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Found 63 results

  1. The combat missions which need to be completed for german tokens have disappeared. I really want to unlock Z-31 and its camo. WOWS please help...
  2. Nightlock_

    Best Torp Botes

    Hey Guys, I'm a relatively new DD player and i like being a torpedo boat, so naturally i tried IJN, im up to the Isokaze, and its great, I love it. I really like the line but i hear from every single person that the IJN dds are shiz after the nerfs to torp stealth and the guns, and tell me that ijn dds in general are crap, They say that shima is worst T10 dd in the game, and now i dont know if i really want to play through the IJN line anymore. I honestly dont care about guns, (i don't know how to use them without being nuked ;) because i dont use them that often, so what would you guys say?. Also how effective is the akizuki line at knife fighting and how is the manuevrability and concealment on them??
  3. There are a pair of ships in the game that are modeled and still in the game files, and I think one of them could be an interesting armory premium if WG would choose to refine the stats slightly. I am referring to the British tier V destroyer Anthony that was a special mission ship when the original Dunkirk mission was available. Anthony is an A type Destroyer and a sister to tech tree V Acasta, but with some notable differences. First, the Anthony, unlike Acasta, can stealth fire torpedoes before concealment expert due to haveing an extra kilometer of range with its torpedoes, giving it almost a full km to work with with concealment expert, as opposed to Acasta which has nearly the same detection and torpedo range with concealment expert. Another key difference is the very not typical choice of consumables Anthony has, forgoing smoke for both engine boost and defensive AA, which would need some serious buffing to its base AA to be worthwhile, but that would not be difficult to change. The final difference is in the damage of the torpedoes, with the Anthony getting an extra 4k damage per fish over Acasta. Basically, what I am saying is, please put in a good work to St. Petersburg to please give us this ship that the majority of the work has already been done for. It is a fun alternative to its tech tree sister. Thank you.
  4. I am wondering, as I am sure we are all figuring out the new skills and such. Preventive maintenance just seems like it was thrown into the wrong tree? Honestly seems like it would be a cruiser and destroyer skill if anything not for battleships.
  5. Navis_Nobilite

    Akizuki - IFHE and fires

    I'm getting close to unlocking the Akizuki. I am pretty sure it needs IFHE. Is there any reason to get Demolition Expert, since it's not that great anymore? Does the Akizuki rely on fires for damage? Or would I be better off with the faster firing skill?
  6. SweetBabyRuth

