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Found 298 results

  1. Highest Potential Damage in DD

    Among many other horrors, the enemy CV threw 2 bomb squads and 3 torp squads at me during this battle. At the end, I finished a Yamamoto campaign task I thought I'd never get. 1,500,000 Potential Damage. Only I earned a bit more than that... I did have at least 3 BBs trying to kill me at various times during the battle. Before this I think my highest Potential Damage in a DD was 1.9 mm in the Leningrad. I ticked off a lot of red ships in that game...
  2. The American Destroyer 'Mayhem'

    I'm listening to eurobeat as I write this so I'm quite... what's the word... pumped up? It's just a shame I wasn't recording... I definitely would have uploaded the raw footage onto YouTube. However, that doesn't mean I don't have screenshots! Ladies and gentlemen, I present the United States Navy Destroyer, Mayhem. No, it's not Mahan, it's Mayhem now because it makes her sound more interesting, and that's what matters! I can't wait to get the Benson. I'm just sad I found a love for this ship so late on into my playthrough of her. I will blame that however on when stealth firing was removed. I was in withdrawal towards American DDs after they removed it since I had to find a new play style that fit them... and I think it's safe to say I've found it! Also totally approved by @FireAndHEspam (Haha tagged you, you butt)
  3. Should there be a cap on DDs in match?

    Just measuring player opinion about number of DDs in a match. Been in many games where there are 5 on each side, and when there is only 1. Should there be a min or max imposed by Match Maker like with aircraft carriers? Should there be required equal number of DD on each side like CVs?
  4. Survey of the IN Game Survey Recently

    I took a Survey INGAME Survey which asked: If I like Playing WOW and HOW much if I recommended WOW to others What I LIKE about WOW in general terms What I hate about WOW in general terms Opinions on the PAN Asian DD's and which ones I bought and individually their good and bad points Like or not like Deep Water Trorps Like or not like fast healing on some ships. Sorry I should of screen capped the whole survey - APOLOGIES...relying on memory! Interesting to share your opinions about these issues asked.
  5. Farming salt one radar at a time

    Sometimes the rage you see post-game is more entertaining than the match itself. This gent was particularly amusing. = Also, mods, if I'm not allowed to post screenies like this, please feel free to delete/lock. Cheers. Profanity inbound. Disclaimer: I'm a DD main. Radar is fine. EDIT: Profanity censored per @Radar_X
  6. Always 5 DDs and more

    But it is never possible that in recent months there are always 5 dd in battle. ALWAYS! This means that 42% of the TEAM is made up of DD, which are too many out of 12 ships. This problem is old, old for years, but WG does not want to change, as many things unfortunately. WOW is a great game, really, but some things have been blocked for some time. Another problem on DD and that too often happens to have 2 dd of the same class together, like 2 kaba or 2 gearing etc. I understand that if the 2 DDs are in Division, you can not do anything else, but if they come from unassociated teams then there is a real imbalance that could be avoided. I'm not talking about Match Making because I think it's a lot of mistakes and CLAN battle, which unfortunately have impossible times for many players. What to say, WOW is definitely a great game that excites and angers at the same time. We hope that the programmers decide to make those changes to make it almost perfect.
  7. So I just had a game in Kidd, the tier 8 US premium dd, and in this game (obviously lost), I did decent damage to two enemy DDs of the same tier (10000 dmg to Z-23; 5000 dmg to Akizuki, see images attached) and some damage to lower tier(6) DDs (3000 dmg to Fushun, 5400 dmg to Farragut, see images attached). The question though is the low base XP I received in this game (662 base XP, see images attached). Considering that I mainly did damage to enemy DDs in this game, should the base XP I received in this game be higher? (It is standard battle, though)
  8. New Player's Guide to Destroyers

