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Found 4 results

  1. American Cruiser 0.7.6 version Dallas Quick Summary: Very versatile ship, always do something unexpected and you will be fine Cost: 3 250 000 credits, 43000 ship experiences to research PROs Actually has armour against other lower tier cruiser She had Defensive fire (AA), Hydro and Fighter planes as consumable at t6 Fast rate of fire on the main batteries Fast rate at switching ammunition (HE/AP) AA is good, but not incredible like the Cleveland. CONs Easy target for any BB Will get focus fires Short range Shells flight time are high, need longer aim at distant REVIEW Disclaimer: Not aiming for veteran players, but more for open ended to all new players. Dallas is not for everyone, she very flexible. Most of my game, i dont island hugging. 60% of the game played is bottom tier, 35%ish is same tier, and the rest of the % is top tier. But as bottom tier, i do my best to take as many citadel hits as i can By reaching t6, new players are now expected to be semi-pro = knowing at least some game mechanics. So congratulation, you reached t6, light cruiser USN, welcome to the Dallas. Dallas felt like between LaGalissonniere and Budyonny, sluggish when turning thus expose large profile for citadel hits or severe damage. Cant really angle because everyone else will shoot at you regardless. Actively support the fleet by using fighter plane/hydro to help detect/spot and hunt other ships, map awareness, don’t always island hugging. Please, before game start, do equip with camo and signals. Every little thing that Dallas can gain is giving your team a fighting chance. I don’t encourage island hugging, it too predictable and too easy for me to flush Dallas. All situations describe here are ideally and 1vs1 for easy to make an example. How do i do island hugging? Angle of elevation 45% to have highest distant above and achieve max range out. Ideally, you don’t want to be too close to the island and not too far off as shells can still hit you. With some good players out there, they can adjust and depending on the distant, they can hit you even behind island. So how close is not too close and how far is not too far? You will want to be coming to the island at an angle of 50 degree so that all turrets can shoots and that your armour can be at an angle a little (depending on the size/height of the island) for small size. You will slow down to about 5km to 5.5km from the island so that you can just shoot over the island, and the height of the island will block other shooting at you. Too far out, you will get hit, too far in, your turret elevation is not able to shoot over the island. For medium or big to very big adjust the distant just so that in your zoom mode, you can just see the enemy ship. There is 1 game mechanic that can allow you to adjust your elevation or spotting a little more so that you can easily be protected behind the island and still make the shots connected. if ship go forward, you go back. If ship reverses, go forth a little or stay put At 50 degree, depend on your front or aft, you can easily guard 1 side of the island since you don’t have torp to stop in-coming or been “flushing” out your hiding. You will want to ¼ speed to poke your nose/aft out at the edge to see/spot and reverse/get back. Ideally, if you have other team mates do the spotting, you don’t have to move. Sometimes, if you don’t have team mate spotting for you, you will have to use your own wicks (this included any other game mechanics that you had learn before). When guarding 1 side, or you know that you been rush or flush Vs dd – HE, go forth or reverse so that dd cant torp you, and he will eat 10 HE shells Vs cruiser – AP= this is citadel opportunity Vs bb – RUN = unfortunately, light cruiser cant last against bb, even with 1 tier lower bb. You have to make a decision even before that bb coming around the corner Last option = turn the Dallas into the weapon itself and RAM the bb BUT there are something you have to calculate here – Did he used his repair to repair fire from your early shots, because if he did, you can flood him to death. RAM will give your team an advantage? If the bb still have a lot of health, can you get his health down enough before the RAM so that you can take him out (RAMMING is also a skill and you need to learn the RAM mechanic); how can you get his health down? Are you using HE or AP? Where are you aiming at him so that you can get max per salvo (this is another game mechanic you need to master too)? Ok, i did not know a lot of other game mechanic? I am doomed. Well, yeah and no. Yes mean you need to go and practices or learn more about the game mechanics. No = you have 2 spotting consumables on the Dallas. 