    Russian Bias

    If wargaming wants to keep its Russian bias, the tech tree Russian ships need buffed ASAP! With the changes to the commander skill tree, and the game meta now being shifted to torp boats, A/J line BB sniping and FDRs, short range specialized ships that are can tank a lot of damage a straight up bad. The only viable ship from the Russian navy is well.... Slava, and maybe Slava, oh and Slava. Even Smolensk doesn't really make sense when everything is already outside of 19 kilometers. So WG, if you care so much about your Russian ships, then you probably should buff them, or else there will be no reason to play them... even on the RU servers.
  7. I recently got into Japanese destroyers in the iOS version of WOWS, WOWS Blitz. Blitz has a somewhat similar gamestyle, except destroyers are more prevalent, all ships get a heal and some weird consumables, and cv’s still use rts style. Are Japanese destroyers fun or competitive in the current WOWS Pc Meta?
  8. Soooo..... But when you look at cruisers, where the skill is useless... In order to get back to the builds I had before the rework, I'm required to have the last 2 points... but it takes 1.2 million exp to get the last 2 points. And now I'm seeing like this more and more. Who the heck okayed this "New and Improved" skill rework?
  9. So, I was working on my captain builds after the rework and I finally got to the French Destroyers. While selecting the skills to use for the Marceau I noticed something odd... If I select the tier IV skill "Main Battery and AA Expert" I get a dispersion nerf on my Main Battery Accuracy that's not specified in the skill effects (It increases from 94m to 110m if I select it) Now, this shouldn't be an issue on most destroyers because of the range, but it does seem problematic given the Marceau's high arcs and slow rounds. Is this a bug or a non-specified effect included in the skill? Screenshot included for evidence
  10. Hi all, Destroyers were always a fun ship type to play. So how about considering a new Tier 10 Premium destroyer for the US navy? Idea - I had this idea since starting from 10.0.2, USS Somers will become unavailable to obtain from the Armory for an undefined period of time. Although it will be replaced by the USS Austin, there will be no Tier 10 Premium Destroyers for US Navy. You might think that we don't even need a Tier 10 Premium destroyer for the US Navy, but in World of Warships, starting from Tier 5 (US), every tier has a premium destroyer: T5 Hill, T6 Monaghan, T7 Sims/ Sim B, T8 Kidd, T9 Benham and Black, and no T10 premium destroyer after 10.0.2 :( USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692. Ship Length - 376 feet Beam - 40 feet Draft - 15 feet Speed - 34 knots Hit Points - between 18,000 - 20,000 Armaments Main guns - Three 130mm double-barrelled guns Rate of Fire - 20 shots/minutes Reload time - 3 seconds Firing Range - between 12 - 13km Maximum HE Shell Damage - 2,200 Maximum AP Shell Damage - 2,600 AA Defence Twelfth 40mm Bofors Average damage per second - between 90 - 130 Firing Range - between 3 - 4km Eleven 20mm Oerlikon Average damage per second - between 45 - 65 Firing Range - between 2 - 3km Torpedoes Two quintuple(5) Torpedo launchers Torpedo Warhead - 533mm Rate of Fire - between 0.85 - 0.66 shots/ minutes Reload Time - between 70 - 90 seconds Firing Range - 16.5km Torpedo Speed - 66 knots Maximum Damage - 20,000 Possible Consumables Damage Control Party Smoke Generator/Hydroacoustic Search Engine Boost/ Enhanced AA Defence
  11. Bubblehead4LifeUSNVet

