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Found 1 result

  1. Darkshadow86

    CVs need depth-charges.

    Hello, good day to everyone. I was playing some co-op to test out the subs, and I've noticed a pattern; CV(s) have no way to kill a sub unless the subs resurface, which is just awful. CV(s) historically had depth charge bombers to sink subs that felt bold enough to attack near them. There is nothing to stop a sub that wants to tunnel a cv at the start of the game; the sub would like deep dive, and if the cv noticed, he wouldn't be able to bomb the sub to oblivion for doing such a brazen strategy. CV(s) need a way to make subs treat them like they were a minefield, meaning not worth getting close to and not worth the risk. Not to mention CV(s) don't have a way to dodge those homing torps unless they use their repair function, which is a temporary solution to the problem. Still, the sub will ping again, and the CV will spend the entire map trying to hide behind mountains and trying to avoid subs, which is bad gameplay. Finally, to rebut all the future people who will say, "What about my class? They still don't all have counter ways to deal with subs?" Well, I'm not a dev, so I can't answer those questions; all I can do is call attention to its problems for CV(s). Also, the addition of sonobuoys to locate the subs that want to hide would be a great addition to counter the subs. TLDR: CV(s) need their historical depth-charge loadout to counter subs and prevent sub tunneling. Main Points: Historical Loadout for CV(s). This post primarily concerns CV(s), not the other classes. Subs need a reason to treat CV(s) as a threat, not as if they were a free kill. Auto repair isn't a proper counter to sub pings; they are a temporary solution to a single ping salvo(The double ping). Sonobuoys to locate subs that want to hide and prevent early game rushes in case they try to deep dive at the start. Disclaimer: I'm heavily biased toward the usage of CV(s). I'm primarily a CV player, and these suggestions are toward the benefit of CV(s), which may potentially make subs a weaker class as a whole if a CV is participating during said matches. This wouldn't be unrealistic, but it may harm the experience of sub players. Still, it will give them a reason to be careful instead of overly brazen and bold because they can quickly sink a Yamato and escape nearly Scott-free. My mindset is primarily on tier X gameplay. However, the devs should consider the other tiers for what the CV(s) can bring historically to counter the enemy subs. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.