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Found 342 results

  1. It is such a pain to play Co-Op in a destroyer. No matter how unpredictable you can be, the bots miraculously know when torps are coming to them and dodge them. Also, yesterday, I have a battleship chasing me although I was not visible. It was funny to see the bot constantly pointing the bow at my destroyer no matter how I position my ship compared to him.
  2. Introduction: What if the computer had access to a REALLY overpowered destroyer in this Player vs. Overpowered Enemy game mode? Well here's something for this nonexistent fleet. Layout: Once again, the image isn't to scale. It's just to give an idea as to how the whole ship is laid out. Please note: Yellow zones are where AA guns would go. Cyan parts are for fixed torpedo tubes that go below deck. Light green parts are turrets / torpedo launchers Identification: Name: OCN Thanatos Type: Destroyer Class: Thanatos Nation: Olympian Conclave (fictional) Tier: XI Dimensions: Length: 120m (393' 8") Beam: 11m (36') Draft: 4m (13' 1") Maneuverability: Top Speed: 45kts Turning Circle Radius: 500m Rudder Shift Time: 2.75sec. Main Battery: Barrel Width: 150mm Barrels per Turret: 2 Number of Turrets: 2 Rate of Fire: 15 rounds/min. Reload Time: 4 sec. Rotation Speed: 45 deg./sec. 180º Turn Time: 4 sec. Firing Range: 14 km Maximum Dispersion: 95m HE Shell: 150mm Maximum HE Shell Damage: 2000 Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell: 15% Initial HE Shell Velocity: 950 m/s HE Shell Weight: 27.16 kg. AP Shell: 150mm Maximum AP Shell Damage: 2500 Initial AP Shell Velocity: 950 m/s AP Shell Weight: 30 kg. Torpedo Tubes: Bow-Facing: Number of Launchers: 4 Torpedoes per Launcher: 1 Torpedo Width: 750mm Rate of Fire: 2 shots/min Reload Time: 30 sec Rotation Speed: N/A 180º Turn Time: N/A Maximum Damage: 25,780 Torpedo Speed: 65 kts. Torpedo Range: 25 km. Aft-Facing: Number of Launchers: 2 Torpedoes per Launcher: 1 Torpedo Width: 750mm Rate of Fire: 2 shots/min Reload Time: 30 sec Rotation Speed: N/A 180º Turn Time: N/A Maximum Damage: 25,780 Torpedo Speed: 65 kts. Torpedo Range: 25 km. Launcher Mounted: Number of Launchers: 6 Torpedoes per Launcher: 4 Torpedo Width: 650mm Rate of Fire: 2.4 shots/min Reload Time: 25 sec Rotation Speed: 30º / sec. 180º Turn Time: 6 sec. Maximum Damage: 22,350 Torpedo Speed: 68 kts. Torpedo Range: 27 km. AA Defense: 20 mm (11x2 pcs) Average DPS: 175 Firing Range: 6km Armor: Belt: 90mm (3.54") Deck: 60mm (2.36") Turrets: 30mm - 75mm (1.18" - 2.95") Barbettes: 90mm (3.54") Conning Tower: 100mm (3.937") Concealment: Surface Detectability Range: 6.2km Air Detectability Range: 3.3km So what do you guys think?