    Protecting capital ships

    WoW should factor into the point scheme the failure of CCs and DDs to protect capital ships, which is their main purpose. Blindly giving points for damage makes it all too common for DDs and CCs to just sit behind rocks and spew spam at slower enemy BBs instead of trying to protect their own BBs and CVs. Too many BBs get HE spammed to death by enemy CCs and DDs while teamate CC and DD players are in range to counter - but don't. Maybe if the match points were weighted by ship type - more points for surviving BB and CV and less if capital ships are lost, would create more incentive for CC and DD players to protect their teamates so gameplay more faithfully resemble true naval warfare and not just an every-man-for-himself point scramble.
  12. With the Indian Celebration a couple of weekends ago and the request for Indian ships in WoWS, I was reminded that at one point the subcontinent was part of the Commonwealth (and still participates in the Commonwealth Games). I would like to propose a new Commonwealth Tech Tree that contains mostly real ships in all four of the classes from Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan. Characteristics: It is already established that the Commonwealth tech tree ship characteristics already include the creeping smoke generator, as well as both HE and AP for their main guns. For additional characteristics, I think it is appropriate that they be given an anti-submarine specialization once subs become part of the regular matchmaking. This can be approximated by giving all ships Depth Charges and an improved anti-sub Hydroacoustic Search Consumable. Aircraft carriers would have access to a squadron that could drop depth charges on top of Subs that they encounter. Cruisers: These will be Light Cruisers with better than average concealment and lower than average HP. Tier 1 - (AUS) Warrego (Grimsby-class) A sloop that provided escort duties in WWII. Provided some defence during the bombing of Darwin in 1942. Slow at 16.5 knots, it has three 4-inch guns so it will probably fit the RoF at Tier I, not like many people stay around at that level anyways... Tier 2 - (AUS) Pioneer (Pelorus-class) Built in 1897, transferred to Australia and commissioned in 1913, saw more actual combat than any other Australian ship of WWI, capturing several German merchants and helping blockade German East Africa. A bit slow, but should be serviceable at this tier. Tier 3 - (CAN) Aurora (Arethusa-class) Involved in the Battle of Dogger Bank in WWI, she was transferred to Canada in 1920. Became the victim of budget cuts and her equipment was cannibalized for other Canadian ships through the 1920s. Her specialty could be only 2 main guns and a lot of secondaries. However, she may be undergunned for the tier and may also be confused with the Russian Cruiser of the same name. Perhaps the Sydney and Adelaide should both be moved down one Tier with something else (paper ship?) to replace at Tier V. Alternately, choose: (CAN) Niobe (Diadem-class) Commissioned in 1898, was transferred to Canada in 1910 as one of the first ships of the new RCN. Reassigned as a depot ship partway through WWI, she was damaged in the Halifax Explosion of 1917. She has a lot of guns, similar to St Louis. Tier 4 - (AUS) Sydney (Chatham-class) Commissioned in 1913, she defeated SMS Emden at the Battle of Cocos. Had Depth Charge chutes, so would be good for Anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Tier 5 - (AUS) Adelaide (Birmingham-class) Similar to Sydney but with an extra main gun. Might be a too-highly tiered, but WG can probably tweak the design to fit at this level. Tier 6 - (NZL) Achilles (Leander-class) The legend. Similar to Perth. (AUS - Premium) Canberra (County-Class) This would be the one Commonwealth Heavy Cruiser option, with characteristics similar to Devonshire/London but with crawling smoke. Or maybe can fit it at Tier VII if the smoke makes it that survivable. Tier 7 - (PAK) Babur (Dido-class) Originally HMS-Diadem which covered convoys and raided german shipping routes in WWII, transferred to Pakistan in 1956 and participated in the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1965 and 1971. This class would have a similar performance profile to the Atlanta/Flint cruisers, so should fit at this tier. It was small, so should have the best concealment at it's tier and small HP pool to match. There might be an option to add the variant that had 5 turrets instead of 4. Tier 8 - (CAN) Ontario (Swiftsure-class) Commissioned for the RCN in 1945, she was too late to see service in the WWII Pacific theatre and had a relatively uneventful career. It has the same guns a Fiji with one less turret, but more secondaries. Since it wouldn't be a clone, there is leeway to make it's specs that would fit at this tier. If the original main battery RoF is too slow, have the ability to research and mount the Neptune guns to increase RoF. Tier 9 - (IND) Mysore (Crown Colony-class) Acquired by India in 1957, she served as flagship of the Western Fleet and commanded the missile attack on Karachi Harbour during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Granted this is an uptiered Fiji, but having access to both Slot 5 and 6 upgrades (possibility of improved concealment and RoF) should keep it competitive with other Tier IX CLs. If WG really wants to, maybe give it an option to upgrade the main battery and torpedos to Neptune guns/torps so it will be squishy offset by high DPM. Tier 10 - (???) Commonwealth (Minotaur-class?) May as well use the RN TX design here, but could make a complete new design (not like many of the TX ships were ever real anyways). But should still have both HE and AP, Crawling Smoke, and ASW options instead of radar. Destroyers: These will be similar to RN DDs, with crawling smoke, Depth Charges, and improved ASW Hydro. Tier 2 - (CAN) Patrician (M-class) WWI destroyer transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1920. Tier 3 - (CAN) Vancouver (S-class) Acquired from RN in 1927, ended up used as a training ship. Tier 4 - (AUS) Stuart (Scott-class) A Flotilla Leader purchased from Britain in 1933, saw action throughout the Mediterranean and Pacific during WWII. Tier 5 - (CAN) Saguenay (River-class) Active in the Atlantic duing WWII, survived a torpedo hit and a ramming before eventually serving as a training ship until the end of the war. Tier 6 - (IND) Rajput (R-class) Originally HMS Rotherham and used in WWII, she was transferred to the Indian Navy in 1949 and saw active service in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Tier 7 - (AUS) Norman (N-class) Commissioned for the RAN in 1941, she was active in the Indian and Pacific oceans and was involved in freeing Burma, the Madagascar campaign, and Battle for Okinawa. Tier 8 - (CAN) Athabaskan (Tribal-class) This ship was built to replace the original Athabaskan that was sunk in the English Channel while operating with her sister ship HMCS Haida. Note that the Guns are 4x2 102mm, differing it both from the Haida and Cossack. Tier 9 - (PAK) Khaibar (Battle-class) Originally HMS Cadiz, she was sold to the Pakistani Navy in 1956 and was sunk during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war by Styx anti-shipping missiles from Indian Fast Attack Craft. Tier 10 - (AUS) Vendetta (Daring-class) Commissioned in 1958, she had a relatively quiet career except for providing naval gunfire support during the Vietnam War. Carriers: To differentiate these CVs from others in the game, they should have an ASW-aircraft option. Crawling smoke might be fun on this as well. Additionally, these could pioneer a Light Carrier concept: Being a CV with only 2 squadrons available instead of 3, with faster regeneration and captains can choose what squadron types they want on board (flexibility for the Captain, uncertainty for the opponent). Another option is to design them like regular CVs, but with smaller squadron sizes that regenerate faster. Or just have higher tier Aircraft available. Tier 4 - (CAN) Puncher (Ruler-class) Mostly a Bogue by any other name. A bit of a cheat, was run by the RN but crewed by Canadians. Tier 6 - (AUS) Vengeance (Colossus-class) WWII carrier that didn't see active service, she was loaned to the RAN from 1952 until 1955 then sold on to Brazil and renamed Mineas Gerais. Propeller aircraft included the Fairey Firefly and Hawker Sea Fury. Tier 8 - (CAN) Magnificent (Majestic-class) It was this ship or the HMCS Bonaventure, but this seems to fit better at its tier and the Bonnie only ever operated jet aircraft. Participated in transporting Peacekeeping forces to Port Said during the Suez Crisis in 1956. Aircraft are later generation Firefly and Sea Fury. Tier 10 - (IND) Viraat (Centaur-class) Originally the HMS-Hermes that participated in the Falklands Conflict. This is a real stretch as it operated early versions of jet aircraft and I don't know what type of aircraft complement WG would want to give it, but this could be the one carrier that gets jets (Sea Vixens and Buccaneers) and ASW prop-job Gannets. I'm not sure what else could fit at Tier X. Battleships: Not much choice here, as really there was ever only one class. Tier 5 - (NZL - Premium) New Zealand (Indefatigable-class) This Battlecruiser was paid for by the New Zealand government but spent most of it's time defending Britain During WWI. She participated in the battles of Heligoland Bight, Dogger Bank, and Jutland. Much more interesting history than her sister ship, HMAS Australia. Some might say this should be Tier IV, but Tier V is the breakpoint for a lot of directives and matches what WG did with the Viribus Unitis.
  13. Are French Destroyers any good? Do they stack up favorably or unfavorable to other nation's destroyers? The French Destroyer thread is mostly made up of threads about the Premiums. I also saw Yuro take a jab at Pan-Asian Destroyers saying their torpedoes were obsolete now, is that line pretty much dead?
  14. If you see me in your match, on your team, know that I see my carrier's role playing out like this... I play my match. Which is, I initially locate the majority of the red team. My main targets are cruisers then battleships then carrier. I put destroyers LAST on my target list. There is far too much time involved by carrier aircraft to locate, target and attack destroyers. At least for me. Oh, if an opportunity pops up smack in front of me, I might take it - but... Destroyers are not my job. Destroyers are the job of cruisers, failing then battleships. I prefer to spend time attacking destroyers only when there are no other available targets or they are too close to myself or supporting ships. If the ship type designed to hunt and kill destroyers cannot do it then there is a balance issue. If they choose not to do it, that is there (your) choice but it does not make them MY job, my responsibility, my targets. So, when you see Herr Reitz playing a carrier, you now know my target priorities. tia and have fun out there. How do fellow CV drivers see it?
  15. Felipe_1982

