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  1. Playing the Tenryu as a DD

    So I recently researched and purchased a T3 Tenryu cruiser and watched a couple of videos by Notser and UrPeaceKeeper. One of them (can't remember who), mentioned how this ship was like a DD with a citadel and that it could almost be played as a DD. So I decided to test this theory and upgraded the ship with the B Hull for 17, 700 HP and the Type 3 Mod 2 Gun Fire Control for a 12.4 km firing range. I added a Type 9 camo (because I had a lot of it) and took a 10 Pt Captain from reserve and placed him at the helm. I redistributed the skills for Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Demolition Expert and Concealment Expert. So my ship specs are: HP-17,700 Speed- 32 knots Firing Range - 12.4 Km Torps - 2x3 533 Mm w/7 Km range & 57 knots speed Turning Radius - 560 M 4 second Rudder Shift Detectability at Sea - 7.1 Km I've been running sea trials in Co-Op just to get the feel for running this ship out of detection range and if it was possible to stealth torp incoming enemy ships. Since most of the games have been with T2-T3 ships I haven't had to worry to much about detectability by air. Occasionally I did run into a T4 game with CVs and just changed my game play for Cruisers. It is possible to stealth torp as a DD, but you have to time the release of your torps at just the right moment to engage ships that will be crossing the torp range just before your fish get there. Most times I came into detectability range, but was already in a position to go back into stealth before fired upon. The style that I found the best was to play this ship as both DD and Cruiser in the same game. The fact that you have to expose much of you side to torp with this ship makes it hard to torp at close range, but I have been able to rush and torp a BB when its guns are pointed away from me and escape with only light damage from it's secondary guns. You will take damage playing DD style, but angling and maneuvering tactics can help mitigate how much. Not having smoke or engine boost makes it harder to play as a DD, but keeping out of range and running between islands can often hide you long enough to isolate that lone BB or CA to take them out. While it may not be expedient or even profitable to run the Tenryu this way, it is possible to do so and can be fun once you get the hang of it. I have played a 19 Random games with the ship and have found that most of the time CA style is more productive, but can shift to a DD style if the opportunity presents itself. Anyway, just thought I post my findings.
  2. So I have been grinding the new IJN Gunboat Destroyers and this is my second game in the Tier 9 Kitakaze. In this replay I showcase how to fight for the win and use my game knowledge to predict what the enemy is trying to do.
  3. Gunboat Lollibotes

    Alright, so I've been leveling the Akizuki, the Farragut, and the Podvoisky. I'm wondering which T10 lollibote I should go for if I want to pursue an aggressive, gunboat-y role (as I'm a bit strapped for credits and time). I don't like using torpedoes and only rely on them when the enemy is <5km away, so I feel that I won't perform as well in hybrid DDs than I would in a pure gunboat. I like smoking up and setting ships on fire, as well as murdering enemy DDs in caps. I hear that the British DDs are good cap-contesters, but I want to know which T10 DD would suit me best. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey the USS Mason DE-529 a World War II class Destroyer Escort is an Evarts class ship. My question is what would be the closes ship to her her in world of warships!
  5. 360 degree turret rotation?

    With the new dev blog it was revealed that the x turret of Jervis, along with all the turrets of the lightning, Jutland, and Daring will be able to rotate 360 degrees. As far as balance goes I think this is great. But could these ships really do that? I know that in game the Haida (and I'd imagine Cossak) have 360 degree rotation on their B mounts, but Navweaps says that they have +160/-160 degrees of train. For that mount ( i think the mk XIX dual 120mm mount off the top of my head) was it able to rotate 360 but disabled fron firing in the deadzone, or could it just not rotate 360 degrees? Just want to see if anyone has answers on this.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    WG is promoting selfish, unsuportive gameplay with the recent mass introduction of radar. I have been playing a lot of destroyer games lately, especially on the higher tiers: T8 - T10. Following is the account of 3 games on those tiers involving radar cruisers, which is everything but rare. First game. This was a two-area domination map with islands; cannot exactly recall the name but I believe it was Estuary. In any case our team had a Des Moines and, if I remember correctly, a Worchester that were both hiding behind a rock at the edge of 1 of the 2 caps, the eastern cap. Waiting of course for an enemy destroyer to enter the cap. At the same time, a bit further to the east, a friendly Massashusetts was being hammered by a least 1 BB and 2 CAs. Our two brave radar cruisers were not moving an inch and just waiting for their destroyer to show up. So I, in my Shima, decided to set a smokescreen for our desperate BB. Of course this was the trigger for one of the enemy CAs to pop its radar and now we were both getting beaten. Our radar CAs? Well, they are still safely behind their rock, not moving and waiting for their destroyer to show its nose. They had no intention to assist. The battleship was killed and I barely escaped. We lost that game. Second game. A three-area domination map. We take point A; simply because there was nobody else there. So we move on east-wards to the next, middle, cap. I was in my Tashkent and was followed by 2 radar CAs. Again it was a Des Moines and perhaps a Battlimeore - cannot recall. Suddenly behind a rock, near the second cap, there was a Worcester hiding. I was way too close (at about 5 km) so I legged it whilst being under continuous rapid fire from that Worcester. I hit a rock and got stuck. All the time I was expecting relief fire from the 2 CAs that were right behind me...... but nothing happened. Our brave radar CAs specialized at hiding behind rocks were doing what they do best: hiding. They stopped at that rock and never showed their ugly faces to take on the Worcester; presumably because there was also an enemy battleship, but a lot further away and with difficult line of fire. I was killed. And I can guarantee you that my reaction would have been entirely different had I been caught like this on my own. I would have faced the cruiser bow on, slightly angled and got as much damage out of him as possible. We lost that game. Third game. This time I remember the map: Trap. And this is an example involving the enemy radar cruiser; coincidentally again a Des Moines. In 1 of the caps there is a small rock right in front of a bigger rock where you can hide in between. Usually you use it to dodge torps or incoming fire. But in these case an enemy Des Moines had positioned himself there; ready to take out destroyers and other venom I presume. He can fire over the rock but of course he is limitted to what he can hit and see as he got very little maneuverability. So we just more or less ignored him and made sure we were not in his line/sight of fire. In the meantime right behind his rock his teammates were under heavy attack. And he was just sitting there waiting for his targets that never showed up. In the end he was taken out easily as he just trapped himself. Needless to say that there are other games where it is the exact opposite and the CAs are actively involved and supportive. But those are far more rare these days.
