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Found 2 results

  1. tugboat is just enough out of view, you can believe its moving under it's own power.
  2. Just a fun idea I thought about. After hearing stories about the Samuel B. Roberts and its various accomplishments, I feel like it would be a good addition to the game. Armament includes: Artillery: 2 x 127mm (5in) guns (same guns found on destroyers like Sims, Benson, Lo Yang, Fletcher) Torps: 3 x 533mm (21in) Torpedo tubes Long range AA: 2 x 127mm (5in) guns Medium range AA: 2 x 2 40mm (1.6in) Bofors Short Range AA: 10 x 1 20mm (.79in) Oerlikons It would be fairly competitive at tier 3 or 4 and very competitive at tier 2 with very good guns. Although there are only two, they are still fast firing (3 second reload) and quick to rotate (5.3 second for 180 degrees). A 10 km firing range would be reasonable. The torps should have a 7 km range, do 9,000 damage, 30 second reload, and 54 knt speed. Turning circle should be around 500 meters, speed would be 28.7 knots (actual speed), and 3 second rudder shift. Survivability would be around 10,000 HP. Concealment from sea could be around 6.5 km while detectability from air should be around 3.3 km. (Assumed stats based off of other destroyers of tier 2 and 3). This ship doesn't have to be competitive though just like how the Mikasa isn't competitive but fun to take out and sail around. This ship could closely relate to the British DD "Campbeltown", as they both have a 2 gun broadside and have a similar amount of torpedo salvo potential (3 per side salvo, although Campbeltown does have another rack, it has to turn the entire ship in order to do so). Learn more about John C. Butler class here: http://www.destroyerhistory.org/de/johncbutlerclass/ Or view iChase's video *I am fully aware that this is not a destroyer, but is a destroyer escort. If it was implemented in the game it would be a destroyer*