1st your fighter planes, use it. 2nd your hydro, DEW IT! I also have huge discussion with div mates about how to spec the Dallas, it between AA or Aiming Mod. With the Aiming Mod, the dispersion is down to 122m compared to 131m originally. I felt i can be comfortable aiming for citadel hits more. With AA mod spec and 131m dispersion, i felt i have a wider hits range thus getting citadel hits is like depending on the RNG. Damn you WG, demount upgrades cost so much doubloons. However AA spec is also fun watching Dallas shredding planes coming for you. I only have enough to demount AA and now currently spec the Dallas with aiming mod. I used doubloon to convert freeXP for the Kron! Primary Armament The Dallas is armed with 2x3 and 2x2 152 mm in a turret gun layout (AX-BY). Her max firing range is 14.3 km, not the best, actually less then medium distant. But her vertical elevation are nice so that you can shoot over cover (island/s). The pay off, your shells going to “floating” in the air, so it required good aiming skills. So she will have 5 turrets front facing, and 5 turrets back facing. Comparing Dallas to LG, Dallas only has 1 less turrets front, but 2 more turrets at the aft. LG have 15.9km max range, Graf Spee 16km, Nurnberg 16.5km, Budyonny 16.6km and Molotov 15.5km. The good news is that Dallas had longer range than the Leander with 13.2km. Knowing these ships max range will give you judgment distant to engage them or run or out run them. The Dallas fire chance with 2 fire signals, and DE skill from the capt skills gave 15%, bring in line with other cruiser. But with 8.5sec reload, it gave you a fail feeling that you disc out a little bit more. The Budyonny is 8sec reload and Nurnberg 6sec. Secondary Armament She has no torp, Dallas only have 2x1 127mm, located at her 2nd smoke stack, 2x2 127mm 1 locate front and 1 at the aft and like USN cruisers, comes with ranges of other AA (AA bubble start at 5km and get close in to 2km) Maneuverability With the Steering Gear Mod 1, Dallas reduces her rudder shift to 6.4sec with a 650m turning radius and max speed is 34’ish knots. With the camo on, her CE is 11.5km, it will be further reduce (12%) with CE if capt skill selected Durability and Defend She is a light cruiser; any t5 bb will laugh at you. Other cruisers will sneezes on you, so expected to get under heavy focus fires. At stock, A hull is 24 000 HP, with B hull upgrade, it go up to 28 300HP. How to Kill It The Dallas is a potentially dangerous opponent. In the hands of an expert player, using her as a fire breather, she can burn you down then turn and run away before the rest of the fleet get there (used island to cover her concealment or turn/run). She can fire behind the island and provide decent AA cover. When the game starts, make sure you check the post game report to see any USN light cruiser in the game. You know for sure, at the game start, they will head to island or position behind island in and out, and used their plane/hydro In Destroyers: be exceedingly caution when engaging the Dallas at close range. She can easily bring her gun barrels to fend you off. In addition, her AP shells will make her a very frustrating target because she can incapacitate your steering/engine. Even when she turns tail and run, she still has 5 turrets shooting back at you, that 50% of her fire power. Most likely, if you see shells coming behind island, and the ideal situation given that she is alone, you can torp rush that island. If not, ping her island location and tell all your teammate tries to fire behind the island, flushing her to run and you can torp her. But, if you get her on the other side, USE SPEED BOOST! With Cruisers: Any opportunity you get to fire AP into her soft armour should be taken care of her. For Battleships: Stick with AP rounds no matter what aspect she gives you. HE round from Bristish BB also hurt like HELL!! but i figured out, they slow and i can out run them Lastly Carriers: should treat her similarly to any cruiser. If you are playing low tier CV, use the auto cross-drop or auto linear drop, 1 salvo first, then 2nd salvo to get her. If you are playing high tier CV, manual drop slight in front calculated that she will lose her speed. Keep her spotted for ally ships to focus fires on her/and or ping her on the map and she will be sunk first. Overall