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Found 1 result

  1. Avenge_December_7

    This Is Newport (Song)

    Newport currently seems to be the operation that has the highest rate of failure for a multitude of reasons. Here is a song about it, to the tune of Tim Burton's This Is Halloween. In the list of tier 6 ops, One op stands above them all Potatoes come here to sink All around this naval base This is Newport, this is Newport Three teammates dead in a single wave This is Newport, go alone at your own risk Suffer or just div up and then you might actually win Rush in and you will sink In the seas around Newport I am the destroyer that sneaks on by Triggers all the waves and bids goodbye I am the low tier cruiser that baits All the destroyers and lone cruisers in This is Newport, this is Newport Newport! Newport! Newport! Newport! Yolo in, and you'll go Back to port in the blink of an eye Did you just repair 3 fires? The AI's just gonna set another three Why are you all camping in the healing circle? Let the AI in and you'll all sink just the same Defeat! This is Newport Sunken ships! Destroyed forts! Frustrated? Another defeat! One star lost, two stars lost Can't you focus fire guys? At the cruiser that's gonna cross the line Operation failed! Operation failed! In the seas around Newport I am the cruiser that angles perfectly Focuses you until you're burning nicely I am the battleship that can shoot And hit you from across the map I am the oblivious one on your team Rushes in, dies, and then complains This is Newport, this is Newport Newport! Newport! Newport! Newport! Potato wrecks everywhere Here's where the AI reigns supreme That's their job, but don't blame them In the seas around Newport In these seas Don't we hate it now Waiting to see how this run goes wrong Battleship Gunkan doesn't care about your angling Overmatches your armor 20k salvo through the bow This is Newport, another defeat In the last wave is a very special battleship Izumo outclasses all your ships one on one Get its broadside, torp-rush it, or focus it This is Newport, this is Newport Newport! Newport! Newport! Newport! Here's where the tables turn The AI milks the tears of the playerbase Sunk! Sunk! Sunk! Teammate sunk! Sunk! Sunk! Fort destroyed! Destroyed! Destroyed! Operation failed!