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Found 47 results

  1. RN Mega Heal: Check Nerfed 8.5 km radar: Check Horrible T10 economy: Check Worth it? Eh... Thoughts in video.
  2. How to Des Moines by Yuro

    I'm surprised Yuro doesn't use radar on the Des Memes.
  3. Today we are going to take a look at he Des Moines in a ranked game where what we need to do to win isn't so obvious. As usual I will be pausing at various points in the replay to describe positioning and my personal decision making during the course of this game. I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think in the comments down below!
  4. I watched several KOTS matches up to semifinals and noticed that among top teams like O7, OPG, ZR and PSV, the cruiser composition seems to be heavy on Zao and Des Moines, with not much Hindenburg and very little Moskva, while less common choices like Henri IV and Minotaur were popping up. This is strange because in most teams during Clan Battles the Hindenburg would be the backbone of most lineups because of the versatility. How is the KOTS tournament meta different enough that the Hindenburg isn't as favored compared to Clan Battles?
  5. Three days of free premium time coming up. Use it to grind your USN cruiser line and prepare for the split.
  6. Ola pessoal, Acabei de liberar meu Des Moines, gostaria de saber como o pessoal ta navegando com ele, pois os módulos apresentam muitas possibilidades. Eu não pretendo ir para uma build de AA, pois acho que não vale a pena no momento. Uma duvida grande é entre o modulo que reduz o tempo de carregamento da bateria principal e o que aumenta o alcance. Gostaria de saber se vocês acham de o modulo do sistema de ocultamento vale a pena. O meu capitão ainda só tem 10 pontos, mas já queria ir preparando ele, apesar que acho que ele vai ficar parecido com os outros cruzadores. Obrigado pela atenção.
  7. Salem v. Des Moines Preview

    First a note... in the video I State the Salem is 1.5 knots faster than the DM. I was running Sierra Mikes on the Salem. Derp. The two are virtually identical ships. The Salem loses 12 orlekons and has slightly less torp protection. Other than that, few will notice differences...
  8. Contest: Need a New Wiki Editor