    So yesterday, we covered cruisers. Today, we will explain the ins and outs of the light scout ships of the fleet: destroyers. Destroyers are light and fast. They have small but fast-firing guns, and powerful torpedoes; their smokescreen consumable allows them to hide themselves and allied warships, and their engine boost allows them to get the hell out of sticky situations quickly. Like cruisers, each nation has it's own unique attributes. USN: Fast-firing and fast-turning guns, good AA> IJN: Great concealment and torpedoes. VMF: Excellent speed, guns, torpedoes, and concealment. Higher tiers are a nightmare for...anything. KM: Amazing playstyle at lower tiers, and even at higher tiers; only line with access to hydro-acoustic search consumable. Pan-Asian (NEW!) : Deep-water torpedoes mean they can only be used against capital ships. Their guns, depending on nation, are able to compensate. With that said, let's get into the pros and cons of the class. Pros: Their small size gives them excellent concealment. They are fast and maneuverable, even more so than cruisers. Their smoke can conceal them and allies (as well as enemies.) Their torpedoes are perfect for sneak attacks on battleships. Speed boost allows them to get the hell out of dodge. Cons: These ships weren't nicknamed "tin cans" in real life for nothing. They have no armor, and although battleship AP shells will do zero damage, the same cannot be said for battleship (or any ship) HE, RN cruiser AP, or small-caliber secondaries on bigger ships. Their guns are small and cannot do much damage to larger targets, unless they fire HE. For the nations with short-range torpedoes, a close-in charge against a battleship is going to most likely be the last thing you do in the game before going back to port. Gameplay tips: Use your smoke, and any cover you can find, to make sneak attacks. Go take any open cap points, particularly at the start of the game. It's best to do so if there's support from your team. Look out for allied aircraft carriers. (I should have brought this up for my cruiser guide, but it applies to all ships.) Know which situations are right for mixing it up with the enemy. Priority targets: Other destroyers and battleships. Cruisers, you'll want to shy away from. Aircraft carriers, if you happen upon one, go for it, but be wary of their secondary guns. Those are just some of the basics for destroyer gameplay. Tomorrow: The kingpin of the fleet, the battleships. Good luck, captains!
  9. If you ask for smoke