Impressions She can fend off dd, frustrated them if played right, use your current arsenal that you have, calculate the time of each cool-down, communicate with team mates to rotate your consumable so that you can see other ships, even behind island. She can citadels other cruisers and chunking off large amount of HP with barrage of HE shells and constant fire and if you not uses your repair consumable right, you will burn. She can keep distant and HE spam with the help of capt skills and signals to deal high fire damage over time, she is a bb escort but somewhat does not really needed. Recommended Modules: Your first slot is easy: Main Armaments Modification 1 is the only one that makes sense (it help the steering and engine incapacitated too). For your second slot: Damage Control System Modification 1 For your third slot: Aiming Systems Modification 1 This will improve your ship's accuracy and at least assist at range Last slot: Steering Gear Modification 2. It help ok! Recommended Consumables: I cant stress enough on how important it is to equip a premium Damage Control Party. Recommended Captain Skills: For tier 1: Priority Target should be one of the first skills you grab (if you see the counter going up, it mean time to run, plus with light cruiser, it help to know in advance that how many are looking at you and ready to shoot you). For tier 2: I strongly recommend investing in Adrenaline Rush. You're going to need this for output as much shots as possible For tier 3: Demolition Expert is your best choice taking full advantage of the line For tier 4: there aren't very many good choices. Concealment Expert is probably the best option. Other will go with IFHE but it depend on your play style, i preferred CE first, then work on IFHE Recommended Flags: Indian X-Ray and Victor Lima to increase your fire chances Juliet Charlie to mitigate the Indian X-Ray detonation November Echo Setteseven to increase your AA and self defences against air attack Juliet Yankee Bissotwo you cant afford to get hit by torp so a quick recovery to help your HP India Yankee you will get focus fires, so if it helps with getting the fire recovery to help with your HP, DEW IT! Any other XP flags to your liking Recommended Camouflage: Just like any other cruiser, it is best if you are not detected and able to rain shells at the enemy so any camouflage that at least have -3% to detection, +4% to enemy dispersion when shooting at you + any other extra bonus I won this game here, using all the game mechanic available to me. Come down to 1vs1, me versus tier5 bristish BB. Low health, i remembered that i got down to 3k HP, knowing the BB's HE shells are devastating, i turn and run. I used WASD hack and count per second of between his salvo. I return fire with HE to burn him and force him to nose into me all the time, if i see him show a slight turn, i switch to AP and switch back. I have to run away from him and hide behind the island. I have to use the plane to first determine which way he is turning so i can run the opposite, i position my self 50 degree so i can easily go both way. At this point, we winning in point and it down to last minute. Once i got his direction, i go the other way, even i can still volley shots over the island, i can burn him again, but i did not make further shot. Once my plane on cool down, i use hydro to further as double check just in case he decided to turn back at the last minute, as i desperately need to survive and if 1 salvo can kill me and turn the game to his favor.
  2. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Hey everyone, I just started playing this game and I've fallen in love with the American cruisers. However, while the Phoenix and the Omaha have treated me well, I've been struggling with dealing effective damage as the Dallas. I really enjoy the dpm this ship can pump out, but the range of 14.3km is a bit too short against tier 8 ships. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, YandereKermit
  3. kukailimoku

    Pensacola or Dallas line

    Pensacola or Dallas line? Why?
  4. I tried the tech tree Dallas but found it wimpy. I then sold it. In contrast, the Dallas that spawns in F10 is a beast. It's wrecked my Abruzzi and Belfast both times. Since I know where it spawns I position myself so that I can go nose in with both AP and HE at its mid-section. Alternating between both AP/HE, I wallop the thing but it keeps going and going. Then KA-BOOM!!!!!! It detonates me. Seriassly, how do I get that Dallas? PS I love the Helena. 75% winrate!