    Hello Commanders! We have a lot of work coming up for the World of Warships Wiki. We need your help! I need a new Wiki Editor to join the team to help with wiki article creation, maintenance, and upkeep. The Official World of Warships Wiki Team is a small bunch of dedicated players that have been maintaining the World of Warships Wiki since May of 2016. I only have one spot available, and your entry will be judged by the other Wiki Editors as well as myself. Here's the entry that needs to be created: Describe, in 500 words or more, how to play Des Moines properly to a new player in Random Battles. By New, I mean someone with less than 200 battles on their account. Your entry will be judged on grammar, accuracy of the subject matter, spelling, ability to display understanding of the subject matter, ability to convey understanding of the subject matter, and prose. Benefits of Being a Wiki Editor: - You get to test ships sometimes months before release for article creation, same as a Community Contributor - Automatic invitation to the Community Contributor Clan - Automatic reception of the Coo of Boom Flag The Rules: No plagiarism. Automatic disqualification if noted. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I reserve the ability to make the final judgement call. DEADLINE: Wednesday 11/22 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.
  9. Why the Des Moines is the best tier X cruiser in the game (except Khaba). A little background/foreword, I'm Gavroche and I've been playing this game on and off since open beta amassing somewhere over 5k games so far. I consider myself a cruiser main as I love the speed, stealth, and flexibility of the Goldilocks class. I currently have all the tier X cruisers except Henri, so I would consider myself decently informed about the gameplay of high tier cruisers. My first and favorite tier X cruiser was the Des Moines, back when there was only her and the Zao/Senjo. Back then gameplay was very different! Carriers and torpedo destroyers were much more prominent and battleships were less common and less dominant in a typical game. The Baltimore was one of the weakest ships in the game when it came to fighting other ships, since it lacked the radar and rapid reload we associate with it today. Nonetheless, her AA was top notch and escort was an important role. You had to put yourself in a position to defend against a CV snipe and protect your fleet. When I finally got to the Daisy Mae, it was something of a shock for me. The Daisy Mae is larger than the Baltimore, with a slightly raised citadel, leading to some embarrassing deletions by Yamatos and Shimakazes because of the lower concealment, poorer concealment, and more sluggish movements. Yet, with a full 10rpm base, combined with the modules that reduces reload by 12%, meant that these wonderful American AP savloes came out every five seconds. You still couldn't pick fights with Yamatos or Zaos 1v1, but catching an enemy unawares often meant 20-30k damage before they got their first shot on you. I've "devastating strike'd" North Carolinas with the AP on this ship. Similiarly, her HE is equally exceptional, bearing a not so slight resemblance to a flamethrower. As WoWs progressed, the Des Moines slowly got power creeped. CVs and DDs became less powerful, less common, and more constrained, leading to a reduced utility in countering them. Battleships grew in power and number after successive updates. Finally, other cruisers such as Hindenburg, which edges out Daisy Mae in AP DPM, Moskva, which has much better damage potential at longer ranges, and of course the Zao, with her insane HE ability, reduced the Des Moines to being simply a situational cruiser. She was still good for rapid dpm at close ranges, but unable to compete on the wider and more open maps that were introduced. However, with the addition of radar, and with new changes in the meta, I think that somehow, quietly, the Des Moines once again rises to the top of the cruiser list, and here are the reasons why: Des Moines: Strengths! Damage: The #1 defining feature of the Des Moines is her unique 8" Autoloaders. With a base RoF of 10 RPM, she fires much faster than any other of the 8" cruisers or, in a chart: Tier X cruiser stock setup comparison: Of course numbers without context are worthless. so here is my interpretation: Des Moines AP DPM can only realistically be matched by Hindenburg and Minotaur. Minnie's damage is limited by her poor shell performance in terms of penetration and shell speed. Hindenburg does better at AP, especially at range, but at close ranges, it's actually a bit of a toss up. Hindenburg's AP has poorer normalization and penetration suffers greatly from it. Also, with Hindenburg, fully realizing her DPM requires her to expose an unacceptable amount of broadside. Hindy's alpha damage is a great strength though, as burst damage is greatly prefered over sustained damage. In terms of HE, it's a lot closer. At close range, nothing even comes close to Daisy Mae's HE spam, however it's significantly easier to land HE salvos with the other tier X cruisers (excepting Minnie). Shooting at a DD 12km away from a Des Moines is more or less equivalent to shooting a DD from 14-15km in a Moskva. Concealment and Maneuverability: IMO Des Moines has less than stellar stealth with 10.6km concealment fully upgraded, compared with Baltimore's 9.6km. However, it easily beats everything other than Zao and Minnie in this cruiser comparison. This is essential, in my opinion as Des Moines simply cannot survive fighting equivalent tier ship at longer ranges. Due to her slow shells, her effective DPM falls off exponentially past 12km Battleship AP easily pens Des Moines armor ( a point we'll bring up later) so it is imperative to use her stealth to maneuver her into advantageous fights (preferable when the enemy isn't shooting back). In terms of Maneuverability I would rank it similarly. It's much worse than the Baltimore's and behind Zao and Minnie's but better than Hindenburg, Moskva, and Henri, sometimes significantly. AA and Utilities: All tier X cruisers have good AA. Yet, Des Moine's AA transcends such mundane word such as "good." Her AA is the equivalent to a solid brick wall reaching to upper stratosphere surrounding the ship in 76mm death! Actually, without def AA (which I don't run) it's fairly anemic, but no carrier wants to test whether a DM has def AA equiped by the equivalent of sticking her hand in, so you generally don't have to worry. As a matter of fact, isn't the best AA the AA that isn't even needed? For the other cruisers, only Hindenburg matches this level. In terms of Utility, Des Moines is unopposed. Her radar is one of the best, lasting for about forever (30s) and with a 9.6km range. Although this cannot compare with Moskva's radar range, it does allow for a full 45s of radar with the module. No DD wants to be within 9.9km of a Des Moines. This, combined with her AA makes her IMO the best escort in the game. Weaknesses: Survivability: Des Moines is coated in 25mm magnets which attract enemy BB shells. Unless a shell srikes the belt armor at an angle, any 16" shell or higher is going to punch straight into your ship, something that only the Minotaur can empathize with (Minnie gets it worse, though). Des Moines also has a raised citadel and sits higher in the water when compared to Baltimore and the other tier X cruisers. All of this, combined with a merely "decent" health pool leads to a surprisingly fragile ship. Another point to note is that Daisy Mae's signature turrets are also quite vulnerable and can easily be disabled. Whenever one of my turrets is disabled, I automatically repair it if my repair is not on cooldown. Two or three fires is a secondary concern compared to the loss of a full 33.3% of your dpm. The Des Moines also has a relatively poor torpedo belt, which reduces incoming damage by approximately zero. Range: Anemic. Her default range of 16km is worse in class, but it doesn't even matter because of how difficult it is to hit ships at extended ranges. For a short period of time I tried running the range module, but I ended that when stealth firing was removed. I would hesitate to break stealth and open an engagement at ranges exceeding 14km. If there is any choice, try to close in to <12km ranges before opening fire (not always possible, esp. on tears of the cruisers). One of the biggest issues with the poor range is that the Des Moises really prefers to be with the fleet. Her radar, AA, and squishyness are all good reasons to stick with some battleships or wolf pack with other cruisers. They gain the benefit of your consumables while they draw some of the incoming fire from your vulnerable ship. However, if enagements occur at 16+ kilometers, the Des Moines really struggles to accomplish much. That should be the basics of the Des Moines, in Part II I will cover my personal build, talk about roles and then in part III compare it in more depth to each of the other cruisers individually.
  10. USN 8" SHS Plunging fire

