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Found 31 results

  1. In the last patch WG buffed the 2 drop J5N Tenrais on Hakuryu. This is pretty nice, but the 4 drop is still very horrible. Tell me what you guys think should be done to make these torpedo bombers better and a viable option and if and when will WG ever patch these. (If you are going to just spout hate about CVs, please don't. This is a discussion and debate for those who actually care about them)
  2. Everyone says right now that the 2 drop J5N Tenrais are the way to go on Hakuryu. I decided to go old school and researched the 4 drop variant instead, and tried it out in a few random and training battles. I would say the torpedoes themselves are very nice, high alpha damage and 4 of them. If they all connect they do a lot of damage. The Tenrai itself is also a very beautiful plane, and the word Tenrai means "Heavenly Thunder". The problems with them is that the handling and aiming when in attack mode is awful, and the arming distance is very long so it's not super accurate. And you have to start the run from quite far away, and it can be quite difficult when the enemy team blobs up especially since the planes fly at flak level, making aiming and seeing much harder. What it would need to be in a good place are the following: -Slightly better aiming speed, preparation time, and general handling. I think an about 50% reduction to that extremely long preparation time and a 25% reduction to the time it takes for it to get tight, or something around that. -Make them fly below flak. It makes no sense how they are the only torpedo bombers that do not fly below flak, they are very vulnerable in this position and tend to die quickly. Plus all the extra flak in your face makes it harder to see and aim properly. -Decrease the arming distance by about a fourth or so. The arming distance is very far which can make accurate drops a bit hard to do, especially when islands are involved. They can be pretty fun but still need work. I will make sure to practice these more and in case they are ever buffed that will be good news.
  3. The Kaga torpedo bombers fly under flak and have a fast and comfortable aim time. I think the 4 drop Hakuryu torpedo bombers would benefit greatly from receiving these improvements. Would definitely make them feel a lot more usable. If there are a lot of balance concerns, maybe the alpha damage can be decreased a little.
  4. Shokaku is actually a lot of fun when it is top tier, but that is pretty rare. In the tier 10 matches it is always in, it feels almost useless, you always get less than 30k damage usually, your planes are swiftly destroyed as soon as they wander into the range of a single tier 10 ship, and you are basically limited to a spotting/dd harassing role. Either Shokaku needs to be buffed or tier 8 CVs need to stop being in tier 10 matches, because it is actually torture to play Shokaku in a tier 10 match. Lexington is fine though, does pretty decent even when uptiered.
  5. With the global flood nerf, plus the huge nerf of flooding chance on aerial torpedoes, it feels like causing flooding is very rare and if you do they will most likely have DCP ready, but if they don't, you only get like 20k damage maximum. Even with DDs I imagine flooding doesn't do much for them. To make flooding a viable damage source again for planes, the flood chance on torpedoes needs to be increased. Either that or the way flooding works can be brought back to closer to what it was before so that if you do get it, it does a lot. Now that flooding is basically the same as fires, it seems kinda unfair that Midway can start many fires to get damage over time but Hakuryu cannot cause the floods it can do it's damage over time on. (No I am not asking for a Midway nerf, I am talking about a Hakuryu buff. Midway is perfectly fine right now)
  6. After update 0.8.0, CVs got a period of glory. Lower tiers were a different story, but Hakuryu and Midway were absolutely amazing. Some called them overpowered, but it did require some skill. Aiming properly, baiting DCP to set up perma floods, not suiciding your planes, the list goes on. But WG was so worried about what the top 1% of CV players like Gaishu could do that they screwed over the average players. This so called "hotfix" that is 0.8.1 just broke them, especially Hakuryu. Now ships have more power and groups of ships are basically invulnerable. A T8 CV with stock planes in a tier 10 battle is the most torturous thing in the whole game. The 4 drop version of the J5N Tenrai on Hakuryu has been ruined, you have to start attack runs from 8km away and they fly at flak level and get shredded quickly. The torpedoes are slow and don't reliably set up perma floods. And then they nerfed Midway. Hakuryu and the lower tier CVs need to be buffed and made great again. The global changes they have made to flooding and the F key and AA have hindered CVs enough, at least keep them at the full power they were before. Only the expert CV players get impressive numbers in them (250k+) consistently anymore. It is truly sad, and I am glad that many people are finally speaking up about it. Anyone who can make suggestions and feedback to WG, please do. We need to stop this pointless nerfing and restore CVs to their power. 0.8.0 Hakuryu is still the funnest ship I have ever played. Whiny players and their DDs and complaints about weak AA and unlimited planes when they never even played CVs really irritate me. Hopefully WG will get the message. So, let's try our best to make CVs great again!
