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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warship Ship Comparison 3 Massachusetts versus Tirpitz Rolling Thunder and Secondaries make all the difference Secondary spec Battleships have become something of a meme these days. With all the HE spam going on, it’s difficult for this ever-increasingly rare breed of steel behemoths to push in and make a difference with those powerful guns. Nevertheless, they still exist, for the time being, so let’s take a look at two of the best in the game. In the American corner, we have Big Mamie, the U.S.S Massachusetts. With 9 406mm/45 Mark 6 guns in 3 Three gun turrets and 20 127mm/38 Mark 32 in 10 dual turrets, 5 on each side, she packs a formidable punch in combat that isn’t to be messed with, while the endurance from her unique heal allows her to constantly stay at the forefront of a team’s push. On the other end, we have the Queen of the North, KMS Tirpitz. With 8 380mm L/52 SK/C guns in 4 dual turrets and a massive secondary battery comprised of 12 150mm guns and 16 105mm guns, she’s one of those rare ships that inspires confidence in a captain who knows how to handle her, her durability is also massive, thanks to the infamous turtleback armor scheme that allows her to soak up gargantuan amounts of damage that would otherwise maim normal BBs, and let’s not forget her signature torpedo uppercut from those powerful Vierling launchers. As per the rules, no premiums will be allowed in tech tree showdowns, and no tech tree ships will be allowed in premium battles. So then, which of these ships is the king of brawling at Tier 8? Time to find out. Second Place: The Massachusetts (28 / 35) Pros: Insane secondary battery, Nuclear Hammer Smash primary armament, Mega-fast cooldown heal, excellent armor profile, god-tier AA Cons: Armor scheme only lasts so long under fire, guns only hurt if they connect, secondaries lack boosted penetration of Tirpitz, doesn’t have torpedoes, not particularly fast, AA hardly matters in a brawl. I was honestly hoping Massachusetts would pull out a win here. I’m surprised it didn’t pull one out here, especially against a German. To try and alleviate the shock that this might put on some people, I’m now going to tell you about a bunch of things that it does right, and then some it does wrong. For starters, her secondary armament is incredible, like, mega incredible. High rate of fire, brutal damage, and insane accuracy make all sorts of ships cower in fear, whether it be DDs losing huge chunks of HP, cruisers getting their modules disabled, or battleships constantly being set on fire. However, her secondary armament lacks the penetration that the Tirpitz affords, which means that, against rival battleships, she cannot effectively damage their case mate armor, instead relying on hitting the superstructure or setting fires to maximize damage potential. Her primary armament, however, is more terrifying than those little pew-pew guns. 9 406mm/45 Mark 6 guns in 3 triple turrets have the ability to smash apart anything within their firing range, thanks to the incredible damage and armor penetration retention that they pack at longer ranges. That only works, however, if they connect. These guns are the same ones found on the North Carolina, which means extremely high ballistic arcs and not-so-great dispersion. Add to this a sigma rating of 1.7, and her shells, while they don’t fly every which way like some ships, tend to miss slightly more than they should. Adding to this is the issue of close up brawling, where, beyond those insane secondaries, she has no back-up weapons like the Tirpitz does, with her torpedo launchers, nor does she have ability to tank HE or Yamato/Musashi shells due to the fact that, beyond her main armor belt and torpedo bulge, it’s all 32mm plating However, she does have excellent durability when fighting up close, thanks to 66,300 HP, 46% torpedo damage reduction, a 38mm deck, and a ridiculous fast cooldown heal that makes all sorts of players rage when they get her down on HP, force her to use a heal, and think to themselves: “yeah, I got this”, when, all of a sudden, SURPRISE, 40 second cooldown heal! Unfortunately, the healing coefficient is bog-standard, at 0.5% / second. Two other great things about Massachusetts is that, for one, she boasts a brutal AA defense that can wreck even Tier 10 planes in a hurry, though it’s hardly relevant in a close up brawl where your’e face-hugging your opponent. The other great thing is her maneuverability. She has an extremely tight turning circle of 710 meters and a