  7. Hello! I thought this would be the appropriate place to show off my personal collection of relics and knick-knacks related to WW2 warships. I actually started this collection after getting into World of Warships, though I always loved naval combat from shows like Battle 360 or Dogfights. As we are all naval fans, I hope you guys enjoy some of these treasured mementos for ships long gone. If others have other naval treasures they would like to share, they can post it here as well. I'll update this thread with my own collection for the time being. If this topic is not appropriate, please contact me privately and I can work on shutting down this thread. Thanks!
  8. This will be the guide I wish I read before embarking on a career as a destroyer driver. For simplicity I'm going to recommend that you use an Isokaze with a 10pt captain to learn how to use torpedos effectively. If you like guns then battleships or cruisers might be a better career path for you. {TL;DR:- CHOOSE ONE NATION AND ONE SHIP TYPE, GRIND IT UNTIL YOU HAVE A TIER 10 SHIP AND A 19PT CAPTAIN IN IT. Choosing one ship type means destroyers, OR cruisers, OR battleships. Jumping around will leave you inexpert at everything.} Setting Your Intent: This is the most vital part of this guide. The other more technical aspects of the game are well covered by other posts, but i'll review them quickly. My own intent is to a) Get at least one kill per battle; b) Win the battle: c) Survive the battle. All three of those things are measured in your statistics in your profile. Take a moment to read the team list and review your intent BEFORE EACH BATTLE. Hold Alt to see the team list. Have a look for overpowered ships, names you recognize, hydro or radar ships, Is it destroyer heavy/cruiser heavy and are there 4 carriers in the match ... this will vastly affect how you can approach the match. Rookies don't do this, smart players do. How to achieve it? 'Defend10' means that you must stay alive for 10 minutes, so that you become an epic free agent roaming freely across a landscape of confused, wounded, frightened battleships and perhaps no destroyers left; the carrier fighters have been shot down and it's position is known, nobody knows where you are or where you will appear next, in fact the whole map will have thinned down a lot by this point. At this point, your power DOUBLES. The cruisers that remain will likely have taken some damage; if they know where you might be, and if they are smart, they'll come looking for you. Don't be there. When you launch torpedos at this stage of the game, they are much less likely to hit freindlies. Opposing battleships will have no way to spot you, unless you make a mistake. If they have no destroyers and cruisers close by, you can let them spot you while you are working into a sure-fire range of around 4km or less. Too many winnable games are lost because a destroyer died in the first 3minutes, contesting a cap or some other pointless nonsense like trying to gun-duel because someone said so in a forum. There is an ancient fact of war; who-sees-whom first generally decides who is victorious. You want to have the following situation: You know where they all are, particularly the battleships. The cruisers are wounded, sunk or on the other side of the map. GreenTeam® has the advantage in destroyer numbers. You know where the battleships are and you plan to take them down one by one. They don't know where you are, they rightfully fear you and they're praying that you're a new player who doesn't know what to do. Your torp range is out to 7.0km, more if you account for the ship moving toward you or into the edge of your range circle. (Only potatos drive in a straight line for that long, yet it happens a lot.) Optionally you can sit in smoke and wait for the battleships to approach; they kinda have to run down the dd's at this stage since there is nobody left to gun you down. You can fire 3 torp volleys every 38seconds - yes that is a lot of torps. Fire two at the oncoming battleship, use the 3rd group as backup when he turns or passes you and presents his broadside. Cruisers are able to fire torpedos back at you and should be treated with extra caution at close range. When torpedos pass behind the target: It's likely because the battleship accelerated. The white guidance line only calculates using the current speed of the bb, so you must put your first torps long; 2nd group on the white line; and 3rd group can be held off a little bit while you wait to see how the battleship responds. However. The Isokaze will reload torps in 38 seconds - you can afford to spam them. Guns and gunship destroyers: which destroyer is the best gunship for gunning down enemy destroyers? Is it the US close range guns, the USSR longer range beast mode guns? A: None of them. Here's why; Let's say you're in Gaede and you gunfight with Akizuki. You do really well, and win the gunfight. How does that look? It looks like you still lost 50% of your hitpoints and the RedTeam® knew exactly where you where for 2 minutes or so, plus you risked receiving torpedos which would have ended you. When you see another destroyer up close, do the following sequence: 1. Decelerate and turn, creating a torpedo launching opportunity. Try to not be spotted at all, ever. Your torps can get you a kill per game consistently; your Tier 4 Japanese (read: little) guns can get you a kill every 10 games or so ... maybe. Being exposed for 20s after firing pathetic artillery is not worth it. 2. "F3 The Target" which means point your reticle at them and press f3 on the keyboard; let your team fire at the dd. 3. Fire up your smoke if you were seen. Point directly towards/away from the destroyer who may have launched torps at you. 4. Keep turning away from the dd, once you launched your torps; DO NOT EVER sit still, sideways on, in smoke. 5. Fire your torps at the dd on a wide spread, ahead of him or into the smoke. If they smoke up the white line will be misleading (because the ship will decelerate hard, to stay within it's smoke). 