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Found 3 results

  1. Feel free to share your Moment of Derp. Here's mine for the week: I decided to get back into the U.S. line of CA's with all the promos and whatnot. Geared up my Cleveland, found a spare 11 pt Captain and off I went. Ground through all the upgrades and used 12k Free XP to finish out and score the Seattle. When I went about getting the Seattle ready, I went to look at my Captain skills for Cleveland as a starting point. This is when I noticed, I had done the entire grind without ever having selected a single Captain skill for Cleveland. 11 pts of nothing. Derp!
  2. Lately I have seen a new kind of stupid in teams. Like, I've had bad teams from time to time, but never as consistently as I have been having in the last 2 weeks. Take last night for example. 1 game, I had 5 cruisers(all but one) hiding behind the same island. Now you might think they were firing over it. But no. They were hiding from DDs, that the only cruiser that wasn't hiding had radared. But soon died because he didn't have help. Or when I was playing my Mo. I radared 2 very low health DDs. Did anyone kill them? Nope. I was being escorted by a cleve and balti. Who BOTH thought shooting HE at their monty was more important. BUT. it wasn't just them. No one else but me and the other BB was me were ever even shooting at the DDs all game. Guess what happened? Yup, we both were torped to death, along with all the other BBs. Easy loss.
  3. So I get home for the night and log onto Warships ready to continue my grind. I ready up the Essex and press Battle. I immediately get into a game. With 8 people total. And 2 CV. Yeah. So, what are we to do about this? Well, the absolute gentleman in their Essex suggested an honorable CV duel. No planes. Just secondaries. Assides from a Mogami that almost ruined the fun but thankfully figured out what was going on, and the fight was on! I pulled out the win despite my handicap, and wrapped up what was certainly the strangest battle I've ever fought. I included the results in the spoiler.