    So from various sources, the Des Moines and the Baltimore's upgraded guns should have the ability to deck pen basically anything in the game right now. [given you are far away enough of course] However, from personal testing, this does not seem to be happening in game. Can someone either verify or disprove these results and or possibly provide an explanation if it indeed does not work. - theoretical testing does check for auto-bounce Sources: Penetration Calculator - https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ <--screenshot came from here- I've also checked the theoretical feasibility of this using code adapted from fnord_disc on the EU server https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/59528-armor-penetration-curves/
  11. Hi guys! So, us at Hinon were chatting about the newly announced Salem and looking at the model, when @RivertheRoyal pointed out, "Are Salem's guns longer than DM's? I was just wondering, because DM's guns always seemed stubby to me, and I don't get that feeling from Salem." So, started a round of comparing DM's rifles to Salem's from @renegadestatuz @Nuk_ @Jnobsir and I, and low and behold... Des Moines. Salem. Notice the barrel's length and size? IRL Des Moines for clarification. So I started staring at it, and thought, "Those look like 6"/47s more than 8"/55s." So the comparison was made: Cleveland. Des Moines. Close up comparing the two. Especially the #2 turret looks very off. And it very much appears to be a 6" gun and not an 8" gun. (Visually, and just the barrel, not the turret, not game performance wise) For added reference, here is Baltimore with her guns (Same gun, same caliber, just different loading system): With DM's, and Cleveland's guns for reference. So it appears that while the turrets are not Cleveland's, nor are the guns really, Des Moines' guns are still too short. What are your thoughts? Are we just seeing something that isn't there? Or are we onto something that has been hidden since beta and only now with the Salem coming out do we have a point of reference. If it is a visual error, I'd like to bring it up to @Pigeon_of_War Credits go to River for pointing this out and for Cleveland and Des Moines on Ocean port. Jnobsir for the rest of the images that are not historical photos. Fair winds and following season captains!
  12. Zao or Des Moines?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have amassed enough FXP to jump into either the Zao or Des Moines. I do realize they are both somewhat different ships with different capabilities, but which one would you choose if you were given the choice? Thanks in advance!
  13. CW Cruiser builds?

    Welp, I saw Flamu's Zao video and I believe he is putting out some more builds in the near future. The lack of CVs in tX Clan wars means the builds are different (don't need BFT/AFT or any AA modules). I only have Moskva but am closing in (well...is 100k XP "closing in?") on Des Moines. My 17 pt build I'm thinking will be http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100000000001010000001119 PT (or PM) EM SI & VI CE & RL Since it's going to be mostly Cruisers and DDs I don't see the utility of DE, and I don't believe IFHE helps much with the 220m, thoughts? I'm open to anything.
  14. Why I don't play my Des Moines...