6. Go re-engage the enemy somewhere else; that ship and it's torps are coming after you. *Re-engaging the enemy somewhere else is called kiting. It can be extremely valuable and effective to use. Theory and Math: Your exposure is only 5.3km, that's about as low as it gets in this game. Your torp range is 7.0km which is excellent, although they are a little slow but still sufficient for the Tier 4 Tier 5 ships you'll be aiming for. This is the math you need to learn about every destroyer you operate. In this guide we are still talking about the Isokaze; In the hands of a good player it is pretty OVERPOWERED for this tier. I've seen bb drivers threaten to ragequit cos of "Torps out of Nowhere!!!!!!!!" Which brings me to my next point: Your main targets are battleships. Ideally, they are new to the game and think that staying close to Islands provides them with cover. World of Warships has a 'circle of life', like a "Paper, Scissors, Rock" scenario which operates like this: Battleships>Cruisers>Destroyers>Battleships. Battleship guns can melt cruisers, but are not accurate enough to target dds unless they're lucky and you are really close. They have no torps, their tank is a huge hitpool; but everyone can see them. Cruiser guns can target destroyers and will melt you fast. They can easily tolerate your gunfire and are nimble enough to try to dodge your torps - they have their own torpedos too, forgetting that fact will cost you your ship. Cruisers will come hunting you. Their tank is medium mobility and medium hitpool. Do not rely on them (friendlies) to fire on the destroyer you just F3'd, they will often be so far down the back that islands will be in the way of their line of sight and their dispersal will be epic, and don't forget 73seconds in the air can affect accuracy. Destroyers can only set the larger ships on fire; which actually does help wear them down over time as they use up their damage control consumable and then burn down. But focus on putting torpedos into battleships is your main game for now. Your tank is being invisible and very nimble. When escaping the enemy 'WASD hax' should be done with your acceleration boost on, cease firing so that your Concealment Expert (CE) kicks in, and plan your direction of escape - a nearby island can hide you or keep you in the open if you run into it. *The Concealment Expert skill brings your detection range down by 10% on any destroyer and with camo it's 5.3km which is why I emphasize using a 10pt captain. *"Bow tanking" battleships: It can be fun, if you like cheap thrills and GreenTeam® is looking at a safe win, to try driving right up to a battleship before launching torpedos at her. Get right in there and get it done, Captain! -They hate that- Carriers: UGH Just hope that yours are better than theirs. DO use smoke to hide from their planes; many CV players know what a serious risk a loose destroyer can be. YES they will send 3 torpedo bomber squads against you to eliminate the risk. Avoid the section of the map that they are focusing on; stay in the part of the map near your own CV since that is probably where all the GreenTeam® planes will be. Stay nearby to your own cruisers and bbs to be a part of the "AA Bubble". Bonus strategy against CV's:- Fire your HE shells at the deck until it ignites; their planes cannot take off or land while it's on fire. (Sinking the whole bloody thing is better of course.) DO ask your own CV politely for help in locating the red CV; he may not be able to, but you can still watch the minimap to see where the red planes are coming/going to. Potato's: Are everywhere. If the West side of map gets crushed and your CV is sitting in it's starting position, DO take a sec to double click him on the map and suggest he move to the East side, something to that effect. A note about destroyers; It is not the way to have an easy life. For instance an average match might have 2 destroyers and 5 cruisers each side - so your natural predator outnumbers you 2:1 in most games. CV's are worse as they spot you with planes, you've never got enough AA to deal with it and the CV can just keep sending planes after you. If an enemy dd gets through to the CV, you will be blamed. If you called F3 on it repeatedly, it won't matter. If you take the cap and die, you contributed to the loss; if you don't take the cap someone may shoot/ram you. Tier 1 to 5 can be fun, from tier 6 you have to keep all of your existing skills plus learn how to deal with radar and not die plus learn that your smoke might well do precisely nothing at all to help you. *To be fair, there's only about 3 or 4 radar ships per side per tier 8 match these days as it has settled down a little. If cruisers are in range of your location they won't necessarily be able to get a line on your target, or they may simply choose to keep firing at a battleship for 2minutes as they are 'farming damage' instead of helping you out, So that you can sink the bb and the next one and the next. An Atlanta on the RedTeam® will be an epic demi-Unicum from hell, your Atlanta will be the squishiest potato you ever saw. Many low Tier cruisers will never consider sitting back at medium gunnery range when instead, they can be driving in front of your torps, costing you a ship kill plus a teamkill penalty; cruisers with their own torps won't understand you complaining about them firing torpedos up your [edited]. It's a lot to think about. I recently sighted the RedTeam®'s Atlanta captain on shore leave: Firing from smoke: The following things happen after you launch smoke; Everyone sees the smoke. People shoot into the smoke. They fire torpedos into the smoke. Cruisers and destroyers drive into the smoke with Hydroacoustic search on, so that they can hunt you down. So, Use your smoke to LEAVE AN ENGAGEMENT or to Hide your teammates. But mainly smoke is there for you to be able to GTFO safely. That is the pro-tip. Consumables: Always upgrade them and set to purchase using silver not doubloons. Containers: Always choose the signals and flags; you can buy the other stuff with 'currency' in the game. Super Containers (SC) are too unreliable. Silver: is [edited] (I mean that it is not fungible, not exchangable for goods and services and therefore not currency) and can only be used for buying a couple of things, and almost everything you have is not sellable for silver. Doubloons: means spending money from RL to get free XP (FXP) and should only be used for upgrading your captain until one of them is 19pts; then he will generate FXP quite rapidly. FOCUS ON GETTING