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Found 417 results

  1. Enjoy this gem from first match of the night. Our Z23 taking position middle didn't have the balls to actually spring the trap, ended up getting himself killed without doing anything. Let this be a valuable lesson to DD players wishing to improve. You need to have balls of steel sometimes and if your intention is to set an ambush, ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE ATTACK. Don't [edited] out at the last moment, slowly starts to back out, then gets cornered and killed. If, for whatever, reason you have to stop the attack, ensure your torpedo tubes have the traverse to at least launch a retaliatory salvo. That means orientate your ship according to their torpedo tube's traverse characteristics.
  2. Sharing some experiences with dealing with inadequate torpedo syndrome DDs. Three ways of torpedo attacks for ships with bad camo and short torps. 1. Torpedo intercept Basically, dropping torpedoes into the intended target's line of travel. Certain map features, such as tips of islands in key areas are ship magnets and torpedoes can be pre fired at these locations. Important things to keep tracking during such maneuver are: self and target's camo values; relative speed and heading; if approaching head on; your own turning radius, acceleration, and TURN RATE; potential float plane/CV plane paths. Minimap is a great tool to judge enemies's headings as well as keeping track of sky cancers, enable target heading option in the minimap setting panel. (Kirov was then finished off with gun fire) 2. The Surprise Using Line of Sight blockers such as islands or smokes to get close with the target without being spotted. Then surprise them from close range. Important informations for the run: potential spotters that can see you en route or about to clear the LoS blocker; target's speed and heading (beg for radar, hydro, float, CV spotting); attacker's torpedo speed and relative speed with target (55 knots torps firing on a DD running away at 40 knots would rarely hit); target's turret facing, rotation, and loading status (obviously turret facing away and guns not loaded is the best, but many BBs or cruisers do not have enough turret rotation speed to follow their turning rate, they can be abused). If the target's is turning away while clearing the LoS obstacle, make sure the attacker's torpedoes can catch the target before she finishes turning. Otherwise the ship's cross section might be too small for the torpedoes to hit. Be aware of ships BEHIND the intended target. There might be unspotted enemy ships also behind the obstacle. Never do the close up run without map info. (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya remained to be a thorn for the rest of the match) 3. The "Kamikaze A head on approach to close the distance as fast as possible, then launch torpdoes at an undodgable range. This method has to be the easiest and the hardest to pull off. Can easily resulting in death and throw the game as a result. The most difficult part is deciding when to turn broadside for the purpose of firing torpedoes. Using this tactic means accepting the possibility of sinking, never fire torpedoes early or in panic. Make sure to turn at very close range, but start the turn to give yourself enough distance for your ship's turning radius plus minimums torpedo arming distance. Try not to turn too perpendicular to the target, making their cross section small; or turn to their aft, some ships have amazing accelerations. Important things to keep track of: the enemy team's locations (unless your team has a 10 ships lead, never rush enemies with escorts in open water); make sure you have ENOUGH HP left to take a salvo; risk to reward ratio, the potential trade off (you don't want to die and throw the game); make sure to have enough torpedoes, or maximum damage out put to actually sink the target, otherwise things might get awkward; target's turret rotation rate (for example, approaching a Yamato from behind her guns is as safe as approaching an afk ship). Feel free to contribute.
  3. So I was trying to torp a target in a DD, specifically Shiratsuyu, but when I switched guns after torping an enemy, the game suddenly crashed to this error: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x00EE9278) (Read @ 0x00000016) If this is any use: Memory info: Virtual memory: 2838876Kb/4194176Kb (68%) Working set (process physical memory): 1609776Kb/4194176Kb (38%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 2305988Kb/4194176Kb (54%) Global physical memory: 7237404Kb/16664352Kb (43%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 13035928Kb/24528672Kb (54%) I had replays enabled. The only thing I found on this was an old post but they concluded it was a memory error. I'm not sure how it would apply in my case since I have 16GB ram and a GTX 960M (I play on laptop, a decently powerful one). PS I don't have a Shiratsuyu on NA server, that's on my SEA account but I'd post the bug report here for activity's sake. This error only started happening twice so far, while I was grinding up the IJN DDs with their torps. First time was literally yesterday.
  4. Mean Z39

