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Found 1 result

  1. DHO "Dads Hideout" a place for all Dads! If you want to Division up, how about being with a group that has its own communication server, a group that has its own website with over 2700 members. We are not your pressure Clans! We division, have in clan events and competitions! Our members skill levels, range from beginner to expert so don’t worry about being judged just come have some fun. We have members from all professions and we have a lot of active and retired military and even some international members so we offer a wide range of personalities all with Fatherhood as the common factor. Are you Dad? If you are then you know the pressures of fatherhood, the pressures of the workplace heck just pressures of everyday survival and for me one of the best ways to vent those pressures is some WoWs time with my buddies. There is nothing better for getting over the daily grind except maybe divisioning with a few good friends so why not pick a clan that is not going to add to your daily pressures but one that understand the pulls on your time and that life comes first? Dads Hideout is about a lot more than just World of Warships it is place were Dads can meet and where life is real. Our forums are available to assist our members we understand that personal issues happen with over 2700 Dads there is a support network for our members. We do more than sink ships, we enjoy life…..Tell us about the baby’s first step or how they just stepped across the stage and accepted that Degree or yes brag about that car you been rebuilding for “Well Ever”! Need a new chili recipe we have you covered and when times become a little rough we are there for that as well. If you’re a father then become a brother, a DHO Brother you will be glad you did! Give me a shout back and I will get you taken care of asap. Remember the ONLY requirements we have are to be a Dad, step dad, stand in dad, grand dad.... register on our website and post an introduction about you and the family in the Welcome section of our website! http://dadshideout.com/