    I'll most likely give it to you. That doesn't mean every time you ask I'll give it to you though so be advised.
  10. Do you think PAN-ASIA is breaking the balance of game? After reading the configuration of the new PAN-ASIA DD, I totally lost my interest to event try a game as I am sure there will be tons of PAN-ASIA DD in game. It is have good concealment with a good gun, heavy damage torpedoes with extreme smokes, good speed. Whats the bad of it? I totally can't find. Is that mean every player should just go for it and dump all the other lines? Wargaming is making me very disappointing that totally breaking the game balance...
  11. i played lots of pan-asia dd in public test, however today i find that i cannot play them by wows client. the problem is replay files opened by old version client, so how can i use public test client to play replay files? thx
  12. When playing the role of the Destroyer, proficiency in the vision-game is king. And mastery over the vision-game is all about information, long before the first shots are fired. In many cases, a DD need not fire, let alone land, a single shot to turn the game in his favor. Knowing, probing the edges of the enemy's collective concealment range, the way it expands and contracts, using RPF against its own user, tantalizing ships to open up with their guns to unmask them, provoking a cruiser into expending its radar as you instantly escape the fringes of its range or into cover, perma-spotting an enemy DD by maneuvering within the 200m "sweet-spot" between your own concealment and his, ascertaining when an island is a safe-haven or a death trap, etc. Knowing who and what is detecting you is critical information, informing you of options and counterplays, determining the difference between a win and a loss depending on application. If memory serves, the old detection indicator used to display different icons for radar and hydro, and (just as importantly) prioritized these detection indicators over the "normal" surface detection indicator (a simple exclamation point without the radar or hydro modifiers). Unfortunately, WG did away with this versatility at some point, and are now using a single icon to display both hydro and radar detection, leaving DD players to guess who and what is "lighting them up". And just as bad, if not worse, the game prioritizes the ambiguous "normal" surface detection (exclamation point) icon over the already-ambiguous radar/hydro icon. In summary, they dumbed down the game and added more RNG by denying DD players critical information . What I propose is a return to the original indicator, perhaps even improve it so that all methods of detection can be displayed in a concise manner. Heck, I'm sure the modders would be happy to do the work for WG if they were guaranteed their projects were endorsed. If I'm not mistaken, the original code for the old indicator with separate icons is still embedded in WoWs, so this isn't asking for something costly or unreasonable, right? How is this a buff to DDs? Let's explain it this way: Just as with RPF, you can determine the position and even likely orientation of an enemy fleet with RPF even though you're not the one who's using RPF . The power of RPF - and more relevantly, the counter-RPF "detection icon" which is displayed to the enemy player it's used against - is a double-edged sword because the counter-indicator shown to the enemy can be used in context with other information: a cap zone being occupied, the detection icon, last known enemy locations and orientations, map knowledge, the second ring of epicenter turning green while the middle remains empty, etc. RPF is a brilliant game mechanic (Well done WG! ). The power of RPF is perfectly balanced against - not the skill of the user - but the skill gap between the user and the players it's used against. This would be a bit of a different story if the skill could be toggled on and off. But it can't be toggled; it's "always on" until the player who has it is dead. And so, a potato using RPF is not simply wasting captain points; he is, in fact, often giving critical information to a clever opponent , one that knows how to use the counter-RPF detection icon against its user. A better, more versatile, more informative detection indicator works the same way. Heck, that describes the old detection indicator perfectly, so I'd settle for a simple "regressive" fix. How do you know if you can smoke to escape detection when the indicator doesn't tell you you're radar'd (at the same time you're surface detected)? How do you know if the ship lighting you up is around the island 4 km away (and has an angle covered by your teammate) or around the island 9 km away (which is not)? How do you know if an island, which is vulnerable to indirect fire from a cruiser 10 km away, can break vision if you can't tell if you're being "lit up" by surface detection (which is broken by line of sight) or radar detection (which is not)? etc, etc, etc. DD players, especially IJN DD players, are always complaining about radar and hydro to no end . Well, this is a common-sense - and IMO eminently reasonable buff to every DD, especially those concerned with spotting and concealment mechanics - assuming they're willing to apply some effort in learning the game, rather than divorcing themselves from team play in order to pursue torp spamming and gun kiting . It is not a direct counter. It is more subtle. It is a tool for counter-play. And besides, there are a bunch of DD players in every line who could use some incentive to play their ships with a little more intelligence (in the bilateral sense of the word ).
  13. Projected Date of Next Patch (Pan Asia DD's)