    Das Gud Bote! ... and the replay:
  5. I just watched this Flamu review of the Harugumo, and was left aghast that WGing is getting ready to release this thing without a proper counter (or so it seems). For any that played and remember the original Khabarovsk; at least to me, seeing this thing is like a slap in the face to Khaba. ... this is a much higher level of 'dakka dakka' than the Khaba was ever EVER guilty of... I seriously don't know what to say about how hypocritical this is (even as an Akizuki fan). Simply put, un-nerf the Khabarovsk to make it the counter to the coming Harugumo and Kitakaze.
  6. I was rushing a Missouri with my Minsk (the misso was rushing a cap, going full yolo no fuc*s given) I pop from the corner of the island while having my engine boost. He aims at me (of course AP loaded) fires and pens me so hard that I instantly lost 90% of HP. Died 3 mins later because of hydro... So WG when you plan to fix this? It is so frustrating for me as a DD player that loves to be aggressive! Thanks for the comments guys!!
  7. Minekazi or Mutsuki line???

    Minekaze or Mutsuki line? Why?
  8. First I do not know a lot about this topic, and was not involved in feedback and discussions when DWTs were revealed/announced for Asashio and Pan-Asian's. But i just purchased the Asashio, and was getting used to it, when I thought how I wished there was also a German DD Premium like the Asashio, but one for my German Captains! I was wondering what your thoughts on this are, and whether or not Asashio should stay alone or if it would be good to have other Factions that have a single DWT premium DD?
  9. HareKaze Hull / Gun Now/

    hi all With the new change to 100 mm, I had the american style 127mm Guns , 3x 2? Since the change to 1/24 pen, or 25mm minimum without IFHE... may I ask, whats hull do you suggest now? thanks in advance Take care JM
  10. Give RN high tier DDs a short duration (20 - 30 secs) but extremely powerful engine boost. The main goal here is not to raise the top speed by much, but to maintain engine power. The special RN DD engine boost should ensure RN DDs do not lose speed when doing maneuvers and drastically shorten acceleration. I want to see RN DD weaving through large number of BBs firing torps single shot left and right, sinking all of them.
  11. Just watched a very recent "replay video" where the commentator indicated a Tier VII ship with 152mm guns and IFHE (Inertia Fused High Explosive) will do big damage against DDs... It has been my understanding that IFHE provides no additional benefit for HE shells when used against armor (in this case, 19mm or less) that can be penetrated without having the IFHE commander skill -- and this is regardless of the angle at which the HE shell strikes the armor. Is there any truth to the statement made by the replay commentator?
  12. Base reload time 2.5 seconds Main Battery Mod 3 : -12% Basic Fire Training: -10% Adrenaline rush at 50% HP: -10% AP max dmg per shell 2100, 6 guns total firing at 1.7 sec intervals TOtal -32% reload time, 1.7 seconds every salvo. Oh sweet lord yesus. Gun caliber is low but the AP pen seems pretty great. Defensive hydro for DD vs DD brawling, together with the great engine acceleration and very workable turn rate. IFHE probably isn't necessary, just use build like this to focus on DD vs DD, DD vs cruisers. AP max dmg per shell 2100, 6 guns total firing at 1.7 sec intervals = potentially 12,600 dmg every 1.7 sec, almost 450k dmg per min. HOLY SWEET LORD. With that kind of potential DPM, even Yueyang in full gunboat build's going to have trouble dealing with RN DDs. WIth the caliber of the guns, AP probably will rarely over pen. At around 4-5 km range, RN DD's going to just absolutely dominate everything. RN DDs, gun boat captain's dream. Oh my oak is so erect already.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    I would generally call myself a destroyer main, but not anymore. I just can’t play them anymore, the amount of radar spam is absurd. Every game there’s at least 3 radar ships, 1 for each cap. You can’t push into caps anymore, you just can’t. As soon as you try to push up and scout you get radared and then just melt. I can’t do my job as a DD anymore cause of the ridiculous amounts of radar every damn game. I just can’t get myself to sit back and not try to cap, it goes against my play style. At this point my mentality is if you can’t beat them join them. I’m playing my Des Moines and Moskva a lot, and I feel plain dirty for it. This is absurd, DDs are all but uselsss now. It’s awful, cause I love destroyers and am usually pretty good on them, but now it’s just torture playing them, constantly living in fear of [edited]radar. WG needs to do something, perhaps limit the amount of radar ships per team, cause I’m getting sick and tired of constant 3 Des Moines + a Cleveland or two every damn round. And tiers 6 and 5 are messed up too cause of constant uptiering and Atlanta spam. This new radar meta is the worst I’ve ever seen. Smoke is useless now, DDs can’t do their jobs, and the huge amounts of HE spam causes BBs to be even more passive than they used to be. It’s not fun, it’s just awful.
  14. DD XP....Seriously?