A CAPTAIN TO 19 POINTS. Making money in the game: is not the point. If you grind your destroyers up tier by tier you'll have enough silver for the next ship, including fitout. If you are short on silver then perhaps you are simply not doing enough damage to get paid. Survive each battle until the end, get at least one red ribbon. High tiers and large vessels seem to have more issues with silver, I haven't yet had an issue with it perhaps because I don't play battleships/cruisers much at all. Concentrating: If there are idiots in the chat channel use your CTRL+Mouse button to click on the chat box and turn off chat. If someone is spamming the function keys (you can't stop them) you can report them for misconduct in chat. AFK players can be reported but also remember; if some player (it'll be a cruiser) refuses to push and does not help the team at all; he can be reported for 'Unsporting Conduct' instead. If you still can't concentrate then turn off the radio or whatever is distracting you; or just get sufficient sleep to concentrate properly. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PLAY SOMEONE ELSE'S GAME. Remember that if you have a superior grasp of strategy, then by definition he/she won't understand what you are doing. Reporting and Complimenting: (definitely worth it's own post.) I DO COMPLIMENT a player who gets 3 kills, even if he's a tool/[edited]/doughboy or anything else. I DO NOT usually report a player who has made a kill which helps the team. oh and the teamkill/teamdamage system is a joke so don't waste your energy on it. (A battleships shoots me with main guns. He turns pink. Ouch.) That system has multiple failures so it isn't worth much of your time. Spotting: happens automatically so you don't need to think about 'how do I spot", but a team player will be thinking "Where do I need to spot?" and it's fairly simple: put yourself in front of your team and in spotting range of the RedTeam®, such that your battleships have something to shoot at when you spot them. Taking Caps: Is a privilege you get for winning the game; winning the game means sinking enemy ships. The caps distract many players from their jobs so they get out of position, ignore the flanks, or sit in the 'B' cap in the centre of the map and imagine that the entire RedTeam® won't melt them down. This explains why so many teams are winning on points but then lose the battle; the opposition has spent it's time owning 3/4 of the map and can't be eliminated as they come around the corner in massive numbers; the team "defending the cap" is immobile, highly visible, and gave the RedTeam® a lot of time to choose the terms of engagement. The team with numbers can continue chasing down ship after ship; the caps will be taken accidentally as various ships run across the map to find new targets. In the picture below, Green team has sunk one more ship than RedTeam® and surrounds the enemy. Capping will be irrelevant in this battle. Taking the extra cap did not result in sinking an extra enemy ship, but the reverse may be true. Notice the upgraded consumables. Also notice the clock reads 6 minutes remaining - The Fubuki gets a nice position for a volley on the bb thanks to surviving well into the 2nd half of the match. GreenTeam® has more caps, RedTeam® has more ships. Which side would you like to be on. Team strategy: The 'Attacking/Aggressive Strategy':- an example of attacking strategy is, for example; Blob goes to A, a few go to B, and a spotter goes to C since that vessel may have landed close to C at the outset of the match. *But you wouldn't actually sail straight into that 2x2 grid square would you ... why give away your location for free? When it goes red, launch torps down it. If the other team also plays aggressively, you will have quite a battle on your hands. If you're lucky, they play the defensive strategy. An aggressive strategy usually includes having someone stay behind to watch the cap you already hold. This is very different from 'The Defensive Strategy'. The 'Defensive Strategy': There is no such thing. It's just a bunch of people sitting around waiting to be murdered. Allow me to labour the point: The defenders give away mobility. They don't support their own attacking players who went out to prosecute the RedTeam®. (It's rare to find all 12players on a team so stupid as to agree to this idea. ) They lose a couple flanking ships. They give away Intel in the form of their present location, with the result the aggressive team attacks when where and how they like, and each vessel can remain unseen until they fire the first volley. The bb's come around the corner together, and focus fire (aka focus down) one ship at a time. The opposing destroyers spot you before you spot them, simply because they choose to remain unseen and usually the 'defensive' destroyers get mown down by superior numbers. The defending team never, ever focuses fire on attacking ships coming around from both flanks or in numbers. Or, the West side of the map is lost and the defenders try to hold one cap, making certain that the aggressive team can choose the best angle of attack while remaining covered, wether covered by landscape or covered within the blob of 4, 5 or 6 ships. I have never seen this strategy work in any game. "Yo Cletus!" "Wut!" "There goes them thar cruiser out West!" "Cawl 'im back!" "Wha?" "We want thum thar RedTeam® ta know where ALL dem Green ships is!" If your team goes defensive you might be able to do a) Gain a kill but probably not b) Winning or c) Surviving. ***** THERES A TON OF STUFF I HAVEN'T COVERED. This guide is already too long. I haven't covered U.S. and USSR destroyer gunship strategy because I don't play that way, however many players do so and they do very well out of it. This is not that guide. ***** Use the following captain skills on Isokaze to obtain the numbers I have used: Bonus Material: Managing your winrate: Here is the excellent guide from LWM :- Getting 19pt captains, and why bother? Keep this link bookmarked once you get into a Tier 6 destroyer and write it down or memorize it (the section pertaining to radar). http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables /surveillance radar. PS, Kronshtadt is missing from that list. Yes I learnt that the hard way. Revolution. Shibby.