  7. What recent changes to the game did you like least of all (in the two latest Updates — 0.8.0 and 0.8.1)? The fact that cvs are very under powered and AA is lethal, your planes are made of wet cardboard, the fact that your wing just evaporate in contact with some ships AA and you get deplaned very fast if not careful, the fact you cant choose the size of your wing, the fact that the AA system is quite unbalanced and ships AA can still hit your planes outside of their AA range and behind islands, the fact that even WG recognizing the air spotting inside the AA range problem they made it less worse so that you can see ships before you get in the AA range but you dont have space to turn back without taking damage................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... and worse of all WG said you can dodge flak but you cant dodge flak(you can dodge some flak but not all) you are flying your wing and you see in your front black clouds of flak an explosions and on the left and in the right how do you dodge that if you press F your wing gets deleted you can dodge that with bombers and torpedo bombers but you cant cancel your attack so i say [edited].
  8. The nerfs to the flood chances of aerial torpedoes combined with the global flooding change has eliminated a huge source of damage for carriers. Carriers that cannot set tons of fires like Hakuryu for example have to rely on alpha damage alone, baiting DCP and trying to set up perma floods was a smart tactic that could get you high damage if used right, but now it's been extinguished. Not sure what should be done about this, but CVs need a reliable damage over time source that doesn't just work for the US ones.
  9. Anyone else here having trouble with the tier 4 CVs? Ive been having a lot of trouble with the slow grind so im wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem or if it is because i just suck. If people have any tips to help that would be wonderful too.
  10. At it's current state, Hakuryu is very underpowered compared to Midway and the 0.8.0 version. It was hit too hard with nerfs, and while it did need a nerf because of how easily people could get nearly 500,000 damage in it, it did not need all of those nerfs combined. The flooding chance nerf and the removal of the F key spam thing would have been enough, but the aiming change made the ship unplayable. But it could still be made great again with some changes. 1. Restore the old aiming before 0.8.1 The current one is slow, wide, takes forever to get on target, and does not keep up with a normal attack run. The one before it was much better, and just changing this would improve the ship so much. 2. Discourage Torpedo Spam by making all 3 plane types viable One thing that makes Midway so great is that when fully upgraded all 3 of the plane types can be effective. 0.8.0 Hakuryu had very powerful torpedo bombers, but then the AP dive bombers and the rocket planes were much weaker and not very fun to play. Giving the Hakuryu some good rockets and bombs like the Midway would mean a lot less torpedo spam. But the torpedoes would still be a powerful plane, just not the one the carrier should solely rely on. 3. One that is already in the game, the F spam nerf and the improved AA With the changes listed above added to the current version, Hakuryu would be just as if not more powerful than Midway, but not so that it is unbalanced. The super strong AA that currently exists after the hotfixes and the large number of strong AA ships in the matchmaking means that it would not perform as high as it did in 0.8.0, but still pretty high. 300-400 thousand damage matches would be a possibility if the player is really skilled, maybe even a very small chance of breaking 500,000 again. So in conclusion, Hakuryu needs buffs and the ones in this article should be able to make it powerful again without making it unbalanced. Keep in mind that it is not unheard of for surface ships to occasionally get 300-400k games, and since aircraft carriers were historically the most powerful ship class, why shouldn't they have higher chances of performing so high?
  11. So on Wednesday, WG finally decided to make a buff for Hakuryu. While it did do some justice to the ship and it is good to see they are finally trying to fix some of the damage done, there is still one particular thing about Hakuryu. The buff only affected the 2 drop version of the torpedo bombers. The 4 drop version can cause good damage if you manage to push home an accurate strike, but the combination of the nerfs greatly hinders their potential. The fact that they fly on flak level whereas the 2 drop variant avoids flak damage by flying under it, the fact that the aim is so slow and wide at the start, makes using them very uncomfortable. I think the best choice here is to buff the aiming and preparation time to be like the 0.8.0 version or at least close, but changing nothing else, except maybe slightly increasing torpedo speed if necessary. Making them comfortable and reliable to use, while still taking AA damage, will mean that the player will value the planes much more, but even if you lose a few planes pushing home a few accurate strikes with one squad would be worth it. In conclusion, the 0.8.0 Hakuryu had some good qualities and a rather large skill gap, average and bad players could barely get over 100k whereas the very skilled and unicum players could easily get 400k and above. So, the idea that CVs could be insanely overpowered when in the right hands, but not so good when in the hands of a poor player, I like it very much.
  12. ^Title ^ How many of those who received 1 million free xp at CV rework launch with 0.8.0 will spend their XP 'credit' (which was compensation for odd tier cvs) on Alaska? or to put it another way, Is Alaska a way for WG to soak up the current glut of free xp which has been caused by the cv rework? Bonus question What impact will Alaska have on CV gameplay, if any? General NA forum folder in a few hours time :
  13. I took the time to explain 1. Why some think CVs are so weak 2. Why some wreck havoc with them 3. Showing that the skill gap is alive and well, almost exactly like the old CV skill gap
  14. WG, Considering that now I can barely spot a DD and rockets are ineffective maybe you ought to reconsider removing Radio Location from CV planes. I was just killed by a DD that I was trying to find but could not spot. Maybe this was your intention all along but this nerf kind of makes the CV feel helpless defending itself against DDs. The constant nerfs are starting to become tiresome.Thanks.
  15. landedkiller