    ...unless there's some mission like the current anniversary missions... It took me five tries to get 500k credits with a Des Moines... FIVE. FREAKING. TRIES. It doesn't matter what everyone else says; I can't make the ship work; which is pathetic; when you consider the reason I got into WoWs is because I wanted to drive one. Get close; die. Stay farther away; die. Try to find cover and do what many people say; die. Run away screaking like a little girl and hide in a corner; team dies, then I die. My congenitral inability to develope useful skills, and just as rotten luck; (go somewhere; crickets chirping; do no damage and get griped at; go somewhere else next time, no one in sight, turn a corner, whole enemy team is there, die, do no damage, get griped at...) I don't play my Des Moines because it's not worth the headaches and frustration that come from not being able to make it perform... ...even after a 105 games in it, (+25 in Co-op,) I still suck so bad in it it hurts... ...time to put it away again until next anniversary I guess.
  15. Watching the World Burn

    Three Confederates and Witherers back-to-back-to-back I believe that the Des Moines is my new favourite ship. How does this beast only have a 61k average damage? It has such great potential with its DPM and consumables. Shameless plug
  16. Ended with 203k dmg, 4 kills. brawled with those 2 bb's from full health and won
  17. Des Moines Help

    Evidently I have no idea how to play this ship. I did rather well in the Baltimore. I raced through that thing in record time, and unlocked the DM. While it's nice to have a fire rate that's 3x faster than the Baltimore, the DM is SOFT by comparison. I feel like I'm back in the Pepsi (pre-buff). I get citadel'd for huge damage in every match in the DM. Doesn't matter how I angle or what I do. Any/all BBs tier 9 and up punch right through the bow armor and crush me, from just about any range. In the Baltimore, I could go bow on and taken hits from anybody except the Yamato. What am I doing wrong? I've tried playing passively early on and only entering the fray once things get chaotic. But as soon as I get detected, I've got 4 enemies targeting me and I get crushed. Everybody hates the Baltimore and loves the DM, so there's gotta be something weird that I'm doing. I do okay when I'm able to park behind an island and fire overtop, but apart from that I just get creamed. Help!
  18. Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/73124-public-test-update-31012017/ Cruisers Marblehead and Marblehead L has received faster rudder shift (from 7,8 seconds to 5,7 seconds) to increase their survivability. For the same reason, cruiser Pensacola's visibility has been decreased. 12.78 km surface detection Main caliber guns reload time of several USN cruisers has been decreased in order to make them more attractive as damage dealers: Erie (from 7 seconds to 6 seconds); New Orleans (from 14 seconds to 12 seconds for top guns); Baltimore (from 13 seconds to 10 seconds for top guns); Des Moines (from 6 seconds to 5,5 seconds);
  19. A few days ago I made a post on the subreddit where I gave my two cents on why the Baltimore struggles the way it does right now. Right after posting that, I was messing with my Des Moines in port when the idea for a buff hit me. To quote the subsequent edit I put on the post: The more I've thought about the idea, the more I want it to happen. It's a way of balancing that would actually give Baltimore some flavor, rather than just being a gimped Des Moines (unless Des Moines gets a matching buff, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that ). Of course, balances for the USN cruisers are already on their way so I doubt my idea will ever really be implemented. Regardless, what do you guys think of the secondary buff idea? Do you have any other fun ideas for buffs? Original reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5pyg7o/my_take_on_the_baltimore_issue/?st=iygk5azf&sh=0fefa987
  20. Only a few thousand XP away from Baltimore and I have a question. Should I buy the permanent camouflage to lessen my grind or should I just use the 4000 doubloons to put into free XP for Des Moines?
  21. As a bit of old, old history; I originally got into World of Warships for the single purpose of aquiring a Des Moines. I've been fascinated with it since I discovered the presence of USS Salem in Quincy, MA; and the firepower represented by it's semi-automatic 8" main battery guns, and 3" anti-aircraft battery. Using Sampson, Wickes, Chester, St Louis, South Carolina, Wyoming, and to a limited extent Cleveland; I fought my way up the research tree to what became a side-track goal of the USS Fletcher, (because of Cassin Young in Boston,) and eventually Des Moines. At some point I can no longer recal, IJN Atago came into the mix. I have long had the ships I wanted way back in November of 2015, but I no longer play them. With the exception of a pitifully few games in Missouri and Takao; I haven't played any games with high-tiered ships (Tier 8 and up,) in months; and that is when I'm getting close to 7,000 games played in all modes, (just 515 total, all modes, T8-10.) I don't know if that is a lot, or a very few; but the bitterness and resentment which resulted from my experiences trying to play those high tier ships originally; while entirely self-inflicted; has left me with nothing but appathy when it comes to further participation in any high tier games. In retrospect; it may have also been a mistake to try out the other Wargamming title involving armored vehicles of another scale. My experiences there with being beaten to a pulp; with trying to play a game and seemingly having no chance to LEARN the game, much less enjoy it hasn't helped I think. One way that other game reflects on WoWs is its iterration of 'missions.' Just a brief glance at what are often called 'daily' missions leaves me with the impression they are nothing but a 'unicum players only need apply' type of deal. I look at the first stage of 'Honorable Participation' and get that same feeling. The thing is; I know I'm not the same player I was months ago, skill-wise; certainly not the same as I was a year ago; but it's difficult to shake off long seated feelings; the 50lb salt-chip that rests on my shoulder every time I get anywhere near a high tier game. Perhaps I've having a self-pity party, I don't think I'm introspective enough to know If I was; but I also don't know what to do... I would like to try the advanced campaign, but I'm having a hard time getting any excitement built up to do so, never mind even deciding on which ship or ships to use. Anyone out there who's had a similar experience, and has any advice on how to overcome it? At least enough to start working on the advanced campaign?
  22. She is Finally Mine