  9. As some of you may be aware, I have a YouTube channel focused on Operations, and an emphasis on showing how to use destroyers in them. I am just checking to see preferences on order of content release. I had a bunch of stuff recorded right before the patch switch and quite a bit of it was related to Cherry Blossom. This week I have another special Aegis replay to release tomorrow and an assorted tactics/funny moments on Friday. If I follow order of stuff being recorded, the next couple weeks will be mostly Cherry Blossom, and the next three or four weeks after will be mostly Raptor from stuff this last week since the release of the patch. The reason there is so much Raptor is due to having varying routes and I am adding in mirror replays like I did with the Aegis Battleship Farming strategies and Ultimate Frontier. I'm not completely sure if it would be boring having a bunch of videos for weeks at a time related to one operation so that's what I'm asking about. Does anyone care whether the channel content releases are blocks of stuff related to one operation like this or would there be a preference to switch operations for each week? So it would be instead something like this week Aegis, next week Cherry Blossom, week after Narai, etc. Granted the videos vary as to what they are (full replays vs tactics videos vs other stuff like a Random Battle mixed in). Let me know what preferences you may have for order of content release, even if you haven't been watching my videos at all. And I am still taking subscriber requests if anyone wants to make them.
  10. Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a still relatively new clan that is about more than Warships. We are about family, an online family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats, we don't require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active Having a microphone and being social is what makes clan play fun and enjoyable. What's the point of playing with people if you can't talk to each other? Being respectful is just a part of being a human being. To be in any clan you have to be active, however, life happens. Just let people know if you have to take a break. We currently have 25 members. If you're interested join our discord and talk to us!
  11. On USN destroyers Range: 9.5km Duration: 30 seconds On IJN destroyers Range: 11.5km Duration: 25 seconds Both nations Cooldown: 145s/125sec (prem) Charges: 3/4 (prem) Not found on any other ships Becomes available in its own slot starting at tier 8 (Benson, Akizuki, Kagero). Retroactively added to premium destroyers Harekaze, Asashio, Kidd, and Black (shares slot with Radar) When activated any battleship in range loses all rudder and throttle control for the duration. Throttle remains locked at its current form, while rudder centers itself. The ship is forced to travel in a straight line until the consumable effect ends or the battleship travels out of range. Any battleship traveling into the range of the consumable while it is active will also be affected. The only indications that it is occurring should be a small indicator near the speed/rudder dial indicating speed and rudder are unresponsive. This consumable should better balance destroyers vs battleships and enable skilled plays to take place. One could even say it's required, because currently a battleship has to make some pretty serious mistakes to actually be sunk by torpedoes.
  12. HE penetration of 4.5 inch guns

    I am confused as to the HE penetration on the two high tier DDs, Daring and Jutland. If I recall correctly both Notser and Flamu have stated that without IFHE thier guns are incapable of penning other top tier destroyers or the superstructure of larger ships. My question is why? The 4.5 inch guns are in metric 114 mm. With the 1/6 caliber ruler for HE pen, 114/6=19mm of HE pen... which is the same as the plating of all the DD's in their tier and the superstructure of any BB or CA. More than this, with IFHE the guns get a extra 25 percent, so 19/4= 4.75, and added to 19 is 23.75. That shouldn't be enough to cross any armor thresholds, and should make IFHE worthless for these ships as opposed to compulsatory. The only 2 reasons I can think of that this would not be the case are that A) I actually do not understand how HE pen works, or B) Wg is using the technically more accurate caliber of 4.45 inches for the shell, making 113mm so it is barely not enough. However, they advertise it as being 114mm in the dev blog. So, thoughts?