    What should I do?

    I am looking to get USS Alaska and am dissatisfied with the current CV rework. I only have 12k in free xp, but could get 239,000 free xp back and 5,000 doubloons for trading in Shokaku. I really like that Halloween camo, but the ship is unplayable now. In addition, I was thinking about trading in Saipan for doubloons 9,700 and keeping Enterprize and Kaga. The carriers just seem vastly different from 8.0 in these new hot fixes. I am looking to make a decision by update 8.1 or soon after. The practice will continue in co-op for me, only getting 20k damage max out of the carriers since the rework. So In the end trade in Shokaku for 239,000 free xp and 5,000 doubloons and hope to grind out the rest of the free xp or trade in Shokaku and Saipan for 14,700 doubloons and 239,000 free xp? Again this is for USS Alaska Which is confirmed for 1,000,000 and I only have 12,000 in free xp.
  16. awesomeartichokes

    Best tactic to avoid deplaning

    I am so frustrated about losing planes in the squadron to AA and as a result getting deplaned. The solution is to trigger attack runs on the way to the enemy. Send the torps, rockets, bombs into islands. But get your squadron down to the last 1 or 2 attack wave. This means that you don't risk any more planes that would have just been killed any way without being able to do an attack.
  17. WASD control for 30 knot ships works. For 200+ mph aircraft it is GARBAGE! Put in Cockpit view Joy Stick flight controls or scrap the whole mess! Just spent a few hours trying to get a second co op win in Hosho! Futile effort a no go! This CV rework is GARBAGE!
  18. With the Rework dropping soon, I was speculating on what even tiered Sky Artillery will mean for T5 and T8. Consider: if you bring a T5, the odds are good that you will be uptiered to T7. You can see a T4 Sky Artillery from time to time, but mostly, if you see Sky Artillery, it will be a T6. You will never face Sky Artillery two tiers higher than you since T7 Sky Cancer no longer exists. No more getting your T5 nuked by T9 planes from the ridiculously broken Saipan and the equally stupid Kaga. You'll still be fighting T7s, but at least you won't be facing T7 Cancerbotes. On the flip side is T8. At that tier, you will face T6, T8, and T10 Sky Artillery. You have a greater chance of facing Sky Artillery, including Sky Artillery that is two tiers better, than in an odd tiered boat. Ditto for T6. It seems to me that odd tiers are gonna be in a better spot, with less of a chance to face own-tier and +2 tier Sky Artillery. Am I reading this wrong?
  19. For better or worse, the rework is coming. I think there are going to be real balance issues with the game overall when CVs are in every match. I have three ideas on how the biggest issues that I foresee might be fixed. The core issues I see are, reduced concealment for surface ships across the board, CVs don't have to take the proper amount of risk to engage the enemy, and the lack of complexity/compelling game play with the reworked CVs. Fix the CV rework in three easy steps: 1) This one is optional, limited hanger (plane limit). Keep the current regeneration system but have a hard limit on planes. I'm fine with reducing the regeneration/rearming time as a trade. The limit doesn't need to be punitive, it should be balanced to be fair to all parties. 2) Remove shared spotting for aircraft. Have it so the ships aircraft spot only show up for the rest of the team on the mini map. You could give planes a consumable that works sort of like radar. This would allow the ships being spotted by the planes to be spotted by the rest of the team for a limited amount of time. This would add some teamplay dynamic for CVs. 3) Player controlled fighters. I know this one seems to be controversial, but it doesn't have to be balanced that way. Its simple, balance fighters so that can't completely cancel out the opposing CV player's attacks. You could have fighters only be able to shoot down half of a squadron, and/or make the rearming time for fighters longer than that of attack planes, that way it wouldn't be impossible to spam out fighters to cancel your opponent's attack. 