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Found 3 results

  1. Looking at the after-battle reports -- I've been seeing something very strange... No need to file a ticket... Nothing anyone will lose any sleep over.. Just some silly weirdness. Noticed a battleship (PEF) killed a Zuiho with a BOMB... I can understand fire, gunfire, ramming or flooding... but a bomb? Saw it a couple more times and again today. This time the Shokaku was destroyed by a bomb... and it wasn't even sunk ???? My curiosity was such that I took my PEF into a training room and sunk several Zuiho's... nothing. Couldn't force the error. Oh well... Here are some pictures... lol
  2. WG has in my opinion has provided an opportunity to those who have been destroyed or died, the ability to observe and chat. I believe there must be some way to take advantage of this to help your team win even after you are done participating in the game. Perhaps you could: A) Promote yourself to "Fleet Admiral" and advise everyone where to go and what to do and how to best achieve the goals for a win. B) Choose one ship in the match and advise them you have their back, monitor distances, radar ships, incoming threats or opportunities. C) If you were any good at WOWS you would not have been the first to be destroyed so you have no business telling anyone what the hell to do. I have been following policy "C". Still I think there must be something I could be doing to help bring about a win. Would love to see constructive comments. Thanks.
  3. I am stumped ! ! ! I've never known who gets the final credit when I sink about 25 to 30 shells in one ship, trying to sink the sucker and someone else comes behind me and shoots the last shell and all I see in the ribbons department is my 25 Penetrations. So then no credit for the disaster. Now, there have been times that I have done the same thing and sank maybe 2 or three shots, the ship sinks and I have gotten the credit for the destroyed ship. I have no clue where the algorythm(sp) separates this scenario for the win. Who gets what ?? There's probably no short answer for this.