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Found 1 result

  1. One of the most critical ships in the game that can decide whether your team win or loses in less than 5 minutes. Usually at least 2 or 3 of the team DDS are sunk by the 5-7minute mark and now your team is down to 1 DD and the battle is essentially lost. My take on this is these players are not suiciding they just play recklessly because they can’t be bothered to work around the radar cruisers or carriers and figure out a solution. For these players it’s better to go into another battle and hope for a better match up. The longer your alive the more impact you have. It can be very hard for 2 average BB players to kill 1 DD. A few ideas that work for me... Stay out of the caps. Capping is always easier when you sink/chase all the enemy ships near it. Ignore your team mate’s constant harassment telling you to cap Flank and scout things out around the cap. Memorize the radar ranges or keep a list close by. Keep smoke for yourself. It gets you out of tight situations. Don’t fire smoke when you cap. All it does is tell everyone where you are. Don’t fire smoke and sit in it. Don’t fire smoke and sit in it because now your team CANNOT SEE THE F%%%%KING ENEMY SHIPS!! Switch your AA off even in NON CV games USE YOUR GUNS ON LOW HP TARGETS instead of torpedoes and USE GUNS ON DDS! but…….. Know when to go silent with your guns....Even I screw up on this from time to time) Turbo speed works great when radar detected and even when better when combined with smoke. Turn into Air attacks when detected. and turn your AA on the very last second! Harass radar cruisers. These idiots usually sit behind a rock and are usually totally clueless as what to do when fired on by DD. Flanking around these stationary XP gifts is a very viable practice and can be quite rewarding as most players hate radar snobs and are more than happy to help with their extermination from battle. Fire torpedoes from outside your range so that enemy ships run into range Learn to aim torpedoes without locking on target-Number 1 reason why the sub torpedo lock is a joke. Don’t DROP all torpedoes at once. This gets a lot of DDs sunk and/or causes them to miss the target entirely. Use the staggered launch rule. For example fire the 2nd set of torpedoes 30 seconds after the first at the same target. (There is a very high chance the target used the Repair Control after the 1st flood so getting hit by a 2nd set of torpedoes 30 seconds later is very damaging. The USS Mahan has 3 launchers and at 7km or so if you stagger the launches every 20 seconds or so you can effectively cross drop a surface target and the results can be really devastating. WATCH MINIMAP, SEE MINI MAP, LOOK MINI MAP..MINI MAP YOUR FRIEND!!!! every 30-45 seconds check whats going ON!! Give your self lots of room to operate in if anyone else has tips..feel free to add