4) Bonus fix. Remove the priority sector and replace it with player (manual) controlled AA. Number one is self-explanatory. The idea is CVs don't take enough risk to offset the rewards. A hard plane limit would require some amount of resource management that would help balance risk vs. reward. Again, this limit doesn't have to punitive. The point of number two is so we don't completely destroy the concealment game that so many ships depend on. With shared spotting being a consumable there would be a new dynamic to encourage teamwork for the CV player. This also adds complexity that should make for more compelling game play. Number three, the player controlled fighters is also for a more dynamic/compelling play style, and to have your own CV be able to directly help mitigate the attack of the enemy CV. This also adds to risk/reward and teamwork dynamic for CVs. You'd still only control one squadron at a time so you would have to choose to defend or attack, not both at the same time. Four, manual control of AA guns. I know AA will be the biggest variable that gets tweaked so I consider this idea as optional as well. I think the lack of meaningful/engaging interact between the surface ships and aircraft is an important element to why players are rejecting playing against CVs. My idea would to have AA be AI controlled by default, but the player can take control as desired. Manual control of the AA would give you a DPM boost somewhere between the priority sector and DFAA. The big difference is that you can improve your AA defense with player skill. That is a much needed element that is missing from the game. A plane limit and the removal of shared spotting WG could add in a very short amount of time. Manual AA and player controlled fighters would take a bit more time, but still very manageable, say a couple of months. This would push the rework back until the spring but I think it would give a much more overall balanced and enjoyable experience. Your thoughts?
  20. With all the controversy surrounding the rework I feel it is high time for some hard data. Since some cannot or don't want to download the PTS here is the relevant AA stats for T10 ships. Note I did not include modules or captain skills, this is the base stats only. Battleships: DDs: CA/CLs CVs: Conclusions, Musings, and general TLDR: AA bubbles do not overlap. Short range AA is useless, if you are shooting down planes it is with your flak clouds. All flak clouds do good damage if they hit. The most important stats for determining if AA is good or not is number of flak clouds and range of medium and long range AA. This means at T10 the best AA ships are those with no short range AA. Conqueror, Rebublique, Henri IV, Daring, and Z52 fit this bill for surface ships. Worchester still has heavy AA despite it's blind spot. Montana and Gearing have poor AA now(with Gearing only being better than the Shimakaze). Speaking of DFAA it now boosts continuous DPS by 50% and flak damage by 100%. IT's nice IF you have enough flak to hit but otherwise does little.
  21. Hi Watching the videos of the CV rework and of course beta testers critiques and comments I am not sure the community at large is really aware of what is going on and while I do understand this is work in progress it has sparked in me some serious reservations and concerns about where the rework is going. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP3VZhRZZgk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPdF5wDaisU The Good CVs do need to be reworked so this is a step in the right direction and the UI is also going in the right direction and from what I can see it’s looking great. The Bad After watching the 2 videos and the comments and I can understand why the game play gets boring really fast. There is far less strategy or tactical thinking needed. The play seems to have been dumbed down so much that it almost seems to be designed for a 5 year old and this may drive some current CV players away from CVs but if WG is not careful here players may go play warships with another company. -CV players cannot control their ship -CV players can only control 1 squadron and the really ugly part… -CV players cannot control fighters The Ugly The rework as based on the videos has a few ugly aspects some of which are COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE: àUnlimited Aircraft: Whoever came up with this idea needs to be fired. This alone destroys the entire purpose of the CV rework. This will make CV’s so OP in fact more OP then they are now. Players will quickly figure out how to spot DDs for eternity. I have! Have you? Watch the videos and it’s easy to see that life for DDs will be more miserable then it is now. àMultiple Attack Runs: This will kill the game. A single squadron can now make 3-4 attack runs in A ROW! This seriously messes up BBs and CAs by making them so vulnerable to the point that CVs will dominate any battle more than they do now. By watching