  3. Aigle fan club thread

    Anyone who has ever divved with me, talked WoWS with me, or even has heard of me knows about my over-the-top love for the Farragut. Well, Farragut is now my side chick, and I only have eyes for the new tier 6 love of my life. Behold the DD that made me shelve my Farragut (at least for a while)...my sweet Aigle. Aigle is amazing (for my playstyle.) I absolutely understand why she gets a bad rap from some people...this isn't a ship that will work for everyone. For me, she's gudbote and maybe even overpowered, but I cant argue with LWM that she's a mehbote overall. And I doubt I'll continue to do *quite* as well in her as I did in my first 8 games, but I can tell she's going to be a go-to boat for me from now on...especially considering I did as well as I did today with only a 10-point captain and she really needs a 16-point captain to excel (I have PT, LS, SE, and CE per Littlewhitemouse's recommendations, will be adding EM and IFHE as I get the points for them.) She just works for me. She's like the bastard stepchild of a Farragut and a Khabarovsk, feel-wise if not quite stat-wise. Her handling is a bit clumsy, as was pointed out by others, and her shell arcs are...weird. I struggled to get hits in the first few games with guns; I can make the high shell arcs of Farragut work for me, but trying to adjust to Aigle's arcs was tough. I was having to walk my fire onto even broadside BBs. But she's incredibly fast, can take a beating, and her torps hit HARD. And she can straight up bully other DDs out of cap circles. She gives you the speed to fly across the map, the guns to demolish DDs or HE spam anything else, and her torps are few in number but they make up for it in power. I was having a blast laying torp ambushes around islands or using my speed to flank and torp BBs as they meandered across the "safe" back area. And she's a pretty good cap control boat, if you're experienced enough at knife fighting to anticipate torps and evade them. Your handling sucks; you need to plan ahead and anticipate as you can't just dart through a torp spread with the twitch of a hand on a keyboard like the maneuverable Farragut; but with speed boost is on she's a bit more nimble than I thought she'd be. She's not going to work for everyone. But for skilled gunboat DD captains, she's a beauty. I <3 you, Aigle. My first 8 games in her: 6 wins, 2 losses, 42k average dmg (was consistently doing 50k except for one game where my team just collapsed so quick I couldnt do much and another where the enemy Saipan dedicated his game to keeping me spotted and then finally sunk me...another weakness, Aigle's AA is terribad. Just turn it off. Seriously. ) Here are the games I played today in my new beloved Aigle (in the spoiler tab)
  4. Agile tips?

    Howdy captains! So I got the Agile over the weekend and I've found that its pretty difficult to play. Also, Good Grief WG why'd you make these turrets turn so slow, they're worse than IJN turrets! Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could give some tips so I could improve my performance in the ship and help my team better! Thank's in advance, that's all for now. until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  5. Destroyers (the "DD") being the most influential class of ships, second to only the current OP and badly designed CVs, are vital to any team in any match, be it pro or random pubs. But the fragile nature of the ship makes them hard to perform in the hands of less experienced players. Just like any profession, DDs have their own bag of tricks, many of you would have learned through endless trial and error. Being humans with a written language, it provides us with the ability to pass down our hard earned experiences. Now what do you think contribute to player DDs better? Start with a simple one: Know your opponents camo ratings, especially of the destroyers on the enemy team.
  6. Lots of people play DD's. Some off and on, some as mains, and of course there are some that never do. As far as damage/XP earned I feel DD's are high risk but not high reward. This is what appeals to many. So the question is, what one thing in the entire game would you change, or would want to see when you are playing a DD? For me it is simply, we are "required" for spotting and caps, but there's nothing worse then a team that refuses not only support but out right abandons the mission objectives so they don't get their paint scratched. Exhibit A: The marked area for maps of this type I'd change it to where after the first 5 minutes of the game, excluding CV, you enter this area, you detonate...no questions asked, and no rewards...just a repair bill. If a flag was added similar to TK, would be even better, but that would be more then one thing, so i digress. Abandoning your comrades, and completely ignoring the mission objectives would be considered treason by many countries. Every DD has seen the exact scenario i show above, where just one enemy is there but you are abandoned to fend for yourself. This type of play IMO should be punished. This is just my one change, what would be yours when you play a DD?
  7. Fixing the Asashio

    Hello everyone. I know there's a lot of controversy and talk about what the Asashio is to become, and I'd like to hear everybody else's opinion on what features it could/should be given to make it a worthy purchase and a balanced, fun ship to add to the game! In order to make my suggestions, I did a quick skim of the wikipedia page on the history and features of the destroyer, so all of my suggestions are up for criticism: 1. This destroyer class was preceeded by the Shiratsuyu, and succeeded by the Kagero class, with the Asashio being faster than the Shiratsuyu and lighter by 32 tons than the Kagero (2,000 tons vs. 2,032 tons). So I feel it should be slightly nimbler than the Kagero and faster than the Shiratsuyu. 2. It has the same guns as most of the other mid/high tier DDs and should have similar artillery performance as the Kagero. 3. Torpedoes..... yikes. Well this is the topic of contention since those 20km DWT were being tested, which I personally don't approve of. It did use the Type 93 torpedoes, which the IJN officially stated that its maximum performance was 11 km at 42 knots. I like the 11km range since its just inside Moskva/Donskoi/Chapayev range and just outside of Des Moines/Baltimore/ New Orleans range. I'd bump up either the torpedo speed or make them just as hard to detect as the Pan-Asian Deep Water Torpedoes for balance and fun play-style. Not sure about a reload time, please discuss. 4. Last suggestion is to give it a bigger hitpool than the Kagero. The Asashio historically survived at least four major engagements and evaded destruction in many more escort operations for the Combined Fleet. Would be a cool tip of the hat to the operational history of the vessel.
