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Found 3 results

  1. Where are these daily missions for the Shipbuilding tokens I keep hearing about? How many days does it last? When does it start when does it end? What's the reward for just one day? Are they as "cancerous" as the directives? Need to know for my PR approach. Thanks All!
  2. Being a casual player (not on every day), I have lost track on this daily and the required progress. Well first things first. I am referring to the mission to obtain the Dreadnought. It takes 40 combat missions. Normally this is a no brainer. But I have noticed that not all the missions count, only the daily-normal, daily-hard. So given this, please correct me if I am wrong, a player needs to complete (simple terms) 30 daily-normals and 10 daily-hards? Are there any other missions that count toward this goal? Did I miss something maybe? At the moment I think I am at 9. Not certain without logging into the game. Which would put me behind the curve I would believe.
  3. Recruiting players who want to play clan battles every day they are open. We use Discord for communication and can help you get setup. This is our first season of clan battles and we are trying to work up to having two teams playing. So if you love to battle, have tier X ships, and learn we would love to have you!