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Found 9 results

  1. Howdy salts, My interest in the game has now waned to the point of perhaps no return. I never have like cv's in this game from the very beginning, but it was ok because only 10-25% of matches had a cv. Cv's spelled the end of traditional surface warfare in reality and it has done the same to this game for me and more than a few others. At least limit cv's to one a side. One match after the tenth battle in a row with 2 cv's I quit the match out of frustration. Please WG 1 cv per team across all tiers. Not to mention the fact that cv's have changed the game meta entirely to a passive blobfest in most cases. Argh!
  2. Drunken_Irishman444

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    Who else is tired of being perma-spotted (despite the air conceal buff), perma-set on fire, perma-flooded, and literally everything else that comes with not being able to punish CV's. I for one have had a solid handful of fun games since the CV update came out, most of which involved games where there weren't Cvs. DDs don't push because they can't. Because of that everyone else doesn't push. BB's that sit at the back have all the AA power (go figure). Games that aren't decisively decided, come down to a few CV players at the end of the match and a few helpless souls that still have some health that wait it out until the enemy CVs die. The game got stale since ranked ended, the one last safe haven for this game away from the monotony.
  3. warheart1992

    No Fun Allowed

    Inspired by the numerous threads on Matchmaker, CVs and DDs, I decided to give a go at creating a bit of related meme content. This is just poking fun, no hard feelings towards anyone or class, the sky isn't falling . Please don't turn the thread into another dumpster fire. It's purpose is to have a fun time. I call this one the Kidd experience, at least for me: This is how it feels when you drive one of the AA capable DDs when there are CVs around: Share some of your memes or fun pics from these past few days, I did my part .
  4. WG based on your recent PSA about balancing premiums I request that the YueYang nerf be reverted immediately. I realize the YueYang is not a premium but the balancing logic should extend to silver ships. Since balancing based on a ship being OP is something you are not willing to do for premiums I guess balance in general balance is not critical. In this case the T9 is more powerful and enjoyable than the T10 YueYang, does that count for anything?
  5. GabeTheDespot

    How should I learn to play DDs

    I have played CAs, BBs, CVs, and even CLs and have gained a level of mastery on some (Hindenburg). But DDs seem to elude me, the Ruskies, I zoom around, don’t help the win, and get blapped by a Chapayev. When I still played the Japanese DDs, I got cornered and blapped, and after 1 game in Clemson, I get blapped. How should I play DDs, and which lines should I start off with, I would really like to learn this rather influential ship class. I think it will help me improve my gameplay, because the best way to counter DDs is to think like them, and the best way to know the actions of a radar cruiser is to be forced to counterplay radar, so I know when the 2 key will be most useful on Hindenburg. Thoughts?
  6. It all started when I got the Sims and Leningrad from 2017 Christmas crates. I was a cruiser main, I swear. My only enjoyable time playing DDs had been in the Dunkirk event and using the two T5 Dunkirk DDs in Killer Whale for the ECXP. Then I did it. I played the Sims, I was in Love. Then my cheating heart made me play the Leningrad. I was torn, I love them both. But I'm human, I have needs. I went back to Clemson and it felt so right. Fushun walked into my life during the North Cape campaign. She's such a dirty girl. Podvoisky, you always want to be the center of attention. Your torps are only show but the way you strut around a battlefield crushing other DDs and demanding every BB look at you. You make me feel dirty when we go out but I cant say no. Ognevoi, who knew you were such a demon under that unassuming exterior. They take your 4 guns lightly forgetting your 10km torps. But Oh, Fletcher, Chung Mu, Lightning, Z23, and Z46, I've even cheated with Asashio B. She's a fickle girl but I love her too. Only the seductive whisper of Belfast can tear me away from my DD harem for a few fleeting moments. Even Musashi's cute, fat, bottom fails to get my attention. So many DDs and so little time to give to each of them. I realllllyyyy have issues. Mainly not enough 19pt capts or time to play every DD as much as I want.
  7. Just had a coop match where our carrier had beached himself in front of a red bot dd, a Lightning. Initially the distance between them was 5.9km. The dd closed the gap to 4.x km, all the while firing main batteries. Then he fires port-side torpedoes at... nothing. Closest green ship was more than double the distance away and behind islands. Why didn't the bot dd drop torp on the carrier, stationary in front of him? I'm wondering - do the dds have individual bot programs? Maybe your program for the Lightning has not been refined?
  8. y_vonne

    You Do You

    I almost exclusively play DD's and everyone, (almost everyone!) has something helpful, (stupid!) to say, or suggest, (demand!) about DD's game play. On more occasions than not during a match, people ([edited]hats!) scream, berate, criticize and whine to and about what destroyer's should or should'nt be doing. The funny thing is, none of them are destroyer captains. As far as "hiding" goes, i never hide. i might dodge behind cover if need be, but hiding's not in my repertoire. Worry about your own strategy and game play (lack of style!) and i'll do me. If anyone should [edited], it should be DD captains for the utter lack of support from CV's and BB's.
  9. I was rushing a Missouri with my Minsk (the misso was rushing a cap, going full yolo no fuc*s given) I pop from the corner of the island while having my engine boost. He aims at me (of course AP loaded) fires and pens me so hard that I instantly lost 90% of HP. Died 3 mins later because of hydro... So WG when you plan to fix this? It is so frustrating for me as a DD player that loves to be aggressive! Thanks for the comments guys!!