    So just had a decent Fletch game for a win. There have been multiple threads about the lack of XP for DDs here recently doing what DDs do. Here is another. So if I hadn't had premium negative cash huh. I'm sorry, but in this rediculous radar heavy meta that is all DD players get for that? I think average damage for Fletch is about 40k.
  15. know almost nothing about clan play.
  16. Just DD in Aegis Things

  17. So with all the posts lately on dd play with radar, here is what we started doing playing in a division of 3 Shimas and the next battle a division of 2 Gearings. We don't take the cap, we CLEAR the cap, and trust me, when you see a spread like below, you do clear the cap. We can take the cap almost always after clearing it. In this case, we hit the dd with 1 torp and he left in a hurry. We took the cap and moved on to the next one. We stay together and were able to kill a gearing with the guns of 2 shimas. Here is the initial clearing spread and the battle results of all 3 shimas. Nothing quite like seeing 45 torps spread out through the entire cap. It is a beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful sight to behold. We do the same thing in the Gearing with 13 or 10 mile torps: Wanted to show the dd players this because in my opinion, there is a way to play with radar in the game. You just have to know, at all times, where the radar ships are and don't get over aggressive with your dd at battle start. Both the Shima battle and the Gearing battle we won, I wasn;t killed in the first one, but was at the end of the 2nd one due to my own stupidity and over confidence. In this Gearing battle, the other team lemming trained and that made us drool on our keyboards.....we stayed 10-12 miles back (outside of the radar range) with the 13 mile torps and just shot spreads of torps at the enemy.....I had 12 torp hits and my division member had 5 hits. Only 2 kills this battle between us but flooding damage galore. With the 10 mile torps, you have to be extra careful you don't get too close to those pesky radar rats. Bottom line guys: Know the radar and the ranges.....and division up with your clan mates in dd's. It is one helluva lot of fun and you can wreak total havoc once you get the hang of your strategy against the radar. Communication within the division is KEY! Sooooooooooooooooooo......division up with clan mates using the same dd's and let the torps FLY and the guns shoot straight! Too many of the dd players are dying too quickly because they are over aggressive at battle start!
  18. Russian DD Buffs

