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Found 3 results

  1. DWT vs SUBS: Why Deep Water Torps can't hit a sub in Deep Water? That should be quite the opposite, i.e, a DWT should be able to hit SUBMERGED submarines, at Periscope and operations depth! And a sub should be safe from DWT when surfaced or at maximum depth! Currently, DWT can't hit subs at all, subs become just like DDs, no matter its depth. RATIONALE: The DWT fish swims at ~8...10m, while subs operating at periscope depth are ~9..10m deep. That should be a VALID TARGET, "hit-able' by DWT. While the same sub, while surfaced, have a draft smaller than 8m, so should be untouchable by DWT. Similar to maximum depth, as DWT are dumb, unguided. Probably in real life a sub at "operational depth", ~30m, should also be unreachable to DWT's. But I suggest this exception to reality favoring gameplay, so DWT can hit a sub at periscope and operational depths, but not while surface or at maximum depth.
  2. Hello, I think it is time to give the Asashio the capability to hit battle-cruisers with her torps, like: Kronshtadt, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Stalingrad, Moskva, Petropavlovsk, Yoshino, Azuma, Siegfried, Agir, etc. If they have the same draught, draft, deep (whatever you call it) like a BB, then Asashio torps should hit them. It's logic.
  3. On the map Sleeping Giant, in my low tiered Cleveland. Trying to use an island as cover from a Musashi. I see deep water torpedos coming in, but ignore them as there is an island between me and them. I was doing a stream, thus music playing, and at a puase, I still hear the torpedo alert, and the icon indicates the same direction, I zoom out in time to see a torpedo coming out from under the island. Didn't die, but still surprised me. shameless stream plug: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlainNaiveMarrowStoneLightning