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Found 1 result

  1. Hello good people! I'll leave here an idea that got after watching Greyhound (again xD) first of all, excuse my poor english. I'm Argentinean so my native language is spanish, but i will make an effort to make clear what I want o say. This is a balance proposal for subs and surface ships taking the magnetic torps in count. This proposal has two objectives: One is to balance the interaction between subs with subs and other surface ships. The second is to add a new mechanic which makes the game more interesting on an historical and fun level. I'm talking of course about the Decoys. Plus this has as a good thing which is preserving the damage control consumable. normally, when a ship is pinned by a submarine it can press the key R to mitigate the pin effect (it least over 5 to 15 secs depending on the ship) but right after the damage control effect is over, the ship gets pinned again and the damage control is on cooldown for a relatively long time. Damage control party is a very important tool for the survival of a ship, since it extinguish fires and flooding and even repairs damaged modules, its very panful to get pinned, mitigate it, and then get pinned AND fired or flooded at the same time. and you cant do nothing to stop it because of you used it to mitigate the pin effect, and now there is a cooldown of several seconds and even more than a minute with this said now I'll explain how to use this tool and and the possibilities it has. the idea is simple, the decoys would be a consumable just like depth charges (but slightly different) by dropping an item on the water which acts as the pinned part of the ship (then the pinned ship wont be so any more until the decoy get hit or the time of the decoy is over) getting the attention of the magnetic torpedo. It may have a number of charges (like airstrike or depth charges) and a time of action like a surveillance radar (from 10 to 15 secs) which my change depending on the tier, nation and if it is premium or not. On a fight sub vs sub the mechanic would be the same except for the number of charges which would be lower. I'll drop some pics of the idea (made on paint xD) so pls tell me what you think about it and let me now if you have a better idea or what changes you would you make for this.