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knew when to expect the release of the next patch with the Pan Asia DD's. Thanks.
  14. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this ship in case anyone was on the fence about buying her while she's still available. I currently have 371 games in the Fletcher and 245 games in the Gearing with both over 1400 in WTR. Just to give you some perspective on where I'm coming from in how I view the Kidd. Tl;DR - If you love T8 and up USN DDs, then get this ship. Just do it. She's awesome. All of these 25 games were played Solo, in Random Battles, and at all different times of day on the NA server. I picked 25 games because within these games were a fair mix of outcomes. I had insane super-unicum games, and I had that game where I ate a unlucky Fletcher torp 2 minutes in and and got one-shotted having done zero damage, and all types inbetween. So there's a balance there. I'm no great player, just good, so I think my results are achievable for the above average USN DD player. Here are my stats according to Warships Today Moving on: Here's how I've had my Captain and ship set up for all 25 games, with one exception; I ran AFT instead of Manual AA for the first several games, but other than that no changes were made. This is essentially the build that Flamu runs, but with Manual AA in place of Advanced Fire Training. Ship modules. Probably no surprises here. You could swap rudder shift for acceleration. I go back and forth on it. The Kidd seems to accelerate pretty slowly and I've wished for it on more than one occasion. EDIT (11-22-17): I've since swapped rudder for acceleration and there is a massive difference. I highly recommend making the switch if you currently have rudder shift currently. Flags. Unless you're trying to grind credits or XP/Captain XP, you really don't need much help on the economic side of things. Even in so-so games you clear 100k credits. Many, many more in good games. I don't want to rehash what LWM, Flamu, Notser and everyone else has done. If you want pros and cons, just head over to the wiki for the ship and its all right there. These are just my thoughts. - First off, this ship is just fun. If you enjoy the Fletcher, you'll feel instantly comfortable and right at home. - The big knock against the Kidd is the torps, and yeah they're not great and I'm still learning how to use them. The best advice I can give someone just picking up the Kidd is treat them defensively. You're gonna spend a lot of time in smoke and everyone knows you only have 5 fish for defense. Save them for when you really need them, and can guarantee successful strikes. There has been at least 5 times where my torps were on cooldown, because I had fired them on a traditional type of target, only to need them a minute later because a BB was YOLOing into my smoke. On each and every one of these occasions, the torps would have 100% made the difference between me living and dying, as well as getting a kill and helping my team win. I -It's a tough habit to break. But save the damn torps. You'll be glad you did. -Now, for the Heal. The heal on this ship is a game-changer. It will absolutely ruin you on other DDs because of the staying power that it gives you. We all know that DDs become more dangerous the longer you get into games and the Kidd is no exception. It allows you to survive late into games and make a huge difference. Out of 25 games, I've survived 15 of them. And at least 5 of those where I died were 100% my fault for misplaying the ship and being far too aggressive. In each and every game the heal absolutely changes the landscape of your performance. It allows you to swap damage with DDs, heal, and come right back into the fight to finish them off. It's such an advantage that playing without it on other DDs just sucks. Like I said, the Kidd is ruining me. -Now obviously the heal can't save you from everything. If you take a torp, or the ridiculous BB AP salvos that plague DDs right now, yeah you're screwed. You can heal back some, but massive alpha strikes still ruin your day, just not quite as bad. You should still have a robust fear of RN Cruiser AP, and any ship with a radar. -The AA is awesome when you get to use it. Most games its useful for just blapping scout planes, which it does pretty much instantly as soon as you pop Def AA. Very nice. As for CVs, it works as advertised. I've yet to face a Midway, but I've gone up against I think every other CV from T7 up and it works extremely well. MAA + BFT + Def AA is just disgusting. You can wipe multiple squadrons before they can drop on you. I've seen several CV players just avoid me completely, which in a DD is saying something. But hey, if you watch three of your strike groups evaporate while flying over a smoke cloud, I'd probably avoid it too. Alright now for the stuff that kinda sucks. -You have very little ability to hard carry games, unless it becomes a race to cap, or if the remaining enemies are DDs not named Khab, Gearing, Udaloi and Grozovoi. That's really been the tough part of the ship for me. You rely on your guns to do damage, and if you don't have anyone to spot for you, it becomes very frustrating trying to stop those stubborn BB pushes, and god help you if they have radar Cruisers in support. When you have support, this ship shines. You can harass with your guns, drop awesome US smoke, and you have your torps in case someone feels froggy. -The guns are still what they are. They have rainbow arcs and very little fire chance. If you're not good at USN DD gunnery, you will struggle mightily to do high amounts of damage in this ship. Even I have games where it seems like my shells are allergic to steel and go everywhere except where I want them to. -This ship almost requires a dedicated Captain. I mean, sure I can use this build in my Fletcher, but it's not ideal. Ideally you'd want things like Survivability Expert and Torpedo Reload instead. It's not a bad thing really, but to bring out the best of what this ship has to offer, you may need to divert slightly from the optimum build in your other USN DDs. But if you do run those Captains in the Kidd, she's still very, very good and a great trainer. In Summary: No regrets buying this ship at all. She's a ton of fun and if you die in her, its probably all your fault for playing the way I do and being way too aggressive and being overwhelmed by torps, radar, and YOLO rushing BBs. It's T8 so the Matchmaker you get is not great. I didn't keep track, but I'm willing to bet at least half my games were multiple T10 ships. I can remember clearly 3 games where I was top tier. And on that note, it bears mentioning. If you get top tier? Good grief this ship is ridiculous. Seeing a spread on the other side of Farraguts, Mahans, Fubukis makes my hands tingle. Go hunting and enjoy your rewards. It's a solid moneymaker. Not Missouri good, obviously, but I'd say on average I clear 200k per game running all premium consumables, and no credit flags. Thanks for reading! If you have any specific questions, just post them and I'll answer!
  15. Best Ship Hammered