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    Looks like there is a new DD coming: ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. The final information will be published on our game's website. In Update 0.9.7, Japanese Tier X cruiser Kitakami will enter the test. Kitakami is an unusual cruiser, with her main armament consisting of 5 quadruple torpedo launchers on each side. These torpedoes can travel up to 15 km at a speed of 57 knots and deal up to 15,633 damage. Because of her relatively fragile armor, weak AA defense, and low HP pool, Kitakami has to rely on her low basic detectability - 10.6 km - and her special Smoke Generator, which has a low smoke duration time but a large number of charges. The main gameplay of the cruiser revolves around stealthy attacks using a large number of torpedoes from a safe distance. To balance Kitakami's efficiency in the control of straights and flanks, she will only have access to narrow and "super narrow" torpedo spreads. We will carefully watch how this unusual cruiser will prove herself in battle, and will implement the necessary changes to make playing her and against her interesting. Additionally, we understand there might be concerns about the ship dealing damage to allies, and we plan to take them into account when the ship will be released. Ship's characteristics Japanese cruiser Kitakami, Tier X Hit points – 28,500. Plating - 16 mm. Main battery - 4x1 140 mm. Firing range - 13.1 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2,400. Chance to cause fire – 10%. HE initial velocity - 850 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage - 2,700. AP initial velocity - 850 m/s. Reload time - 6.0 s. 180 degree turn time - 21.2 s. Maximum dispersion - 123 m. Sigma – 2.00. Torpedo tubes - 10x4 610 mm. Maximum damage - 15,633. Range - 15.0 km. Speed - 57 kt. Reload time - 141 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.9 km. AA defense: 10x3 25.0 mm, 1x2 127.0 mm. AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second - 105, hit probability - 85 %, action zone 0.1-2.5 km; AA defense long-range: continuous damage per second - 18, hit probability - 90 %, action zone 0.1-5.8 km; Number of explosions in a salvo - 1, damage within an explosion - 1,610; action zone 3.5-5.8 km. Maximum speed - 32.0 kt. Turning circle radius - 640 m. Rudder shift time – 7.0 s. Surface detectability – 10.6 km. Air detectability – 7.2 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 4.6 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Smoke Generator (Action time 15 s; Duration time 40 s; Reload time 80 s; Charges 6; Radius 450.0 m) Slot 3 - Engine Boost Slot 4 - Repair Party All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with the best available modules.
  16. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Ognevoi is... good?