  8. Japanese DD mainline require buffs?

    The Japanese DD mainline has nothing decent, especially in higher tiers. Guns are horrible, Detection is great, except Radar is basically in META now. Their Torps would be good, if not for the fact that YOU CAN LITERALLY SEE THEM FROM A MILE AWAY. People can just juke them very easily, it is just sad. A few ideas I had in mind is probably increase the torp speed, or decrease detection, or a little bit of both. You might argue saying that it would make their torps too strong. First of all, their guns are just borderline horrible, so having amazing torps is probably okay. And second, if they are too "unfun" to play against. nerf the damage of the torps and buff the guns,
  9. Was playing Akizuki, then realized her cannons are 100mm, then remembered just how big 100 mm canons actually are... The picture is to scale, T 54 is 9 meters long, including the cannon. Pretty sure in real life the Iowa can just sit there and go AFK and Akizuki can empty all her shells on Iowa and not even scratch the paint.
  10. Had this some what tainted victory of a match earlier tonight. It's distraughtly how bad a newer generation of USN DDs will be. On top of that cake, the cherry is the typical everyone ignoring enemy DDs (in this case yours truly) and their entire team just fell apart after the extremely early death of their DDs on that flank.
  11. Eu gosto muito de jogar com DD e a maioria das partidas é de dominação. Mas como jogar razoavelmente com tiers altos (8, 9 e 10) em partidas com tantos radares? Como conseguir capturar, ou mesmo lançar torpedos, atirar, fazer experiencia razoavel e conseguir sobreviver? Hoje joguei uma partida com 4 Missouris, 2 Des Moines e 2 Baltimore. Não dá pra fazer nada. Assim que o cara é detectado ele liga o radar. Se você tenta capturar, morre... se tenta usar fumaça, morre...., se lança torpedo, o cara detecta os torpedos, liga o radar e vc morre de novo. Tem radar demais no jogo e com alcance longo demais!!! Dificilmente joga-se uma partida que não tenha 4 navios com radar de cada lado. Aí vem o problema da captura. Os jogadores de BBs e CCs estao acostumados a ficar na retaguarda, atras de uma montanha, só atirando facilmente nos alvos que os DDs espotam. Vida fácil essa ein? Esperando que os DDs deem a testa e façam a captura. Geralmente as partidas tem 4 DDs de cada lado e em 3 minutos de partida, os que tentam capturar morrem todos. Vc começa a capturar e um cara lá a 10km, atras de uma montanha liga o radar, vc leva uma chuva de balas e morre. Ai os BBs e CCs que deveriam dar apoio recuam assim que percebem que vai ser dificil a captura e o DD morre sozinho. Sempre o time em que os BBs e CCs avançam junto, eles capturam, matam os DDs adversarios e vencem a ronda. Quando nenhum dos times faz isto, o mais comum é os DDs morrerem todos em 3 minutos. E quando sobra 1 DD em um time, este vence a partida. Oque eu já tinha percebido, é que os DDs tem evitado tentar capturar. Tenho visto muitas discussões no chat de DDs reclamando da pouca participação dos demais tipos de navio na tentativa de capturar. E geralmente a discussão se inicia porque os BBs reclamam que os DDs morrem tentando capturar e não conseguem. Mas está dificil capturar e sobreviver sem apoio de verdade. Ficar esperando atras de montanhas não conta. Ontem jogando uma partida, eu e os outros 2 DDs tentamos a captura, quase morrermos, detectados por radar, perdemos muito HP e os BBs e CCs nos abandonaram sozinhos no A e no B, assim que notaram que a captura seria dificil. Houve uma discussão no chat, e os 2 DDs foram para os cantos do mapa e abandonaram a partida. Eu tb fiquei irritado e fiz o mesmo. Está complicado, porque exatamente os navios mais fortes, que podem levar tiros, não querem dar a testa pra nada. E os DDs que não sobrevivem a uma salva de tiros, não tem outra opção a nao ser dar a testa para espotar. Se ele não espotar ele também não tem alvos. Ao espotar, os navios maiores do seu time, atras das montanhas, acabam com o alvo adversario, muitas vezes antes dele ter alcance