    So, 40th birthday with some Gentleman Jack involved; sailed Kii, GK, then Shima. Ultimately went with Kongo. ¿ What is the best hammered ship?
  16. Benson and Chineses

    It seems to me like the Benson and Lo Yang are sort of like muscle cars in how they handle. You can get more out of them if you know what you're doing but all that torque means that you can swing too wide and hit torps you would dodge in a more clunky DD. With the top tier (Jianwei, I think) Chinese being a Fletcher modified, I wonder if it will handle like Fletcher or different. Will it in fact be more of an expert's bote? That is the question.
  17. Hey all, Hope you all are doing well. I am usually a BB main but I have recently expanded to DDs, a far cry from my typical tactics of sitting in the back and 'sniping'. Several times now I have closely stalked my targets, waited to see a broadside, perfectly aligned my torpedoes, 100% on the 'firing line' and I miss. Can anyone explain this? For those that don't play DDs: when you go to torp, an indication-type meter shows up and if you line up your torpedos perfectly with it, they are supposed to hit. This is relatively tough to do because the area you have to line up with your mouse moves left and right, but when you line it up, it is supposed to hit. Can anyone please tell me why when I have it 100% aligned they aren't hitting? Thank you, BB Main
  18. Sad state of dd rewards

    I just had 2 games back to back in Shimakaze, and I though they are nice examples of two games, where one was played towards objectives and dd's role, while the other was just an attempt at having fun and doing some damage. The first one playing the objective and supporting team: The second one, just launching torps at targets of opportunity: Both games are bad by my standard, but the sad part is that the first game is a win with 3 caps (1 solo) and 53k silver lost, while the second is a loss with no kills/caps, just more damage done and only 32k silver lost. It is more profitable and fun to disregard objectives and your team as a dd. Especially with the abundance of planes and radars that stand between you and objectives.
  19. Tactics IJN Fubuki

    Trying to learn tactic for operating IJN Fubuki, I am a terbile player. Hoping to improve to awful and strive for inadequate. I seem to always be where I get found and sunk early. score poorly and while I admit it is still really fun. It frustrates teams I am on. so help is needed and desired.
  20. Is it just me, or does the untargetable consumable on the DD not work? I was still getting nailed by secondaries and Ghouls alike when I popped it.
  21. IJN torp

    So, after countless deleting from BB ( 15 000 per shell on average 30~ sec reload) can we please get our torpedo spotting distance back ? every other DD is better at torping than IJN sure they do lots of damage (24 000 raw 120~sec reload) but its irelevant if you cant hit anything unless the moon is aligned with the 3rd sun and the obvious mistake someone made to be hit by those and position is useless when most BB can outrun you in a straight line and most ship has now some form of radar or sonar making 8km torp useless and 10 km torp painful oh and engine damage
  22. I spied a Kiev with my Cleveland just now, led the customary 10 on the dynamic scale, and let go a salvo. No result. I didn't see where the shots landed as I was targeting some planes at the time. I returned my view to the Kiev and aimed again, the shots fell behind. I went to 15 on the scale, the shots fell behind. I then tried 20... and got blown up by a BB that had targeted me while I was messing around trying to figure out the lead on the stupid Kiev. Man but those Russian DDs are fast!
  23. Had a pretty lucky game in Shinonome. Yamamoto's special self repair gave the ship just enough HP to get the 6th kill.
  24. German/Kriegsmarine DD

    I'm deciding to go down the German DD line and I was just looking for general tips on how to play them... I'm Getting two crowds, either telling me to stop now because they're bad as all hell and the time would be better wasted trying to file a complaint to Wargaming Customer service...or people telling me they're awesome in versatility, and to play them like a stealthy CL with better than average torpedos and poor firing concealment. I just need some outside opinions...Thanks in advance!
  25. DD vs DD fight is extremely unrewarding. Not only it exposes both DDs to enemy concentrated fires, the winner usually coming out of the engagement severely wounded or even near death. There really should be some way to give DDs more confidence and encourage them to engage other DDs.