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Found 1 result

  1. In every CV-related thread of this year, we've seen one line ad nauseum: "CVs cannot be balanced or fun to play against in this game because of planes." Or.... "CVs made surface warfare obsolete, so they don't belong in the game." These statements, and any similar ones, are easily proven false. And it disappoints me that many, many people parroting this know exactly why. Yet they continue, dishonestly, because it's easier for them. The reason is simple, and easy. It's because World of Warships' predecessor implemented CVs without issue, without complaints, and were fun both to play and to play against. They were popular, comprising about 20% of ships played. And you didn't need mirror matchmaking. It was called NavyFIELD. The game was played incredibly similarly, but with a much bigger focus on battleships (smaller surface ships were auxiliary). Random teams, somewhat-equally split, with a focus on teamwork. The difference is that carriers did not focus on, and were not rewarded well for damaging enemy ships. Their job was managing spotting by shooting down enemy scouts & fighters, and by spotting with their own. Plane shootdowns were rewarded heavily. Ships were responsible for AA entirely - and entirely manually controlled*. It was enjoyable and rewarded so much that people would bring in AA cruisers specifically to shoot down planes the whole match. Some battleships also involved themselves heavily in AA for the rewards and teamwork....and shot at the enemy at the same time, it wasn't difficult to keep track of both. Manually controlled AA is an absolute must for CVs to work. Obviously there are significant, irreconcilable differences in how the concealment systems work between the two games - but this in no way invalidates the prospect of the support role CV. Previous proposals included minimap spotting only, dispersion bonuses/penalties, or other "buffs" instead of direct spotting since that isn't too fun. So please, everyone, let's cut the crap. Aircraft carriers can work in a game focused on surface warfare. They did in NavyFIELD. Stop lying because it's the easy way out. *There technically was automatic AA similar to our DPS, but it never mattered, accounting for less than 5% of overall AA damage.