    There she is, my first ever Tier X ship. On exactly my 2,400th battle I was able to unlock Des Moines. I only spent ~3k free XP, so I didn't skip Baltimore at all. The grind through Baltimore was quite a pleasant experience. I loved the ship, but I had to sell her to get the credits to buy Des Moines. After 91 matches in Baltimore, I don't think I did too bad. I went ahead and transferred over my build from Baltimore, which is AAGM2 + AFT + MBM3 and a concealment build. Now, if you don't mind I will go and spam some Tier VIII premium matches to recover from the fact that I am now broke.
  23. Buff the Des Moines's Armor

    The Des Moines is uniformly covered by 27mm of armor. While on paper this looks great because your bow is impenetrable against the Tirpitz/Bismarck, this armor scheme completely fails against every other T8+ BB who carriers 16" guns. The Des Moines takes penetrating hits at any angle from every T8+ BB (except the Tirpitz/Bismarck) because of overmatch mechanics. 27 x 14.3 = 386.1, autobounce Tirpitz/Bismarck, get rekt by every other BB (even the Nagato and Colorado can easily harm a Des Moines) 30 x 14.3 = 429, autobounce every BB except the Yamato The areas most likely to get hit by BBs assuming you're not caught showing broadside are the upper belt armor and the amidships deck armor. Yet every other T10 CA gets at least 30mm of armor thickness in these areas except for the Des Moines. This is significant because when 30mm is heavily angled, it will auto bounce every 16" gun in the game. When you sharply angle your side armor towards a BB in a Zao, Moskva, or Hindenburg you will bounce most if not all the BB's shells that strike your belt. The same applies for the amidships deck, plunging fire AP from BBs is very unlikely to flat out penetrate your ship unless the shell lands on the stern or bow portions of the deck. The Des Moines gets none of these benefits. The Des Moines is the least survivable CA at T10. It doesn't make sense to me that the CA with the longest shell travel time and shortest effective range compared to other T10 CAs, also get the least effective armor. I would suggest buffing the Des Moines's amidships deck and upper belt armor to 30mm, the same armor thickness found on the Zao and Hindenburg.