  13. Short version: Tier 10 random battle; i'm playing Asashio and a Shimakaze wants me to Cap B and when I don't, he spends the next few minutes ramming the Asashio, disrupting the whole team, and flaming me in chat. Then we lose. As many of you know by now, Tier 8 cruisers and various ships have radar. Tier 9 and 10 certainly do. So it isn't wise to rush into the centre cap in an IJN destroyer and park where the whole world can see and melt you in 10 seconds. The cap itself isn't going anywhere, and once you have numerical advantage you can take it. But, you won't need to since they all dead. As you may also know, the Asashio is a challenging ship to play at all times and requires a 'special' style of play which only gets more demanding in an up-tier match, ie, there's a bunch of Tier 9 and 10 running around when Asashio is Tier 8. In this particular match I also get criticized for sinking a battleship - my job - and rammed by a particular idiot (I won't name). This idiot began to get flamed by our own team for his stupidity until I turned off chat altogether. Then I got radar'd and died yay :-) Photos attached, but for brevity here's the chat: (Tool):asashio....should be called an albatroz (Tool):asaashio wth (Tool):Attention to Square E4 (Tool):Attention to Square D4 (Another Tool): I say sink him (Tool): i will (Green Team1): Asahio can't take on other dd's = bad idea to send him into cap (Another Tool): hen get targets i'll go in (Tool): look at him (Green Team2): [edited]HAS BB TORPS ONLY (Tool): the shitter could at leastr spot (Green Team1): and so could you - instead you tried to ram him & got beached (Yes he really did try to ram me. All the same I was able to get clear and snap off two volleys at long range against battleships near C and got 2 hits, but it should have been more) (Tool): still have a cap (I got a kill on a Montana at this time, there was only 3 bb's in this match on each team.) (Tool): he hits a torp on a bb that was 5v1 and dead (Green Team1): stop [edited] & fight At this point I mute the chat channel. For the record, I can and did take on another dd hoo-rah. This is what a traitor looks like. Ramming it's own team instead of doing the job. My ability to fire torps downrange was impeded and that player should have been helping us win, not wanking about. My battle ends radar'd and dead. It was nice to get a kill and some damage, but both myself and the entire team were distracted and crippled by that one player. It would be laborious to list the faults of that player but they made it impossible for us to win. *FYI the Asashio no longer caps or spots because it can't. It kills battleships.
  14. Haida offensive build

    I bought the Haida recently; played a few games and; I suck. The current captains skills layout was taken directly from the littlewhitemouse review, and I couldn't make it work. I have now gone with an offensive build instead: Firstly I am not getting torp hits, not at close range in caps as destroyers move; and nothing at all at 6-8km's. I can lose the range in favour of getting some hits. So the first new item is TA. It would be nice to have the faster reload, but there still won't be a high number of torps spewing from the deck tubes even if I installed TAE. And the guns are anemic; they aren't getting kills on dd's in a short time and don't have any noteworthy effect on cruisers and battleships. Being a destroyer, I really wanted Last stand but i'm just going to have to be careful. Also concealment expert is notably absent; however in a Tier8 matchup your only worthwhile concealment is an island. Once I start shooting, i'm going to be seen. CE will come with the next 4 points, eventually, but this vessel needs to be close to get kills; RedTeam® know i'm there either because i'm firing, or because of radar/hydro which should be considered ubiquitous for simplicity sake. The upcoming and desirable skills are LS, CE, and SE but I will have to earn those. The smoke will allow me to exit engagements but it's not magic; with a small area of smoke there are various ships willing to spam the smoke ring and get the occasional hit ... bad news for me doing 1/4 speed. Then radar anyway. Yes I get hunted in this ship. Therefore I want to kill destroyers quickly, therefore BFT and IFHE (German dd's made me a spoilt brat for firepower). Quick kills so I can leave; it's got to be kills or it's a pointless exercise. Taking 99% of the hp of someone is not an achievement that helps the team. Expert Marksman cos I want to have shots down-range first. Let the fun begin.
  15. William D Porter

    Please add this to the game, make it a premium ship or whatever, but please add it... it's just too funny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_William_D._Porter_(DD-579)
  16. Roles in the Game?

    So I am doing some reading at World of Warships wiki just to understand how this game works. And to improve my game plays. Recently, I am mostly playing battleships (Kongo and Fuso) and destroyers (Isokaze and Phra Ruang). I temporarily shelved Zuiho. I already got advised on playing with battleship Kongo. I am still figuring out battleship Fuso; whether I should upgarde the propulsion module first or get the module upgrade for the hull and firing system. However, for destroyers like Isokaze and Phra Ruang; do those ships take the role of a scout? I got the Monaghan from a mission but it seems to be too slow and sluggish for a destroyer. I got the following from World of Warships wiki. I tried to play lower tier cruisers, USN and IJN. But cruisers seems to be too slow compared to destroyers but faster than a battleship. By that, for cruisers, do I need to take those ships for scouting? So are destroyers, for its role, basically considered as canon fodders in this game with it's role as scout and distract enemy ships? If I take a cruiser, preferably IJN or USN, do I partner her with a destroyer tailing behind her? Basically, I am confused about the roles. EDIT: For destroyers, I am going to the Akizuki line and the only Pan-Asia line, Yue Yang. For cruisers, to the Zao.
  17. Nerfing Gaede Back to 128's

    Ok After reading the recent post about Gaede in this forum, i'm going to rebuild the Captain and adjust Gaede back to 128's. The primary benefit/s i'm looking for are; Increased RoF and so better results agains't dd's using AP(?). Increased torp range (but slower). Better Turret Rotation. Considering this is an excellent ship, I think the wins and results should be a lot better than they are. I have the luxury of a 13 point captain, I usually train the captain's xp up to 50% of what it needs (for captain points) and buy the rest with free XP ... and I never NEVER spend free xp on anything that isn't captains skill points. I want 10pts in every dd captain and when i don't have that i'm grinding, until I get there. Present Captain Skills are: PT, PM EM, TA TAE CE I'll drop Priority target as I usually know when i'm being shot at - it's right after I get spotted. I'll drop Torp Acceleration as well, giving me 3 spare points; and i'll pick up 8.5k torps which will now exceed my detection range by 2km. I'll drop Main Battery Modification 2 in favour of Aiming Systems Modification - net result will be that the 5% loading time penalty goes away and accuracy increases 7%. However the 15% rotation bonus goes away ... i'll have to live with it, or use A and D keys for aiming when necessary (what's new?). The 3 extra points will go straight into BFT for RoF increase, as you'd expect. I'll keep TAE instead of DE; it's a close call but more torps seems more helpful than setting fires. The present win ratio and stats are not up to scratch; i'll post an update after some results come in on the new build. (My concern is the 0.5 ships destroyed per battle.)