para lançar seus torpedos, não fazendo experiencia nenhuma. Ao espotar alguém liga o radar e ele é detectado. Estando em mar aberto (porque nao da pra espotar atras de uma montanha), encontrando um alvo, como fazer para atirar? Se usar fumaça o alvo some... e alguem liga o radar. Se esconder atras de uma montanha para atirar o alvo também some, mas se o adversario ligar o radar, o time inteiro dele te vê. O jogo precisa mudar isto de alguma forma. Quem espota alvos, tem de receber uma boa experiencia por isto, mesmo que não cause danos. Senão jogar com DD em tiers altos é só prejuizo na enorme maioria das partidas. Os radares tem de ser repensados: ter alcance menor, menos cargas e não podem detectar alvos atras de montanhas. E os DDs tem de ser novamente capazes de enxergar os alvos mesmo estando dentro da fumaça.
  12. It seems people favor Priority Target (the "PT") over Preventative Maintenance (the "PM"). The logic behind it seems good, basically maximizes open water firing time. But PM increases DD's survivability so much and PT basically offers zero utility in a DD vs DD situation, or any situation where the DD's getting shot anyways. So why choose PT over PM?
  13. Equipment (Slot 2)Edit Icon Equipment Name Cost Description Notes Damage Control System Modification 1 250000 Reduces the risk of flooding or fire: -3% to the risk of flooding and damage received when torpedoes hit the torpedo protection. -5% to the risk of fire. Torpedo flooding and damage modifier only applies to ships with a torpedo protection system (viewable under the Survivability tab of the Port screen). Propulsion Modification 1 250000 Increases survivability and accelerates repairs of engine: -20% to the risk of the engine becoming incapacitated. -20% to engine repair time. Steering Gears Modification 1 250000 Increases survivability and accelerates repairs of steering gears: -20% to the steering gears repair time. -20% to the risk of the steering gears becoming incapacitated. So the list above is all that's available for Slot 2. What is the "best" all around choice for a destroyer? I've never picked anything other than Damage Control mod 1, because DDs have to choose Last Stand anyways, might as well get some fire damage prevention to get a slight edge in DD knife fights. But there are DDs, at least on WoWS wiki, which are suggested to use Propulsion Mod 1. So.... what mod do you choose?
  14. 5 dd + 2 bb vs 1 dd + 2 bb and all 4 flags are red. why ALL 5 decided not to cap but to chase the remaining 2 bb far away from the 4 caps. the only flag we had was contributed by me and the other bb. and then ofc we lost by points. those dd never capps during a match shall be banned from playing dd permanently.
  15. So the longer range tops that are out and more being worked on WILL NOT stop the camping meta off BB'S but make it worse. BBs have there main guns that's pretty much it, secondaries no where near the range they should be at and as inaccurate as ........ So when they getting a buff? I am not a main of anything I play cruisers dds and bbs but this stupid long range torpedoe spam needs to stop.
  16. dd are too powerful killing battleships, please reduce torpedo damage and add RNG to torpedo detonation. how does it work? battleship main gun suffers from RNGesus, sometimes a well aimed salvo hits water all over the place while torpedo can guarantee 100% detonation and 100% flooding. This is unfair and unbalanced. So in order to have a better experience for all players, the following changed should be implemented to the game: 1. remove flooding completely. 2. reduce torpedo damage by 60% to 80% 3. if hit, give torpedo a probability of 50% to 100% to score zero damage because of malfunction and pure RNGesus. 4. change torpedo damage to healable damage, and give battleships unlimited charge of heal, also buffed to british level heal across all tier and nations. otherwise the game is too in favor of dd players. they are rewarded for no skill gameplay unlike battleships players, who do the heavy lifting and skillful aiming to achieve victory.
