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Found 19 results

  1. This was a map I felt DDs often took bad lines on caps, or poked too aggressively letting the bulk of the enemy team get a shot at them. Here's some ideas on how to play New Dawn and be successful. Please leave tactics and strategies that has worked for you on this map. Eventually this will be added as a resource I'm building to refer players to.
  2. This video covers another often misplayed map, Shards. I feel the South side has an advantage in island positions letting BBs and CA use the F8 island more effectively than the North spawns F3 island due to the size and shape. This map is often decided by crossfires from a well timed push, but that push if poorly timed will cost the game. What have you guys found to turn the tide of battle on this map?
  3. We have all been here. This video I explain how I pick my way through the minefield of radar on C cap, how I protect my ship, be useful for my team, when I need to wait (friendly DDs kept smoking C cap closed so you had to go well into radar range to spot the enemy), and how to carry the fight to the enemy. Please leave any tricks you have working around radar in this thread.
  4. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    DD Lesson of the Day.

    My intent for this thread is to link battles where I have learning opportunities that I discuss in my videos. Lesson is about situational awareness. In this battle I lose map awareness since me and a fellow DD are both smoking up trying to hold back the reds. Its not clear just how many and how close the reds get until I come out of the smoke. I barely escape with my life. Lesson 2 is a tactic I do not see used often. I call them smoke curtains. Let me know what you think.
  5. This was a response to a PM I had this evening. I figured it might help more than the recipient. Please feel free to add any tips or tricks that made your account progress easier/faster/better. I will eventually refer players with these sorts of questions to this thread. On to my response. I would just focus one account if you dont have what you need. One account means you consolidate your limited time/resources so you can use them more effectively. Each ship is like a tool in your tool box. They are the correct implement to use in a particular situation. The Russian Grozovoy line is quite strong and should be part of every DD mains tool box. You dont need to keep everything if you are willing to rebuy lower tier ships you believe you will use for ranked etc. You can move the captain back too. I used this a lot when juggling T8 and T10 competitions for about a year, until I could implement my long term plan. Specifically the plan was first to provide everything I needed to compete at the highest levels, second to reduce IRL cash expenditures as much as possible. The long term plan was to keep all DDs at common ranked and other competitive tiers (Tiers 6,7,8 and 10), and eventually grind up captains for each ship using ECXP from my T10 ships with 19 point captains. I "invested" into premium T10 camos (basically makes a T10 tech tree ship a T8 premium ship credit wise) on those ships so I could grind credits at the same time I ground XP. It was a huge time saver. Captains are the real back breaker. I'm mostly at all 19 point captains on my DDs and CAs now, but its taken almost two years of very aggressive use of ECXP and FXP to get here. Probably the most effective way to grind the line is this: 1. Buy bulk port and barracks slots when on sale. For me I keep a minimum 24 open slots for each to make sure I have room to expand into a new line without needing to buy slots at full price. Obviously you dont need that much, buy what you think you need when they are cheap. 2. Grind the line. I suggest you use a captain and hop them up each ship to T10. Do not sell ships you intend to keep, you lose lots of credits this way. Its better to leave the ship without a captain. This leaves you with a decent captain at T10. At this point you start staffing the ships with captains, you IMO need a minimum 10 point captain on all DDs, some might be 12 points for low/mid tier Russian DDs since you need EM. The good news is you can level these captains at your convenience with ECXP and FXP to get them where you want them. If you need a particular ship before the final captain is ready just move the T10 captain down, and pay the cash/XP to train it. 3. Final fitting out. When a ship is going to be used for a competitive mode, I do a final fit out, meaning I buy everything I could possibly want for the ship and mount it. For example you want to use a German and a Russian DD in a ranked season, the German could probably benefit from the hydro duration upgrade, the Russian the extended engine boost upgrade. Never let coupons go to waste, try to never pay full price. Buy it and stock it, move it if you dont have the coal to where you need it. You can get a large performance advantage over others that do not take this step. 4. Grinding to finish. I was horrible about this for years. I horded everything, not even using combat signals including det flags in randoms. I had thousands of EVERYTHING. Hording doesnt get you crap. Combat signals further improve your economy as you light more fires/floodings, live longer, etc. More damage equals more rewards. Always try to save time. Combine you camos, your signals etc to get the most bang for your time. Focus one thing at a time doesnt matter if its EXCP, FXP or credits. Use as many as you can together to get the most out of each game. Here it important to have 19 point captains first and foremost on ships you love to play every day. Rake in that ECXP. Regrading finishing captains, I tended to level in phases. First phase was to get a minimum level captain to make the ship to work. Again this is ship specific but its usually 10 to 12 points. I would read or try to predict what tier the next competitive mode would be at, and the ship I probably wanted to take and focus on finishing it. This would often be a