    We have seen the dev blog about other ships getting buffs and nerfs but have you seen this, Tashkent with Khab guns, this is going to be fun if this is done. Soviet Destroyers "Gnevny" and "Minsk": Increased the speed of rotation of the Main Battery from 6.0 to 9.7 deg. / sec. Soviet Destroyer "Podvoisky": Increased the speed of rotation of the Main Battery from 6.0 to 9.7 deg. / sec.; Reduced the reload time of the Main Battery from 8.1 to 7.5 s. The Soviet modules 102 mm/60 Model 1911 (installed on Soviet destroyers of Tier II-IV): Increased the speed of rotation of the Main Battery from 8.0 to 9.7 deg. / sec.; The Soviet Destroyer "Tashkent":Added a researchable main battery module: 130 mm / 55 B-2-U from Khabarovsk. This addition will make moving along the Tech Tree more logical and will allow you to get used to tier X ballistics in advance.The changes increase the combat effectiveness of Soviet destroyers, leading them to balance with their classmates, and also allow them to focus on artillery dueling, because slow turrets often hampered the effectiveness of making use of ballistics and damage per minute. The Soviet Cruiser "Chapayev":The possibility of installing the equipment "Surveillance Radar" on the A Hull.Change brings consistency to this ship's progression. this is the link if you doubt https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2018/07/wows-devs-soviet-destroyers-and-Chapayev-Balance-Changes.html
  19. Yugumo Gun Build Suggestions

    So I decided to build my Yugumo into a hybrid gun/torp boat, b/c Shima detection buff took away the ghost uniqueness of Yugumo. * have a 19 point Commander So far on the ship I run smoke and the ship range mod (GFCSM2). My captain is Expert Marksman, Basic Fire Training, no AFT - this is on top of all the typical DD skills. I have 4 points left to use on Commander and really debating: IFHE? That brings penetration from 21mm to 28mm armor if I'm understanding correctly. Adrenaline Rush? Gets reload to 4.6s at 1/2 HP. The guns feel good so far, gun range is 14km backed up with 12km torps. This gives me good influence and ability to disappear when needed. AFT would stack and make my gun bloom detection pretty harsh. Suggestions?
  20. Nerfing Gaede Back to 128's

    Ok After reading the recent post about Gaede in this forum, i'm going to rebuild the Captain and adjust Gaede back to 128's. The primary benefit/s i'm looking for are; Increased RoF and so better results agains't dd's using AP(?). Increased torp range (but slower). Better Turret Rotation. Considering this is an excellent ship, I think the wins and results should be a lot better than they are. I have the luxury of a 13 point captain, I usually train the captain's xp up to 50% of what it needs (for captain points) and buy the rest with free XP ... and I never NEVER spend free xp on anything that isn't captains skill points. I want 10pts in every dd captain and when i don't have that i'm grinding, until I get there. Present Captain Skills are: PT, PM EM, TA TAE CE I'll drop Priority target as I usually know when i'm being shot at - it's right after I get spotted. I'll drop Torp Acceleration as well, giving me 3 spare points; and i'll pick up 8.5k torps which will now exceed my detection range by 2km. I'll drop Main Battery Modification 2 in favour of Aiming Systems Modification - net result will be that the 5% loading time penalty goes away and accuracy increases 7%. However the 15% rotation bonus goes away ... i'll have to live with it, or use A and D keys for aiming when necessary (what's new?). The 3 extra points will go straight into BFT for RoF increase, as you'd expect. I'll keep TAE instead of DE; it's a close call but more torps seems more helpful than setting fires. The present win ratio and stats are not up to scratch; i'll post an update after some results come in on the new build. (My concern is the 0.5 ships destroyed per battle.)
  21. Possible Solution to Radar

    Still see many DDs playing the upper tiers despite radar. What tactics work given that it’s unlikely to change? Few of my own I’ve developed over the last several weeks but just like to open the floor first.
  22. Haida vs All T7 DDs

