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Found 2 results

  1. HMS_Hoodwink

    The Flying Dutchman...

    ...is the nickname I’ve already given my brand new De Ruyter. I managed to get enough Dutch tokens to get her, and now that I’ve had a couple of games in her I can say that early indications are very good. Reasonably fast and agile, no torps but her guns hit hard enough and have impressive accuracy. As a BB main I’m not a skilled cruiser player by any means, but I’m hoping she might help me change that. Anyone have enough experience in De Ruyter to share some insights?
  2. I thought the De Ruyter was going to be worse than the Phoenix, however I got a clue with the spotter plane. It is a great kiting CA. It does not mean that you won't get smacked. If you keep your distance and angle properly you can survive better. BTW the last battle was a cat rodeo. I could not carry in the match. Still I am impressed with this ship.