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Found 14 results

  1. If I pay the Free XP (237,500 + 441,100=678,600) to research the Des Moines and preceding ships, then purchase it with credits, does that mean I can also purchase the Annapolis with credits without having to spend any additional fxp? Do I have that right? Credits aren’t the problem; I have enough of them. But the fxp is slim, and I’ve almost enough to pay the 678,600. I don’t want to spend the free XP on the Des Moines, then find out that I have to pay another 678,600 fxp to get the Annapolis. Thanks
  2. ST. 0.10.6, new ships - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com) This ship is now in testing, and I like the concept....but the tier is wrong. The Oregon City class was an upgrade to the Baltimore Class. The ship that is described in the Dev Blog is at best a side-grade, with worse (non-historical) reload, worse radar range, and worse rudder shift. Plus, it is quite similar to the USS Wichita which is already available for doubloons at T8. Why not make this ship similar to the pre-US cruiser line split USS Baltimore (which was a T9 CA) and make the USS Rochester the first T9 premium non-super cruiser? There are already more than enough T8 premium cruisers already in the game, and certainly too many for the USN with the USS Congress is on its way as well soon. T9 needs non-super cruiser premium ships. Give us a premium CA with a war record at T9. She is a fitting replacement for the recently removed USS Alaska.
  3. BaronNaro

    Amazing Des Moines game

    Watch if you like to see the potential of Des Moines! Game highlight for my friend MLG, damn was this a crazy game.
  4. Just got the DM after a long grind through the Buff. Hard way, but I made it. Obviously on the Buffalo you want to run the Reload mod, but on the DM its a different story, as the range could come in handy some times, since ur DPM is already so good. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
  5. Which should i grind for - Des Moines or Worcester??
  6. WG just announced changes to the Unique Upgrades UU of Montana and Des Moines. On the topic of Des Moines: Personally, this is disappointing to me, because I love using Des Moines with her massive get-up-to-speed boost from her UU. The removal of the surveillance radar penalty is nice though. On the topic of Montana: The reduction fire and flooding damage is increased. i.e. Montana will now be a bit less tankier. Was this necessary? Montana is not the best Tier X battleship, but she still had to be nerfed like this? I am just about to unlock Montana after grinding XP on my Iowa, and I already have Montana's UU from the rewards of the Space Event back in 2019. So, this nerf disappoints me as well, as I am planning of using Montana as my go-to Tier X BB. So...my overall question to all of you is this: Do you think that these changes to Des Moines' and Montana's UUs were needed?
  7. Hi everyone. I recently got the Des Moines and really want to get the legendary propulsion upgrade but I have absolutely no idea how to get it. Some say you get it through missions but I don’t have any missions for Des Moines. Can someone please give me a clear instructions of how to get it? Thank you.
  8. Dear Wargaming Development Team, @Hapa_Fodder, @Mademoisail, @Kalvothe, et al: The proposed change to move the Enhanced Propulsion (EP) unique upgrade for the Des Moines Tier X cruiser is both counterproductive to the stated purpose of the unique upgrades, as well as duplicative to capabilities possible with stock upgrades and other ships. This unique upgrade should be left in slot 6. It is clear that none of the current unique upgrades which can be equipped unbalance the game (i.e. they are not overpowered) in your opinion. If they did, they would have been disabled like the Midway and Hakuryu unique upgrades. The official WoWs Wiki gives the purpose of unique upgrades: "The aim of these upgrades is to adjust the characteristics of a ship to make it perform better in a specific role or offer an alternative style of gameplay while keeping ships in balance with each other, even if one ship has the unique upgrade and another does not." The current Des Moines unique upgrade accomplishes this "aim" by specializing the ship for ambushes and surprise attacks, where sufficient concealment allows the ship to approach a contested cap or other choke point undetected while her radar consumable and the enhanced agility provided by the unique upgrade allows the ship to initiate close range combat with some possibility of surviving. Des Moines is a fragile ship when facing BBs and torpedoes. Her lack of a super heal (unlike her sister ship Salem) makes it very unwise to bring this ship into open water combat under 12 km range. Only the combination of EP in slot 6 with concealment system modification (CSM1) in slot 5 enables this totally unique style of play for a high tier cruiser. Removing this combination as a possibility is therefor counterproductive to your own stated aim of the unique upgrades. Without the current unique upgrade in slot 6, Des Moines is best used firing over or around islands while stationary or at a medium to long range (> 15 km) using open water maneuvering. The ship can be optimized for using island cover by equipping propulsion modification 1 (PM1) in slot 4, CSM1 in slot 5 and either gun fire control modification 2 (GFCM2) or main battery modification 3 in slot 6. The ship can be optimized for open water by equipping PM1 or steering gears modification 1 in slot 4, steering gears modification 2 (SGM2) in slot 5, and GFCM2 in slot 6. Moving EP to slot 6 will enable the use of acceleration juking for long range open water firing (PM1 in slot 4, EP in slot 5, GFCM2 in slot 6), providing an alternative to rapid rudder shift juking currently optimized by using SGM2 in slot 5. However, while allowing a slightly different optimization for open water firing, moving EP to slot 5 totally rules out the unique ambush style play that is possibly with EP in slot 6. There are many high tier heavy cruisers currently available which are as good or better at open water firing than a fully optimized DM. Further enabling this play style for the Des Moines by providing another possible module configuration is duplicative both with other ships and with currently available stock modules. The proposed change to the Des Moines unique upgrade should therefore be cancelled. However, if you are determined to go forward with a change to make the upgrade "less effective", perhaps a further lessening of radar duration (currently -10%) while leaving it in slot 6 would be sufficient. If, after receiving player feedback, you remain determined to move forward with the proposed change, I urge you to consider allowing the current unique upgrades to continue to be available unchanged to those who obtained them before the 9.5 update, with the changes impacting only those who acquire the upgrades after the update. Given the amount of investment taken to obtain the current unique upgrades, and the precedent of allowing overperforming premium and special ships to remain in the game after they no longer are available for purchase, this is the most fair course of action for those who prefer the original performance of the unique upgrades they obtained. I have full confidence in the development team to come up with an acceptable way of grandfathering the current upgrades. To my fellow players: Please educate yourself on the WIP changes (https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/20) and provide feedback to the development team. Thank you!
  9. So after playing some 150 battles in the Des Moines, finally got the legendary module for it. I heard somewhat mixed reactions to and decided to try it on. IT WAS FABULOUS! I had a lot of troubling in positioning and getting out of tight spots. With better acceleration, I could do it quicker and dodge shells much more easily. It's like what Des Moines should've been. The videos just don't cut it, the ship feels waaaaaaaay different in handling. It's like the ship is gliding on water as if were ice-skating. I was thinking of getting the Salem, but nope. The legendary mod made the Des Moines too much fun to just get a radar-nerfed-ultra heal-premium clone of her. Happy grinding everyone!
  10. Good day all, In an effort to relax and refresh after the past Ranked season, I've decided to go back and try and improve on some of my lowest performing ships. Surprisingly, Worcester is near the bottom of my PR stats on wows-numbers.com. I say surprisingly, because I'm a fairly decent Des Moines captain. But for whatever reason, I just can't find the magic in Worcester yet. I think part of my problem is trying to play them in the exact same manner......island hugging and jumping out when opportunities present themselves. Obviously, this doesn't seem to be the special sauce for Wooster (yeah, couldn't help myself). So, for those of you who excel in Worcester, what's your tips and tricks for making her shine? I've only got 20 games in her so far, but I'm definitely looking to improve my track record with her in some Randoms this weekend, along with Flint, Kitakaze, and some others (yeah, I don't get it either). Any advice would be appreciated
  11. FullMetalPoitato