the video any one with half a brain can figure out how to cause multiple flood damage on all ships. But not only that. Does WG intend to rework the flood damage model for just torpedo planes or ship torpedoes as well? àNo fighter Squadrons Control & No Air-cover: So not only do CV players get unlimited planes but they can’t control fighter squadrons. Which means if you find yourself being attacked in your ship by dive/torpedo bombers well sorry mate you will get no help from your CV because they can’t. CVs can only get fighter cover for their planes. What WG needs to consider Get rid of multiple attack runs Get rid of unlimited planes Multiple squadron control at least 2 Introduce fighter control CV players need to control their CV A MORE ECONOMICAL FIX Get rid of large RTS map but instead give CV players a panoramic view of the battlefield either in 2nd or 3rd person view and get rid of the current top down 3D view. Implement the 1st person view in the rework only in attack mode and when a squadron gets within a certain distance of a designated target the system will auto transfer the CV player to a first person view where they now control the squadron. Like this you get all the benefits of the CV rework without really changing the game play that much.
  22. I wasn’t here in the beta and I had found out it was a petition that added this is the first place due to RNG of T7 fighters completely owning T8-9 fighters which should’ve had the advantage. I thank @Crokodone for providing me this information. My opinion of the re-work: Un-needed and a waste of time. No offense to the WG devs I hold my respect for them The main thing that had made a massive skill gap in the low CV population was people with the skill to use and abuse manual drops and strafing, the ability to de-plane a CV was so easy at low-tier WG fixed this problem halfway by taking the ability off T4 and 5 carriers. But being a T5 CV got a lot tougher because when you had a 4 CV game (2 CVs a side) and one of them was a T6 carrier, you could expect your planes to get completely wiped out. The solution to this wasn’t a massive re-work, it was removing the skill barrier. Those of you who didn’t like CVs because of the RTS style gameplay: There are three other ship classes to play if CVs aren’t your cup of tea. You literally can just play a ship that connects with your play style in this game, thats why many players keep certain ships because of how fun the ship is. This Re-work while not ready for release basically if used will wipe out any chance of us seeing any other historical CV classes, Ark Royal and Yorktown to name a few. The problem isn’t with the game, its the people un-willing to step out of their comfort zone and get used to something new. I personally enjoy the historical ability to command multiple squadrons at once. The new way CVs work: Takes the CV out of CV. I am not liking where this re-work is going so far. WG please listen to what the community has to say, and I want to see a Yorktown ship that is playable in game. I would Iike to know what many of you think
  23. Ace6steel

    RN CVs are on the way!

    Many of us have been wondering since the intro of the Royal navy tree: "when are the RN CVs coming?" Well I was surfing Youtube one day and found on Panzerknacker's channel a WiP video showing the upcoming RN CVs Note: No gameplay, more of a preliminary tech tree design In my experience this probably won't come out until the new year or well after the CV rework is released Video:
  24. Hello all, As many of you know, I am one of the best CV players in the game. I have not, however, played in months. I just received an e-mail stating they are updating carriers and they would like me to test it. Few questions: any idea how long these last for? How long will I have all the carriers unlocked w/ max commanders and silver etc.? Also, what exactly is changing? I can't find notes anywhere. Thank You, Desmios
  25. Seadog_Supreme

    Liking CV Revamp

    After considering it, I think the arcade action will be more fun than the current 2D plotting. You have to be like an octopus now. The skill floor seems to be more accessible in this version. You will do damage and not get wiped by an uber CV driver. Frankly I don't find the current version to be that hard to do OK in but I'm not going to compete with somebody really dedicated. As it is, in a 2 carrier game, W/L depends very heavily on the CVs. The one really weird part is that Saipan, Enterprise, GZ and Kaga will have little relation to what they were intended to be when sold.