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Found 21 results

  1. TurboT

    Most Damage in Game Per Ship

    HI All, I can't seem to get either of the two stats sites to show me the "max damage in battle' of a particular ship, on the server or anywhere. I used to be able to find this on warshipstats but that function doesn't seem to appear for me. Anyone know how to find who has done the most damage per game in the Scharnhorst for example? ...away from 'average per game' ? -TT
  2. I've been playing for years and it's a beautiful game in many ways. The ship models especially. But I find myself wanting a more realistic world as time passes, and this would be my primary request: More complex destruction/damage animations. I understand how this would probably increase the size and load on the client side where all is rendered. It would be sweet if there were much more than shell hole graphics, identical fires, and the occasional breaking keel. I'd like to see: 1. Big chunks of missing ship from detonation, ramming, and destroyed modules 2. Ships breaking apart in multiple places 3. Ships sinking in different ways, over many different times from a few seconds to many minutes 4. In general, a greater variety of destruction animations There's more I'd like to see, but I wanted to focus this topic on the above and similar. Comments welcome. <o all.
  3. My highest damage ever was 149K. Years ago I saw some tips on how to maximize your damage inflicted score. Can we please compile a list of what good players do to rack 200K plus? I frequently have games where I sunk 3 ships yet someone with zero sunk is way above me on the final score board. What am I missing? The tips I recall included: Play in a division. Kill DDs rather than damage BBs. Attack ships a tier or two above you. Cap. Spot. Better to inflict 10K damage on five different ships than 50K on just one. Be aggressive; don't hang back. What else can a fella add to the stack to maximize his score?
  4. homegrown_cowboy

    Missing ribbons

    What's missing in this picture? What's Missing? Here's a hint. Look at the first line under TEAM PLAY where it says 347 spotting damage. No spotted ribbon! Makes me wonder how many other ribbons failed to register.
  5. Just eclipsed my Kremlin's high damage game (221K damage) with the Jean Bart a few minutes ago: https://replayswows.com/replay/137725#stats
  6. Hello everyone, greetings from the Warships Legends Community, my name is Victor and I have a question to you all. I think Wargaming didn't changed the game that much, so the Legends may be very close the to Warships. That being said, I would like to ask: "Which is more important on a Commander: the Increase Damage or Increase Penetration?" I'm still on Low tiers like Tier 6 with the Gaede (my fav DD and the thickest caliber Destroyer) and I just choose Erich Bey to increase Concealment, Philippe Auboyneau to increase HE damage and Anton Gurin to increase AP penetration. But, when it comes to Battleships, I really don't know what exactly to do. Or select Ciliax to increase the AP damage or select Jaujard to increase the AP penetration. I hope you can clarify this question for me, as for the new players. By the way, greetings from the Warships Legends Community. Feel free to play with us someday. Peace!
  7. After playing Ryujo for two years now, I can definitely say that the maximum torpedo damage of 6,500 HP is totally incorrect. This needs to be fixed. The absolute maximum torpedo damage on ANY ship in the game is 6,000 HP (rounded off). The actual maximum for Ryujo is 5,97... something. The absolute maximum torpedo damage for Furious is 4,500 HP. This does not count detonations, which could be as high as 60,000 HP damage. Why would WG list Ryujo's max torp damage at 6,500 HP when it knows that it cannot go above 6k on ANY ship in the game? Is this a bug?
  8. DieForCapitalism

