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Found 2 results

  1. I know they have changed the Super Containers and their frequency. Today I received 3! My second exp earned Container was a SC from a more coal pick. 25 green coinage boosters. Played like 3 matches and the got a div going with a friend. Played 8 brawls then went to convoy. Played 3, all escot losses. Went to randoms and played 2 battles. A brand new recruit hopped on discord and he joined our division. After our 2nd battle I had a port notification of 2 Containers. I went to open them and the first one was a SC....1k dubs, wow. Then the next one came up and it was another SC... 50 flags... I have no idea how I got 2 at one time, but wow...3 in one day TY WG.
  2. This likely has been posted before but: It would be real nice if you forget to choose what daily containers you want and it rolls over to the new day, that it would automatically pick the last container selection you opted for. Maybe also a check option for it as well. I forgot to collect them just now, and it gave me 2 camo tainers.