    So I/we read Mouse's awesome write up on Haida. She makes a strong case that Haida is a strong ship for anti-DD. Is it in fact the strongest T7 DD, say vs the Z-39?
  23. My tactics are mostly developed for IJN Destroyers but they may work for Destroyers with similar stats. A lot of what I say intertwine with each other. I don't believe I have much proof in my videos because battle conditions constantly change. I am using Asashio has my main video because all she has are her deep-water torpedoes and her stealth. She is weak so I have to be significantly more careful with her compared to my other ships. Concealment is all a Destroyer has, more so for a IJN Destroyer. You have to make full use of this while at the same time being effective in battle I will not discuss torpedoes (other than when to shoot) because everyone has their own way of aiming and launching torpedoes. Pre-game Learn what you will be facing so that you can plan on how far you are willing to go\ Learn the map Fear all Destroyers and Cruisers Communication Communicate and explain what you are doing Let your allies know: When your smoke will reload "Smoke, 60 seconds" or "55... 30... 10... smoking now" Do not stop in your smoke "DO NOT STOP IN MY SMOKE" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Let your allies know where you are launching and where they will be going, this way you have done everything in your power to not team kill Smoke Provide smoke walls to cover your allies when they are fired upon Be willing to scrap the side of an ally if you can provide them with smoke Do not provide smoke if the ally is in close proximity to the enemy, this will negate its usefulness Almost never stop in smoke, move slowly Use your smoke to runaway from difficult sitations Scouting After providing a smoke wall, stay outside of it if you can to provide targets for your allies Be near a cap but don't take it If you take it, it tells the enemy you are close You can always take a cap back when it is safe Before proceeding with anything, let the enemy get themselves exposed Be willing to get spotted Either facing towards the enemy or away from the enemy, shoot your gun once and see who and how many ships look at you If they shoot, they expose themselves If they shoot, don't shoot you have 20 seconds until your concealment comes back If they are able to get within your concealment, shoot because you are unlikely gonna make it back to safety unless you have smoke Speed Take your time when going towards a cap Sometimes slowing down when running away from the enemy can be beneficial in dodging shells Don't be afraid to beach yourself (bow on) on an island if it can make you stop faster as long as you are not in enemy firing view Main Guns Do not be afraid to fire your main guns at a Battleship with low health unless it has support Do not be afraid to distract the enemy with your guns while running away If you can prevent the enemy from shooting one salvo at an ally, it gives you ally an extra chance of surviving Use your gun as "radar", what I mean by this is that you intentionally make yourself so that the enemy fires upon you They will expose themselves if they fire This will tell you how many ships are on that side After an enemy used Repair Party, set them on fire again and switch to AP (dependent on where you are shooting) AP can do surprising damage on any ship when aimed right Do not be afraid fire your main guns at solo warships from range every twenty seconds By doing this, you can distract them from firing on your own allies They will typically not know what to do when this happens Torpedoes Confirm visual contact Look at what is around you Hold your fire because there will always be a better position to fire from Check what is around you again If you can, get within concealment range before launching (be as close as possible) Don't launch torpedoes when the enemy is moving in the opposite direction It is always easier to dodge torpedoes when they are "chasing" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Hold your fire as long as you can and communicate to your allies on where your torpedoes will be going Anti-Air AA should almost always stay off AA can stay off if AA Range is less than .5km Do not be afraid to turn on AA if an enemy CV constantly spots you and you have no smoke If you are gonna be constantly spotted, why not shoot? If you are gonna be attacked by bombers, why not shoot? Do not be afraid to turn on AA and turn around to support your allies if enemy bombers spotted you and bombs your ally instead If you can shoot down just one enemy plane, that will help your ally You have already been spotted, so the enemy already knows where to expect you Ways of dealing with radar "Wild Weasel" Entice the enemy by exposing yourself Be in a position to dodge and to run from radar range Fire a few shells By exposing yourself, the enemy is most likely to use radar Dodge enemy fire for twenty seconds Count to twenty while dodging enemy fire If you have Priority Target, count the amount of players looking at you to determine how many players are in that area If you have allies, hopefully they sink the radar ships Fubuki/Asashio Skills & Upgrades
  24. DDs Alive and well.

    As the title says, DD players are out in force, radar shmadar, it was only a passing phase, people were complaining about.