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Found 2 results

  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    One dream i had today

    I had an interesting dream today. I was playing with Yamato (but the map was a river? uat!? at least was a really large one, probalbly the Yellow river? Because it was yellow?) and it was the end of the battle, the only way the team could win was if i survived, then 2 torpedo bomber squads from a japanese carrier came after me. Because i was in low HP i beached in panic (maybe not... beaching in a river with a ship that weights 70,000 tons is not that hard), then i was looking for the available consumables to plan a strategy to deal with the air attack, i saw there was one def. fire consumable left that i used as quick as possible, the CV reaction was to drop from really far away and the attack missed, from a total of 8 planes i took down 5 before the drop and 2 after. So i got 7 plane ribbons for that wave, but when i saw the total number in the ribbon it showed 75 planes destroyed!!! I got in first in the team and the only achivement i got was that new one that i didn't decorate yet. But you are probably asking yourself: wouldn't that be too OP? Nope! "Yamato's defensive fire shared the same slot that uses the repair party. And before people go nuts thinking that i'm trying to find a creative way to propose a new gimmick [edited] i'm not, that's why i'm using the off-topic. I just want to share this dumb dream, plain and simple Also no... i was addicted to play WoWs back in 2016, not nowadays that i avoid the game quite a lot, less clan battles.
  2. Things that could make clans battles better and get CV's into them. consumables, Anti-Air, Static boat types and matchmaking. Consumables are out of control, to many boats have to many different consumables that give them an edge over other boats with no negative effects. Destroyers should never get defensive fire because they just can't fit enough AA mounts on their hull to get the ability and since they have a high mobility why do they need it? Cruisers should only get defensive fire if they pick an AA hull, and battle ships should get defensive fire because of the large amount of AA mounts they have already. The Anti Air in tiers 8,9,10 are to high and people stop playing their Aircraft Carrier just out of frustration of not being able to do anything. The boat types are limited and you can only play a boat one way, why not give different hull types so the player can change the boat spec to suit what he needs or wants more of. If a player wants to go Anti Destroyer he can pick a radar hull that will come with less main guns but a long range radar, if he wants to go Anti Air he can get an AA hull that will have more AA mounts with longer range and less main guns. Aircraft Carriers shouldn't be able to short drop torpedoes and bombs. Finally match making, i would wait an extra minute in queue if it means i would never have to face ships higher then one tier above me, it isn't fun and feels like i'm wasting my time playing that match.