    Before this newest patch Ognevoi was pretty bland. Slow torps and a lack of guns kept it from being fun for me. Now though I played a few games and find that it’s really good. Def AA saved my tail in a few encounters with CVs and the torps go 60KTS with the module so I’m now over leading my targets. Plus the rudder feels more maneuverable than before. I was dodging Bagration shells at 6km while kiting away. It’s a real gem now in my own opinion. And Udaloi is looking like a real fun ship to get next. Has anyone else played Ognevoi after the buffs? If so what did you think?
  17. Roamer0101

    ASW thoughts

    Played a few games today in DD's as I have been the one of the unlucky ones not to get a sub yet. I think ASW could be a great deal of fun and redefine how to do DD. I concentrated on staying alive and harassing from distance until the Subs started to go into the caps. Then I chased them down. One question I have is what is the distance that a Depth Charge will do damage? How far away can you start dropping? Is there an "Optimal" distance? I would like to hear from the Sub drivers so far on how effective the DC's are? It seemed like they did a lot of incidental hits and saw some fires and flooding. Is it something you fear?
  18. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Småland is a fun boat!

    Here are the results of two battles that I had in the Småland. I am really enjoying her. I am beginning to think that the 2 million Free XP that I spent was actually worth it.....
  19. Which Tier X destroyer rules the high seas: the Royal Navy's Daring or the US Navy's Gearing? The Daring is fearsome fighting machine with rapid fire guns, lethal torpedoes, and a damage repair consumable as well as hydro-acoustic equipment. The Gearing is the US Navy's hard hitting gun-fighter with fearsome 127mm main batteries, deadly torpedoes, improved bow armor protection, and formidable anti-aircraft protection. Let's get ready to rumble in the cap circle, will HMS Daring or USS Gearing win the fight? "This ship is built to fight. You had better know how." - Arleigh Burke, US Navy #matchupmonday #anchorsaweigh
  20. Got frustrated playing my Gearing in Ranked, so I decided to revisit an old friend. She only has a 10 point captain these days, but she plays as tough as I remember. The game wasn't easy; I had to work hard and keep my head on a swivel, but the results speak for themselves. The Clemson is still a powerful ship at her tier. It was nice to get a little affirmation that I'm not a complete potato player So, if you're feeling a bit frustrated this weekend, try going back to your roots. The Clemson, the Nicholas, the Farragut are all great ships, even with the CVs lurking about. Try getting reacquainted with an old friend.
  21. I find it amusing, even ironic, playing the required number of missions of the curiously named Directive 4 "Hero of Europe" without using any "European" ship. I have that PITA named Viribus, but, Hero? Of Europe? That ship makes one a hero in masochistic patience. Like in previous directives, habits and patterns default to the usual mainstays, making Coop battles in Tiers VIII and above a ridiculous dash to who can achieve the most in less than 3 minutes. It is always atrocious, like some insane joke foisted by WG on PvE players, because PvE probably does not provide a sufficient and sustainable cash flow. Once again, I went to lower tier ships just to have a fair lopsided chance of completing missions, like the usual number of incapacitations, number of citadels hit, or a number of torpedo hits. Did some YOLO just for the heck of it too. I then tried to go back to Tier X before calling it a day, and scored this with a Kremlin. Coop is really fun when the pieces fall into place. One thing I really like about Directive No. 4 is the length of its missions. 25,000 BXP. 100,000 XP. Reasonably long directives and the rewards are to me, useful. Plus, Scenarios! Yes! Killer Whale is in rotation now, and thank God, I still have not been matched with captains that prefer farming those enemy reinforcements only to drop the ball later. Tried to have some bit of fun before this remote work starts the day, but the server is being updated now for April Fool's. I'm wondering also if I'll get enough tokens to get another early access. If not, that's perfectly okay. I still won't gamble anything for something that can be played in a few days. So far this is my tally, as of yesterday. How about you, fellow players? Are you done with this? Stay safe, and as always, wash your hands!
  22. In the newsfeed today, WOWs is featuring the Kidd. I love this little ship, but she's not an easy ship to be good in and with the current meta, you can't just sail into caps thinking that you're going to bully any other dd out. RED DDs BRING FRIENDS, usually of the cruiser variety and often with radar or hydro. From the newsfeed, " VIII Kidd is a U.S. destroyer that can pose a real threat to Key Areas and is ideal for short-range knife fights with enemy counterparts". So, how often this weekend are we going to watch new KIdd drivers sail into caps to pick a fight with dds only to get crossfired by the cruisers that they didn't see? Heal and smoke aren't enough to make up for stupid. The worst part of this is that these players will have payed $40 for a premium USN dd that has a steep learning curve and when they don't do well, they will trash her name......and they will break my heart. She is a REAL museum ship (usskidd.com) if anyone wants to visit her. Watching multiple Kidds die in the first 5 minutes of battle over the weekend is not going to be fun. I think that I need a virtual hug.
  23. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Don't Know Where to Put This

    Is there a destroyer with +140 mm guns in the game? And how many exist?
  24. rafael_azuaje


    Petition to WG. Rework the USS Black (DD-666) and add the historical hull (Same as chung-mu, not the rounded one) has better radars antenas too! captain's bridge looks diferent real.
  25. I haven't played the IJN DD line much, focusing on other things instead, but have decided to give it a go. I know that the detection range for torpedoes is horrific and it has a lot of problems, but it's just what I've been in the mood to play lately. I am at the Isokaze and am not sure what line I should go up. I was just curious on opinions about the main line as opposed to the alternative line. Thoughts?