    Like Des Moines Legendary Mod?

    Straight up, what do you guys think of the mod and how are you liking it? Did you drop it and go back to reload/range/etc etc? I finally got my Legendary module upgrade for the Des Moines a few days ago and almost didn't even put it on because I was so not excited about losing approximately 3km of range. I decided to take it into a few randoms before trying my hand in Ranked without the extra range and MAN OH MAN IT WAS AWESOME! (paired with Propulsion Mod 2) I was lucky enough to get Shatter on my first map with all of it's juicy islands to play peek a boo with other ships and decided to be cheeky and stupid to bait situations favorable to my newfound nimbleness by going straight to B in the middle. I made sure to take a few shots here and there to get people's attention as well as allow myself to be spotted passing through some gaps. Suffice it to say my ploy worked. I didn't get every kill that blundered in after me but my increased agility allowed me a LOT of free damage while ships tried to chase me around corners. My actions ultimately lead to the enemy thoroughly throwing the game by continually coming into the middle to try and hunt me while my team slung lead down the alleys from a safe distance. It was by no means my highest kill or damage game in the DM by a long shot but my impact towards the outcome felt very satisfying. I then tried my hand in some Arms Race after that, juking and jiving in the buff caps with much success and even went back into Ranked (which I had temporarily abandoned out of frustration) to get me back into Rank 10 for the 4th or 5th time now. There were a few moments in Ranked where I could have been HE spamming a BB that I missed out on but otherwise the mod was a major boon. My direction changing agility definitely surprised a few people. I woe the day that I get stuck on Ocean without a friendly smoke to hide in but....I am for sure to keep testing this baby out. My biggest thing is that even though I play the DM a lot with it's hide and seek island humping gameplay style I am hyper aggressive to a fault and the mod for sure allowed me to nurture that aggressive nature with less BLAP punishment. What do you sirs and mams think about the mod? Tell me about why you love it or hate it!
  12. The_Ruleset_Difference

    Got the Des moines

    After suffering through the USN cruiser line I finally got the Des Moines. It was around 11 pm so I only did 1 game for the super container (100 +50xp flags) and my first impression is good. I only did 17K damage before getting dev struck (yes I was behind an island) but I sunk an enemy DM for first blood and took around fair amount of health off a Worcester and bow tanked a solid amount of damage. Love the DM with the reload too. Are there any tips I should know about so I don’t make a fool of myself?
  13. FloridaPanther25

    Des Moines or Worcester?

    I currently have the Atlanta and am planning on getting the Salem with coal. I could get the Des Moines or the Worcester. Which would you get? DM seems solid and takes a lot of comparative abuse. Worcester looks like a lot of fun and I've been annihilated by both continually. What advice would you have? Thanks in advance.