  18. The problem with Haida (and Cossack)

    I've been playing Haida since yesterday. She is definitely a difficult ship to play, let alone master. It is true that she is good at uprooting dumb DDs that sit in smoke, or overextend. She can even pull off AP shots on broadside cruisers at suicide range and get away with it. Torps are fast and deal great damage, I don't have any complaints about those. In some ways she is similar to Asashio: a hyperspecialized ship. Haida, like Asashio, is very good at killing one type of ship, but is nearly useless against other types. Haida's greatest issue is her health. If WG wants Haida's role to be a DD brawler, to pounce on DDs and kill them at close range, then she needs the stamina to do that. Quite often I found that as soon as I spotted a DD, I would be spotted in return, and a hail of gunfire would kill off half my health in the span of a few seconds. Haida's maneuverability (turn radius and acceleration) is poor, and thus it's difficult to evade well-aimed shots. Once Haida loses half her HP, she is unable to continue in her role as DD hunter. Her low ROF means that she is at a disadvantage when she is low health and facing a fast or high-health DD. Using the creeping smoke prevents sight of the enemy DD, and conversely if you choose to attack without smoke, you will probably lose on the DPM race. So you have to choose between max defense or max attack; there is no middle ground unless the enemy DD is dumb enough to sail in your extremely short hydro range. This is the problem with Haida. Once she takes a heavy blow, like a goose with a damaged wing, she is next to useless. Haida needs some form of extra survivability. More HP. Giving Haida more HP gives a larger buffer before she is neutralized. But, Haida already has a LOT of HP for a T7 DD, so I'm not sure how much more she would need. Limited heal. Giving Haida 1 (and only 1, not affected by SI or prem consumables) British heal to restore half her health would go a long way. Weak heal. Giving Haida a weak heal, say 20% for example, would improve her survivability. Haida is still vulnerable to being alpha striked, but she can continue in her role over the course of the battle. Improve Haida's maneuverability: better acceleration and turn radius. Improved concealment, so Haida doesn't get spotted on the approach to an enemy smoke. I'm not really a fan of this idea, but I'll mention it as a possibility. EDIT: Whoops, forgot about Cossack! I have only played against Cossack, but superficially it seems like they play similarly. Cossack also suffers from the HP problem. I faced one while playing my Gangut, played by none other than LWM. Blapped her for 16k damage from full health, leaving her with almost no health and was finished by my div mate shortly after. If Cossack is like Haida, she will need some kind of survivability buff too. These Tribal-class destroyers have thick hulls that encourage shells to score full pen damage.
  19. My tactics are mostly developed for IJN Destroyers but they may work for Destroyers with similar stats. A lot of what I say intertwine with each other. I don't believe I have much proof in my videos because battle conditions constantly change. I am using Asashio has my main video because all she has are her deep-water torpedoes and her stealth. She is weak so I have to be significantly more careful with her compared to my other ships. Concealment is all a Destroyer has, more so for a IJN Destroyer. You have to make full use of this while at the same time being effective in battle I will not discuss torpedoes (other than when to shoot) because everyone has their own way of aiming and launching torpedoes. Pre-game Learn what you will be facing so that you can plan on how far you are willing to go\ Learn the map Fear all Destroyers and Cruisers Communication Communicate and explain what you are doing Let your allies know: When your smoke will reload "Smoke, 60 seconds" or "55... 30... 10... smoking now" Do not stop in your smoke "DO NOT STOP IN MY SMOKE" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Let your allies know where you are launching and where they will be going, this way you have done everything in your power to not team kill Smoke Provide smoke walls to cover your allies when they are fired upon Be willing to scrap the side of an ally if you can provide them with smoke Do not provide smoke if the ally is in close proximity to the enemy, this will negate its usefulness Almost never stop in smoke, move slowly Use your smoke to runaway from difficult sitations Scouting After providing a smoke wall, stay outside of it if you can to provide targets for your allies Be near a cap but don't take it If you take it, it tells the enemy you are close You can always take a cap back when it is safe Before proceeding with anything, let the enemy get themselves exposed Be willing to get spotted Either facing towards the enemy or away from the enemy, shoot your gun once and see who and how many ships look at you If they shoot, they expose themselves If they shoot, don't shoot you have 20 seconds until your concealment comes back If they are able to get within your concealment, shoot because you are unlikely gonna make it back to safety unless you have smoke Speed Take your time when going towards a cap Sometimes slowing down when running away from the enemy can be beneficial in dodging shells Don't be afraid to beach yourself (bow on) on an island if it can make you stop faster as long as you are not in enemy firing view Main Guns Do not be afraid to fire your main guns at a Battleship with low health unless it has support Do not be afraid to distract the enemy with your guns while running away If you can prevent the enemy from shooting one salvo at an ally, it gives you ally an extra chance of surviving Use your gun as "radar", what I mean by this is that you intentionally make yourself so that the enemy fires upon you They will expose themselves if they fire This will tell you how many ships are on that side After an enemy used Repair Party, set them on fire again and switch to AP (dependent on where you are shooting) AP can do surprising damage on any ship when aimed right Do not be afraid fire your main guns at solo warships from