month or more out. I would level the ship to 13 to 15 points (usually a second 3 or 4 point skill) further improving its efficiency against players I will face. Diminishing returns being what they are, it takes a lot to finish the last few points. I would often select a back up ship and boost to that same level. The third phase is boosting the ships one at a time to 16 to 18 points depending on the build. Finally I would finish the captain off. This path kept me with two solid ships ready for for use before I needed them. Here I should note how nice CB is in speeding up this grind. Early in the season before everything is try hard, I can easily make 600k ECXP per night (usually my most used resource). One night was an 18th and 19th point. It is huge. It would take me weeks to do this in randoms. Clan up and get into it. I did the math a while back and you basically needed roughly a sub 40% WR for CB to be a bad deal compared to randoms. While I have not look the last three seasons, I have not seen any team that tried actually lose enough that CB was a net loss. CB is not just for elites, get out and enjoy the game as it really is meant to be played, with comms, team strategy, etc. Its a completely different and more exciting game IMO. The rewards are amazing, and lots of clans are always looking for players. I hope this helps.
  6. Most games a DD positions in front of the team, scouting and screening for them. There are times when this can be a bad thing, in this game I discuss why I approach this game so differently, sailing alone to the other cap. Riposte in particular requires two forces, or at least a spotting force on the opposing flank. When sailing off alone, make sure you have a logical plan, and escape plan ready.
  7. As requested heres a video I spend much of the game discussing how to use counter locate ship using RPF on you. This is a more advanced skill, you need to be really map aware to do this consistently over the course of the game, but it can and is done all the time. Ships like Z-52 are perfect using these tactics to make sure you leave no trace before you strike. This game also has a few hydro plays including an ambush on a Daring that I walk through explaining how to use your smoke/hydro combo to its fullest.
  8. When you play the game enough, there will come times where something big needs to happen to turn the tide of battle, times where all of your skill and cunning will be called upon and measured. It might be riding out a radar in a cap under fire to stop points to try to buy your team precious time to make something happen, or sacrificing your ship for a larger purpose. This video is not about any of that. This video is about growing that ravenous little monster inside. The one that can read someones thoughts by how they feather their speed and rudder, measuring their eagerness for aggression, seeing any patterns of movement, and then systematically plot their death. This video expands on my ambush video by discussing common signs and predictions that can be used against your foes, as well as timing your actions to bait people into moving right where you want them.
  9. I have been playing Blyska like a Russian gun boat. Lots of constant shooting at mid to long range and general harassment. While I could farm harder than old McDonald, I always felt it could be better. Shots beyond 12km just didnt land enough often enough to really make it hurt. I thought of my recent revision I did on my Gremy captain where I committed the cardinal sin of dropping AFT on a Russian boat. My thoughts were the same, she's maneuverable enough I can still avoid most damage at 10-12km, and by being closer, I bring more of my full arsenal of weapons to bear. Blyska and Gremy both have solid torps with pretty quick reloads. By dropping AFT my average engagement range dropped to 10-12km, meaning I am close enough to go dark and throw out some pretty well aimed torps at targets that likely have blown their DCP, or have fires burning. The point and purpose of the build is not to go out of your way raining shells on a ship or two, but rather constantly be moving to keep enemy ships 10-12km from you, and cycling between gun boating and torpedo boating. When someone DCPs smoke up and finish them off in a Polish BBQ. I am pretty happy with the build, I feel its breathed new air into a ship that didnt have as much impact in the early to mid game. It also really turns her into a ship to farm Arsonist, Witherer, and Liquator flags, always a nice bonus. The video and commentary are uploading as I type and should be out shortly. Attached is the screen cap: Video is up:
  10. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    How to Grozovoy

    In this thread I will be showing some of the different ways to play the boat. She is very under appreciated and very versatile in my opinion. I have 3-4 different viable builds for her making her one of the most flexible DDs in T10 even giving Gearing a run for the money. Most have around 2 different viable builds. This thread will go a while as I try different builds. I just speced out of my KOTS build and into a general gun build. Play style wise I often play her as a destroyer escort, providing fire power and AA to allied DDs. Here's an example: This ship is going to be strong with a heal. As it is most DDs do not want to pick a fight with her.
  11. While I call her a gun boat, she plays more like a true hybrid with a pretty constant flow of gunfire or torps. The volleys this ship is going to land is going to be magnificent. She, and a few other IJN torp DDs are going to get pretty frightening for guys that know how to run them. You can get an idea on the Cossack I finish off in B cap. In this game I dont get to do much open water gun boating, but you see some of the principals of it. The game has some good lessons about not just contesting behind an island waiting for your team to help clear out the cap. Hope you guys enjoy.
  12. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Tier 5 Ranked Battles Prep - DD Commentaries inside

