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Found 5 results

  1. I just got back from playing my first sub battle and, suffice to say, I had fun. I didn't kill a sub, but I did have an 84k damage victory in my Perth which I was very proud of. That, however, is beside the point. The point is the ships that I saw some people bringing out. On both sides, I saw people going out in cruisers that can't use depth charges, such as the Aoba, Devonshire, Pensacola, La Galissonniere, and Trento, as well as BBs like the Fuso and Bayern and CVs like the Ranger and Ryujo. LIkewise, while I do have a decent selection of ships that can use depth charges (Anshan, Perth, T-61, Aigle), I have far more tier 6 ships that can't (Arizona, Warspite, Furious, Molotov, Graf Spee, Dunkerque, Huanghe, Duca D'aosta) and I can't help but wonder what the point of using any of them are. Without depth charges, or even Hydro in some cases, it seems like those ships would just be sitting ducks for subs, dependent on ever-undependable teammates to protect them. Of course, that's just my observation, so I now turn the mic over to you guys: Do you know what the point is to playing a ship in Sub Battles that can't use depth charges? I look forward to seeing what you all have to say. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  2. Something I noticed while playing against submarines with a destroyer is that you can come to a complete stop over a submerged submarine and drop depth charges.....UH? What? With that kind of kinetic force of explosions underneath a destroyer/cruiser's hull would cause significant damage to said ship. WG, you need to fix depth charges so that they can't be dropped when a destroyer/cruiser drops below a certain speed or otherwise let the destroyer/cruiser damage itself with its own depth charges. my 2 cents worth of submarine critique
  3. black_hull4

    Depth charges?

    So I was in the HMS Gallant, still had most of my hp left(green healthbar), on the winning team, and that's when the enemy Izmail shows up to charge me. Being in a DD I outmaneuver him and fire depth charges to detonate underneath & snap his keel. Now that submarines have gone live, you can use depth charges by pressing G. Or at least, that's what the game tells you. But...I pressed G...none of the K-guns fired. wth?! So I did no damage, he kills me for all my trouble. I do, however, get the It's Just a Flesh Wound award since I got torps away-all 8 hit after I died. So if it isn't G, what do you actually press to use depth charges?
  4. So I've been playing around in Sub Battles these past few days, and i must say they have somehow actually been rather fun, although I've only played cruiser and destroyer at the moment. I was just curious after seeing something that confused me after i started checking around the tech tree to see what cruisers got depth charges and which didn't, and i found quite a few cases where depth charges are modeled on the ship, yet are for some reason not usable as ASW weapons in game. My only question is whether or not these ships will eventually get access to their ASW weapons, cause it would bring more variety to the potential cruisers one could bring into a submarine confrontation, i'm guessing the answer is they simply don't have them atm just for the public test. As of now I've mainly only checked T6 cruisers, but i did find quite a few other cruisers in the tech tree that have ASW weapons modeled in. Here's the 7 T6 cruisers lacking the functionality that i found, I may have missed one or another (putting them in spoiler as to not bloat the post): Huang He: Devonshire/London (very similar ships so i lumped them in together): Aoba: Galissonnière: Duca d'Aosta: Molotov: - Saidalphon
  5. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Lightning depth charges

    proof the RN dds are already ready for the submarine invasion. (and what else is there on the stern are they anti sub mortars?) (see @HMS_Formidable's reply for the answer)