relatively fast rudder of 15.6 seconds. However, her top speed of 27.5 knots, which is 3 knots slower than the Tirpitz, means that it takes her time to not only get into combat position, but also to get out of harm’s way. To wrap up on the Massa, well, she’s a great ship, some might even say overpowered, and indeed she is overpowered in some regards. However, the other ship in this contest outperforms her by some margin. To be real though, it’s a LOT closer than you might think… First Place: The Tirpitz ( 29 / 35 ) Pros: Insane armor scheme, Powerful guns, insane secondaries, fast as heck, TORPEDOES Cons: Turns poorly, terrible AA defense, no fast cooldown heal, poor torpedo defense system Tirpitz. Sigh, where do I begin… Well, it’s easy to start on her weak points. She has a terrible AA defense that makes her an extremely juicy target for enemy aircraft, she has a poor torpedo defense system, and she turns like a three legged horse. There we go. That’s all her weaknesses listed down nicely. Now we can get on to her incredible list of strengths. For starters, she has 3,000 more HP than Massachusetts, and a far better armor scheme to protect it. Her deck is 50mm thick, as opposed to the 38mm deck found on the Massachusetts, which makes her far more resistant to HE spam. She also has an angled 60mm plate which allows her to bounce Yamato shells at point blank range, as opposed to Massa, which suffers as a result of her largely 32mm plating. Her weapons systems are also incredible. 8 380mm guns mounted in 4 twin turrets are a lethal threat to anyone within their incredible 21.4 km reach. Both these ships have the same 5 degree per second turret traverse, but the Tirpitz reloads some 4 seconds faster, which allows her to deal with any threats that pop up in a shorter span of time than the Massachusetts, not to mention the better accuracy afforded by the 1.8 sigma. Her secondaries are no slouches either. 8 dual 105mm DP guns and 6 dual 150mm guns comprise a good chunk of her vast armaments package, and while they lack the accuracy or the rate of fire of the Massachusetts secondaries, the sheer volume of fire and the boosted penetration allows her guns to deal catastrophic amounts of fire and penetration damage to any target unfortunate enough to cross Tirpitz’s path. Also, torpedoes. A pair of 533mm Vierling torpedo launchers with 6 km range, 64 knots of speed and brutal damage gives her the ability to one shot most cruisers unfortunate to chug on even three or all four of these fish, never mind the catastrophic damage that they can do to other BBs at such close ranges, and even if those BBs try to run, they’ll find themselves in a heap of trouble trying to run away. Tirpitz is also tied for being the third fastest battleship at tier 8, with only the French BBs running engine boost being able to get away from the imminent danger that they should find themselves in, should this thing pop up at just 6 kilometers away. But that’s just the half of that. It’s also the fear factor that the Tirpitz generates. Sure, the Massachussets might have a terrifying reputation preceding it, and it makes most people want to crap their pants, but the Tirpitz actually makes people crap their pants when they see it. The fearsome combination of guns, torpedoes, and armor makes her a terrifying force on the battlefield in terms of both effect on the battle and the effect on the psyche of the enemy team. That’s what let’s Tirpitz win. Sorry Massa fans, but the Tirpitz is still the Queen of the Tier 8 brawlers, end of story. Verdict 2nd Place: Massachussets Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 5 / 5 Maneuverability: 3 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Fun Factor: 5 / 5 Ergonomics: 4 / 5 Overall Score: 28 / 35 General Writer Review: OP, but not OP enough 1st Place: Tirpitz Armor: 5 / 5 Armaments: 5 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Fun Factor: 5 / 5 Ergonomics: 4 / 5 Overall Score: 29 / 35 General Writer Review: NEVER trust the spreadsheets Welp, that’s all I got for this test. Next week, I will be doing a review on a mid tier cruiser, the HMS Leander, and I will now be releasing a comparo test every week, since you guys seem to be enjoying them ( or not ) I hope you guys won’t hate me after this. After all, these things that I do in the review are still irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, as it’s the player’s choice on which of these ships to add to their port ( or both, if they choose to do so ) Peace! PS: I’m serious, do NOT trust the spreadsheets. Trust your own gut, and you will win more often than not