage done and slightly higher win rate than Benson, but judging by the distribution of Benson's "rating" (which is heavily based on avg damage) which skews heavily to the right (Kidd's distribution not out yet). The differences in performance between the two might not be statistically significant (variance too high). Compare to Fletcher (which has 5 more torps, and better torps), Kidd's average damage done is much lower. The higher avg exp in Kidd can be explained by much higher planes down than Benson, but that performance is heavily depending on meeting high numbers of subpar CV players. Otherwise, avg ships killed and kills per death between the two are identical (means match influence wise, the two are pretty much same, after all both are basically the same ship). Comparing to Fletcher, Kidd's kill to death ratio is also much lower, most likely due to the torpedo deficiency. Making a kill means extra credits, making a kill with a salvo of torps outright, mean crap pile of credits. So, having 50% less torps is really hurting the Kidd. Even judging by the top performing captains in Fletcher, Benson, and Kidd; Kidd's average damage is much lower than the first two. Kidd probably can perform fairly well in a seasoned player's hand, but it is by no means living up to the hype and can perform well for everyone (well it is true for every ship, but the point here is that Kidd will be a harder ship to play, unless someone wants to play the game like a serious business... it's not "fun", per se.) ps: Since it seems to be a trend of boosting AAs, WG starting to realize how OP CVs are. CVs even by WG's own admission to have too much influence on a match, and thus, CVs need nerfing.
  18. I have long been an advocate, and a vocal one, of playing the ships you regularly play against so you have an idea of how they perform; what and where their strong and weak points are. So a short while ago I decided to grind out the German and British BB's to remind myself of what those players love and hate. First, as slow as battleships sail, you can find yourself all alone incredibly quickly (sometimes within seconds of the red team firing their first salvo.) So, lesson one, stay with the herd and you will live longer. Second, no good CV driver needs cross drop to eliminate a BB; @Femennenly taught me that with a beautiful drop on my QE, never even had a chance to dodge that double drop. Again, stay with the herd as group AA is better AA. Third, ALL of my gunners need to go to an AA meeting; they can't hit anything anywhere where it does any damage. Pick skills that make you hit what you aim at because it doesn't matter how many shots you miss with. I remember now why I gave up battleship play; but having more games under my belt definitely gives me a better perspective and attitude. Still, when I re-bought the T-22 to see how much she had improved, it was like putting on your oldest, most comfortable shoes. Enjoyed the change of pace though.
  19. Community FAQ

    So with the common onslaught of new players from the Steam release, the inevitable seal clubbing that many WoWs players cannot help themselves against, there is going to be a huge influx of threads that boil down to, "What the hell is *insert semi-common-to-oft-misunderstood-mechanic-or-meta-thing*" And while Wargaming does provide some tooltips, they more, lets say, 'realistic' aspects of the way this game functions, are not often mentioned. Such as: Q: "I can deal with most ships I come up against at T3-4, but I notice this one, called the Nikolia, seems to be a huge pain to deal with. What's up with that?" A: It's genuinely overpowered, to a degree that the Developer (Wargaming) ceased selling it shortly after release and will not offer it ever again as a direct sale, this being Wargaming's preferred method of acknowledging something is Overpowered. Followup A1: Konig Albert, Belfast, Gremy, and Kutz all follow the same setup and have been deemed genuinely overpowered. Followup A2: Although recently Wargaming has started allowing for this as a warning on a sales page, they *generally* won't nerf, even an admitted overpowered, Premium (pay for with real money) ship. Things like this aren't discussed by Wargaming itself and perhaps, just *maybe* we can head off a bunch of 'Wot is dis' threads by populating one thread with general Q/A's. So post em here, and please, try to keep it general, not preference related. So yeah, I hate the Moskva's design and features in game, but arguing over whether or not it's really a BB hiding in the CA category is a discussion for a different thread.
  20. So... After playing quite a few games in Shinonome farming credits. It seems IJN DDs can have its own niche in DD vs DD gun fights. Post USN DD's gun arc nerf, IJN DD's does currently have an advantage in "knife fights", due to the flatter trajectory of their shells. IJN DDs can actually do quite well against USN DDs around 7-10 km range. At that range, USN DD's guns have high arcs and can be dodged (not all shells, but reasonable amounts), while IJN DD's shells are flatter and have more alpha damage. If played right, IJN DDs can keep a good distance while punishing USN DDs with high alpha salvos with very good accuracy. Also at that range, maneuverability short comings of IJN DDs are not that detrimental.
  21. Rounds

    I play with US Destroyers IV Clemson and V Nicholas. I don't understand why I can hit other destroyers with numerous rounds and barely make a dent where I am dead after about 3 hits from them. I can understand getting killed quick by a cruiser or battleship because their guns are bigger but from a destroyer, I don't understand. Some games I cruise just to die. I don't even get to engage. It makes me not want to play anymore even though I like playing. It doesn't happen in every game but it is frustrating when it happens.
  22. New player...having fun with the Empire's DD line! Looking at the tier V split now and wondering what's most effective? One of course, goes all the way to X, but there seem to be quite a few Akatsuki fans on here. I'm getting the hang of using smoke, spotting, and love opportunity torps in the lower tiers. Opinions? What are the strengths/weaknesses of the tree choices? Thanks! ~War~
  23. Hi guys! The Dev Blog posted this this morning: So for compensation for her one torpedo launcher she gets heal, interesting. Thanks @renegadestatuz for pointing this out. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  24. Enough with the cries of "Spot for me"

    I don't know what it is, but in the last few weeks, whenever I play my destroyers and carriers, I'm constantly getting harassed by battleships hanging in the back rows, asking for spotting. I get it. Long range guns need targets to shoot. But @#%$, if the people with the heaviest armor are too afraid to get close, they can spot their own targets. I'm tired of getting my destroyers shot up because I'm the only target within range (I get spotted by either a red DD, or aircraft, and smoke only does so much). I'm tired of losing my planes and people crying about lack of spotting, despite the fact that I haven't allowed a single red TB through (You're welcome). And these are people that typically, by battle end, have the least xp earned and the fewest kills, so it's not like they're hitting much anyways. There are plenty of reds visible once the rest of the fleet engages, and they're apparently not good enough?
  25. Hating and Ignoring DDs

    I kill destroyers. I drive a cruiser. I make mistakes. Unlike the noble battleship or sleek cruiser the destroyer gets no respect. They are considered by many as necessary evils, on the same level as attorneys. If you have to have one you want the meanest, nastiest one on your side. Like unwanted sandlot football player told to “go long for a pass” we watch as our destroyers often go like rockets into the battle solo. Everyone else are “pacing themselves”, well behind them, waiting to see how the battle develops. DDs “scout” (a polite term for being on your own) far away from friendly supporting fire while looking for trouble. I foolishly would shadow alone them as backup. When the rath of an enemy grouping was discovered the nimble DD and myself would take the punishment. I am changing my ways. I have seen “the light.” I will keep my DDs under my wing but always insure that I am under the wing of a battleship that has the range and firepower to help balance the scales. Lone wolves die alone. Cruisers can give friendly DDs covering fire but they can be outmannned and outgunned when they are the first to make contact with a battle group. A battleship’s cover is an awesome force. If a battleship expects a cruiser to prevent a destroyer’s torpedoes it must work as a team with that cruiser. The cruiser that supports destroyers needs support from the battleship. In a team those who give support get support... and survive.