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Found 1 result

  1. Despite the increase of seven to eight ships in clan battles, there is still clearly an early deciding factor in who wins the games. Those with Klebers and the Russian horde tend to have a distinct advantage over their opponents. So many games are decided in the first two minutes when a Kleber flanks, torps and kills another destroyer (you pick). Top Tier purple piranha clans have horded these ships and used their excess steel to gain a distinct advantage over other clans who have things called a real life. These players cannot always compete in events like King of the Weebs and bias WG events, which give some a steel and coal advantage. Then when we do want to participate in clan battles, these all hording clans use their plethora of bias’d ships to annihilate those of lesser quality (often relying on mostly tech tree ships). This has led me to three early conclusions about this season of clan battles. First, destroyer players are bad or at best, terribly inconsistent. Clan battles is supposed to be competitive, but for what I have watched on twitch, these so-called unicum destroyer mains struggle to stay alive, eating torps. Those who do dodge the first wave of torps are immediately consumed by the next issue. Second is the klobber. This DD is busted. It is like the old Khaba (except now sea legal TM), only worse because the maps (often containing islands in close proximity of caps) enable it to mask its one deficiency (concealment) sneak in and slam bam thank you ma’am any non-Kleber dd. SHima…joke, Gearing (what is a USN player base …this ship is permanently non-meta at this point)…but DFAA…and the fact we will never see a carrier again, Groz? Nope…Kleber still outtrades, Z52…eats pens. Kleber IS broken in this format, especially without CVs to real them back in or a plethora of Russian bias, which is point number three. Russian "premiums" or “special ships” hidden behind an Iron or should we say Steel Curtain…such as Smolensk and Stalingrad (plus all too soon Slava) which now dominate both randoms and competitive formats. Oh, who has the majority of these? Unicums…go watch KoTS finals for how to exploit this madness! Even Throw7 couldn’t fail with the Iron Curtain madness…but WG will tell me that everything is fine right? So, what could have made this season better? I know…its against all logic, but at least a CV can real in those Klebers and make them think twice and then DDs would not be running rampant and there would be more requirement for players to think about skill selection (instead of just being torpedoed into stupidity). I would recommend not just a ship type cap like two battleshisp, but a nation cap such as only two USN/or two RU (or maybe even a minimum of 4 tech tree ships and or 4 nations...try anything but this craptastic meta). This would force play to conform to a more balanced approach giving some of the smaller clans who do not have oodles of time to actually compete. Lastly, the gap of clans who can even participate has declined as burn out clans (or in my case small ones) get sidelined as the minimum requirement has gone from seven to eight ships…this is deplorable, but one shouldn’t expect any changes any time soon…this game has the similarities of a legitimate game where all the players get a vote via a survey…but the oligarchy of top clans who pay to play and control the top with steel and coal have a serious monopoly on these decisions…as evidenced by all that is happening…hopefully WG makes some changes (or even a new format) which is more flexible for smaller clans to participate. For now, we will watch others on the sideline continue to create an unbalanced separation between the haves and have nots…interesting though…isn’t that how the original Russia fell?