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Found 2 results

  1. So I understand that WG is doing an overhaul on the mods and personally I really like where they are going with them. There is however one glaring possible issue with the Torpedo protection system in slot #5 which they have also noticed and say so on the dev blog. For those who don't know the proposed mod works like this Torpedo protection system (slot # 5): Replaces the "Target Acquisition System Modification 1" and will give the following bonuses: Allows for torpedoes to be detected at a fixed distance of 1.8 km, regardless of the torpedoes' detectability range ("Vigilance" skill will improve it). Add +5% to ship's torpedo protection. My question for the forum is how will this effect ships that rely on slow and low detect ability torpedoes? I personally am planning on buying the Black as soon as I get just a little bit more steel and I have YY and still enjoy her every now and then. If these changes go through what should be done to these types of ships to help make up for this? Should anything be done for these ships? Please post solutions and/or justifications below.
  2. First I do not know a lot about this topic, and was not involved in feedback and discussions when DWTs were revealed/announced for Asashio and Pan-Asian's. But i just purchased the Asashio, and was getting used to it, when I thought how I wished there was also a German DD Premium like the Asashio, but one for my German Captains! I was wondering what your thoughts on this are, and whether or not Asashio should stay alone or if it would be good to have other Factions that have a single DWT premium DD?