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Found 10 results

  1. FloridaPanther25

    Salem vs. Des Moines

    I was interested in getting an owners understanding how the Salem and Des Moines compare/contrast. I am close to getting both but was wondering where there are similarities/redundancies and where they are different. Thanks!
  2. So I was taking a look at the armor layout of the Des Moines compared to the other US Heavy cruisers and I noticed a rather interesting pattern about US Heavy cruisers armor scheme that Des Moines doesn't follow. I'm going to use the Baltimore as my example screenshot and because it has a similar hull and overall layout to the Des Moines However all the other US Heavy cruisers follow this layout including both Pensacola and Indianapolis. So what I'm trying to point out is the fact that the citadel makes a drop on both the bow and aft of the Baltimore, a pattern that is repeated throughout all US Heavy cruisers except for Des Moines which has a single flat line citadel. I'm wondering why Des Moines doesn't continue the obvious armor trend of the US Heavy cruisers. Is it because the Des Moines Model hasn't been updated in a while or is it like this to balance out the ships high rate of fire. I don't know but I was wondering what others thought about this. Should Des Moines continue the armor layout of the US Heavy cruisers or does that risk it becoming overpowered?
  3. Good day all, In an effort to relax and refresh after the past Ranked season, I've decided to go back and try and improve on some of my lowest performing ships. Surprisingly, Worcester is near the bottom of my PR stats on wows-numbers.com. I say surprisingly, because I'm a fairly decent Des Moines captain. But for whatever reason, I just can't find the magic in Worcester yet. I think part of my problem is trying to play them in the exact same manner......island hugging and jumping out when opportunities present themselves. Obviously, this doesn't seem to be the special sauce for Wooster (yeah, couldn't help myself). So, for those of you who excel in Worcester, what's your tips and tricks for making her shine? I've only got 20 games in her so far, but I'm definitely looking to improve my track record with her in some Randoms this weekend, along with Flint, Kitakaze, and some others (yeah, I don't get it either). Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Straight up, what do you guys think of the mod and how are you liking it? Did you drop it and go back to reload/range/etc etc? I finally got my Legendary module upgrade for the Des Moines a few days ago and almost didn't even put it on because I was so not excited about losing approximately 3km of range. I decided to take it into a few randoms before trying my hand in Ranked without the extra range and MAN OH MAN IT WAS AWESOME! (paired with Propulsion Mod 2) I was lucky enough to get Shatter on my first map with all of it's juicy islands to play peek a boo with other ships and decided to be cheeky and stupid to bait situations favorable to my newfound nimbleness by going straight to B in the middle. I made sure to take a few shots here and there to get people's attention as well as allow myself to be spotted passing through some gaps. Suffice it to say my ploy worked. I didn't get every kill that blundered in after me but my increased agility allowed me a LOT of free damage while ships tried to chase me around corners. My actions ultimately lead to the enemy thoroughly throwing the game by continually coming into the middle to try and hunt me while my team slung lead down the alleys from a safe distance. It was by no means my highest kill or damage game in the DM by a long shot but my impact towards the outcome felt very satisfying. I then tried my hand in some Arms Race after that, juking and jiving in the buff caps with much success and even went back into Ranked (which I had temporarily abandoned out of frustration) to get me back into Rank 10 for the 4th or 5th time now. There were a few moments in Ranked where I could have been HE spamming a BB that I missed out on but otherwise the mod was a major boon. My direction changing agility definitely surprised a few people. I woe the day that I get stuck on Ocean without a friendly smoke to hide in but....I am for sure to keep testing this baby out. My biggest thing is that even though I play the DM a lot with it's hide and seek island humping gameplay style I am hyper aggressive to a fault and the mod for sure allowed me to nurture that aggressive nature with less BLAP punishment. What do you sirs and mams think about the mod? Tell me about why you love it or hate it!
  5. embeddeddear97

    Got the Des moines

    After suffering through the USN cruiser line I finally got the Des Moines. It was around 11 pm so I only did 1 game for the super container (100 +50xp flags) and my first impression is good. I only did 17K damage before getting dev struck (yes I was behind an island) but I sunk an enemy DM for first blood and took around fair amount of health off a Worcester and bow tanked a solid amount of damage. Love the DM with the reload too. Are there any tips I should know about so I don’t make a fool of myself?
  6. FloridaPanther25

    Des Moines or Worcester?

    I currently have the Atlanta and am 60K coal away from the Salem, which I intend to get. Given that, I have enough free XP and silver to get either the Des Moines or the Worcester. Which would you get? DM seems solid and takes a lot of comparative abuse. Worcester looks like a lot of fun and I've been annihilated by both continually. What advice would you have? Thanks in advance.
  7. NorthernStrangler

    Life of a Des Moines in Ranked

    Captains, So most have experienced the various flavors of ranked and the tiers. Today I'm going to be posting about the life of a Des Moines cruiser which I play. I ranked out Season 9 with DM. I still see a lot of people [edited] about radar and hydro and how "Over Powered" and "old" radar is. Frankly, I'm on the other side of this argument. First, and in my opinion, I believe the DM to be superior to the Wooster, and Moskva and especially the Minotaur. I believe the Heavy AP eliminates these boats at close range with the MOST ease of the bunch and its reliable. Maybe seconded to the Hindenburgs AP. The problems with Radar Cruisers in general is, if caught in the open, every BB at tier, obliterates them. People [edited] a lot about over powered cruisers, but man.. When a good BB player sees one pop up... its over....if not a whole sale DELETE its a 50-90% reduction. The Radar Range? Totally inadequate, at max range DD's almost always can fire torpedo's and hit CA"s yet not be detectable and with the limited time of radar unless you're in close range its hard to kill a dd unless half your fleet is focusing them. Which truly leads to the next item. Team play with Cruiser, Radar Cruisers excel when team play is thick, when team play is weak... radar cruisers nose dive. They play awful alone...
  8. FloridaPanther25

    Des Moines or Worcester?

    I currently have the Atlanta and am planning on getting the Salem with coal. I could get the Des Moines or the Worcester. Which would you get? DM seems solid and takes a lot of comparative abuse. Worcester looks like a lot of fun and I've been annihilated by both continually. What advice would you have? Thanks in advance.
  9. RN Mega Heal: Check Nerfed 8.5 km radar: Check Horrible T10 economy: Check Worth it? Eh... Thoughts in video.
  10. Super_Dreadnought

    How to Des Moines by Yuro

    I'm surprised Yuro doesn't use radar on the Des Memes.