    Inspiring BB Game - Kongo V

    Hey all, long time player of DD here. Dabbled in cruisers and CV (after getting a zep in black friday container). Decided to mix it up and try BB. Played a game with the Kongo. All my shots missed - combination of dispersion, ricochet, bad aim etc. I absorbed 400k potential and my team won the game in 5 minutes total. Ended the game with 0 damage. 10/10 will slowly bumble around the map again doing nothing. Replay attached for proof of world record 0 damage Kongo. 20210708_174948_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  9. Have you ever captained a BB and a DD pulls up within 6km of you or it jumps from behind an island point blank? You used to be able to punish them for that mistake but now you can unload a full broadside at them and theyll just shake it off and dump salvo of torps at you and kill you. WG needs to address this. As a BB player since the beta days this is one of the biggest frustrating changes theyve made. DDs need to be punished for travelling too close and revealing their broadside. Even if its not a full citadel, at least half damage or flooding or allow BB secondaries to do the same damage as DD main guns since theyre the same weapon essentially. Its impossible even on arcade physics to honestly allow DDs to shrug off a full broadside by a BB and have 2/3 health remaining. Lets give us BB players an incentive to play again instead of just flooding the server with fake ships and broken pro DD physics
  10. hello this I the first time I am posting on the forums. I was wondering if this was the highest damage or kills done in an Ohama. This game was play on the NA server during Christmas eve. Unfortunately I didn't turn on my recording.
  11. stop maneuvering to sink a CV? I am chasing down an Implacable in my Z-39. The Z-bote has great torps and decent AA but her guns are the slow-firing 150's and they take their good old-fashioned time to turn. When I started the chase both of us were at full health. I am trying my best to survive long enough to put the CV down and a team mate pipes up with IMHO I could NOT stop maneuvering and expect to survive to sink the CV. If the CV was just a bit better none of my maneuvering would have worked , either. I had a bear of a time keeping guns on target but the outcome was inevitable. We had two caps and time to make up the difference unless the CV would've sunk me first. It seems to me that some peeps are clueless to what it takes for a DD to solo-kill a CV that is actively trying to take you out. If only I could put them in my shoes for the moment... This was a great game, BTW. One of those that make you sweat the details!
  12. The flooding mechanic is terrible. Instead of pulling your speed towards 0, it instead cripples your engine. This makes no sense, as all the influx of water would do would be to slow you down until you could get it fixed. Multiple times now, I have been killed because either my ship is drifting from behind an island or out of smoke, simply due to my flooding. It is very frustrating, and I can see no reason why the mechanic was implemented in this way. Who thought this was a good idea?
  13. Yes, there a trick to getting great damage numbers in the Graf Zeppelin... I think I'm getting this perfected.
  14. After several games of frustrating RNG in my Frederick the Great and my Nagato, it's good to have a match like this. To paraphrase Monty Python, "And RNGesus did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large-" Anyways, here's how it turned out. It's the best Roma game I've ever had and one of my highest damage BB games to date.
  15. I am always doing very light damage what am I doing wrong?
  16. It's been over a year since I've had to wear pink in this game. Now twice in one week I'm getting shellacked by the Pink because of [edited] penalties and situations I cannot control. First my game crashes. Three battles until I'm no longer pink. The next day WoWS gives free camo because the client is messed up and this happens to, like, everyone... Then I'm playing in a low tier match (Derzki, I'll never leave you and your ten second torp reload...) and some buffoon drags me halfway across the map AND I GET PENALIZED AND END UP PINK. What in the everloving HELL are they thinking??? Stop penalizing players that aren't [edited]. (I've checked, I'm definitely not an [edited]. Proof; My dog says so) [edited] = but whole person
  17. Ok boys I will try to be brief and straight to the point. Its to long of a tier X grind from Ranked 16 to 2. No ocean map. Excitement don't start until halfway into the match for the majority of the games (at least in matches that I have participated so far). Some tier 10 maps are too big for the event IMO. At tier X with the current Ranked system, The Conqueror is the must toxic ship because It has the unfair advantage of out farming damage then anyone in the fleet it joins A Conqueror driver, never has to play the objective per se. All he has to do is out damage the fleet and well his star is saved from being taken away. The effect this has on the fleet it joins is Even in a lost, he will never lose a star because his damage farming capabilities This causes the rest of the fleet to try to win at all cost but, if its a loss, its no longer a wait to see who saved there star situation. Thanks to the overwhelming fact the conqueror can out damage the fleet (and probably tops the red team as well if he could). Everyone will lose a star except the Conqueror. I believe its an unfair situation. But if WOWS lets you get away with it, HECK I would use it too. But its not right. lol I can probably think of more but its a feed back thread... Speak your minds, I love Ranked, I mean its the above points that sours me to it but over all I enjoy the format. If anything I suggest a solution. A Tier 10 only ranked with different rules/regulations and a mix tier ranked with the current system. I feel player retention for the long run doesn't start at tier X. Its in the lower tiers. GL/HF
  18. Back when the rework was done, WG drastically reduced the requirements of team damage in order to be flagged for a penalty. Now, this isn't to discuss who's at fault or any of that drama. What I'm curious about is the constancy or exactly what you have to do in order to get pinked for team damage. Now, once before, I was given pink status right after the rework because 2 of my torps dealt 8,000 damage to a allied BB Sharn. They did not destroy it, the damage dealt didn't count for even a 1/4 of its health nor did it result in it being destroyed. This was a good amount of time ago and I've been teamkill free for a while. But this last match of mine in my Dallas I was flagged again. This time, 35pts of damage for ramming a New Orleans while we were both in maneuvers to evade some enemy BB's and that was all well and good. We came out of the maneuver at the exact same time and were in close proximity. When a DD appeared, we both fired. My rear guns scored 5 hits to the New Orleans dealing precisely 3,630 damage. No fires, just direct HE damage. Did not kill him nor did it take any majority amount of HP off of what he had. He proceeded to finish off the DD but took one torp and was still around for a good amount of time afterwards but ultimately died later on. I was pinked sometime after hitting him but can't recall if I was pinked immediately when I hit him; too focused to notice. So the question is, what's the deal? Was it the combination of actions? Ramming/getting rammed by a ally and then, within the span a minute (or some other disclosed amount of time), I just need to make sure I don't hit them with artillery? Was it the number of rounds hitting the ally? Total of 5 sets it off? Was it the amount of damage dealt and/or was it based on the ships total HP, amount left, or just overall total damage dealt for that one instance? Totally my fault, I could have held my fire, but I'm curious what the results (experiences) are of others and just what got me turned pink so that I can avoid that later on. I've had a few instances where I've shelled friendlies by accident and though I can't say that the concentration of those shells was as direct as this previous game I know I've dealt that kind of damage before (or darn near close to it), but I've not turned pink from it. I've even seen a ally ship being rammed (aka pushed) into oncoming enemy fire and THAT ally gets turned pink for being pushed by another ship. Just wondering what the consistency is or if there is any RNG thrown into the mix for WG's entertainment. They don't want players to "abuse" the system, but from what I've seen there's not much difference (or leeway) between intentional or accidental friendly fire. Total conclusion so far for turning pink: 2 torps and/or 8,000 damage worth of TP damage. 5 shells and/or 3,630 damage worth of HE damage (concentrated). >>> potential requirement: within the span of 1 minute after 35 pts of Damage from Ramming. 1 shell that starts a fire. (<<<needs clarification. Another previous reason for being turned pink before the fix). Ramming a teammate up to an undisclosed amount of time/damage (<<<needs clarification. Watched it happen but I am not sure what lead up to the event).
  19. Knickersnatcher

    Damage in Co-Op Battles

    Hello All, Ever since this recent patch of 0.7.7 I have noticed while playing cruisers that damage taken is considerable worse. With out fail over 50% of my hit points are taken by a single round from another ship, like I am in paper armor. Has anyone else noticed this?
  20. I see them on wows numbers website while checking my status. What does it mean?
  21. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    How can I do 0 damage to a ship?

    The emerald took one torpedo hit yet it shows 0 damage. Why is that?