range every twenty seconds By doing this, you can distract them from firing on your own allies They will typically not know what to do when this happens Torpedoes Confirm visual contact Look at what is around you Hold your fire because there will always be a better position to fire from Check what is around you again If you can, get within concealment range before launching (be as close as possible) Don't launch torpedoes when the enemy is moving in the opposite direction It is always easier to dodge torpedoes when they are "chasing" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Hold your fire as long as you can and communicate to your allies on where your torpedoes will be going Anti-Air AA should almost always stay off AA can stay off if AA Range is less than .5km Do not be afraid to turn on AA if an enemy CV constantly spots you and you have no smoke If you are gonna be constantly spotted, why not shoot? If you are gonna be attacked by bombers, why not shoot? Do not be afraid to turn on AA and turn around to support your allies if enemy bombers spotted you and bombs your ally instead If you can shoot down just one enemy plane, that will help your ally You have already been spotted, so the enemy already knows where to expect you Ways of dealing with radar "Wild Weasel" Entice the enemy by exposing yourself Be in a position to dodge and to run from radar range Fire a few shells By exposing yourself, the enemy is most likely to use radar Dodge enemy fire for twenty seconds Count to twenty while dodging enemy fire If you have Priority Target, count the amount of players looking at you to determine how many players are in that area If you have allies, hopefully they sink the radar ships Fubuki/Asashio Skills & Upgrades
  20. Ok, just wanted to consolidate a few things. The actual ships: A few characteristics: Other threads on the topic. No guarantees of the quality: The link to the Dev Blog Shoutouts for people who are scarily fast at getting these things out: @Erebthoron(x3!), @renegadestatuz, @Kizarvexis(x2!), @JediMasterDraco I will keep this thread updated, especially as more threads appear and more information is released.
  21. Seems to me, at the higher tiers where radar is so very prevalent these days, that dropping smoke, while capping, in a Gearing, isn't the best thing to do. I'm not sure, but from what I see, doing that almost always guarantees one or more radar activation against you. Suddenly, you get a sinking sensation... yup, back to port. So I'm suggesting you stop smoking up on caps. My observations, limited as they may be, indicates there are more negatives for you and your team than positives. Worst thing is you provide cover for the reds against your team mates who do not have radar. Your smoke blinds us. Yet you want us to back you up. We cannot shoot what we cannot see. How about smoke to retreat from the reds? Depending on how close and what tiers you are at, that might be a big fail as well. You know Moskva has nearly a 12km radar range... if your conceal is around 6km and they get that close to you the Moskva has another 6km to sink you. So smoke probably isn't going to work for you there. About the best thing I can see smoke being used for these days is as a screen... you drop smoke, get out in front of it and spot whilst your team mates, a few km behind your screen, let's rip with their main batteries. How do you see smoke working these days in such a radar hot environment? tiafyc
  22. Patrol Duty

    I was playing WOT, because soccer tournament with Tanks is fun. In WOT when a tank or light tank, predominately, spots a certain number of opposing teams players, they are awarded a patrol duty achievement award. So when playing a Destroyer and you go and spot X number of the opposing team, you get a patrol duty award. Also for a few less spots Destroyers would receive a scout medal. You could give the damage done to the opposing forces spotted ships, a share of it to the destroyer, that spotted them. But only if they are damaged while they are under the destroyers surveillance., at the time damage is inflicted on opfor's ships. Might just give some DD captains a reason , with a financial advantage chucked in, too actively go ahead a spot the opposing force for there team. CV planes would have no effect on the requirements to obtain these DDawards. It would purely a destroyer only award. Input in this is most welcome.
  23. Since Kidd has a repair consumable that can counter fire damage. Is it wise to run Kidd without a captain using Last Stand? Since repair is saved only for broken modules. With a build along this line: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000010010011100000000119
  24. To round out our ranked Commentary for the past season, we are going to different Russian Ship: the Khabarovsk. This game I try to work with my team but instead I have to work for them to win, what should have been a steamroll. No video on Friday, as that's when I get back from Vacation. Going to make a special video this weekend, and some more of these so that there is a new video next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for watching.
  25. So I finally unlocked the Yueyang last week, and I'm rapidly approaching the 19th point on my captain. I'm just not sure how best to spend what will be the final three points. So far I'm running PM, LS, SE, TAE, BFT, and CE. My initial plan was to throw DE on there, but with the current T10 meta I'm just not sure if I'll be using my guns enough to really warrant that skill. I play solo & don't do clan wars, so SI doesn't really appeal to me either (it's very rare I run through all my smokes anyway). Other options I'm considering: AR + PT (duh) JoaT + PT (again, though, how often am I going to have the opportunity to string smokes together in a T10 battle?) TA + PT (the thought of 73-knot torpedoes with a 0.8 km spotting range is tempting, but will that produce enough extra hits to justify losing 2.7km of range?) Spec out of BFT and pick up either IFHE or RPF + a two-point skill (I can stand losing the 0.3 second reload boost on my guns, but the AA bonus helps a lot & chews up lower-tier aircraft) ????? Would love to hear some opinions from the more experienced YY folks out there.