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Found 10 results

  1. Jedrzejczyk

    COOP ain't broke

    Here's a simple way to find out for yourself. Play 10+ games in Akizuki equipped with engine boost mod 1, IFHE, Fearless Brawler, and Main Battery and AA expert. Don't waste time in smoke, just gun down everything in range.
  2. Dasha is so cute! I searched on a few places, and even the World of Warships Official Channel on YouTube does not have it.
  3. Herr_Reitz

    Dasha The Upgrade Announcements

    I'm probably one of the few folks who look forward to Dasha doing the upgrade bulletins because I want to hear her speak the Russian language (forgive me if it has another name). Would it be possible for WoWS/WG to provide a link to the bulletin with just Dasha speaking AND English CC? Maybe it's on EU or something. It's my only opportunity to hear the language on a topic that interests me, I figure it might help me pick up a word or two. TIA !
  4. In all seriousness, Dasha captains are back to the store again as of April 1, 2020.
  5. Kuramitsu

    I just woke up Dasha!

    So I'm working late shift every day for work so around 8 o'clock in the morning or so when people are usually early up I'm still passed out asleep, well a video pinged up on my phone a few minutes ago and well......here just take a look at it. I thought this was cute but it's to dang early for me, so I go back to sleep now.
  6. Hello! I had was saving the T-61 boost missions to play during 200% XP days. I thought the booster missions were until Jan 1st, if not indefinite? Anyone else have the same issue, or did I misunderstand the memo. Thank you in advance!
  7. TheDgamesD

    Dasha Captains

    No Italian/Regia Marina Dasha? I'm not mad wargaming, just disappointed and sad. Especially since there's bound to be a line for them eventually, same (possibly) for the Commonwealth. Sure its only premium ships currently but that doesn't mean you couldn't've released one anyway, The Italian Navy is not only my favorite from WW2 from a historical standpoint, but also based on designs/looks. As such it deeply saddens me I wont have a Italian Dasha captain to use on them
  8. John_the_Impaler

    Dasha's Eagles mission

    So, I (and hope most of the people in the server) will switch to Eagles on Aug 10th (Day 16 of the event) so in theory I will just have the time (and only if enough people does this), to achieve 3 Eagles wins to get the extra 20 eagles tokens. At least that's what I understood from the video, so I was thinking: will there be enough people switching to Eagles that same day to turn the tide of the competition and let the Eagles get their first win? Because if the response is negative, no one will be getting their extra 20 tokens. Sorry in advance for the poor grammar, English is not my native language.
  9. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    Dasha should be a captain

    Whenever Wargaming uploads a update video for WOWS on youtube, I see in comments that Dasha should be made available as a captain through some mission. I think it would be great. Not because she is a she but there should be some female captain available too. The only female captains are those anime characters and they speak Japanese only which is a turn off!! Female captain with English language.