  17. I haven’t played my Blys in a long time, and after trying it out again, I know why. This ship just isn’t competitive anymore. It relied so much on its stealth fire, and when they took it away they never bothered to buff her to counteract a pretty major nerf that the removal of OWSF brought. Now this ship just isn’t good at all. It’s huge and gets spotted from miles away (6.8km max stealth, it’s pretty abysmal), it’s sluggish and doesn’t turn well, and it isn’t super fast like a Kiev or Leningrad, so it can’t dodge shells well at all. It’s guns were built on being able to stealth fire even without AFT, and now that that’s gone all they have going for them is a decent fire chance and fast-ish shells, but still with sluggish DPM. It’s torps are still very meh (slow, 57kts, only 8km range, only 14.4k dmg, and crucially, it only has 6 of them in 2x3 launchers with a slow reload time). Lets compare it with the Maass, a similar ship that’s actually really good. The Maass has hydro, great high dpm guns with amazing AP that can melt broadsides, fantastic torps that are very fast and stealthy, and are 2x4 rather than 2x3, has a lot more hp (17.5k vs 15.5k), has better AA, and for all of this still has the same 6.8km concealment. What does the Blys have going for it compared to the Maass? All I can think of is better range and more guns, but with 6.5sec reload for 7 guns compared to 4sec reload for 5. The Blys just gets owned by everything now. It can’t spam from range like the Leningrad since it doesn’t have the speed or maneuverability for it, it can’t stealthily torp enemies like the akatsuki or shiratsuyu, it can’t brawl like the Mahan, it can’t wreck battleships and chase down DDs like the Gadjah Mada, and it doesn’t have the hydro, health, flexibility, or cap pushing potential of the Maass. It’s just a bad ship now, and it needs some major buffs. I would suggest buffing it’s rate of fire, health, concealment, and it’s torps, as it’s just not effective with any of them anymore. It relied so much on its stealth fire to make up for its weaknesses, and now it doesn’t have that going for it either. I know it’s been a long time since the great OWSF removal, but this topic is still relevant. The Blys has suffered so much from it, it needs some real love to even be close to be considering competitive. I know the devs probably won’t listen, as there too busy adding another lame B.B. line, but I want people to at least hear my peace. Think about it. The Blys needs buffs, it just does.
  18. Need Help with Khabarovsk

    Hello everyone! Yes, the title says it all. I need help with apparently one of the best ships in the game. Sad, I know. I had no trouble with the Tashkent. 0 worries. In fact, it's one of my favorite ships right now. Some issues I'm having with Khaba: 1. The range decrease from Tashkent 2. The larger size and crappier maneuverability 3. Somehow everyone wants to focus me Stats for reference: (The 60% WR is probs luck lol)
  19. Japanese Ship Names

    You may have seen this before but I thought it was pretty interesting. It explains the "meaning" of many Japanese ship names. http://www.combinedfleet.com/ijnnames.htm
  20. 15+ km range and generous fire chance makes this gun boat a terror that can compete at all tiers. Above all, a lot of fun can be had in her. In light of the Cossack issues (which will hopefully be fixed) I think she is definitely worth a look by DD players.
  21. WG is mentioning Flottentorpedoboot over last two months...When will T-61 be on sale?
  22. It's out played by every DD in its tier. It has slow loading torps and an atrocious firing angle. It's a no buy as is. That being said its still a WiP and subject to change. So don't write her off completely. Let's talk about how to make it better. My suggestion, in my preview, is to shave 1 second off its reload and give it torp reload boost.
  23. RU DDs vs PA DDs

    What line is better/more fun? I'm decent at torpedo boat play style of Japanese DDs, and kinda suck at american DDs and want to try something new. How do the guns in each lien compare to american and Japanese ones? And what about Pan-Asia torps, how do they compare to Japanese ones?