    Okhotnik build used This boat might as well be called Stalin's Hammer. She hits like it, but strangely has 2nd best in class concealment. Just mind your turning circle and length, she loves to eat torps and BB fire. Kamikaze build used This build might surprise some, buffing the guns with BFT rather than TAE. Losing a base 4.7 seconds off the torps is nothing IMO compared to taking a full one second reload off your guns. For some reason the Kami sisters never had their HE adjusted when the global change occurred. These boats still have the old 2k alpha enabling them to do some nasty hit and run tactics against other DDs, especially when kiting.
  13. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    RN DD Commentaries

    Acasta Icarus More to come as I unlock them.
  14. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Ranked AA Grozovoy Commentary

    CVs in ranked queue got you down? Grozovoy is your answer. This commentary gets into how to play as an AA zone for your CV to utilize, target prioritization etc. Let me know what you think.
  15. In this thread I'll compile my Ranked Battles Ship Commentaries and map discussions. My primary ship this season is Shimakaze, so she will be more of a series of videos. To date here are some of the highlights.
  16. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    How to Fubuki

    This thread I will dedicate to attempting to master Fubuki, a ship that I have hardly touched since her move to T6. Video one shows a lot of different ways to launch torps, from targeting single ships with a tight spread, to more wide spread area denial torps, and torps targeting multiple enemy ships. This is just beautiful. Hope you guys enjoy this section on Fubuki. Let me know what you think.
  17. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Akatsuki, the start of a beautiful thing

    This thread I will focus on Akatsuki, a DD which more than a few have struggled with. This game is done with my standard IJN DD torp build. (PM, LS, SE, CE, TAE although I feel BFT is a better option for this tier, 8 seconds off the base torp reload just isnt that much compared to .75 seconds off your gun reload) I do feel like this DD will eventually have its concealment buffed to around 6.2km due to power creep. Once that happens she is going to get much stronger. In future videos I will be exploring a gun spec build so you guys can see some of the IJN specific gun boat tactics you can use that is different than my usual torpedo focused IJN play style. Hot off the upload: In this build I dropped TAE added a 14th point and took AFT. The eventual build will be PT, LS, SE, CE, AFT, BFT, AR in that order.
  18. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Some CB replays from the DD perspective

    Yolo time with Shima to try to secure C cap on Hotspot. This is probably Shima's weakest area on all the maps, but still can be useful. The sordid love affair between a Gearing and a Zao. My team throws a bit making it closer than it should have been. MMing wanted us to really play Hotspot last night. Here's C cap in a Gearing. More yolo time needed as the game got really close. Got permission to release these from CUTER. If there is interest I put more out. Let me know what you think.
  19. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Destroyer, caps, and the new meta

    Its been hard for me to get the usual number of games I do in since packing to move a little eats an hour or so of my free time per day. I have noticed DDs by and large are taking lessons I've discussed to heart. I see a lot more counter spotting being done against CAs. I have also seen some bad play that has generated from this meta. This brings me to these two videos. This first, I was hesitant to use mainly because I die early to a massive suicide push by the enemy. To kill me they trade an NC, a Cleveland and a Baltimore for a Z-39. This brings me to some of the bad plays. I have seen a large up tick in the number of players that will throw their ship away to try to kill a detected DD. Some times, it might be a good play, but you really need to understand the trade before you are doing it. In this videos case two of the enemy's capping DDs pushed into my cap. One was killed by my spotting the other crippled by radar. My team had a complete crossfire on the cap. The enemy only could shoot one side of the cap for the most part giving me a narrow window to reverse into the cap into some cover and sneak the cap out from under them. While this is not a good video for entertainment, it does have some good teaching moments. Using the mini map to see if the enemy has left any openings in their field of fire for you to exploit capping. The second, not to throw your ship away. Trading a significant number of their high tier ships crippled their team both in numbers and points. What was a close game turned into a complete stomp. The second game has some lessons as well. The first, my Benson was too afraid to enter the cap, or really to even scout or do anything useful. I end up capping the point alone in my Khaba for the team using cover to block potential fire. When an enemy DD returns I see a potential opening to wreck him as the enemy has pulled back a bit. The game goes on into a cyclone, which is always a pain for a Russian DD. So I show a way to help make it not quite so yolo by ducking in and out of the 8km visual range harassing a Kurfurst. This hit and run style makes the Kurfurst split his attention between me and team mates, as well as buy me extra time to heal, DCP etc. Hope you guys find the videos interesting. Got a few other less educational videos going up today as well.