  24. Introduction Destroyer play is complex and varied. They have a myriad of tools available to them and are one of the most effectual types of ships in the game when it comes to team support and objective control. Having said that, they’re also one of the easiest ships to play once you understand some basic concepts. Stealth Information is everything. Destroyers trade hit points and armor for this little gem. As such, your stealth as a DD is by FAR your greatest asset in the game. Understanding this is the first step in mastering destroyers. If you’re going to play these little pesks, it’s important to know the concealment ranges of other destroyers. Take an extreme example: if you’re in a Khab, it’s not a great idea to rush a cap. Literally every other destroyer in the game will outspot you which opens you up to taking unnecessary damage. Once you know the concealment range of your ship and the ships you’re going to face, you need to know how to use it. This brings us to our next point, situational awareness. Situational Awareness There are multiple layers to being situationally aware. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is easily taught. For starters, at the beginning of every match, study the opposing roster. How many radar ships do they have? How many destroyers do they have? How many of those destroyers have better concealment than you? These questions and many more impact how you plan your game strategy. No radar? That makes life less complicated. 5 enemy radars? You’ll have to play more cautiously. Another key mistake DD players make is remaining broadside in a cap, in smoke, or even sailing in open water when you KNOW that torps could be heading your way. I know you think you’re safe in your little cloud, but torpedoes don’t care if you’re undetected. The moment you pop smoke, the whole world knows where you are. Also, know when to shoot your guns. If that big fat battleship just used DCP on a flood, it might be worth a couple salvos of HE to get him cooking… ASSUMING you’re not putting your ship unnecessarily at risk. If you can’t do the job, tell your team to light him up. A comprehensive list of situational awareness tips would make this post too long, so I’ll leave it at that. Mobility Destroyers are one of the most mobile ship types in the game by combining excellent speed with unparalleled maneuverability. This allows you to reposition quickly if you’re needed elsewhere or if you’re in too deep. Honestly, this is one of the reasons that I find destroyers the easiest to play. If you make a positioning mistake early, you can adjust accordingly. Versatility All destroyers have a combination of torpedoes and guns. Some focus more on torpedoes while others have greater emphasis on guns. I’m not going to break down the play style of each nation, but I do want to highlight one thing. Just because you’re a torpedo boat doesn’t mean you can’t use your guns. And just because you’re a gunboat doesn’t mean you should be firing non-stop. For example, don’t be afraid to use your guns in IJN DDs. They are exceedingly effective against USN and PA DDs past 8km. If you can bait them into opening fire and chasing you, you can kite them to death with ease. On the flip side, just because you have rapid firing guns in your USN/PA DD, they’re most effective against other destroyers when you’re within 6km. If you let yourself be kited, you’re going to lose. Oh, and if you’re in a destroyer with fast loading torpedoes (i.e. KM DDs), don’t be so stingy with those fish! Whenever I enter a cap in my Z-52, I dump torps. People often don’t expect torps so early, and it can often yield some delightful results. Unless you have a specific plan in mind, idle torpedoes are useless torpedoes. Utility Smoke, hydro, radar, speed boost, torpedo reload booster, heal, defensive fire… need I say more? Destroyers have a tremendous arsenal of tools at their disposal. Use them wisely to help yourself and help your team. At the end of the day, destroyers are support ships. Own that role by providing vision to allies, smoking friendlies in trouble, screening torpedoes, contesting caps, etcetera. Final Thoughts Know the difference between tactics and strategy. These two things are related but different. There’s a simple quote that helps distinguish between the two, “Strategy is doing the right things – tactics are doing things right." While that’s a generic statement applicable to all ships, it’s particularly important for destroyers because they are critical to controlling the flow of the game. Additionally, if you want to be effective in the end-game and potentially swing the balance in favor of a win, you need to try to stay alive till the end. One thing I can’t stand is the player who charges in like a madman in the opening minutes of the game, only to die and subsequently berate and chastise the team for the rest of the match. Want to make a difference? Stay alive, be in a position to contribute, and don’t do stupid things. It’s vitally important to plan ahead and anticipate what is likely to happen in a match. WoWs is partly a game of chess. The better you can predict the flow of the game and meaningfully act on that information, the more success you’ll have. Lastly, Want to be a better player? Own your mistakes and learn from them. That applies to all aspects of life. Good luck out there! -KW
  25. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... After made dozens of "Loyang OP Nerf Now" posts. I actually played Loyang last night. It's crap. You'd think it's a Benson with 1/5 less DPM, but nope. The shell speed seems slower, for some reason. The ship also seems to be less maneuverable?! Just can't get a win in Loyang for whatever reason. That 1/5 less dpm from losing a turret REALLY hurts the knife fight. Basically putting the DPM of Loyang on par with "lawl IJN DDs" of the same tier. Loyang is not a man fight DD.